GERMANY: Muslims hand out 25 million free pooper scoopers (aka qurans)

A QURAN IN EVERY HOUSEHOLD: Germans will find many uses for the sudden influx  free qurans – pooper scoopers for their dogs, kindling, door stops, even bathroom tissue in an emergency.

Salafists also believe that democracy, because it is a man-made form of government, must be destroyed.. According to Die Welt, the Salafists have launched a “frontal assault” against people of other faiths and “unbelievers”. Many Islamists believe Islamic Sharia law is a divine ordinance that is to replace all other legal systems. The number of Islamic radicals in German is surging. Islam is giving them respectability.

Gatestone Institute (H/T Martin)  Islamic radicals in Germany have launched an unprecedented nationwide campaign to distribute 25 million copies of the Koran, translated into the German language, with the goal of placing one Koran into every household in Germany, free of charge.

The mass proselytization campaign — called Project “Read!” — is being organized by dozens of Islamic Salafist groups located in cities and towns throughout Germany, as well as in Austria and inSwitzerland.

Salafism is a branch of radical Islam, practiced in Saudi Arabia, that seeks to establish an Islamic empire (Caliphate) across the Middle East, North Africa and Europe — and eventually the entire world. The Caliphate would be governed exclusively by Islamic Sharia law, which would apply both to Muslims and to non-Muslims. Salafists also believe, among other anti-Western doctrines, that democracy, because it is a man-made form of government, must be destroyed.

Although Germany’s domestic intelligence agency, the Bundesamt für Verfassungsschutz (BfV), regards the Salafist groups as a threat to German security, Salafists have free reign in the country, and Salafist preachers are known regularly to preach hatred against the West in mosques and prayer centers that are proliferating across Germany.

The campaign to place a Koran in every German household is being spearheaded by a Rheinland-based Salafist, Ibrahim Abou-Nagie, a Palestinian preacher of hate, who leads a radical Islamic group called “The True Religion” (“Die Wahre Religion”).

In September 2011, German public prosecutors launched an investigation into Abou-Nagie after he called for violence against non-believers in videos posted on the Internet. In his sermons, Abou-Nagie glamorizes Islamic martyrdom and says that Islamic Sharia law is above the German Constitution. He outspokenly believes that music should be prohibited, that homosexuals should be executed, and that adulterers should be stoned.

Abou-Nagie has tens of thousands of followers across Germany. Among them are two German Muslim converts-turned-terror suspects trained by Abou-Nagie and recently arrested in Dover, England, after British border police searched their luggage and found a document entitled “How to Build a Bomb in Your Mom’s Kitchen,” an article from the English-language online magazine “Inspire” produced by Al-Qaida in Yemen.

In one video, Abou-Nagie tells his audience that “whoever follows the Christian Bible or the Jewish Torah instead of the Islamic Koran will go to Hell for eternity.”

Not surprisingly, Abou-Nagie sees it as his calling to save the German people from the wrath of Allah by converting them to Islam. To achieve this aim, Abou-Nagie founded Project “Read!” to distribute tens of millions of copies of the Koran throughout Germany.

The campaign is now well under way. More than 100 Salafist “information booths” have already been set up in dozens of German cities, particularly in the regions of North Rhine-Westphalia, Lower Saxony, Hessen and Hamburg.

Abou-Nagie’s approach is simple and effective: German Muslims are encouraged to purchase a copy of the Koran (red cover) in order to fund the free distribution of additional copies of the Koran (blue cover). In addition to the public distribution of the Koran on the streets and market places, non-Muslims can order a free copy of the Koran on an Internet website called

During the extended Christian Easter weekend from April 5-9, Project “Read!” entered into a new phase. According to the Berlin-based newspaper Die Welt, the Salafists have launched a “frontal assault” against people of other faiths and “unbelievers”. On April 7, for instance, Project “Read!” organized a nationwide campaign to distribute the Koran in 35 German cities, including Berlin,Cologne, Dresden, Frankfurt, Hamburg, Hanover, Heidelberg, Konstanz, Munich and Osnabrück.

According to Die Welt, German authorities view the Koran project, which fundamentalists are using a recruiting tool, as a “most worrisome” campaign for radical Islam. Security analysts say the campaign is also a public-relations gimmick intended to persuade Germans that the Salafists are transparent and “citizen friendly.”

In an effort to improve their image, the Salafists have removed from their “information booths” all literature about the role of women in Islam or the supremacy of Islamic Sharia law over democracy. Moreover, the German translation of the Koran has edited out many of the verses which call on Muslims to make war on non-believers. According to BfV, the German domestic intelligence agency, the German version of the Koran is “rather non-controversial.” (Most English versions have been sanitized as well)

German authorities also say, however, that Project “Read!” is being organized by Islamist networks that hold an extremist world view and a militant ideology.

A spokesperson for the Berlin branch of the BfV told Die Welt that “the objective of this campaign is to help bring those who are interested into contact with the Salafist scene in order to influence them in the context of their extremist political ideologies.”

Although not everyone who takes a Koran into their home will convert to Islam, German authorities say Abou-Nagie’s Project “Read!” is a establishing a breeding ground for anti-constitutional ideas.

In any case, the number of Islamic radicals in Germany is surging. According to the BfV, there are an estimated 29 Islamist groups in Germany with 34,720 members or supporters who pose a major threat to homeland security. Many of them want to establish a “Koran-state” in Germany because they believe Islamic Sharia law is a divine ordinance that is to replace all other legal systems.

The head of the German Police Union (DPolG), Rainer Wendt, has told the Hamburg-based Bild newspaper that he is concerned about the presence of clandestine Islamic sleeper cells made up of Muslim immigrants and converts in Germany. He has called for the recruitment of undercover agents to infiltrate the Islamic environment. It is the “only way to monitor the scene,” Wendt said.

“Radical Islamists live everywhere and nowhere in Germany. One cannot rule out that that nice young man from next door, who brings grandma her fresh bread every morning, is not in fact an Islamic sleeper and terrorist,” Wendt warned.

The BfV is particularly concerned about Muslim youth who are prone to “rapid radicalization patterns,” and who possess a “high willingness to use force” and “to attack.” Some of them are under surveillance by the security authorities, according to Wendt.

The BfV is also monitoring a surge in online Islamist propaganda, much of which warns Muslims that they are not to integrate into German society. With an estimated 4.3 million Muslims, Germany has Western Europe’s second-biggest Islamic population after France.

Some of the home-grown Muslim radicals are being alienated from German society by means of Sharia law, which is now competing with the German criminal justice system in all major cities in Germany.

According to Kirsten Heisig, the author of the book “The End of Patience“: In Germany “the law is slipping out of our hands. It is moving to the streets or into a parallel system where an imam or another representative of the Koran determines what must be done.”


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  1. If muzzturds want a quran in every house, then I say give ’em a pork roast in every pot! Then make ’em eat it!


      • If they do a Qur’an giveaway in the US, particuarly in the South, then we Americans should give the Muslims a 5gal bucket of pork Chit’lins (chitterlings, or pig intestine), and make them clean, cook, and eat them… *evil grin*

  2. I’m not sure they know what they are doing. If people read those they will know what the religion is really about. I can honestly say that before I read the Koran I was neutral towards Islam. It took me reading the Koran to really despise it.
    I used to think things like “terrorism was caused by economic disenfranchisement” until I read the Koran, then I knew what REALLY caused it.
    I came across bizarre statements in the Koran about what Christians and Jews believed and found that there was no justification for those statements.
    I found that from the perspective of Muhammad the Koran was self-serving and hypocritical.
    I find that one of the biggest problems with non-Muslim, Islamic sympathizers is specifically that they haven’t read the Koran and if they had they wouldn’t defend the religion.

    • Kirk, they are not handing out the true translation but a whitewashed sanitized one that has removed all the parts that
      would make anyone in their right mind despise islam.

        • Yes and I think this will back-fire besides the publishing-house announced that they will (for the time being at least) stop the production. I am against “burning” them all, instead the more are being kept and used against them the better. At the same time spread the word that this free copy is a false. People just do not like to be lied to.

          Greetings from Vienna…..

  3. The thing that shocks me the most is that this is taking place in Germany. A county where the highest moral code is to repel against any kind of fascism, yet does nothing against hatefull muslims.

  4. How are they doing this? Door to door like JWs and Mormons? If anyone did that in my neighborhood, they would get recycled. An elderly Vietnamese lady on a bicycle patrols the neighborhood picking up stray recyclables. I think book quality paper has a nice price at the Smurf place (yes it is bright blue).

  5. I hate the way this article is written.

    Salafism is a branch of radical Islam, practiced in Saudi Arabia, that seeks to establish an Islamic empire (Caliphate) across the Middle East, North Africa and Europe — and eventually the entire world.

    Islam is Islam and the goal is always the same. There is no “radical Islam” or ‘Salafism’ or Wahabism, its all the same and the outcome is the same. People who write in this way should get a clue.


    Handing out free Korans doesn’t concern me at all, Everyone should have one and read it, few will. What concerns me greatly is that the German government wants to prevent the Muslims from spreading their dirty book around, which means the elites are afraid the word gets out and people start smelling the coffee.

    Say no to censorship! Let people read the dirty book of the muslims, the Koran.

    But I’m afraid it is too late. The EU elites are all in the bag, the Islamization of Europe is a done deal.

    • Sheik, but surely you don’t think that the German versions they are handing out will be authentic translations? You can get all the violent/hateful passages will be deleted. If I though for a moment they would be giving people the real thing, I would support it,too.

      • Has no one done a side by side comparison of the free handouts with a ‘standard’ misogynistic, fatalistic, terroristic version?

        Of course, we would need English translations of both, but the Germans could publish samples on their blogs.

        If unexpurgated, publish and be damned. Or how about a proactive idea? Make a facsimile, but highlight the naughty bits and publish it like that.

      • Do I think that the German versions they are handing out will be authentic translations?

        I would like to know which or who’s translation they use.

        ‘You can bet all the violent/hateful passages will be deleted.’

        Well, that would be a lot of deleting, in fact so much that almost nothing of the Koran would be left.

        Perhaps someone from Germany can enlighten us which Koran translation they use?

        • Sheik, I don’t know about the German, but there are English abridged versions that leave out all the violence.

    • Germany banned Mein Kampf and you think its ok to pass out the Koran? Whats the difference between the two books? They both preach the extermination of Christians, Jews and Non Muslims? The shocking aspect of the this entire ISLAM infestation is that it cruises along hiding under the guise of religion.

      But if you get onto the internet and see what millions of Muslims are doing in the name of ISLAM, murduring, butchering, raping, bombing churches to prevent others from going to church, etc, we all know what they do, no one says shit about it, none of the politicians, the media says nothing. What is it going to take to wake people up?

      Even since 911 we have not heard ONE SINGLE Muslim speak up in the name of non beleivers, what does that tell the whole world? Ill tell you, THEY CONDONE IT ALL BECAUSE THEIR BLOOD THRISTY GOD DEMANDS IT!

      Im glad I will have lived the best years of my life and will gone in the next decade or so but all you young people are going to live in HELL ON EARTH if you dont get PISSED OFF and do something to stop these MONSTERS from taking over your planet…

  6. “Sleeper jihadists!”

    Good, the Germans are getting the idea now.

    But the answer is to BAN COUSIN MARRIAGE.

    Without cousin marriage, Islam will collapse and be unable to force children to stay in the evil DEATH CULT FOR BRUTAL MEN.

    BTW, HITLER thought Islam was a suitable religion for Germans! What does that say to people?

    Ban cousin marriage.

    • I wouldn’t wipe my arse with that paper. The only thing it is good for is nothing, not even to wrap pork in. Treat it like it is a plague and burn it. I would love to get a free quran to burn as I am not going to spend my money on one and I want to burn one. Peace to all non-moslems who want to burn this filthy thing called a book.

  7. Looks like history will repeat itself again in Germany. They may as well be passing out 25 million copies of Hitlers Mein Kampf! It preaches the same shiit the Koran does, they are one in the same. Germany must be a bunch of spineless pusssies.

    Who would of ever thought how simple taking over the world would be! ISLAM just does as it damn well pleases and the sorry ass spineless jellyfish politicians all cower in fear like pussys. Thank God the U.S. has 150 million armed citizens.

    It appears America will be the last country standing since Europe is handing the sorry bastard Muslims their entire continent on a silver platter. What kills me, no pun intended! Is how in the hell all these pussy leaders figure that ISLAM is going to coexist at even half the population of a country when they can look at the past 2000 years of history and see that ITS NEVER HAPPENED! They DESTROY EVERYTHING WHEN THEY GET 30% of the population of ANY COUNTRY since the inception of ISLAM!!

    They better stand up quick or Europe is GONE and the U.S. will be the last country standing. I figure they have about a year or two left to start throwing the freedom hating lunatics out of the country. Every damn one of them HAS NO OTHER CHOICE but believe that there is NO LAW OTHER THAN ALLAHS! That should be all every free country needs to know about ISLAM and BAN THE SON OF A BITCH FROM THEIR COUNTRY!

  8. Throw the qurans into the garbage or burn them. Do it now and stop the spread of islam because if you do not then in about 20 years it will be against the law, punishable by death to throw a quran into the garbage or to burn it. Wake up Germany before you are defeated by the stealth jihad of muslim scum of islam.

  9. Take the free queeran scoopers even if you don’t have a pet. You can always go on the lawn yourself and use the scoopers to kinda clean up that.

  10. If any Germans intend to use their generously provided qurans for toilet paper, I strongly urge them to avoid the 80 grid Braille qurans, for they are known to cause massive, painful, rectal hemorrhaging.

  11. good luck GDL and all devfense leagues who are trying to rid Europe and the rest of the world from this scourge

  12. Can’t wait untill they do that here! Think of the money I’ll save! Question: “How many btu’s in a cord of Qurans?

  13. At least he knows that the Torah exists. He might want to go back and study history a bit more. Like during the life of mo it was required reading to correct any questions of the quran. Amazing how the Torah became twisted and the quran goT straight. Let me see. HOW ABOUT JUST LIE.

  14. Muslims may be able to convert those with weak minds and the nature of animals, but most will find Islam disgusting and offensive. All Germans should take a free Koran for ‘Burn a Koran Day’ in Germany. Heh, heh.

    • Question of the curious: 1876 was when Richard Wagner got to open his special Festival Theatre in Bayreuth, Germany – with the première of his complete “Ring” cycle. Sounds like we have a musical connection here…

      Otherwise, I completely agree: every last practising Muslim man, woman and child MUST be disenfranchised and deported straight back to their “dar al-Islam” (‘the region of submission’). [Converts would be given the following option: if Shi’a, off to Iran with them, while all others would be dumped in Saudi Arabia.]

      If the Muslim countries refuse to accept them or they refuse to go voluntarily: dump them there anyway, and without papers so that they can NEVER be forced back upon the rest of us!!!

      [And I would apply the same for their Communist aiders-and-abettors: they can go to ideally North Korea and enjoy that Stáljinist “paradise” under the same premises.]

      Boy oh boy, I sure hope that Islam will be expelled from the West. Alas, I’m most pessimistic: it will take civil war – which likely will escalate into open warfare with the Muslims’ Arab sponsors…

      • The above posting’s last point brings up a thought of potential importance: what (if any) dealings the Muslim nations might be secretly having with America’s rivals the Russians and/or Chinese??? [This is notably the case given how BOTH Muslims and Communists (both totalitarian to the core!!!!) are supporting the notoriously anti-American Obama.]

        Given how Muslims are all too glad to have their victims back-stabbed by non-Muslim enemies, this is a thought we’d do well to keep in the backs of our minds

      • [I previously had two postings result in the error that yours truly supposedly hadn’t included his ID and E-address. If either of those two postings appear in your reader, dear Ms. BNI, the very first is the one that should be published in the place of the other two. Thanks in advance!!]

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