WARNING TO THE WEST about Islam by Paul Weston, head of the British Freedom Party

Paul Weston, the most important leader in the UK, warns, if allowed to proceed on its current course of national suicide, Britain will turn into another Lebanon, where the growing Muslim population kills off and/or drives out most of the indigenous Christian population.

Weston believes that Britain, particularly England, is heading toward total societal breakdown unless it takes immediate action to stop rampant Muslim immigration from third world countries and the resulting Islamization that will continue to destroy everything for which Britons have worked and shed blood. In addition, the British Freedom Party’s positions include deportation of all foreign criminals, seditious dual nationality Islamists and illegal immigrants, as well as halting the building of mosques, jailing/deporting Muslim leaders/imams who preach terrorism and advocate sharia law, ending welfare and free housing for Muslim immigrants, eliminating sharia courts and sharia finance, and more. Weston says, given the current path toward Islamization, England is facing a religious civil war before 2030, that will make the breakup of Yugoslavia pale by comparison.