Uncle Dougie’s Weekly ‘Islamophobia’ Whinefest

Despite the fact that the FBI allegedly has cut all ties with CAIR for its terrorist associations, CAIR’s chief spokesIslamist, Ibrahim ‘Dougie’ Hooper, reports that CAIR’s Michigan cell is suing the FBI for what it calls ‘racial’ profiling of Muslims at the US-Canadian border.

No, Dougie, it isn’t racial profiling, it’s religious profiling, and the border agents are doing what they have to do to protect this country from the one group responsible for virtually all terrorist threats/attacks since 9/11 – MUSLIMS!

As for contacting the FBI about an alleged death threat sent to a group of pro-Palestinian Muslim students at Florida Atlantic University, did you forget to tell them that it was those Muslim students who plastered eviction notices on the dorm rooms of 200 Jews and Israel supporters? Not to worry, Dougie, the FBI is more interested in investigating students who support Palestinian terrorists by intimidating and harassing Jews.

One more thing, Dougie, why no mention of Shaima Alawadi, whose brutal murder you decided was an “Islamophobic hate crime?” Oh, that’s right, the police have ruled out all the Islamophobes in California and are focusing the investigation on the woman’s own family. Oops!