WISCONSIN: Walid Shoebat, ex-PLO terrorist and convert to Christianity, draws a big crowd

With renowned terrorism expert, Walid Shoebat, as the keynote speaker, hundreds of people jammed the Waukesha Expo Center Saturday night to hear the message that Islam is a growing threat to law and peace in the United States.

Sussex Patch  The rally was an especially strong draw for Brookfield residents who oppose a mosque proposed for the city by the Islamic Society of Milwaukee.


Shoebat, a well-known ex-PLO terrorist who fought against Israel, has been confronted about his past by media outlets like CNN, who reported they could find no evidence to support his background story. But he stood by his case Saturday, saying the media were the real frauds.

The video below refutes that hatchet job that CNN (in cooperation with Hamas-linked CAIR) recently did on Shoebat:

“Heck, sometimes even FOX News doesn’t even like what I have to say, because I say Islam is not a peace-loving religion,” Shoebat told the crowd.

Brookfield residents Chuck and Sharon Bloom left the rally Saturday with a plastic bag full of books sold by VCY America, a Christian radio station that sponsored the event. The couple was hoping to learn more about Islam and to build a case against the proposed mosque.

“More than just me and my wife, the community needs to be informed,” Chuck Bloom said. “I think it’s important to find out exactly what questions we need to ask to make sure there’s no sharia law, etcetera.”

Sharia law was the buzz phrase of the evening, especially surrounding the mosque. Shoebat said while he supports freedom of religion, Islam as an institution stretches beyond religious practice with sharia law. Sharia guides all aspects of Muslim life including daily routines, familial and religious obligations, and financial dealings, according to the Council on Foreign Relations.

“It’s not the mosque I have a problem with,” Shoebat said, making no specific reference to the Brookfield proposal. “It’s, where is the funding coming from, and will the mosque sign and swear that they will never be sharia?

Brookfield aldermen were invited to the event and had reserved seats in the front row, but the seats were quickly filled by other attendees when it appeared they did not show up.

Brookfield Mayor Steven Ponto and Alderman Scott Berg have both previously stated they do not think the religion of Islam should be considered in deciding whether to grant the Islamic Society of Milwaukee the permit they need to build their proposed mosque for land northeast of the intersection of Calhoun Road and North Avenue.

But Shoebat’s comments were echoed by the audience as the filed out of the Expo Center. David Ball, a pastor from New Berlin, said he came “to find out if the message about what Islam really is is getting out properly.” “I hold freedom of religion very dear, but Islam is not just a religion; it is also a state government system, completely contrary to our system of government,” Ball said. “Our Constitution should not be subverted to sharia law.”

Brookfield resident Robin Couillard said she found out about the proposed mosque for the first time at the event. She said she was especially concerned about Shoebat’s remark that a mosque is like an embassy for Islam and sharia law.

“I’m just shocked that this is being proposed for Brookfield,” she said. “I’m concerned about Islam overtaking our community, and our country, and the world.”

Organizers with the Islamic Society of Milwaukee have previously defended their proposal — and their religion — to opposition that surfaced at a meeting in March.

An informed public is a Muslim’s worst nightmare. Mosque officials were shocked at what they called ‘hostile questioning’ about Islamic ideology.

Opposition to the proposed Islamic Center is serious. Brookfield residents raised questions not just about a proposed mosque in the area, but about the faith and ideology of those who plan to use it. “We’re not fighting against a religion, what we’re fighting against is a tyrannical ideology,” said Janet Spiewak of the conservative Eagle Forum, which hosted the discussion. READ MORE



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  1. No matter how the dhimmi dips— “news” media of CNN try to put their own spin on the issues; the TRUTH WILL win out over the ——- lies of the Arselifter Supremacists,NO ONE can lay it down and expose these muzzy arselifter SOB’s for what they REALLY are than one who used to BE one of them! God Bless Walid Shoebat!!…And may the Lord continue to watch over and protect you, as I’m sure there are hordes of arselifters who want to kill you as an “apostate”!!

  2. May God bless and protect you and your family! You are such a brave soul and hope your story will serve as an awakening for others who want to leave this evil Islam but are too scared for their lives. I believe there millions who want to liberate themselves from Islam. Thank you so much Walid for your work!

  3. the reason islam is a threat to the freedom of americans is our politicans. when politicans put what is good for their party and themselves ahead of what is good for the american people totalitarian ideologies like islam flourish. when a politican endorses the policies of the islamic conquerers his record of finanical contributions from muslim groups should immediately be examined. i offer chris christie and lindsey graham as examples.

  4. The biggest mistake everyone’s been making to fight against Islam is to treat it like a religion. Its not .

    What is needed is to take a public hearing/investigation into “Radicalisation
    of Islam in America” to its logical end by
    exposing the fact that the koran , hadiths , sunna preach hatred against all non-muslims, call for overthrow of societies by replacing it with sharia and subjugation of rights of non-muslims.

    Based on these facts and given the real and historical evidences , Islam should
    be declared a fasicts Idealogy and banned from USA like naZism….just like in saudi other religions are banned.

    Deny citizenship , voting and social benefits to all muslims as long as they remain so. Those who want these rights must reject , denounce & leave islam in writing permanently.

    Or they can leave USA.

    Every musllm found indulging in violence
    should be deported along with their supporters including their lawyers. If no lawyer is found they can get one from overseas for the trial and the lawyer leaves after the trial.

    When you make the cost of following Islam high enough then you’ll begin to see a reduction in this menace & better future for the society and country.

    No other way.

  5. “Don’t confuse me with the facts. My mind is made up.”

    That is exactly what most of our media is like today. All so these Dhimmis can kiss Muslim ass for their oil money. Is it any wonder CNN’s and others ratings are in the toilet.

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