We are the people of God. Expect us.

Watch the whole thing. It’s short.

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  1. The first half is the propaganda the muslims force feed to the brain dead so well, the second half is the truth.

    Long live Israel!

  2. I wrote this on a train so please forgive the endless typos. I wanted to send in what I had on my mind before I lost my signal. It’s unfortunate that iPads don’t have stabilizers.

  3. I think you all need to put down the Kool Aid. EVERY religion claims a history, a “specialness”, an important Book, a human link to and unseeable god. Every. Single. One.
    The reality of it all is that humans are scared of whatever comes after this life. The less power you have here on earth, the more your daily life revolves around religion. The Jews suffered horribly for thousands of years so they developed a religion that called for hundreds of laws, many days of celebration and even delved into the minutiae of eating breakfast! That constant companion, their ever-present religion, allowed them to continually feel like they had a purpose and that they were going to get what was theirs in the end. Voodoo is like this. Christianity is like this. The faith of the ancients were like this, too.
    Does anyone wonder how all of those religions from long ago (Greek, Roman, Egyptian, Celtic, etc) went from being the driving force of millions for thousands of years to now being considered foolish? They thought that Apollo crossed the sky each morning to bring the sun! Silly? Those living near the Nile performed endless tasks to appease the god that would then bring the seasonal floods. Drought? Oops. Someone must have failed!
    How is any of this different from Easter vigils, baptisms, stations of the cross, communion and special jewelry? It isn’t. Men make gods to justify their own actions. The Crusades killed wore people than any other war and it was done in the name of God. Why didn’t they win? It was utterly disastrous. Why did 7 Republicans run for a president because Hod told them to – and 5 quit already?
    Men want to feel like they are special, they are part of the crowd that is Right and Blessed. They want to gather together and talk (oops, pray!) about how they are right and everyone from any time ever wa wrong. Sounds like a street gang, right?
    Why do men use god forntheirmpurposemif He is already in charge? If fate is already written, why does try to change things? Don’t believe it? How many people have pared when they heard they had cancer? Bt they go to the doctor and when it becomes more severe, they operate and take debilitating medicines – where is your predestined fate then? If the cancer patient then dies, is it YOUR FAULT because you didn’t pray enough? Then by did you okay in the first place?
    Men need the comfort of a religion. They want to feel superior so they make themselves the example and everyone else the savage. The right wingnuts insist they homosexuality is the epitome of sin. Is marriage sacred? Ban divorce. Excommunicate the adulterers. You can’t have it both ways.
    Interesting bit: homosexuality is mentioned in the bible 6 times. Alcohol consumption? 246, who here still drinks?
    Don’t believe in spilling your seed? How many of you don’t masturbate? You don’t want to lay for birth control because that is denying God’s plan? How many of you have a Duggar-like brood? You can’t tell me the Santorums on,y had a couple nights together. Did they stop having sex or did he *gasp*! Spill his seed? It’s so easy to be in the clubhouse and make fun of those people that God doesn’t like. But the Jews think that if Christians who think that of Muslims who think that of Taoists, on and on.
    Man made god. They want him in their team and make up ways that they think will please him. When it doesn’t seem to work out the way they want, they bring out the whole business about mystery of faith and not knowing God’s mind.
    I was an Elder in the churc. I left because the worst sins I ever saw or even thought about wee committed there. Everyone loves the thought of ding judged by Hod alone and then determining what God considers bad. They want to save their hands in the air, ask for forgiveness and get it IMMEDIATELY to become “white as snow”. Nice trick. Look at a parish and see how many drug addicts, divorcees, ex-cons, unmarried parents there. They LOVE church because they are free from their responsibility! And who can tell them that God didn’t say so?
    Fools, each one. You make a god, make up his book of yeses and nos, build a building, write songs, make costumes and set aside days for worship. Every religion has his. No religion is better than another because they are all fundamentally the same.
    Religion is the biggest scam going. You make your god and now fight amongst each other to see who has the bigger, tougher lord of all. Meanwhile, the world becomes more violent, the rights of women are taken away because, apparently, god likes men better, the very spot he put the people on is being wasted away.
    And we are going to fight over who is the favorite child? If there s a god, he must surely be disappointed in fools,like you.

    • I can’t believe I read through all that claptrap. I should have quit reading at the point you ignorantly and wrongly claimed:

      “The Crusades killed wore people than any other war and it was done in the name of God.”

      Scholars and historians have no way of giving an accurate death count of the crusades which lasted for 196 years AND included the Spanish Inquisition. They’ve estimated at most 3 million people died over a span of 196 years starting from Pope Urban II’s council of Clermont in 1095 and ending with the fall of Acre during 9th Crusade in 1291.

      So, 3 million in 196 years. And that includes the deaths during the Spanish Inquisition.

      The lowball death count of the Holocaust is 4 million.

      The Khmer Rouge killed 3 million in four years.

      Turkish muslims murdered 1.5 million Christian Armenians in 8 years and Three quarter of a million Christian Assyrians and 1 million Christian Greeks during the same period for a grand total of 3.25 million people in an 8 year period.

      Arab muslims murdered 3 million African slaves between the 16th and 19th centuries. They are still abusing African slaves.

      Pakistani muslims murdered 3 million Bangladeshis in less than 1 year.

      And *drumroll, please* muslims murdered 80 million Hindu and Buddhist Indians between the 7th and 18th century. The death count at the hands of muslims goes up if we include the 19th, and 20th century massacres by muslims in Kashmir and Gujarat.

      So, what was that horseshit you were spouting about the Crusades?

      I did notice while you were attacking Christianity, Judaism, and Roman paganism you failed to mention that mohammadism has killed by far more people than any other ism. Including my “ism.” Atheism.

      It is aholes like you who are ignorant of history and self righteous in your ignorance who can’t see the forest through the trees who make atheists look bad.

      What the hell do your tall tales about the Crusades have to do with the threat of islam against not only the Jews and Israel but the rest of us.

      While any “ism” can be dangerous, as an atheist, I have not once been threatened, molested, frightened, harmed, harassed or abused by anyone claiming to be any ism other than mohammadism. mohammadans do the above, to me, on a daily basis. Those crusading Christians? Not once. Buddhists? HAHA, right. Jews? Can’t say that I’ve even had one look at me sideways.

      That you would start off your alleged anti-religion rant with a blatant or perhaps simply ignorant lie about Christianity makes the rest of what you ranted about utter poppycock.

      So from a real atheist who knows who really is (muslims) and who isn’t (Jews, Christians, Buddhists, Hindus, Taoists, Satanists) a threat to her lifestyle, to you, a mamby pamby, lying, moral relativist who trashes Western isms while not even touching on the threat of Arab tribalism:

      F*CK YOU.

        • Any time, BNI. I have a high tolerance for bullshi’ite. Plus I’m sick to death of these atheists that have to push their anti-Christian, anti-Jew agenda.

  4. Awesome~! Thank You, Ms BNI,,,
    May G-D ALWAYS grant strong and moral leaders of Integrity to the Nation of Israel,,,
    And may her detractors hang their heads in shame and sorrow~!

  5. AMEN! As Israel was God’s chosen when he led them out of Egypt with Moses, so they will be and are in the Final Days of this Age, they WILL BE at the End of Time. GOD bless Israel, AND those who have the heart and the gonads to stand with them!!…….

  6. Religious claptrap, ‘God’ and ‘Truth’…the truth is God either doesn’t exist or is negligent and malevolent.
    Once again religion poisons everything, nothing will be solved in Israel while people still cling to medieval superstition.

  7. People who say that Islam is similar to Judaism, an ‘Abrahamic religion’, etc., haven’t read the Hebrew Bible or the Koran.

    The God of the Bible calls himself the ‘Lord God of Israel’ and calls the Jews his ‘chosen people’ and a ‘royal priesthood’. Allah hates the Jews and calls them ‘pigs and apes, despised and rejected’.

    Both versions cannot be correct at the same time.

    Mohammed tried to replace the Jews as the chosen people by denouncing and dehumanizing them. He in turn made the Arabs ‘the best of people’ who had the right to TAKE OVER THE WORLD politically as dictators.

    Jews are ‘light of the world’ as shown by their leadership in art, culture, science and philosophy. Moslems are the world’s greatest assassins (an Arab word) with 270 million dead bodies and counting.

    • Everyone must understand there are consequences for their behaviour, I often wonder why the arabs, as I understand the good book, were and still are the losers of God’s admiration. Yet they continue to try and convince themselves, and others, they are the rightful owners of which belongs only to God, Love and Respect towards others. I have nothing but pity in my heart for these animals and pegan/devil lovers. Pray for Israel, pray for peace and prepare for the war they are surely egging the entire world into, because we are, all of us, in their minds of hate infidels. Great post Bonni, loved it and will pass it on. Thanks. Semper Fi.

  8. very cool. Donald Trump predicts war with iran shortly before the nov election as a ploy to keep the dictator is office

    • dragon, why would that keep him in office? I doubt he would attack Iran. He’ll sit back and watch Israel do it.

  9. Dear BNI, well done. Perhaps a note would help, at the start of the video that tells us that the first half of the video is the way that the liberal left, anti-zionist, muslims of islam, wish were true and that the last half of the video is the ‘way it is truly for Israel.’ We support Israel, the only democracy worth defending in the middle east. God bless Israel.

    • AMEN!!! I’ve no doubt that God IS With Israel, and that He’ll Help them again just as He Has been doing ever before, through and since 1948. All the Arabs’ wits, wiles, taqiyya, kitman and evil will fail sooner or later!!!!

      It was a privilege to watch the YouTube posting of the TV-show “The Great Tank Battles: The Golan Heights”. Yes, the Arabs started off well, but fortunately they failed quickly after. They can ONLY deserve to lose against a beacon of God’s Love – which Israel indeed IS!!!

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