LAS VEGAS Islamic building fire declared ‘human’ caused

Authorities in Las Vegas say a two-alarm blaze that destroyed a mosque/mortuary under construction in Las Vegas in February was human-caused, but they don’t know whether it was intentional.

There are new developments in the investigation into the fire that destroyed an Islamic property, that was still under construction.

Las Vegas Sun  Clark County Fire Chief Bertral Washington and Federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives agent Thomas Chittum III said Monday that investigators have exhausted leads following the Feb. 22 fire.

They say they’re going to need public help to solve the case. (How about investigating the owners?  Maybe they needed the insurance money. It wouldn’t be the first time)

The overnight blaze caused $1.5 million in damage at the site where a nearly 10,500-square-foot Muslim funeral gathering center and a cemetery were to have opened this year.

ATF agents were on the case because of the religious nature of the site. But officials say no evidence collected so far indicates the fire was a hate crime. (CAIR will be filing a lawsuit against the ATF agents this week)