The Obama Regime chooses to turn a blind eye to the religious cleansing and killing of Christians, mainly in the Muslim world. The Regime is flooding America with Muslim immigrants, many from terrorist havens, while persecuted Christians from these same areas are all but ignored.

Nina Shea, director of the Hudson Institute’s Center for Religious Freedom, says “We’re seeing a very vicious attack on Christians in a number of countries. In fact, in many places in Iraq we’re seeing a religious cleansing, where Christians are being killed and driven out.” “There is a radicalization of Islam going on throughout the world and this is having an impact on the tolerance that there is for non-Muslims.”


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35 comments on “SCREW THE CHRISTIANS

  1. It is not just the Obama regime but our PC main stream news media constantly looking for “heart wrenching” atrocity stories like Darfur, Syria and the like seems to ignore for the most part the ethnic cleansing against these Middle Eastern Christian communities.

    If the victims were Jewish or Muslims victims of Christians we’d never hear the end of it. But I guess Christian victims do not count among the PC intelligensia.

  2. We can’t count on our Arselifter-in-Chief to say a damn thing about religious persecution in Muslim countries or here UNLESS that persecution is against muslim arselifters; THEN the Arselifter-in-Chief will definitely address the issue; the ONLY references he will make to Christianity will be toward those around holidays considered traditionally Christian and THEN only to those the Arselifter-in-Chief thinks just might be gullible enough to buy his BS…AND vote for him…the MOST gullible for the second time!!

  3. U.S. and other governments and mainstream media are silent about Muslim severe persecution of Christians, Hindus, Sikhs, Budhhists and other non-Muslims.


  4. This was foretold in the Bible, and now it is coming to fruition. The U.S. has a muslim-in-chief who bows down to the king of saudia arabia, so we know Obama will have his hand in the killing of Christians whether directly or indirectly through action or inaction, respectively.

    God always uses the enemies of the people of the House of Israel – all 12 Tribes – to punish His people for their rampant sins. The further we get away from God, the closer we get to Satan.

  5. The sad truth (as I see it!) is that the Church itself is giving the savages the green light to continue on with the butchery. The Church has basically said, “It’s O.K., we want to be exterminated like vermin for the faith. We will offer no resistance to your evil, because of the absurd concepts of martyrdom and nonviolence to which we subscribe.” It’s utter madness, I say! A Church gets bombed (on Easter or Christmas, for example), dozens of people die, and the church does nothing (beyond offering up cheap and free words of condolence and condemnation) to protect and defend their “sheep.” When Christians do NOTHING to effectively combat the onslaught of EVIL, do they really think they’re earning brownie-points with the deity? To me, this kind of “noble victim” mentality is every bit as sick and twisted as the jihad mentality. Just my $.02

      • My question is where is the POPE. The entire Christian faith radiates out from the Vatican. So why so silent for the deaths and burning’s? Is there a secret agenda for the POPE?

        • ICE, fear? He tried telling the truth about Islam once and caused such an uproar, he had to apologize.

        • Actually, only Roman Catholicism radiates out from the Vatican. Most of the denominations of Christianity are NON-Catholic (Either Eastern Orthodox or various Protestant branches), and thus, the Papacy has no power over them *unless the said denominations decide to act on what the Pope may say*.

      • Jesus himself shed his blood willingly in accordance to God’s will. We should follow God’s directions whether to war or to the cross. It is not always a “victim mentality” to be a martyr.

  6. This government is filled with fools, appeasers,cowards and traitors. For years our government has backed the wrong people and butted into business they should have stayed out of. The Russians were fighting muslums, so what does our government do, it gives the muzzies weapons.In Eastern Europe who do they back but the muzzies in Bosnia. Then We go to war against Saddam and now have Iraqi scum bag muzzies pouring in to this country invited by our government of idiots.

  7. Thanks to obama and his regime! We hear endlessly about trayvon martin but worldwide muslim genocide against Christians and Jews, not a peep!

    • You’d think that the massacre of Christians in Africa would get Obama’s attention. If I were going to throw racism at Obama, I’d say his white half doesn’t care.

      The Trayvon Martin thing, I jusy wish EVERYBODY would shut up about that and pay attention to what’s REALLY going on in the USA with Obama’s grabs for power

  8. To Obama and others like him.

    Instant and temporary, Money and Power (campaign contributions, votes, and aid from Muslim), is more important than the lives of Christians, and the welfare of future generations of non-Muslims.

    When the Muslims gain more numbers and power, they’ll eventually turn on him, like they did with the liberals in Egypt.

    “An appeaser is one who feeds a crocodile, hoping it will eat him last.” – Churchill

    • Yes, they will turn on the Left wing when they gain power, just as the new regime of the Ayatollah in Iran in 1979 turned on the socialists and communists in Iran and killed them.
      Islam does not share power.

  9. This correlates with Obama’s anti-Christian views. He gave a speech in a church attacking passages in the old testament as well as traditional Christians. When a shipment of arms from Kenya was about to be sent to the Southern Sudan (Christian part of Africa), Obama shut it down.
    I was not surprised to learn that Obama became a Christian, as an easy way to become a community organizer. So he may wear the cloak of being a Christian, but at heart he remains a Muslim.
    I started to ask myself these questions.
    Does a fatwa exist on Obama’s head for apostasy? Has anyone ever heard Obama criticize the Koran? Mohammad? Allah? In my personal recollection, no, his actions betray him as a Muslim.
    One day his autobiography title maybe, `My Secret Closet Life as a Muslim’.

        • Obama claims he was baptized by Wright in Chicago, but no document has attested to it.

          In practically all churches, a baptism is duly registered in the church’s registry of services. That is signed by the pastor EVERY single time. No registry facsimile has been produced of a baptism of Obama. If the baptism had occured, it would surely have been registered, unless Wright is as erratic as he seems.

        • Rev. Wright’s church is a black liberation theology churchnot an authentic Christian church. It has the trappings of Christianity but it preaches hatred of U.S. and of white people. Their version of Jesus died only to save the black people.
          Obama would not have joined a real Christian church that preaches Love.

  10. To ALL Christians and Jews :- Please get rid
    of Hilary for sure. Your votes have to count
    I can hardly wait for November.

    • remembeer electronic voting machines will be “counted” in SPAIN. The only way around that is eithr changing voter laws before then or voting absentee. otherwise you can expect the vote to be rigged with OBAMA AS WINNER. there will be no way to check at the precinct level

  11. At first though after having witnessed this article, and know of the persecution of Christians the world over by these anti-Christ/muslims, I am reminded of the Christ to one of his diciples, the cause of love and obeidence to God’s laws, all Christians, will find themselves persecuted in my name. Enough said. Get ready to either suffer for your faith, if you are a claimed Christian, or turn the sword, of truth, in the other direction and fight them whereever you may find them, i.e. muslims. Turnabout is always fair in this warriors mind. It need far more attention then it currently receives. Semper Fi. Keep’ dry, well oiled and at the ready, like it or not, it’s coming just as Jesus Christ proclaimed.

  12. <>
    If this criminal regime JUST turn a blind eye, the genocide would have been much softer, but the criminal in the WH started this severe chaos in Egypt with his satanic speech in Cairo in 2009. He gave the Muslims a green light to enhance the war against the Copts.
    Another term for him would be catastrophic for not ONLTY Egypt, but for America as well.

  13. There is definitely a conspiracy of silence about the slaughter of Christians. Most of the Western political leaders and the media say nothing.

    • Persecuted Christians are being sacrificed for the sake of Saudi, Iraqi and Iranian OIL.


  14. This is the absolute truth. I have friends who have been trying to get their families out of Egypt for nearly ten years, yet we are forced to take the unknown person from the boats. We don’t know who these people are.

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