‘Unwelcome to Palestine’ – As expected, the pro-terrorist Left Wing BooHooing begins

European authorities have prevented hundreds of anti-Israel activists from boarding Tel Aviv-bound flights to participate in a fly-in protest against Israel.

Check out the link below to see how the Palestinians are suffering because these so-called ‘humanitarian’ activists were not allowed to enter Israel: oh-boo-hoo-those-poor-starving-oppressed-no-longer-occupied-arabs-of-gaza

PressTV  Hundreds of activists at Charles de Gaulle Airport in Paris, the departure site for nearly half of the group’s 1,200 participants, were barred from flying to Tel Aviv on Sunday, a Press TV correspondent reported.  The Swiss police also prevented about a hundred pro-Palestinian activists from flying to Ben Gurion airport in Tel Aviv. British airline Jet2.com was joined by Lufthansa, Air France and Easyjet in canceling the tickets of suspected ‘flytilla’ participants on the orders of Israel. 

Israel threatened air companies with fines if they did not deny seats to activists worldwide, even though the group has been invited by dozens of Palestinian organizations and officials. In Brussels, demonstrations erupted after at least 120 activists were denied the chance to visit Palestine thanks to an airline blacklist.