BELGIUM: Anti-illegal (Muslim) immigrant website reflects Europe’s growing anti-immigrant backlash

Belgian right wing party, Vlaams Belang, has just launched a website urging citizens to report crimes committed by illegal aliens. Left-wing dingbats are appalled.

Press TV  This site is the latest example of growing anti-immigrant sentiment across Europe. Recently, a conservative party in the Netherlands launched a similar website. But such attitudes are no longer limited to right wing parties, France, Britain, and Germany are cracking down on immigrants, illegal and otherwise, who refuse to assimilate and are the major cause of soaring crime rates.

Meanwhile, Belgium’s Vlaams Belang argues that illegal immigration is being encouraged through services such as counseling and legal assistance. The party says illegal immigrants abuse social services and are quote: “pampered and spoiled.”  

Analysts say a major factor for the sentiment against migrants is the economic crisis. The average EU unemployment rate is at an all-time high, over 10 percent, and European countries struggle with big debt loads. But experts say Europe cannot afford this attitude because its population is declining, so it needs migrants.