The problem isn’t that Muslims lie. The problem is that politicians believe them.

Why is it that everyone on the Left, including the media, and many on the Right are convinced that the majority Palestinian Arabs want a two-state solution?

Elder of Ziyon  Hussein Ibish writes in Open Zion: Support for a two state solution also represents, according to almost every existing poll, the Palestinian majority position, as well as that of the Palestine Liberation Organization (universally recognized as “the sole legitimate representative of the Palestinian people”.)

He’s technically right, and he is very, very wrong. When polls ask Palestinian Arabs is they support a two-state solution, indeed most answer yes. However, when one pollster last year went a bit further and asked another question, it showed that the real answer is not “yes” but “as a means to destroy Israel.”

The Israel Project commissioned a poll in the territories conducted by the Palestinian Center for Public Opinion and asked which of these two statements more closely matched the opinions of those being polled:

The best goal is for a two-state solution that keeps two states living side by side. The real goal should be to start with two states but then move to it all being one Palestinian state
Strongly agree 12% 22%
Somewhat agree 13% 30%
Total 25% 52%
Total for those who responded 32% 68%

In case you think that this question was too vague or unclear, here’s one that leave little doubt of what Palestinian Arab intentions are:

Israel has a permanent right to exist as a homeland for the Jewish people.

Over time Palestinians must work to get back all the land for a Palestinian state

Strongly agree



Somewhat agree






Total for those who responded



This poll proved that a large majority of Palestinian Arabs do not believe in the “two state solution” in the way that most Westerners do. They want to have a state now as a means to destroy Israel. Fatah and Hamas agree – the goal is to destroy Israel

This poll was ignored by the mainstream media.

This fact is simply too inconvenient for wishful thinkers to accept. It causes massive cognitive dissonance in the “peace camp.” It is exactly the opposite from what we have been told over and over again by politicians and pundits. So they ignore it.

But that is the truth, and any sober analysis of how peace is possible must take these facts in mind.


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  1. Israel made for Arabs to live under the same route in their own official language.

    Arabs know that Israel has more freedom than any Moz country.

    • It’s the same phenomenon that occurred during the period of the Crusades.

      After the initial conquest (and initial conquests are always bloody, regardless of time or place or people) of the area, Muslim travelers who passed through the Crusder states lamented that many *mostly poorer* Muslims were actually moving INTO the Crusader states because there was ONE law for all people extant. Muslims and Jews who owned property in the area before the Crusaders took the lands got to KEEP their property; if a “Christian” tried to steal the land and property of a Jew or Muslim, the aggrieved party was able to go to the courts on an equal footing and would often get his property back, regardless of “religion.”

      Even in Muslim lands back then, not all Muslims were equal. Wealthy and powerful Muslims could get away with a lot if perpetrated against poorer Muslims or Muslims who were considered “inferior” because they were not Arabs.

      Thus, it should not surprise anyone that there are Arabs (even Muslim Arabs) living in the nation-state of Israel who enjoy full rights with the Jewish population, and have the same responsibilities to the nation. That would NEVER happen in a “Palestinian” Muslim state.

  2. BNI: after all what I’ve seen, I dont think the politicians believe the muslims, Im sure they are in bed with them. God knows what unholy abomination of new order are they planning.

  3. something i have always known politicians are the dumbest most stupied humans on earth. Take that back Muslims and politicians are in a tie for first place

  4. It’s not that politicians believe them, it’s that they are greedy mother******s that have their own personal interests that coincide with Islam. Like perhaps a payoff. May every one of them burn in hell

  5. Just how much land does Islam want? There are now between 30-50 million Muslims in the European heartland


    The Geographical area Palestine that belonged to the Ottomans HAS NOW BEEN divided into:
    32,000 sq miles for the PALESTINIAN ARABS Jordan
    2,000 sq miles for the PALESTINIAN ARABS Gaza
    9,000 sq miles for the JEWS Israel

    And now they want to build A THIRD PALESTINIAN ARAB STATE in the West Bank (Judea and Samaria to you and me)


    There is NOT one piece of land that Islam now sits on that has not been stolen from someone else at some time. Kosovo, Northern Cyprus, Pakistan, Bangla Desh. Turkey was Anatolian Greece, Istanbul was Constantinople, Egypt belonged to the Copts, Londonistan used to be called London, etc. It’s all Stolen Land, or in the process of being stolen

    But the rest of the world stands for it because we need oil

    Israel is the only country that fought back and recovered their country back from Islam. Oh and Spain too but that was a 1000 years ago (El Cid. See the film with Charlton Heston and Sophia Loren)

    • Actually Spain was just a little more then 500 years ago. 1490. QQueen Isabella had spare funds (Jewels?) because the last moors were driven out. I think El Cid is from the beginning of an 800 year war of national liberation against the moors.

  6. Not everyone on the left believes the Muslims. In the UK one LiberalDemocrat Member of Parliament was stabbed by a Muslim for speaking in favour of Israel. Other MPs, including socialists, have received many death threats from Muslims. There are numerous Coservative MPs and Lords who have fallen for the Palestinian propaganda. Then there is the media bias. I have asked the state-owned BBC if its anti-Israel policy is its own or is it part of the price the UK government has to pay for Arab oil. You will not be surprised to learn that I have not received an answer.

    • Thanks for your fine piece of work and translation of the Surras, Hadith and Koran. Excellent piece of work.
      I hope all viewers will take the time to read your two presentations above.

      Have you changed your user name or has something happened to the original writer?


  7. Politicians should be required to read the Koran (and like me suffer nightmares), and if that doesn’t convince them they should live in a Muslim country for 2 years. If they survive, I am sure they would be anti-Islam and anti-Muslim immigration.

    It is time to stop tolerating the intolerant. It is time to stop apologizing for and protecting the most violent, hateful political regime posing as a ‘peaceful religion’. The Koran is a war guide and we see Muslims abiding by every word in all countries they infest.

    Once they destroy Israel (with Obama’s eager assistance) they will concentrate on America and all Western countries too stupid to see the threat Islam truly is. They are busy chipping away at our freedoms, preparing to take over by force, as the Koran commands them to do. It couldn’t be any clearer. Wake the f-up.

    • NA, you’ve read the wrong book, as it has over 200 self-contradictions and is fragmented, out of sequence and meaningless. The book to read is about the man who dictated the Koran – to give Divine sanction to whatever he was doing at the moment: “The Life of Mohammed,” by Ishaq, translated by A. Guillaume or by by Sir William Muir. Condensations of Mohammed’s biography can be found at – titled: “Mohammed and the Unbelievers,” and an even shorter version ritled: “The Life of Mohammed,” all four are fully verifiable.
      Why the life of Mohammed? Muslims are tasked by the Koran over 70 times to obey and imitate Mohammed in all things for all time. It’s called Sunna, and willful violation of Sunna can be lethal!

  8. as you say moutains of evidence and still no conviction ! am afraid nothing short of a war will settle this . Israel now and forever ! so it was written so it will come to pass.

  9. They want ONE state, and it is call the World.

    We will no longer exist in that one world, only as their slaves. After a little while everything we have built or ever made will be destroyed. They wont know how to fix it.

    If these Muslims cannot have peace within thier own countries, i.e. Egypt, Lybia, and now Syria and who knows which one will be next, probably Turkey or Iran. They slaughter their ow, so they must hate them too. They hate everything on the planet their black god gave them. Hopeless idiots.

  10. The saying “Figures don’t lie but liars figure based on public opinion” comes to mind! Also the saying “The truth is in the large numbers” is verified! See the 91%? That says it all!
    Interesting factor is that Christians are about 9% of the Palestinian population and they live in Israel as much as they can with fears of living in Palestine Authority Area! I’m willing to bet that the 9% of Palestinians voting in the poll who recognize Israel’s right to exist are the Christians!
    Awhile back, a local, Palestinian Christian tried to open a bookstore in Palestine Authority Area. He was found shot pretty soon afterwards! That is how the 91% deal with the 9%!

  11. Bonni, I think it’s a case where the politicians know, full well, that the Islamists are lying but they are supporting them because they agree with them.
    The West is becoming a Fourth Reich stronghold with Obama, in America, as it’s leader.
    Obama is fast turning the U.S. into Africa II, only an Islamic caliphate. Africa is soon to go that way. Europe is next.

    Obama will get in as President for life after November. How? He will have created so much chaos that the U.S. will be plunged into civil war. Obama will then introduce his “African Republic” form of tyrannical justice under Martial Law. Count on many Tea Party people and innocent whites being hawled off to FEMA camps in the Nevada desert.
    Then look for Israel to be wiped off the map by Iran after they detonate EMP’s over Israel and knock out all power. Canada will then be taken over by his storm troopers.

    That will be all it takes. The world will be his oyster and we will be the slaves.
    I am not a prophet but just analyzing the way things are going. They are seemingly above the law and nobody, in Congress, is lifting a finger to prosecute these traitors.

    Look how Obama just dedicated 500 million to the IRS to police Obamacare…and it hasn’t even been decided on by the SCOTUS.
    He is a dictator. He doesn’t want to lose his job…it isn’t finished yet.

    • al-K, blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah…..because I cannot answer your post the way I want to. But I know you can read between the lines.

      • BNI, I second your blah blah blah. And al-K’s to some degree. It may be exaggerated, but there should be little doubt that he will use those 4 home free years to turn this country into something we won’t even recognize. If anyone is thinking of staying home on voting day because Romney isn’t “conservative enough” or some such rationalization, just remember that he is far from the perfect candidate, but with Obama we have no chance at all.

        • What this man says has a lot of truth so let’s not be so critical of what he says! Obama did hire 100,000 IRS agents to set up Obamacare and a nonprofit, quasi-gov’t org to start doing canvassing to see who supports it and who doesn’t with free health screenings aimed at deciding which seniors to knock off! If The Obama gets reelected and the Supreme Court enforces the Mandate giving Obamacare control of the healthcare economy, we are finished as a country!
          Sad reality is that we don’t have a Marine Le Pen or Geert Wilders in any position to run for office in this country! Romney is the best of the lot as far as qualifications with best chance to beat Obama with the dumbed down voters we now have so many of! Get Hope Everybody! We Must Beat The Obama in 2012!

    • An EMP over Israel would not prevent certain retalliation. Israel has three Electric Diesel Dolphin Class submarines, each capable of launching 16 Cruise Missiles with 200 KT warheads. 3 more Dolphins are on order and in various stages of completion.

  12. The problem, IMO, ain’t them muzzies. It ain’t them sorry politicians… it’s the deluded, brainwashed, sorry, retarded folk who thin they are enlightened… they are the ones who are the problem… believing any lie they bring (because it furthers the multicult LIE, the premise of anarchy, post-Christian life, postmodern BS)… that’s the bottom line

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