WOO HOO! Free advertising for Bare Naked Islam from a new left-wing ‘Dhimmi’ website

Robert Spencer of Jihad Watch has ‘Spencer Watch,’ an anti-counter jihad website from the dhimmis at LoonWatch. And now Bare Naked Islam has this:


The definition of Islamophobia used here is “a largely social anxiety toward Islam and Muslim communities that manifests itself as an often an irrational fear and hate of the presence of Islam and Muslims  that is shown in speech, images, actions and public policy directed against  Muslims.

That said, the real purpose of this website is to counter threats and violence against anyone because of who they are. No form of bigotry is acceptable here, including anti-Semitism, but criticisms of the conduct of the nation of Israel as a member of the international community are acceptable. Comment moderation is in place here, and name calling and personal attacks comments will not be posted!

Here’s the link if you want some laughs: barenakedislamophobia.com


57 comments on “WOO HOO! Free advertising for Bare Naked Islam from a new left-wing ‘Dhimmi’ website

  1. On the about page, I requested that since fighting Islamophobia was the sites mission that the owner disclose whether or not they had read the Islamic text. They never did even approve my post. So I guess that was a no, or a yes but we don’t care.

  2. Hahaha!! What a joke of a blogsite this Barenakedislamophobia is! I too checked it out. Barenakedislamophilia would have been a more apt name for these brown-nosed, dhimmified ass-smoochers.

    Bonni, I truly think this will only improve your site’s statistics. (I wring my hands with joy at this prospect, muahahahahaha!!)

    Immitation may be the sincerest form of flattery, but it is also indicative of a profound lack of creativity and imagination. Their blog looks quite lame to me and while looking at it, for some strange reason, I couldn’t help but think about Beavis and Butthead’s wimpy, long-haired, leftist school teacher, lol.

    Anyway, Bonni, you are one class act, and these fools have no idea what they’ve gotten themselves into.

    One more thing, this new blog reeks of loonwatch. A side project of their’s perhaps, and therefore a muslim established enterprise with a few token dhimmified leftists who’s muzzophilia inclines them towards dutifully offering their tongues in the service of muslim personal hygene.

    Real winners these people are, eternally striving to meet the minimum standards, lol.

    • Randy, I’m sure they are connected to Loonwatch in some way. They probably got more hits today than they ever did or ever will. I should charge them for the free publicity. LOL

  3. They’ve got it all wrong. It isn’t islamophobia , a word made up by the Muslim Brotherhood to promote hatred against the people who tell the truth about islam, it’s islamonausea (as per Sennels) and islamorealism.

    Call me whatever you want but I am an islamorealist and proud of it and no name calling will ever shut me up.

  4. Congratulations, BNI!

    Now braindead jihadists will find out how sick they are in their hatefilled heads!

    The thing is…most Moslems don’t know the main terrorism verses, like 8.60 and 28.49…but they will soon learn them.

    More and more Mozzies will discover the horribleness of their DEATH CULT FOR PEDOPHILES.

  5. Bonni – Thanks for your gift of another muslim or muslim asslicker to have fun with ! TROLL – TROLL – TROLL ! ! ! ” I Love The Sound Of An Outraged muslim In The Morning, It’s A Sound Of Joy To Me “

  6. Oh yeah, those are the intolerant nitwits that turn on their own kind when they lose their blinders. (ie Eric Allen Bell) And he’s still a lib, he’s just woken up to the reality of the muslim’s lies.

  7. Good job Ms. BNI! I’m not even going to visit her site because I don’t want my presence on there to contribute to any hits that her laughably ridiculous blog might get. What a moron. Apparently whoever runs that site (sounds like a she) doesn’t keep up with world news and has her head lodged so far up her a** she can’t tell if it’s daylight or not. I just hope that she isn’t a reflection on the general American population because we have enough left wing idiots in this country who willingly want to remain clueless and misinformed about the real world.

    • Dave, there was another site that ripped off my name, calling themselves barenakedislam.blogspot.com. Even used my tag line. But it was a flop. No traffic. No interest. It’s obvious it’s a fake.

  8. Keep fighting the good fight. Anyone who pretends Islamic supremacy and militancy doesn’t exist is an out right liar and can’t be trusted.

  9. It’s only ok to have an opinion if it’s hate for Israel or Jews or Americans or ANYTHING not Islam Lefties are worse than the Muslims, they are traitors. Should b executed

    • Exactly.

      (Where are the Feminists protesting?)

      Pakistan has the most hits for online pedophilia and other perversions.

      ‘Pak’ means ‘pure’…what a joke.

  10. THANKS FOR the advertising ARSELIFTERS and dimwit DHIMMIs!! I’ll be trolling the site just as the Arselifters do on BNI and other sites that DARE TO TELL THE TRUTH about them!!

    • Mozzies start thinking when they are mocked…because the criticisms are valid…and they soon realize they have no valid objection.

      Mozzies are braindead…living in self-delusion and SEVERE cognitive dissonance!

  11. Well BNi as the old sayin gose, your house is my house and if loonies of loon la goon want to stand outside and be peeping toms its a free country for now.

  12. I looked at the website. Very little activity. Better to leave it that way so as not to give it any importance. You certainly don’t want the blogger to say it’s getting 10,000 visits a day.

    • Damon, not exactly. That site will get more hits today because of this post here than it’s likely to ever get again.

  13. I can’t think of a greater compliment! You have been bestowed a great honor by our enemies! “BareNakedIslamaphobia” is a testament to the popularity and widespread reach of this website AND the degree of effectiveness. Among all the issues, the most immediate is the race between the Muslims and Dhimmis to secure an entrenched and intractable position BEFORE the public becomes aware of the danger to their freedoms. Similar to a large fishnet that surrounds it’s prey before the fish are aware. When they do become aware, of course, it is too late. They are hauled up out of the water and the life they knew is over.
    Seems to me, the goal here is to both alert the “school” before the net can be closed and to cut as many holes in said net as possible. Bonni, someday you will be honored in the same way Paul Revere is. You yelled “The Muslims are coming! The Muslims are coming!” and we heard you. Thanks again.

      • I hope this doesn’t offend, my repetitious repeats of SINISLAM – the vile chimera bastard child of the left and islam. Yes the sinister comes first, but the sinergy increases the power of both sets of retards.

        [Sorry again, I couldn’t resist re-spelling synergy.]

    • You got that right! Immitation is the best form of flatery. I went to that site, what a joke!!!! Don’t those people have enough imagination to think up their own style?
      Probably not.

  14. LMAO!!! Someone’s really got their feathers all ruffled up to got to all that trouble.
    Another badge of honor for your collection Bonni!

    Oh ‘Dougiiiiie’, be sure to send your muppets to contribute!

    As for trolling, why bother; not worth time or effort, let alone adding to their hitcount!

  15. I have just visited the blog and corrected its nonsense about the EDL. I don’t know if they will publish my remarks. I can imagine the insulting replies I’ll get if they do.

  16. After having read a few of the articles there, I came away with the conclusion, the truth, “we don’t nedd no stink’n truth” This is going to be fun delivering the facts to this truth challanged site. Thanks Bonni, you never ever fail to deliver. Ret. Marine.

  17. And they wonder why there is trouble everywhere there is a muslim……last few paragraphs on the home page..

    “………but criticisms of the conduct of the nation of Israel as a member of the international community are acceptable”

    Straight away they are trouble…they just can’t help themselves…

    • Notice they don’t say criticism of Muslim countries is acceptable. They can slaughter Jews and Christians all they like and not be subject to criticism.

  18. What’s wrong with Islamophobia??? It just means you fear (or hate) Islam. I am a Francophobe — I do not like anything to do with France or the French. Some people have a fear of heights, others of crowded places (agoraphobia). Islamophobia is legitimate and quite alright, when someone throws this in your face, just smile and say “Yes, that’s right — I hate and fear Islam”.

  19. That’s as much of a joke as abortionists from a Planned Parenthood affiliate in California asking for prayers as part of “40 Days of Prayer: Supporting Women Everywhere” on behalf of abortion and abortionists, as part of a campaign to counter pro-lifers’ efforts such as “40 Days For Life”!!!

  20. Wow… If that site attracts readers, I should start blogging.
    According to them: It’s not ok for EDL to exercise freedom of speech in response to endless Muslim crimes, but they have no problems promoting a terror, Jihadi attack in response to EDL exposing them. Quote from them “Could these frustrations over what are myths over “Islamic invasions” that are not actually happening lead to another terrorist attack? – you bet they can”. In this case, here is what i say: you bet they can expect another and maybe many more Brievicks, if they keep trying to silence people.

  21. WOOHOO! Go you, BNI. Maybe someone should tell the libtards that there’s no such thing as negative publicity. Erm… actually we’ll keep that to ourselves hehehe.

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