GOOD NEWS TENNESSEE: Lou Ann Zelenik, staunch anti-Islam warrior, will try to claim the House seat she lost by under 300 votes in 2010

Lou Ann Zelenik confirmed late this evening that she intends to challenge former GOP opponent and now first-term U.S. House of Representatives incumbent Diane Black of Gallatin for the 6th Congressional District seat in the August Republican primary.

GallatinNews Zelenik said she looks forward to a one-on-one primary contest rematch after barely losing a photo-finish Republican primary to Black in August 2010, coming up 283 votes shy of first place with the third-place finisher a scant 283 votes behind her in a seven-contestant race, according to Secretary of State election records.

  The Watchman Lou Ann Zelenik could never be more correct in the concern she has about the stealth infiltration of Islamic Sharia Law, into American courts.  Yes, especially in Tennessee, a target state for Muslim influence.  Welcome back Lou Ann!

As a founder of the Tennessee Freedom Coalition, Lou Ann has tirelessly led a strong statewide opposition against the stealth jihad of Islam into Tennessee communities, government and it’s Sharia encroachment into the judicial system.

Two years ago, Lou Ann led a protest march of concerned citizens against the construction of a mega-Mosque in Murfreesboro, TN.  Lou Ann told Talking Points Memo that “This isn’t a Mosque.  They are building an Islamic Center to teach Sharia law.  That is what we stand in opposition to.”  There were those who were critical of Lou Ann’s stance, and for running with the Murfreesboro Mosque in the forefront of her campaign platform.

 But in light of the many un-nerving events, here and around the world by Muslim extremists, especially the Muslim Brotherhood in the past two years, Tennesseans and the American people are more than just a little concerned about the Islamification of their communities, and of America as a whole. 

Lou Ann Zelenik’s anti-Sharia opposition will bode much stronger in this upcoming election, than it did in 2010.  (And well it should!)  The Obama (pro-Islam) administration’s unusually lax way of dealing with Islam, Iran, Pakistan and the new Muslim Brotherhood take-overs in Egypt, and North Africa, have placed much concern about, just whose side is the President is on?  Obama, is today, undertaking negotiations with the Islamic terrorist organization we refer to as the Muslim Brotherhood of Egypt.  To what end?  How can one think for a moment that there will be even a remote form of democratic governance in Egypt if the Brotherhood completely takes control?   Obama and his mouthpiece Carney will not even refer to the the Brotherhood as a terrorist organization, they will only call them new actors on a stage of diversion.

Lou Ann Zelenik is a person who has already recognized America’s enemy, she has already stood defiantly and resolute against our enemies both foreign and domestic, by taking a stand against the encroaching radical Islamists who, do in fact, support these American soil Mosques.  (It is estimated that some 90% of all Mosques on American soil, answer to the Muslim Brotherhood)

Zelenik, will again, of course, come under attack by the left wing media, who will do their best to vilify her. The presence of Dhimmis and useful idiots in America’s media, are the main reason that Islam has already succeeded in influencing our judiciary system, and why the reading public are still in the dark about true Islam, and it’s evil intentions.

I know if there are any BNI readers in Zelenik’s district, they will be very happy to hear she is running for the House again.