PHILIPPINES: Attacks on Christians by Muslims have caused church attendance to plummet by 70% in certain areas

Although the Philippines is predominantly a Christian nation, the southern regions are teeming with Muslims who have links to terrorist groups, including al-Qaeda. In their foaming-mouth fervor to establish an Islamic state in these areas, Muslims are increasing their attacks and kidnappings of Christians, resulting in at least four churches closing down.

CBN News The Muslim terrorists seem to target pastors and lay leaders the most, but it still has had an effect on the local church, as attendance is down by 70%. For a people who like to say “there is no compulsion in Islam,” Muslims seem compelled to terrorize and slaughter people who refuse to come to Islam. And it’s not just in the Middle East anymore.




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  1. people don’t seems to study the history of the Christians, they are the most evil force this planet has ever seen. it was the Christians who tried to wipe out the Jews not Muslims, during the crusades Christians roasted little babies and ate them, in america they wiped out the red Indiana, Australia, Canada, Africa, where ever they went they enslaved the indigenous, committed atrocities that would ashamed the devil himself and they continue to commit the same atrocities in the world. it is Christians who are bombing every small country in the world. world need to awake up to Christian brutality and domination of the world not the Muslims, Muslims are too busy fighting themselves they are greater threat to themselves than others.

  2. BNI!!!

    Didn’t you know that Koran 8.60 clearly teaches TERRORISM???

    The verse actually uses the word TURHIBUUNA, which in contemporary Standard Arabic definitely means ‘you terrorize’. A court interpreter who during a trial translated ‘you terrorize’ with anything else than ‘turhibuuna’ would be replaced instantaneously…if found out. The same would be true for a conference interpreter who gave a simultaneous translation!

    Verse 8.60: “Make ready for them whatever force and strings of horses you can
    to terrify (turhibuuna) thereby the enemy of God and your enemy.”

    Moreover, Mohammed put the verse into effect by terrorizing every group that verbally disagreed with him…he murdered, assassinated and ethnically cleansed them!

    Moslems must imitate Mo.

  3. As far as the vote. Demand a recount in every precinct not of the electronic type. Long hand hard copy type just like yesteryear.

  4. Once again, I am prompted to ask :”Where the hell ARE military or paramilitary leaders like John J Pershing, aka. Old “Black Jack” Pershing when needed most, ONWARD CHRISTIAN SOLDIERS, Marching AS To WAR!! And like the man said, the Gates of Hell, and especially demonic arselifters “WILL NOT PREVAIL AGAINST IT”!! Phillipines is predominantly Christian; it is time they take steps to defend themselves and subdue and/or eliminate a bunch of foul stinking arselifters who try to say the world is theirs because “Allah” has given it to them, and us “infidels” are out!!

  5. Obama stated that the U.S. was the largest muslim country in the world, which people scorned at the time, but he stated his vision for the U.S., and if Christians and Jews are allowed to continue to be persecuted as we are seeing in the U.S. as well today, then Obama’s vision will succeed.

    The Philippines need to make it a crime to be a muslim in their country and put all the muslims on rafts and set them out to sea.

  6. We need to come to the realization that the mainstream media is in cahoots with Islamists, so we cannot expect them to broadcast the truth, which means the truth has to be broadcast through other means. This is what we should be concentrating on, because expecting the left to do what is ‘right’ isn’t going to happen. With about 110 communists in the U.S. Congress and leading the show, the U.S. is being quickly fundamentally changed. The people of the U.S. have to get off their duffs and do something, and that is the truth. If Obama manages to fraudulently get re-elected, even though his ineligibility to even run is fraudulent and treasonous, the U.S. is finished, finished, finished.

    • remember electronic votin will be handled bY A SPANISH COMPANY CALLED SKYTL which will mean the election is fixed

      • As Stáljin put it: “It’s those who count the votes that really matter.”

        That’s why I NO LONGER believe in electronic voting – chads or not, time wasted or not, everything should be done with proper paper (secret) ballots. GIGO (Garbage In, Garbage Out) is how some computer geeks have put it – and that’s what computers are just as susceptible to as anybody and anything else…

    • Americans are learning about Islamofascism…but not fast enough.

      At the same time, Mozzies are losing their faith at a very fast rate (and very quietly). Moz women who are educated are more likely to turn and seek a career (rather than children). Iran has a large cohort of educated women and a VERY low birthrate!

    • Relax Jo. There comes a time when all that is left to do is to say “go”. If this usurper-n-thief is reelected, watch out. It will come at us all in a matter of minutes. Lawful or not. I say relax because of my insight into a certain elements of this country are expecting this to happen and we DO have an alternative plan being put into place as we converse on this site and a great many others. There is an undercurrent of frustration coming to the fore, it’s ugly, it’s something that most Americans see as destructive and harmful to the well being of our nation, I do not recall anywhere where it is said it is a one way street, to fundamentally trandform us from a representative Republic into a democracy, and or whatever else they have in mind, will come at a price. Everyone has skin in this, even if they lay no claim to it directly, they will be involved, like it or not. So my advice to you and others is to “suck it up, man up or lady up” what the case may be, just get ready for the fire works, it is planned,they have as much as told us so by their actions. Be of good cheer, a new dawn is awakening. Pray baby, pray. Semper Fi.

  7. when will The West Learn?? I think all non muslims must stand up to these fanatics. If its a war they want then unfortunately thats what it will come too. We must stand and fight these inbreds. They live to die, hate anything other than Islam & demand everyone else bow down to them & their ideals. They r a bunch of primitive degenerates who believe men to be the rulers. They have no conscience, no empathy for others & treat women & children like objects. Western women have no rights as far as they r concerned. They take child brides just like their prophet did & kill in the name of their god. So why on earth would any free thinking,christian based country welcome these barbarians??? Time western countries stopped all anti western ideals & all extremists from entering western countries!

    • Deb, never ever underestimate the arrogance and ignorances of the lessor of the two evils to make rational decisions or conclusions. What you and sadly, most of this Country’s citizens, have failed to understand is the connection between the leftist and the muslim explosion into our society, is that it is and has been intentional, because they both bare the hatred for our Constitutional Republic. BEWARE of the Patriots, we don’t need no stink’n excuse to seek vengence for their evil intentions, we correctly understand what must be done to counter thier hatred, lies, subversion, and treason. They will be held to account either in this world or the next. We are just the modarators in arranging the meeting between them and God for their sins against humanity. Semper Fi.

  8. The body count is 250,000 and continues. There are two elements to this. The first is the moro liberation front and its various avatars. This was product of seed money from moamir gdaffy about 42 years ago. (seeing daffy get it in the END gave me a feeling of schadenfruede). The second element is abu sayef, a bin laden franchise that has degenerated into a kidnapping/rape gang. The mlf has political aims but abu sayef kidnaps for ransom to get money for weapons so they can kidnap more people for ransom so they can get more weapons …There is one Catholic Pastor, Cirilo Nacorda, on Basilin Island that has sort of a fortress Church. He keeps his M16 and a lot of 5.56 mm at hand. He has organized a militia of 3,000 Catholics to keep the abus at bay.

  9. Yeshua HaMashiach, Laus Deo and do not allow anyone to harm your family. I am loving, Jesus is my Savior, His father gave me a brain and I carry a Colt. I will pray for Islam to become loving and to learn, “mind your own business”.

  10. Hi Bonni
    I’ve been searching for news on the Australian man Mr Rodwell who was kidnapped by Muslims in the Philippines (and by now is probably decapitated) but the Australian media doesn’t like to report Muslim atrocities, do you have any news on Mr Rodwells fate?

  11. Why do the main stream media not report this? Oh, I know. It’s because they are afraid of an anti-Muslim backlash in the West. Well, there SHOULD be a bloody backlash!

      • I didn’t speak out when they came for the communists, Jews, Gypsies, Czechs, the Catholics, the Poles because I wasn’t one of them…but by that time…there was no one to speak out when they came for me.

        Islam succeeds by pretending to be moderate until in a position of power and then (and only then) springing the mousetrap!

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