OH, BOO HOO! Those poor, starving, oppressed, no longer occupied Arabs of Gaza

Regular BNI readers have seen these stories/photos before. Now, the folks at ‘The Religion of Peace’ have kindly put them all together in a concise overview of what life is really like for the people of Gaza. Pro-Palestinian/anti-Israel activitists: PAY ATTENTION

The Religion of Peace  

                A Picture of Life in Gaza

 Following the unilateral withdrawal of Israeli security forces in 2005, no one can claim that the Gaza Strip is “occupied territory.”  This still hasn’t stopped the usual critics from making other accusations about the misery of the people there, such as charging that the Palestinians are “under siege” from Israel and starving as a consequence.

In fact, the only siege that the people of Gaza are under is what they bring on themselves.  Their government uses donated humanitarian aid to smuggle rockets which are then fired into Israeli population centers.  When this fails to provoke Israel into conflict, Palestinian terrorists cross the border and attempt to kidnap or kill Israelis in their own land.

Likewise, there is absolutely no starvation in Gaza.  The Palestinians receive enormous amounts of free assistance from the rest of the world and are so well-fed that the territories are actually the eighth most obese “country” in the world according to the World Health Organization:

When it comes to Gaza and the life of Palestinian “refugees”, the gap between myth and fact is so dramatic that perception almost stands reality on its head. Health and quality of life in the territories vastly exceed the average in most parts of the world – and not just where people are in more obvious need, such as Africa, but even in developed countries like China and areas of South America.

The poverty rate in Gaza is 16% – roughly equal to Spain, Germany and California. The rate of poverty is actually higher in Greece, most of the EU, and even parts of the United States, such as Washington D.C. As researcher Daniel Greenfield has pointed out, at 24%, even the poverty rate in Israel is actually 50% higher than in Gaza!

Gazans receive more free food aid per month per capita than anyone else in the world, including those living in famine-stricken regions. The average Somali, for example, receives seven times less in aid. The average Zimbabwean, with a life expectancy of 46, also receives about seven times less in food aid than the average resident of Gaza – who has a life expectancy of 73 (even higher than in Russia, Malaysia and neighboring Egypt).

It seems that while Palestinians shows one side to gullible visitors and the international media, Western taxpayers are actually subsidizing something entirely different.

The Myth:


The Reality:

Hard to keep up a facade like that with facades like these…

The Myth:


The Reality:

Not enough parking at the malls, maybe

The Myth:


The Reality:

Only if you’re on a diet

The Myth:


The Reality:

Life can be pretty good when

someone else is picking up the tab

Don’t you wish you could be a Palestinian refugee too?

 Beachside in Gaza: Waiting wistfully for the next aid flotilla?


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  1. sad people very sad indeed . have nothing better to do then post crap like this. I have been to Israel and Palestine i have seen the people and the suffering they are going through. just because you post a few pictures of the prominent cities where the ones with money aren’t subjected to war and poverty, doesn’t mean the general population isn’t hurting and starving. the US is ranked in obesity and yet americans still go to bed hungry and plenty are homeless and impoverished. Tell me have you ever served in a country where the rich dominate the poor and leave them to die. and the only help is assistance from other countries? as i mentioned i served three years in israel and even though i cant get into details, i can guarantee you are all wrong.

  2. I gurantee that at least 80% of you have no clue of what goes on there.. nor have even left your country and visited Israel (aka Palestine) or any other country other than your own. What’s the use of all this luxury when there is always a risk of being attacked? While you all sit in your nice cozy homes and enjoy your freedom without the thought of white phosphorous being shot at you and your children and burning deep into your tissue, pick up a book and get educated on what REALLY happens there.

    PS: You might also want to get yourself educated on the culture and religion before making prejudice/racist comments.

  3. Many open windows in the high-rises means no air conditioning – Poor muzzrat…Having to push (being punished with) a shopping cart with all 4 caster wheels – western conspiracy…so many women in the clubs with heads not covered – parts of Islam i just don’t get.

  4. Oh dear, poor people i Gaza. Life is really terrible for them and their poor children. I understand that all this food will kill them. In Sweden we always say, that too much of everything can kill U and here they really are in danger. I wish they could send me a little of this danger to me. I wish I was in Gaza and could be poor with those realy sad human beings. Gosch, it is horrible !

  5. Muslims in Gaza live far better than the majority of the world’s non-Muslims.

    The money given away by Western leaders to the Palestinian Authority Occupation Forces in Biblical Judea, Samaria and Gaza is needed by our bankrupt countries!

    Taxpayers want their money back! Taxpayers are disgusted that these Muslims fill their war chests, build mansions, and LAUGH all the way to the bank with FREE infidel money.

    NOT ONE MORE INFIDEL DOLLAR to the Palestinian Authority Occupation Forces in Judea, Samaria and Gaza!

    NOT ONE MORE INCH OF JEWISH LAND to totalitarian, colonizing, expansionist Islam!

  6. Organ Harvesting Group Operating In Gaza

    Palestine Press reports that a gang specializing in exhuming and dissecting bodies is operating in Gaza. According to the report, the bodies are exhumed at night, the organs are then stolen and smuggled through the tunnels to Egypt where they are sold at high prices.

    The other day body parts were found in a cemetery near Al-Ahli Hospital. According to Palestine Press, there are four doctors in this gang and some of the members of the gang may be Hamas members.


    Palestine Press Article in Arabic :


    video :


    [ http://www.youtube(dot)com/watch?v=m5d11THbTK0 ]

  7. AMAZING what American oil money will buy, eh?

    Not to mention the BILLIONS in aid that the mother-fucking muzzie in the White House is sending these bag-heads every year!!!!!!

    Your tax money at work!!!!!!!

    I hope the Israelis BOMB THE SHIT OUT OF THEM!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Secretary of state Clinton is shoveling 1/2 billion a year of American Tax Payers money into this palestinian Beverly Hills 90210. This is really the 99% supporting the 1%.
    PS I did see your link to Clinton walking over the hold by Representative Ros Lehtinen on PA Aide.

  9. ….as well, what caught my eye was Santa and the cartoon characters.
    Isn’t Santa evil in islamic ideology?

  10. I’m surprised no one has raised a question that bugs me every time I see information like this exposing the myth that Gaza is starving. Gaza is run by Hamas, the brutal terrorist party affiliated with the Muslim Brotherhood, that has sworn to destroy Israel. It also does other nasty stuff like hang homosexuals, murder Christians, beat up boys and girls with its vice brigades, and brainwash children into thinking Jews cause disease, among other things. And of course, it wastes its aid money on guns and missiles to use against Israel. Fine and good. I think we can all agree on this. But, if all of this is true, than how the heck is Hamas allowing all of this foreign cash from gullible Westerners to be used to buy infidel products and create accursed clubs and hotels, dens of kafir sin and immorality? Why isn’t it stealing every cent, wasting it all on more guns, bombs, and brainwashing TV, allowing everyone to starve, and conveniently blaming Israel? Why is Hamas, which exists for the sole purpose of destroying Israel, allowing the people of Gaza to have such a high standard of living? Isn’t that a GOOD thing? And isn’t Islam an evil ideology that makes people to evil things?

    • si91, very good questions. I will give it some thought. Just know that Muslims are supreme hypocrites. Most of them are big boozers, gamblers, and are among, if not the biggest consumers of porn and prostitutes.

      • I’m not saying they aren’t. I’m just trying hard to see how this revelation doesn’t make people who loathe Hamas as hypocrites. Even Muslims can develop a society if they have free money, whether it is through international aid, or oil that comes straight from the ground. I think we can still agree that Islam, minus freebies, equals poverty, as every Muslims society lacking freebies shows us. But if Hamas is an Islamofascist cult of death that has turned the Gaza strip into another Afghanistan, then why isn’t Gaza a broke patch of dirt like Afghanistan?

        It’s not just the leadership that has the money, but its clearly helping the average citizen also. Allowing people that much wealth only distracts them from the expressed goal of Jewish genocide, right? I mean, Islamists and Communists both pursue a policy of isolation from the outside world. The strategy is simple: No trade, and no aid, so the country is broke and pissed, blame a scapegoat (The US, South Korea, India, Israel, whatever) and mobilize the population to hate that scapegoat. Throw all useful knowledge into the garbage, and create a population that knows how to do nothing at all but kill, thereby turning the state into a military training camp. Meanwhile, the leadership grows fat and happy while the poor citizenry become cannon fodder for the endless military juggernaut.

        That is what Mao and Stalin did, its what the Kim dynasty does, it’s what the Taliban, Arafat, and Abbas and his gang of thieves does. Why would Hamas intentionally hurt its own prospects to destroy Israel by intentionally stemming the flow of anger upon which it feeds? As the indomitable Pat Condell bluntly put it “Peace is the last thing they want. They need to keep the pot boiling. They need to keep their people angry and resentful and hating Jews. Peace would ruin everything, because they won’t be happy, until Israel is wiped from the map, and the Jews have been driven into the sea.”

        I didn’t see any Palestinians calling for Jews to be driven into the sea in those pictures or that video. I didn’t see any guns or sinister jihadists with their faces covered, wearing green bandanas, holding rocket launchers. Even Abbas and Haniyeh seem to have been able to keep their filthy mouths shut, given that they were filled with delicious (halal) food.

        When Saudi Arabia wastes its oil wealth funding Western universities to produce useful idiot dhimmis, surely Hamas should be wasting all of its money on hate and weapons? Isn’t that what Islam does? Turn every resource into a tool of the great global jihad? I mean, its not Hamas doesn’t do that already, so why buck the trend now? And so extravagantly? Sorry to ramble like this, but it’s all very confusing. From that video you’d never guess that Hamas even existed in Gaza, let alone allow ritzy restaurants and have its leader dine there. What IS Hamas up to?

      • si91, I guess it just goes to show that the US and Europe are sending so much money to them, they have more than enough for guns AND luxuries.

      • But why would any person in Gaza want guns when they have all the food and luxurious stuff they could want? Why fight Israel? Perhaps Hamas restricts access to this stuff unless you join up. Maybe an extended version of “free schools” (that teach Al-Qaeda hate literature) and “free healthcare” (in hospitals with murals depicting Palestinians stabbing Israelis to death). I suppose the people have to have the TVs to watch Hamas Mickey Mouse call for Bush, Condolleza, Olmert and Sharon to be killed (and then realize that Sharon is, for all intents and purposes, dead).

  11. Nice shopping mall! Although it’s nice, it is not an architectural masterpiece like the GUM Department store in Moscow…

  12. What amazes me, is how the women are walking next to men in this shopping mecca, and that is ok? I thought it was a no-no…and why do they offer pretty shoes and gold jewellery? How would anyone see it uder a friggin’ burka? Nut jobs the lot of them…

    • Wendy, until Hamas took over Gaza, Palestinian were not much different looking than Israeli women, rather modern in their dress and activities. Little by little, the IslamoFascists are taking away their freedoms and choices. They rarely ever wore headbags before, let alone burqas. Now men are no longer allowed to be hairdressers to women, and a host of other restrictions.

    • its funny we are quik to judge others and write hate speeches without no regard but we never seem to look at our self’s and improve and we say were better than them and their religion well i say to my self would Jesus act like this to them did they crucify Jesus are we abiding by the laws and manners that god has bestowed upon us hmmm i wonder

  13. Gaza looks pretty nice. Now if only they would get those women out of the hijabs, jilababs and abayas and get them to wear less clothing, like nice shorts, sandals, bikinis, have and topless/nude beaches, Gaza would be perfect!

    Of course, given the obesity rate, many of them would have to lose weight.

  14. Those people are living large and don’t in the least look impoverished and maligned because of the Israelies. Yet most of the world believes they are. This is nothing short of a propoganda coup the arabs have pulled off. I don’t know how but it might have been the same propoganda machine that put O’bama in office.

  15. OT, but just heard that the idiotic white American who ran off to Somalia to join the jihad has been decapitated. Al-Amriki recently said he feared they would kill him…looks like he was right. Couldn’t have happened to a nicer guy.

  16. Great post! I just wonder why the Jews don’t turn of the spigot of freebies? Muslims in Gaza didn’t create that economic splendor.

    Why are Muslims always ungrateful?

  17. OK the problem with the pics could be this : before that the page get loaded on my computer I get blank squares with broken links and if I click on one of those I get this message :

    »»»» Hotlinking directly to proxified pages is not permitted. ««««

    maybe you should copy all the pics ( big and small ) and upload them somewhere else… :(

    • Martin, for some reason I can only get onto TROP via a proxy. I have spoken to the owner and he has no idea why it happens as I am not blocked there. In fact, he uses stories from here all the time. I’ll try downloading them and re-posting. Thanks.

  18. Bonni,

    There seems to be a problem. Most of the pics are not showing up on the page under “The Myth and Reality”.

  19. Typical muslim leaching. Where have I seen this before? Right here in Nigeria. The poor, marginalised, poverty-stricken, excluded North. They say all this with a straight face even when they controlled power, with the accompanying oil windfall, for forty of the fifty years of independence. They don’t have to work as hard as the Southern Christians to get into a university- a ridiculous policy of affirmative action is in place to ensure that dumb muslims are favoured over smart Christians. And yet they kill Christians non-stop. The aid to Gaza should be discontinued. When faced with starvation maybe they will think less of jihad and islam.

    • Perhaps we can get NATO *Read: US and UK troops* or Israeli troops to occupy Nigeria for a while. You know, establish bases in the south of Nigeria and drive the Muslims OUT of Northern Nigeria, perhaps..

  20. Here something strange happens on the page all the links seem broken and the only picture I can see is the one at the bottom of the page !!!!


    Otherwise have you seen this article on the Guardian :

    Far-right anti-Muslim network on rise globally as Breivik trial opens

    Report highlights UK role in the growth of groups that inspired Norway’s mass murderer

    The international network of counter-jihadist groups that inspired Anders Behring Breivik is growing in reach and influence, according to a report released on the eve of the Norwegian’s trial.

    [...]Campaigners are concerned that US neo-conservative and evangelical groups will begin sharing resources with the leagues. Images of EDL demonstrations are already used at Tea Party movement fundraising events, while officials from groups such as the Christian Action Network have met EDL activists. Other US and UK links include the Virginia-based anti-Islamic blog, the Gates Of Vienna, which counted Breivik as a contributor. As attention turns to Norway, experts are keen to stress that the country was not unusual in terms of the extent of its counter-jihadist movement. Among the online forums linked to Breivik are the nationalist blog Document.no, on which Breivik posted more than 100 comments.

    Breivik – an admirer of the EDL – was also an online supporter of the Norwegian Defence League, which retains close links with its English counterpart.



    The “hope not hate” site :


    No need to pay £15 to read the report, the cover image says it all …. :



    Map of Counter-Jihad Organisations and Individuals



    • Good! It’s about time people wake up. Nobody wants to kill or harm muslims. They do that to each other well enough.

      All people want is respect for the culture of the host-country, no jihad, no muslims lies and propaganda, no mosques and no qur’an because most teach hate and violence, no visible signs of religion and no CAIR.

      Islam will NOT win their war with the West.

    • How blind you are ! –
      3 things you might not know about Islam
      That is what the West is up against – Read the Koran!
      Anti-jihad movements do not hate – Islam does!

    • I have NO problem looking at the pictures of Muzzies living a grand good life! Not one starving Muzzy! Malls on the gaza strip, food galore …I do believe Muzzies on this page ignoring the pictures! The pictures right there in front of you…I can see them and i know you can too…

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