UK MUSLIM SLIMEBAG intentionally slams his van into horse and rider, yet wasn’t charged with attempted murder

Nadeem Hussain was jailed for only 10 months for ramming his van into a terrified horse and rider simply because she asked him to slow down. A judge branded Nadeem Hussain a bully and said he had used his vehicle as a weapon. (A BULLY?)

Nadeem Hussain

Daily Mail (H/T Jane)  Hussain was driving along a country lane when Charlotte Watmough signalled for him to slow down. Instead, the father of five skidded to a halt and got out of his vehicle. Words were exchanged before Hussain got back into his van and drove forwards a few feet, past the horse and rider.

He then slammed it into reverse and drove into Miss Watmough’s mount, Merlin, pushing him into a wall.The animal panicked and reared up, causing the rider to lose her stirrups and have to fight to stay in the saddle.

Merlin, a 12-year-old horse, was later seen by a vet, who found he had suffered bruising to his fetlock. Miss Watmough, 20, who has ridden regularly since she was three, was left traumatised, with a sore arm, shoulders and neck, caused by the force with which she had to hold on to the horse. (She and the horse could easily have been killed)

Hussain, 31, drove off after the incident in Baxenden, Accrington, Lancashire, but the rider noted his registration number and he was later arrested. Hussain, of Accrington, admitted dangerous driving and was jailed for ten months at Burnley Crown Court. He was also banned from driving for a year and must take an extended retest. 

Charlotte Watmough & her horse, Merlin

The victim, who is due to begin a course in primary school teaching, added: ‘Because Merlin was rearing up, I just hung on trying to control him. ‘I was screaming at the top of my voice, I thought I was going to fall off and get run over or be squashed by Merlin. Thinking back, it was really, really dangerous. I could have been paralyzed. 

‘I didn’t think he would stop until either I or Merlin was on the floor. ‘I couldn’t sleep for about a week afterwards. I just kept waking up crying and I was referred to counselling by my doctor. It still upsets me and I’m nervous when I go out riding.’

Judge Beverley Lunt told him he had intended to frighten the horse and rider and his actions could have had very serious consequences. She continued: ‘You behaved like a bully. You used your vehicle to intimidate and threaten. That’s like using it as a weapon.

‘People who lose their temper and use their cars to threaten and intimidate, and where they cause fear and harm, must understand the consequences will be severe.’ (Then why weren’t they?)