OUTBREAK: A new black plague is infecting France and Muslims are the carriers

It seems that getting a hamburger in certain parts of France where restaurants serve halal food, is worth your life. Burqas have been banned from public places and if you see a Muslim wearing one, you are supposed to report it to the police.

Here’s a true story of a French citizen who dared to call the police to report such a lawbreaker:

Riposte Laique (H/T Alain)  While shopping in the afternoon of April 10 in Creil (suburbs), Jean Croissant is hungry and decides to get a bite to eat. As luck would have it, the nearest food outlet was a Quick’s Restaurant, where inhumanely slaughtered Muslim halal meat is all you can get.

If that wasn’t bad enough, Croissant runs into not one, not two, but THREE Muslim bagheads, blatantly breaking the ban on wearing veils in public.  So, Croissant  takes some pictures of the women in their illegal headgear. Then he calls the police -as every citizen, shop manager etc. should do in such cases. The police are required to intervene in these matters, although apparently they don’t as often as they should, judging by the number of Muslim lawbreakers seen on the streets of Paris.

In retaliation, the bagheads called up their friends and families, so so they could come down to “support and protect” them from the French patriot intent on seeing the law being respected in HIS country. Were they expecting a physical confronation?  Meanwhile, the Quick shop’s cook, in sympathy with the Muslims, starts to verbally abuse Croissant for being a bully and trying to intimidate the women.

The police show up and proceed to issue fines all around, after which even more bagheads arrive in full gear to taunt the police, screaming that they couldn’t care less and wouldn’t pay the fine anyway.  At this point, the police advised Croissant to promptly leave, for his own safety.

This wasn’t the first time. Apparently these bagheads are known to have been pulling the same stunt – flaunting their headbags around Creil and Nogent-sur-Oise for the pats two years.

This is what certain areas of France look like in the year 2012. I hate to think what they will look like in 2032.