TAMPA School Board leaves door open for Muslim speakers who promote and support Islamic terrorism

With a slip of paper and no vote, Hillsborough County school officials decided to do nothing about banning speakers who represent terror-linked groups such as CAIR from indoctrinating public school students with a whitewashed version of Islam. The Made-for-Infidels version that hides the torture and violence Islam commands against all non-believers and the oppression of women and minorities that are among the main tenets of Islam.

I know that the last story I posted about this controversy from the Florida Family Association claimed victory against CAIR, but it appears that there is nothing official that will keep CAIR out of the Hillsborough Schools. You can be sure when enough time has elapsed, and they think no one is watching anymore, CAIR will be back. To all parents in every school district: BE VIGILANT. Make sure you ask your children what they are being taught about Islam and who is teaching it, not to mention ask why are they teaching anything about Islam in the public schools at all. If you don’t like what you hear, get a group of parents together and raise Hell with the school board.