FRENCH SHOCKER! Right Wing, anti-Islamization candidate for President, Marine Le Pen is the favorite of 18 – 24-year olds

She probably won’t win in 2012, but perhaps when all the socialists/ communists die off, France will once again be a great power…without being crushed under the burden of millions of Muslim immigrants living off the state. Le Pen had the socialists’ heads exploding last year when she compared the swarms of Muslim asslifters praying in streets to the Nazi Occupation.

The right wing French presidential candidate Marine Le Pen is winning the youth vote in the buildup to the first round of voting, as she attempts to style herself as an “anti-elite” candidate railing against immigration and defending the soul of small-town France.

The leader of the Front National has the support of 26% of voters aged 18 to 24, according to a survey for Le Monde, with the Socialist Francois Hollande on 25%, Nicolas Sarkozy on 17% and the hard-left Jean-Luc Mélenchon on 16%.

Capitalising on the working-class and protest vote, she has risen in popularity among young people – mainly those from poorer backgrounds – partly because of France’s crippling youth unemployment problem, which has fuelled suggestions that what scarce jobs exist should be for the French first, not immigrants. In the 1990s, her father scored well among young people who felt they had no prospects.

But Le Pen’s general poll ratings have slipped since the start of the year. She is now fighting for third place and no longer threatens to eliminate Sarkozy in the first-round vote on 22 April.

Her support base means she will still play a crucial role in the final runoff on 6 May, which is expected to pit Sarkozy against Hollande. In 2002 France was stunned when Le Pen Sr knocked out the Socialist Lionel Jospin and reached the runoff. The political class remains cautious over a last-minute surge or upset by the Front National.

Sarkozy, who lurched to the right in 2007 to win over far-right voters and prided himself in decimating the Front National, has once again been poaching on Le Pen’s ground, aware that he cannot win this election without such backing. He has followed the Front National’s agenda: the secret menace of halal meat on the nation’s dinner plates, promising to halve immigration, and warning of the danger of the EU’s passport-free Schengen zone. He declared there were too many foreigners in France.

Since the Toulouse shootings by a French unemployed panel-beater, Mohamed Merah, Le Pen has tried to hit back at Sarkozy with scathing attacks on the state of France, linking immigration, terrorism, crime, radical Islamism and France’s poor high-rise estates. “How many Mohamed Merahs are on the boats and planes that arrive in France every day filled with immigrants?” she asked. “How many Merahs are among the immigrants’ children who don’t integrate?”

Le Pen stands at about 13-16% in the overall polls, more than 10 points behind Sarkozy. For the president, that is a useful figure – not too strong and not too weak. He will hope Le Pen’s supporters rally behind him in the runoff.

In Le Pen’s southern heartlands on the Cote d’Azur this weekend, Sarkozy appealed to far-right voters. “I understand their suffering, but voting Front National will only increase that suffering,” he said. “I can’t accept an immigration motivated only by the hope of accessing France’s generous social benefits.” In a dig at halal meat, he added: “In our school canteens we want the same menus for all the children of a secular republic.”

Le Pen told a rally in rural France that she was the candidate of the forgotten and invisible, railing against hypermarkets killing off local commerce in small towns, and what she claimed was state money being poured into suburban ghettos. She wants to bring France out of the euro, but her economic policy has proved a weak point among the electorate.










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      • Sorry Bonni, it must be the age creeping up on me. It was under “Black Plague” I posted to you, Alain and Phillip. Keep on keeping on!

        • Dubi, me think that living here with us for as long as you have, you’ve built yourself a nice collection of vintage wine and must have just opened one you can’t keep your paws off :-) :-)

        • Well, they say it is good for the heart and it keeps the arteries clean sooooo, but of course in moderation! For 13 years I did the vendage in Beaujolais as a porter chauffeur and sometimes the couvage. Loved it. Abientot

  1. The Muslims have been very clever or lucky in getting this left/right split on attitudes to them. Left and right should be united against Islam. It is a threat to us all. The far, far left imagine that Islam will cause such a breakdown in society that they will be able to step in and set up a Marxist utopia. Good luck, comrades! You’ll need it. Remember when Stalin supported Hitler because he thought the Germans, French and British would suffer so many losses from attrition that they would not be strong enough to stop him taking Western Europe? What he got was 20 milllion dead after Hitler invaded the USSR.

  2. “How many Merahs are among the immigrants’ children who don’t integrate?”

    Just look at the beards and closely clipped mustache. Just look at the veils and eye-slits!

    There are a lot.

    There are a lot who shave and look like ‘average’ kids like Merah.

    In other words, there are a lot of sleeper jihadists who will come out to fight WHEN THEY ARE CALLED BY A MULLAH!

  3. We need to make sure that Marine Le Pen is supported. One thing we can all do is to contact anyone and everyone we know in France to support Le Pen as the best hope to control muslim immigration by stopping all muslim immigration and deporting all criminal muslims. Wake up France and vote to stop the spread of muslims.

    • cat, tried that with a friend of mine who has lived in Paris for the past 20 years, whom I had lunch with in NYC recently. She about choked on her food when I told her I was for Marine Le Pen. Then again, she’s originally from California, so what could I expect.

      • We are not all nuts. Remember California passed AB 221, divesting all State and Teacher Pension funds (CALPERS and CALSTRS) from companies doing business with Iran. A bipartison effort signed into law by Governor Swartzeneger. Co sponser was Sally Lieber (D-San Mateo). I met her at a Madison Nguyen fund raiser. I had a custom bumper sticker on my VW bug with a Picture of Arnold and the verbage “Ahmanajad Terminated/AB 221 Signed/Divest IRAN”.

  4. Her power is not whether she wins or not, rather that her voice resonates with such a large demographic. When H.Ross Perot look like he was going to savage the status quo, it was remarkable how candidated from BOTH parties began to sound just like him! Of course, once he dropped out it was back to normal. The key to this Marine La Pen is the fact that her demographic is young. These voters will be around for more than a few election cycles. YOU GO GIRL!!

  5. It is good to hear common sense from the youth of a country. Usually, it would be the opposite message from a nation’s youth, but I suspect this to be a youthful rebellion against multiculturalism, I hope.

    It would be great to be able to say this is the beginning of the end of socialism, but I am far too realistic to make that kind of statement.

  6. Believe me; Europeans left the question of rampant immigration TOO LONG. Only a miracle can save them now. They are losing their rights, their free speech, their peace, their cities, and their countries. W
    hat they are experiencing right now, is only a drop compared to the horrific future they have waiting for them.

  7. As long as the Marxists have ANY significant clout – which likely will be for a good long time yet, on the order of many years! – we can’t hope for France to become much of anything whatsoever. It more and more seems – as Phillippe and Alain have mentioned here, if I recall correctly – that they’ll have to go through a civil war before they’ll really wake up… I wish from the bottom of my heart to be wrong but see no grounds for hope on a nationwide scale…

    Truly, Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels have proven to be at the root of the decline of Western civilisation (together, of course, with Ljéñin, Stáljin, Mao and all their underlings, successors, followers and slaves)!!!!!

    • Don’t knock China. The Peoples Armed Police know how to how to deal with them. Shoot to kill. They don’t forget either. Muslims through their treason helped the Mongols conquer China 800 years ago. Han converts to Islam were written out of the Han Race and reclassified as Hui (one of the minorities) when the Ming drove out the mongels.

  8. That’s terrific news, I really hope she wins and starts a Domino effect across Europe, with anti-Muslim candidates becoming increasingly popular.

  9. Like most politicians they condemn the actions of Muslims but never listen to the causes or the effects on the society they are supposed to represent.

    What are they getting paid for?

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