You are now entering yet another Sharia-Controlled Zone in England: London Metropolitan University has just announced that it is considering banning alcohol on campus because it is ‘offensive to Muslims.’

UK TELEGRAPH (H/T Susan K)  Prof Malcolm Gillies of London Metropolitan University said he wants to create alcohol free areas on campus out of “cultural sensitivity” for Muslims. About a fifth of students at the university come from Muslim families – many of them young women from traditional homes.

For many of them, the drinking culture among students marred rather than heightened their student experience, he said. (Who cares?)

Prof Gillies, an eminent Australian music scholar, said that he was consulting with staff and students about creating alcohol-free areas on the universty’s two campuses as part of a major redesign. It is expected that the informal dry areas will be created within the next six months.

Prof Gillies detailed his plans during a discussion on how to accommodate minorities at a national conference for university officials earlier this month.

Although he himself drinks, he said that he was “not a great fan” of alcohol on campus and felt that the practice could be seen to be “playing to particular parts of or society”. “It’s a negative experience – in fact an immoral experience – for a high percentage of our students,” he told them. (But no one ever cared what they thought before)

Prof Gillies explained yesterday: “There are Muslim students who do come from a tradition that stays alcohol is evil and they need to feel that they have a place at London Metropolitan University.

“They don’t have to feel that this is an alcoholic environment, we are an educational environment, we are not seeking to push particular cultural or gastronomic values, we meet the needs of our students as they actually are.” (Well, then I guess you have the all-halal, no-pork products allowed menu in the cafeterias?)

He also said that his experience showed that, contrary to popular perceptions, many students – including Muslims – are much more conservative than those a generation ago. He said that as a result the university was also more cautious in its approach to portraying issues such as sex.

“In many ways students are far more conservative than they were 30 or 40 years ago.”(Nobody ever cared what was offensive to Christian students, but they are tripping all over themselves to accommodate Muslim demands)

Professor Gillies said he would work with the student body to move towards having areas on campus where ‘one serves alcohol and others don’t’, but could foresee a time when the university was an alcohol-free zone.

Emily Robinson, Director of Campaigns at Alcohol Concern said: “The problem at the moment is that for a lot of people alcohol at university isn’t so much a choice as an expectation. “Anything that will create a culture where people don’t feel forced to drink would be a great step forward.”

“It is important that universities provide support for students who don’t always want ‘big’ nights out. Alternatives like alcohol free café spaces and cinemas give students a choice.

Hey, dhimmi professor Gillies, two can play the same game. And don’t you dare call this racist.