Muslims find a cure for erectile dysfunction

Forget Viagra, just grow your beard out and the extra testosterone it generates will turn you into a veritable stud muffin. WOO HOO!


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  1. Political Correctness and Neutrality is EVIL
    Jesus Christ said, YOU WILL KNOW THEM BY THEIR FRUITS. If one is too lazy to read the quran, hadith, sunnah, and discover the intrinsic evil of Islam, it would be spreading lies and deception by being politically correct and say, islam is a peaceful religion. Further, to be neutral and ignore the hatred, killing (even of family members), deception (Allah is the greatest deceiver), sexual perversity, and the obvious phlagiarism of muhammad of the judeo/christian literature, tantamounts to a sin of omission. A few argues, its not islam, but its just the radical elements of islam, the jihadist, and admittedly those who advocated violence in the name of their fictitious God, allah. But again, are the people saying this, found in their heart to search for the truth and seriously put an effort to know and understand what the devilish quran, hadith, and sunnah is saying? The answer is a flat and resounding NO. They heard its a religion, they heard some say its an ideology, and people just jump to the path of least resistance or the non-diligent opinion, and LUMP ISLAM WITH OTHER RELIGIONS. Other religions do not advocate violence and intimidation and still subscribe to honesty. Other religions try to peacefully discuss their beliefs and precludes ethics of supremacy, discrimination, racism, violence, and would not impose any form of a religious authorization to kill anyone, unbelievers or backsliding members. Other religions try to influence and clinically discuss their doctrines. The problem of sloth in political correctness and neutrality is that it has a flawed logic. Logicians call it THE DYSEXECUTIVE SYNDROME or MIDTERM FALLACY. This is clear in these two illogical conclusions. ALL FISH SWIMS, PETER KNOWS HOW TO SWIM, THEREFORE PETER IS A FISH. Another is, AIRPLANES CAN FLY THROUGH CLOUDS, CLOUDS ARE 90% WATER, WATER MELONS ARE 90% WATER, THEREFORE AIRPLANES CAN FLY THROUGH WATER MELONS. IT IS ILLOGICAL TO CONCLUDE ISLAM IS JUST LIKE ANOTHER RELIGION BECAUSE ITS LABEL SAYS, IT’S A RELIGION. ISLAM CONTRADICTS EVERY NORM OF MORALITY OTHER RELIGIONS ADVOCATE. ISLAM’S FUNDAMENTAL FOUNDATION AND BASIC ETHICS ARE FILLED WITH HORRENDOUS and EGREGIOUS TEACHINGS. And if one is too preoccupied with his temporal existence certainly, the preponderance and overwhelming evil fruits should raise the red flag and make people desist from neutrality and political correctness. Islam will never flourish in a free and educated environment where there is a peaceful battle of ideas, clinically and intellectually discussed. That said, if one still embraces traditional values, such as honesty, use of reason rather than violence, love for the truth, a sense of justice for everyone, love for one’s neighbor (even enemies for life is dynamic), ONE SHOULD FIND OUT THE TRUTH ABOUT ISLAM. Its never too late, to embrace the truth, to fight against every form of evil in the world, to battle for peaceful co-existence, to arrest the progrom exhorted by evil religion, to protect the inalienable rights of people. THE PROBLEM IN OUR MIDST IS NOT THE IGNORANT MUSLIMS NOR THE EDUCATED BUT DISHONEST ONES, NOR THE JIHADIST BRAINWASHED FROM THEIR CHILDHOOD, THE PROBLEM IS THE DECEPTION OF ISLAM IN THE VEIL OF A RELIGION BUT THE INSTRUMENT OF SATAN IN HIS MISSION TO GRAB EVERY SOUL HE CAN TO DAMNATION. And the answer to the deception of islam, is diligence, love for the truth, and the exposure of what Islam and who the sexual pervert Muhammad really is. ISLAM IS A PRODUCT OF PHLAGIARISM AND THE RANTINGS OF A PSYCHOTIC MUHAMMAD, USING DECEPTION IN THE FORM OF A RELIGION, CREATING A FICTITIOUS GOD IN ALLAH, WITH THE SOLE PURPOSE OF SATISFYING HIS LUST FOR, POWER, INSATIABLE PERVERTED SEX, AND WEALTH. That is the truth, and that is the only conclusion one can make with a diligent understanding of what islam really is.

    • The only thing that so dearly disappoints me is the inability to ever, ever cite some hardcore (excuse the pun) text to back these equally cowardly, back-handed, terrorist attacks on Islam. That is what terrorism is: a cowardly attack on innocent people out of fear and desperation. Research Islam in it’s true sense then we may have this conversation. To fill your comment box you add extreme, profane lies- then accuse Mohamed (PBUH) of falsehood. You have collectively become everything you accuse Islam of -You May as well all embrace Islam. If you’re going to argue at least do it well. This is a bunch of emotional opinions, i can’t argue like this. You guys are sounding more and more like a religion yourselves. I am very sad for all of you because not only do you not have the ability to intellectually argue your points but you become personal in your attacks of a religion. Attack the religion not those who follow it because accusing them of racism is the same as offending someone’s right to follow their religion irrespectiveof what they look like. Ever heard of freedom of religion and similarly freedomfrom racism and slavery: universal declaration of rights-you should check it out. I will never again succumb to responding to such childish opinions.

      • Except that Islam is NOT a religion. It is a political ideology posing as a religion. As far as the above’s failure to cite some “hardcore text,” well, allow me to point you to a book that looks at the Qur’an and, qouting directly from the Qur’an, Sira, and Ahadith, back up every contention davepinoy has made.

        If you can’t find time to read the book on the site, then go to the audiobook link and download the chapters and listen to the book as it’s read.

  2. So this why the dirty old men have dirty unkempt beards. They think it gives them more sexual prowess. But we all know its because they have no brains above their navel. So why do they blame the women for their uncontrollable primitive sexual urges, all they have to do is shave

  3. Yeah, it really worked, Moe went to Hell with a hard on.

    Found in: Edward Gibbon, The History of the Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire, vol. 9 > CHAPTER L >[here]

    [175 ]Sibi robur ad generationem, quantum triginta viri habent, inesse jactaret; ita ut unicâ horâ posset undecim feminissatisfacere, ut ex Arabum libris refert Stus Petrus Paschasius, c. 2 (Maracci, Prodromus Alcoran, p. iv. p. 55. See likewise Observations de Belon, l. iii. c. 10, fol. 179, recto). Al Jannabi (Gagmer, tom. iii. p. 487) records his own testimony that he surpassed all men in conjugal vigour; and Abulfeda mentions the exclamation of Ali, who washed his body after his death, “O propheta, certe penis tuus cælum versus erectus est” (in Vit. Mohammed. p. 140).

  4. Were this true in any way the vast majority of Viagra sales wouldn’t be to the Muslim world. With the way they treat their women, boys and girl-children, Muslim sex can’t be much more satisfying than masterbation for males and disgusting toleration for the females. No wonder the men like goats – and the women like their animal competition.

    • In Saudi Arabia, there is a fatwa against women having bananas or squash for fear that they will be tempted to pleasure themselves with said items.
      How insecure must a mans ego be when he fears competition from vegitables.

  5. Yeah but those beards are so fugly no one cares if you’re a stud or not.

    That must be why the koran states that women MUST have sex with their husband whether they want to or not. I doubt they want to be touched by someone with a mass of pubic hairs growing on their chins.

    And that must be why they need 4 wives, so the most recent victim can get over the nausea & vomiting that comes with being touched by the bearer of said beard before being approached again.

    • I don’t shave often, myself. However, that’s because I break out whenever I do. Of course, I try to keep my beard (goatee, mostly) in good shape and in fighting trim. :)

  6. This is just too funny 😀

    If a muslim woman cannot get the oats from her cousin, all she needs to do is drop the sheet, condemn islam and get some seriously big c*ck action from a non-muslim bloke that hasn’t actually got a father who also happens to be their uncle. Job done.

    Any muslim chicks reading this? PM me.


      It’s like I said about the wives of Mohammed being made to take an oath never to remarry after he had died. Why would they have agreed to that, especially Aisha (who was 18 when Mohammed died). She would have had a chance to get some diddling from a man reasonably close to her own age.


    • The inbred, slavering, panting guys with the rags wrapped around their heads always let the little head direct what is supposed to the big head. (allah be praised, SNORT!)

  7. Sounds like they have cause and effect reversed. Testosterone production can increase the growth of beards, so their study is skewed. Naturally you should find higher levels of testosterone in men who have higher beard growth. But simply growing beards doesn’t increase testosterone.

    If that is a legitimate study, it should be peer reviewed in the New England Journal of Medicine. But they would tear that study apart in that they are confusing cause and effect.

    My favorite Islamic medicine treatment for fever is camel urine mixed with milk. I wonder if any one has ever tried that to see if it actually works…? Has there ever been any clinical trials to see if camel urine works better than plecebo in treating fever? Just wondering.

  8. Ma always said she would have no hairy faces at her table the good lord put hair on your ass so keep it off your face ! Here to find out she gave me a bum steer all them years ago.

  9. With all the extra testosterone (from Islamic beards) braindead, inbred killer zombie jihadists will have the oomph to rape hundreds of ‘excellent’ KAFIR women as they are taught to do be the pedophile pirate whom they worship as a god.

  10. An important debate raged in Egypt a couple of years back: “DO MOZMEN HAVE ETERNAL ERECTIONS IN PARADISE?”

    Some said ‘yes’ and some said they only got an erection (and had sex) once every fifteen minutes a day with the 100 hoor-is (concubines).

    Moslems are self-made morons.

    Mohammed destroyed the power of critical thought in his followers.

    He threatened them with amputation and beheading and then promised them ETERNAL ERECTIONS.

    Mozmen are unable to feel shame about this ABSURD CULT THAT WON’T LET THEM LEAVE UNLESS FEET FIRST!

  11. I would figure that keep shaving off facial hair would be more likely to stimulate testosterone, but hey, I don’t imagine either way it would make any difference. So men with little facial and body hair do not produce enough testosterone? I somehow doubt it.

  12. Once again, the muzzies are on the scientific”cutting edge”. That’s right up there with their dicovery that rubbing humus on your head cures dropsy and the grippe.

  13. I just sneezed but is sounded like i said ”Horse Shit”‘ and thats what i say about this quack. well what would U expect from a religion that did’nt even inevent a decent door nob… lol. yep i agree ” praise be to stupid”

  14. WTF? Talk about missplaced priorities. They already breed like rabbits. They need to work on their “cerebral dysfunction” rather than erectile dysfunction.

  15. That’s right up there with other gems of Islamic ‘science’ such as taking verses from the Qur’an and utilizing them as “literal statements of scientific fact.” So, for example, “Some scholars calculated the temperature of Hell, others the chemical composition of heavenly genies”. The good thing about such stupidity is that it’s self-cancelling. The bad news – may come too late before WWIII starts.

  16. Will it make me want to kill Christian people, wipe out capitalism, turn my country into a 3rd world Muslim state, or do you have to be a pathological liar from Kenya for that to happen?

  17. IF that be the case then every muzzie male needs to have their beards shaved off and maybe that will slow down the rapes and pedophilia happening everywhere muzzies gather

  18. I think this clown has cause and effect confused. Not surprising. Short eyed mo never figured out that a solar year was not equal to twelve lunar months (something Jews and Chinese had down pat 2 millenia earlier).

        • O.K., then why do Hannukah and Passover always fall within the same general period (Nov-Dec for Hannukah and March-April for Passover), while the Islamic month of Ramadan can fall at any time on the “Gregorian” calendar? See, I always thought that Judaism’s calendar had 13 months of 28 days, to come out to 364 days.

          Live and learn… :)

        • You may not, BNI. However, It speaks to ROY’s above statement. The Jewish calendar, though lunar, seems to intercalate a month every fourth year to keep in line with the solar cycle. Islam’s calendar does not bother with such.

          My point is that ROY’s comment about their never figuring out that 12 lunar months don’t match a solar year is spot on, and another example of how Islam retards human progress.

  19. Whatever floats the boat of islamic idiocy, I guess,,, The problem is, they have the cart before the horse~! One must have the testosterone, before the beard can be long and full~!

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