WOO HOO! Free advertising for Bare Naked Islam from a new left-wing ‘Dhimmi’ website

Robert Spencer of Jihad Watch has ‘Spencer Watch,’ an anti-counter jihad website from the dhimmis at LoonWatch. And now Bare Naked Islam has this:


The definition of Islamophobia used here is “a largely social anxiety toward Islam and Muslim communities that manifests itself as an often an irrational fear and hate of the presence of Islam and Muslims  that is shown in speech, images, actions and public policy directed against  Muslims.

That said, the real purpose of this website is to counter threats and violence against anyone because of who they are. No form of bigotry is acceptable here, including anti-Semitism, but criticisms of the conduct of the nation of Israel as a member of the international community are acceptable. Comment moderation is in place here, and name calling and personal attacks comments will not be posted!

Here’s the link if you want some laughs: barenakedislamophobia.com