One of Osama bin-Laden’s widows wants to move to England and have tea with the Queen

Osama bin-Laden’s youngest widow astonishingly wants to come and live in Britain and would like to bring her five kids fathered by the evil terror master with her. (Oh goodie, just what England needs, more Muslim entitlement whores and their offspring sucking on the government teat) And with breathtaking gall, she says: “I would love to meet the Royal Family.”

UK SUN(H/T Henry P)  Besotted Amal Abdul Fattah al-Sadah, 29 — who wed Bin Laden when she was 17 because she wanted a “holy warrior” husband — supported his war on the West and went on the run with him after 9/11.

She was wounded in the leg trying to shield him when US commandos shot him dead in Pakistan aged 54 last year. She was even tipped to take over as boss of al-Qaeda.

But last night as Amal and Bin Laden’s two other wives were being kicked out of Pakistan, it was thought she may try to claim asylum, whining that she faces death or persecution if she is made to return to her native Yemen.

She DENIES being an extremist, claiming she longs to live with her family in the country her husband despised.

In an exclusive interview her brother Zakaria Al-Sadah said: “We would definitely like to live in the UK — we have nothing against the UK or its people. Amal would migrate there if given a chance. “She loves humanity and likes to live in a liberal environment. She is not an extremist. (Thats right, she only had a burning desire to marry an extremist and martyr herself with him)

She says: “I believe the UK people and the government are more polite and friendly than US people. I am sure they believe in peace more than military actions. I would love to meet the UK Royal Family.

“They have a huge attraction and they always work for peace. Britain’s elected government is a little inclined to the US but the Royal Family is always doing good works.” She revealed she had five children with Bin Laden while on the run after 9/11.

(What do you want to bet Britain DOESN’T let them in?)