UK MUSLIM SLIMEBAG intentionally slams his van into horse and rider, yet wasn’t charged with attempted murder

Nadeem Hussain was jailed for only 10 months for ramming his van into a terrified horse and rider simply because she asked him to slow down. A judge branded Nadeem Hussain a bully and said he had used his vehicle as a weapon. (A BULLY?)

Nadeem Hussain

Daily Mail (H/T Jane)  Hussain was driving along a country lane when Charlotte Watmough signalled for him to slow down. Instead, the father of five skidded to a halt and got out of his vehicle. Words were exchanged before Hussain got back into his van and drove forwards a few feet, past the horse and rider.

He then slammed it into reverse and drove into Miss Watmough’s mount, Merlin, pushing him into a wall.The animal panicked and reared up, causing the rider to lose her stirrups and have to fight to stay in the saddle.

Merlin, a 12-year-old horse, was later seen by a vet, who found he had suffered bruising to his fetlock. Miss Watmough, 20, who has ridden regularly since she was three, was left traumatised, with a sore arm, shoulders and neck, caused by the force with which she had to hold on to the horse. (She and the horse could easily have been killed)

Hussain, 31, drove off after the incident in Baxenden, Accrington, Lancashire, but the rider noted his registration number and he was later arrested. Hussain, of Accrington, admitted dangerous driving and was jailed for ten months at Burnley Crown Court. He was also banned from driving for a year and must take an extended retest. 

Charlotte Watmough & her horse, Merlin

The victim, who is due to begin a course in primary school teaching, added: ‘Because Merlin was rearing up, I just hung on trying to control him. ‘I was screaming at the top of my voice, I thought I was going to fall off and get run over or be squashed by Merlin. Thinking back, it was really, really dangerous. I could have been paralyzed. 

‘I didn’t think he would stop until either I or Merlin was on the floor. ‘I couldn’t sleep for about a week afterwards. I just kept waking up crying and I was referred to counselling by my doctor. It still upsets me and I’m nervous when I go out riding.’

Judge Beverley Lunt told him he had intended to frighten the horse and rider and his actions could have had very serious consequences. She continued: ‘You behaved like a bully. You used your vehicle to intimidate and threaten. That’s like using it as a weapon.

‘People who lose their temper and use their cars to threaten and intimidate, and where they cause fear and harm, must understand the consequences will be severe.’ (Then why weren’t they?)


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  1. I wonder if the RSPCA (Royal Soc. for the Protection of Animals) couldn’t have been brought in on this one, as they have persuasive powers of prosecution; the judge might have paid more attention if they had brought the case against the muslime. It’s no good thatYanks call the British wimps and vice-versa. As a Texan living in the UK I can tell you that we’re ALL up that proverbial creek when it comes to proper justice for atrocities committed by Muslims; both governments, UK & US, are either scared to death of offending the bastards, or too stupid to see the writing on the wall, to the peril of all that we hold dear from the Magna Carta to the Bill of Rights. Basically we will be the last generation to remember what it was to be free.

  2. the thing is that he has already won.. 5 kids and he is 31!!! by the time he has finished i am sure that there will be at least 10 more interbred tards ready to impose the will of the paedophile prophet… muslims breed like rats, go to any town/city in the uk and see that there will be 10s if not hundreds of darth vaders walking around town the majority with at least 3 -4 interbred children most of first cousion procreation or the result of rape in islamic “wedlock”, there is no such thing as womens rights under islam just baby machines, we are being outbred and walking head first into the abyss..

  3. Wimpy justice from a wimpy judge. What a sham! May this judge be ran over by muzz-scum. Now that would be karma wouldn’t it?

    It is hard to fight off creeping sharia after a century of creeping socialism, resulting in a disarmed public. The time for an overthrow of the UK government is way past due and in my opinion, the British Government is no longer legitimate, for it no longer represents the British citizen.

    Concerning the statement of Redneck Woman’s UK cousins about our 2nd Amendment, that is an appalling amount of cognative dissonance, a total disconnect from reality. It shouldn’t be necessary to state that jurisdictions with the least restrictions on the possession and lawful carrying of firearms are jurisdictions with the lower crime rates. Statistics bear this out.

    When governments no longer allow it’s citizens the right to defend their very lives against attack, those governments are in violation of natural law.

    I wish the best for the people of the UK, good government, a return to common sense, and a restoration of firearm rights for her law abiding citizens. I also wish for decisive action against the muslim threat.

  4. you keep letting this crap pass in England, you bunch of wimps, and it’s only going to get worse. Are you ever going to learn or will it be too late?

    • bby, please do NOT blame all Englishmen. The blame sits with their politicians, the majority of whom, even the ones who call themselves conservatives, are left wing scum. PM Cameron is supposed to be conservative, but I see no difference than the way it was under Brown or Blair.

      Half of America did not vote for Obama, are all of us wimps, too?

  5. He should have had two separate trials. One for cruelty to animals and One for attempted murder.
    But then we all, in the spirit of multicultureism, remember that he is a muslim. And that’s what they DO.

  6. he should have been jailed for life for endangering this girls life.
    but in his mind this is a woman and non believer and has no busisness to tell him anything and being a non believer should be killed

  7. muzzie pig, he did this for one reason. He hates non muslims. (Especially pretty blonde white ones) None of us are safe.

  8. Attempted murder is only worth 10 months in the UK? Seems if you take away the guns the penalty for crimes drops to almost nothing. Even though he weapons gets bigger. Humm something is really wrong with the judge. time he has judged his/her last case getem gone.

  9. Wow, this is unbelievable. It’s attempted murder of both her and her horse.

    This is what Europe and the United States allow into their countries.

    Our sick legislators shrug their shoulders and tell us they are nice people.

  10. Being from horse country I can tell you we would hunt this fucker down and place him in the middle of a stampede.
    England needs some real men like those heros from the Russian train station.

  11. This asslifter should be permanently caged like the f—ing animal that he IS, NOT let out to do the same to someone else….10 months?!!…20 years might be much closer to punishment fitting the crime. The wrist slap this bastard got just serves as validation to asslifter aggression that is definitely not new AND WILL continue as long as dhimmi judges and politicians tolerate this kind of crap!!

  12. Seems to me as an outsider to Britain that the only real men in Britain are in the EDL and even they need to do more than protest otherwise you Brits are history. Maybe that’s good though, liberal sissy’s and cowardly dhimmi’s should have their ass’s kicked down and be overtaken.

  13. Isn’t that what you call pre-meditated attempted vehicular manslaughter? I know people who’ve lost their license to drive permanently for less.

  14. this week in the north west of england , a paki (muslim) women who dumped a two hour old baby she had given birth to, in a neighbours front garden while on her way to work ! the baby was found a few days later , cause of death unknown , she was sentenced to a one year suspended jail term , the judge allowed cultural differances to be a mitigating facture !!!!!!!!!!! nev(uk)

  15. Saxon – now that would have been NICE,but this just another example of how they are treated over here,it makes my BLOOD BOIL.

  16. The way our police, the D.P.P. and the judiciary work nowadays … it’s a wonder any charges were brought in the first place. Is it really only ‘normal’ citizens of our once GREAT country that can see that ‘P.C’. is killing us as a nation?
    ANY offence needs to be followed up with immediate deportation … forget the trial, its too expensive.

    • Ted, Maybe we need to get a bit more practical with our method of justice and it’s current PC form of punishment. I think it’s time to bring back the Northeastern American Indian method of justice… The Gauntlet.
      Line up family and friends with clubs and stones and run em through. If they live, deport them.

    • I was going to say the same thing- one good ol’ crack to his peanut shaped head would have fixed him- but then the horse would have been blamed as racist for sure……*rolls eyes*

  17. Bring the Death Penalty back for Islamist attacks. Make sure that it’s an Impure death with Pigs Blood Injection, prior to execution.


  18. So, this islamic rats arse escaped an “interview without coffe” with the EDL did
    Well then,when he’s released from his 3 star
    open hotel after 4months, throw him out together with his extensive brood of cultural
    and racial replacements,straight back to paki
    What possible doubt can there be this muslim
    cretin acted out of racial hatrid for a white
    girl,riding in her own country,as she has every right to do, because presumably, his
    fellow rapists hadn’t got to her yet.

    This case proves you don’t need brains or inteligence to sit on the bench in British courts.

    • A perfect example of the “Peter Principle”. In most organization people are promoted to their level of incompetence. Since many of these government jobs are long term positions, the system gets top heavy with incompetence. It would be better to chose our elected officials, including judges, randomly.

  19. This is an outrage! He could have killed her! I’m pretty sure that was what the douche was trying to do! He should be locked up for life with no chance of freedom whatsoever! “That’s like using it as a weapon”???? That wasn’t like using his car as a weapon, he DID use his car as a weapon! I thank God up above that the horse and the woman are both still alive. The Muslim man, however, I hope he drives into a pole! :(

    • Cartman quote, heh.
      “It isn’t like *something*, it IS *something*!” where something is replaced with whatever evil deed he is doing this week.

    • Nice one Corrina, however it must be remembered that Muslims are not MEN, but cowerdly villans and child chasers.

      NO MAN, i mean real man, would believe in what he believes in or behave that way.

    • I have cousins in the UK….they are so against guns. They see no reason whatsoever for Americans to want to hang onto the 2nd Amendment…guns are just so evil!

      Then you have an islamamentian who uses his car as a weapon to kill a young lady and her horse! He gets 10 months…he’ll be out in 6 months or less.

      Now if the girl had had a gun and shot at the car….I would bet she would have been charged with attempted murder even though she only shot at the car and not the driver…cuz everyone knows that bullets and guns just have a mind of their own! They are so evil!!

      ….What a bunch of bovine scatology!….

  20. The sentence sends a clear message to these grubs; in the UK, even for attempted murder, you only get 10 months.
    When are they going to wake up over there?

    • Pink, the girl said she was surprised he got even that much jail time (figuring he wouldn’t get any), but I couldn’t bring myself to include that.

      • Maybe she needs to start trampling moslites, when she and her equine friend happen upon them.
        Nah, I wouldn’t want her to subject her horse to that scum anymore. There is another way.

        • Maybe heard a bunch of pigs down the streets by the mosques, scare them real bad so they crap all over the place.

  21. Wow, this inbred clearly set out to kill this girl with the car! What’s so hard to understand about that?? You just don’t back up the way he did without INTENT to do bodily harm. so sick of these assholes–this inbred will be back when he gets out. POS!
    I detest them ALL!

  22. Most certainly Hussain WAS out to murder both the lady AND her horse!!! He ought to have been put into jail for at least 20 years (ideally to be served in solitary confinement and in a subterranean cell devoid of ANY amenities) – after which he ought to be deported to his original country (if he survives – if he dies as a result, so much the better).

    His relatives ought to have suffered disenfranchisement and deportation the moment he was arrested – and for ANY relatives of anybody who commits any act of violence, they also must have ALL their property confiscated, left with absolutely nothing but the minimum possible clothes upon their backs.

  23. only 10 monthe for attempted murder? banned from driving for a year and must take an extensive retest are you kidding me? This bastard needs to be permanently banned from operating a vehicle. There was no reason for him to act that way. i gues another case of SJS the girl and the horse are lucky to be alive. what a crock of shit

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