Soooooo? U.S. Army troops pose with dead Afghan terrorists’ body parts

An American soldier traitor says he released the photos to the Los Angeles Times to draw attention to the safety risk of a breakdown in leadership and discipline.

LA TIMES  The paratroopers had their assignment: Check out reports that Afghan police had recovered the mangled remains of an insurgent suicide bomber. Try to get iris scans and fingerprints for identification.

The 82nd Airborne Division soldiers arrived at the police station in Afghanistan’s Zabol province in February 2010. They inspected the body parts. Then the paratroopers posed for photos next to Afghan police, grinning while some held — and others squatted beside — the corpse’s severed legs.

A few months later, the same platoon was dispatched to investigate the remains of three insurgents who Afghan police said had accidentally blown themselves up. After obtaining a few fingerprints, they posed next to the remains, again grinning and mugging for photographs. 

Two soldiers posed holding a dead man’s hand with the middle finger raised. A soldier leaned over the bearded corpse while clutching the man’s hand. Someone placed an unofficial platoon patch reading “Zombie Hunter” next to other remains and took a picture.

The Army launched a criminal investigation after the Los Angeles Times showed officials copies of the photos, which recently were given to the paper by a soldier from the division.

“It is a violation of Army standards to pose with corpses for photographs outside of officially sanctioned purposes,” said George Wright, an Army spokesman. “Such actions fall short of what we expect of our uniformed service members in deployed areas.”

The soldier traitor  who provided The Times with a series of 18 photos of soldiers posing with corpses did so on condition of anonymity. He served in Afghanistan with the 82nd Airborne’s 4th Brigade Combat Team from Ft. Bragg, N.C. He said the photos point to a breakdown in leadership and discipline that he believed compromised the safety of the troops.(CRAP)

He expressed the hope that publication would help ensure that alleged security shortcomings at two U.S. bases in Afghanistan in 2010 were not repeated. The brigade, under new command but with some of the same paratroopers who served in 2010, began another tour in Afghanistan in February.

U.S. military officials asked The Times not to publish any of the pictures.(The Commie Times loves to post photos they think they can damage the military)

Capt. John Kirby, a Pentagon spokesman, said the conduct depicted “most certainly does not represent the character and the professionalism of the great majority of our troops in Afghanistan…. Nevertheless, this imagery — more than two years old — now has the potential to indict them all in the minds of local Afghans, inciting violence and perhaps causing needless casualties.” Kirby added, “We have taken the necessary precautions to protect our troops in the event of any backlash.”

Times Editor Davan Maharaj said, “After careful consideration, we decided that publishing a small but representative selection of the photos would fulfill our obligation to readers to report vigorously and impartially on all aspects of the American mission in Afghanistan, including the allegation that the images reflect a breakdown in unit discipline that was endangering U.S. troops.” (But you refused to post the video of Barack Obama praising Palestinian terrorists at a dinner in LA)

The photos were taken during a yearlong deployment of the 3,500-member brigade, which lost 35 men during that time, according to, a website that tracks casualties. At least 23 were killed by homemade bombs or suicide bombers. Suicide attacks on two bases of the brigade’s 1st Battalion, 508th Parachute Infantry Regiment killed six U.S. soldiers and four Afghan interpreters. The platoon whose soldiers posed for the photos was part of the battalion.

Virtually all of the men depicted in the photos had friends who were killed or wounded by homemade bombs or suicide attacks, according to the soldier who provided the images. One paratrooper on the mission wore a bracelet bearing the name of a fallen comrade.

On the first mission, to the police station in the provincial capital of Qalat, Afghan police told the platoon that the severed legs belonged to a suicide bomber whose explosives detonated as he tried to attack a police unit, according to the soldier who provided the photos. On the second mission, to the morgue in Qalat in late April or early May 2010, Afghan police told the platoon that explosives had detonated as three insurgents were preparing a roadside bomb.

The soldiers felt a sense of triumph and satisfaction, especially after learning that the insurgents had been killed by their own explosives, he said. “They were frustrated, just pissed off — their buddies had been blown up by IEDs” — improvised explosive devices — the soldier said. “So they sort of just celebrated.” (As they were entitled to do)


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  1. Why isn’t Obama disturbed or upset about the article I read about a year(?) ago when the Muslim animals were eating the flesh of a dead child right in front of the mother?
    Where was the outrage then from the WH?

  2. The troops want to have fun, so what?? The suicide bombers should be coated with pig blood, and their families (who seem to gloat when uncle fuzzy hadji blows himself up) should be forced to drink the pig blood or kill them.

  3. These photos seem to have been deliberately made. They are old so it looks like they were held to show later for shock value. Whatever it is it doesn’t diminish our good soldiers in any way. We are proud that they are sacrificing on behalf of all of America and other free nations. It is time for them to come home and stop helping protect the poppy fields. Whatever America tried to do for over 10 years failed…the same way it failed when France, England and the Soviet Union each took a turn wasting time and money trying to help the backwards thug nations.

  4. oh sure, blast the soldiers for having some well earned fun, but dont mention the muslims who dragged American soldiers through the streets of fallujah after killing them or the U.S Soldier dragged through Mogadishu!

  5. More of that needs to go on, much more. Anyone khow how Vlad the Impaler got rid of the turks invading his country? If not, read about it and you’ll see how to handle these subhuman apes

  6. It’s no good fighting a War with one Hand tied behind your back,or one side playing to the Rules and the other side can’t,when you are at War,the Rule Book goes OUT THE FUCKING WINDOW.!!!!

  7. Well if the USA would stop invading other countries then this would not be an issue.
    They should stay at home and spend the money on health care and education instead of stealing other countries wealth and oil

    • Rob, I completely agree! Did you know that there are over 16.5 million Americans without health care and that our education standards are beginning to drop significantly? This all wouldn’t be happening if more money were spent here as opposed to elsewhere. For my history class project, I interviewed a veteran of World War II and according to him, we’ve lost more soldiers to the Afghanistan and Iraqi wars than that war and we’ve accomplished nothing by the latter two wars because they were both instigated for ulterior purposes.

  8. Lets see..some one walks in and blows him self up and kills all my friends…I’d do more than just take pictures with my new buddy…

  9. Eff the pencil pushing bureaucrats in the pentagon and Eff the PC Generals appeasing the Media and President! Someone needs to find the yellow bastard that leaked these patriots to the LA Slimes and beat the hell out of the lilly livered scumbag. War is what it is. It’s not pretty and you either kill or be killed. I kind of like it when they pose with the evil dead SOB’s.

  10. What’s the big bruhaha? Soldiers have been ‘posing with the dead enemy’ in every war?! It’s just in this PC world in which we live it’s all of a sudden become ‘unprofessional and unacceptable’ … Really? War is hell – period.

    • In all of history, before they even had camera(s), they drew pictures on walls about it or on rocks… it was about “victory over the enemy.”

      • you’ve not won tho have you?
        once again spend billions of $ wreak some one elses home land then run away defeted.
        think the last war you won was in 1945.
        Then you used nuclear weapons.
        wow when you think about it.
        nuke’s – small pox – napalm – agent orange (ester 245t) not much the USA WONT USE TO KILL CIVILIANS. and you complain about a road side bomb made of fertaliser ?

  11. Hardly condoning this, but given the ‘victims’ involved, can you really blame the simple grunts?

    It’s not like Islamists respect those they brutalise with such monotonous regularity.

    It doesn’t help politically, though…

  12. hmmm, it’s amazing to me how pictures like this are posted and then spewed upon by “fellow Americans” — oh the shame on our soliders, please, give me a break! However; IF they want to report something that the whole damn world SHOULD be aware of day in and day out. Why NOT post in the Times and elsewhere pictures of the women and children who are slaughtered, beheaded, stonned, raped hanged in all these cesspools EVERY DAY! Let’s hear the damn out cry for this, NOT our soldiers at war who have seen their buddies blown to bits!
    Didn’t hear crap on the EMO students who were slaughtered because of the clothing they wore and hair style! Make that a front page, MSN report!!!
    Quit bashing our soldiers; war is hell especially when you’re fighting barbaric savages! Remember Daniel Pearl when crap like this is spewed by the MSN and papers!

  13. The outrage should be towards the cowardly suicide bombers, not the brave soldiers that are risking their live for us.

    This is war, and sometimes ugly stuff happens, but lets keep this in perspective. These bastard suicide bombers would have gladly slit every one of these soldiers throats if they had the chance.

    Who am I judge these soldiers actions when I am sitting comfortably at my desk with the only risk to me being a paper cut.

    I have nothing but pride for all the soldiers that protect our freedom.

  14. Upaces, I couldn’t have said it better. Seems completely natural for a soldier to mock and otherwise hold complete contempt for those who kill and maim their friends, innocents and children. My father fought against the Japanese at Guadalcanal. Not because of the fighting, but for the complete lack of humanity and decency, did he hold the Japanese in such contempt until the very day he died. Such is the effects of witnessing absolutely inhuman atrocities committed at the hands of the enemy. The hoopla over Abu Graib was as ridiculous as it was sad. Sad that our troop’s comand were forced to capitulate. This is war. These guys trying to make light of it any way they can to make it a little more toleratable for them is OK in my book. As far as the enemy goes, all I can say is FUCK THEM.

    • I could not agree with you more. I feel exactly the same way!
      Burnerjack, I meant what I said. Bring them Home!
      Then when they start yelling for help? Ignore it UNTIL THEY AGREE TO OUR TERMS OF HOW WE WILL WIN “FOR THEM”:
      We will have a Cross” on a building for our troops;
      We will pee pee in any direction we please since it is a natural function of any human body;
      IF you are near a “terrorist” and your mother, father, gets shot… so be it… they KNOW who the terrorist are so IF they are in the same vicinity… they are, as far as I am concerned, complicit since they weren’t holding a damn sign over their heads saying “He is one — shoot him!”

      We WILL GO IN TO WIN…so stfu and get out of the way!

      • And, another thing! Our Generals have been pleading with Obama to get them out of there. He Took $$ from the Military budget and gave it to the New Black Panther Party as “his” army here in the states who WiLL be at the voting polls threatening people; and thee is not a damn thing the police or anyone else can do about it — They are UNDER FEDERAL PROTECTION.
        This is John Wiley Price…the NEW Commander in Dallas OVER the New Black Panther Party.

      • This is the crap that started in the Korean War under Truman. Ever since we got involved with the UN. It has been one war after another with our hands tied behind us. With no finalizing and no real conclusion to the end. And I say any and all engagements that require our military and our treasure must be fought without NATO, UN or other coalition troops or countries involved, just the USA, but for all out warfare not this hand wringing left this crap that gets our people killed needlessly because of their spineless behavior and their bureaucratic nonsense. I am tired of the politicians sucking up to other politicians of other nations at the cost of our people’s lives.

    • Agreed!

      I believe we ought to sometimes abandon our Western sense of fairplay and human dignity and take a few pages from the most successful Muslim-destroyers of all time, the Mongols.

      When the Muslim Khwarizm Empire attacked a Mongol trade caravan, killed its personnel, and took all the goods, Genghis Khan sent an embassy of two Mongols and a Muslim to parley for the arrest of the perpetrators (who were approved by the governor of the Otrar province of the Khwarizm Empire)and their punishment either by the Shah Muhammad al-Din or their being handed over to the Mongols.

      Well, the Shah had the Muslim leader of the embassy beheaded, and the two Mongols’ beards burnt off (only half of it) and their clothes torn in two off their bodies; then he sent the two Mongols back to Genghis Khan.

      If the Mongols had had hopes of establishing a peaceful trade relationship with the Khwarizm empire, the Shah had dashed those. So, after praying to his god Tengri for three straight days, Genghis Khan mobilized his armies (all but those he needed to garrison the Jin empire of northern China and Manchuria), called on his Tangut vassal of XiXia (who refused to honor the commitment) and in three years from 1218-1221, proceeded to wreck the Khwarizm empire, conquer it, devastate its cities, put their Shah on the run, and open the way for a continued war against Islam that lasted until nearly ALL of the Middle East was in Mongol hands (along with Georgia, the Russian principalities, most of Poland and Hungary).

      By the time the wars ended, all that was left to Islam of the Middle East was the Arabian Peninsula and those parts of present-day Syria, Jordan, Lebanon and Israel NOT in the hands of the Western Crusaders.

      In fact, had the Popes been wise and allied themselves with the Mongols when the Mongols first invaded the Islamic world, we might not now be having this conversation,because there might not be an Islam to contend with.

      • I feel bad….I forgot all about that. Yes, they did. They also have something in common with the Muslims. The Viet Cong women would blow themselves up to kill U.S. Soldiers.

  15. Due to Obama’s dividing the Military Budget up between OUR Military and HIS Military (The New Black Panther Party — our Generals have been requesting to “Bring Them Home.”
    He also sent troops under the wire to 4 different African Countries.
    The man is deliberately trying to down size our Military through their own deaths.

    • **nod**

      Though, to be honest, I wouldn’t mind if he were sending troops to South Sudan (Christian and animist) to protect and train the South Sudanese to properly fight and destroy the Islamics who’ve been enslaving, murdering and raping them; or to the southern Nigerians (Christians, mostly) to crush the Islamics up north.

      As for rescuing wholly or even MOSTLY Islamic nations from themselves or their Muslim neighbors, NO.

      • That would be “the right thing to do” — he won’t… Instead of inviting Christians to come here to safety…He brought 80,000 Muslims instead!

        • yes and the stuff that’s been going on in Africa has been going on for thousands of years.
          it will not change

        • Oh, I don’t know that it won’t change. I think if you remove Islam, many of these countries could get their houses in order, instead of having to defend themselves against Islamic insurgencies.

        • Define an insurgencie? Do people who come into a country and kill a part of the civilian population count? Perhaps from their perspective when they don’t even realize these people have only come in to help and some of their brother and fathers are just casualties? And yes i understand the killings are happening on both sides. Just trying to change the point of view for a minute. I think if education was added to the picture and the majority of the violence removed, things would change for the people.

        • I guess I changed my mind cookiemama.I apologize if this is an inconvenience for you because you are forced to read comments which are different from the majority on here. I have not attacked any user on here and no matter how far I am tested or attacked for doing nothing, I refuse to do so because I believe in empathizing and looking at things from different peoples perspectives because even though this website has made me doubt myself a little, I still believe and will continue to believe that all humans are good at heart and it is the harsh experiences in life which turn them into something else.

        • We as a nation have protected the mohommedist on many occasions, we have purchased many of the resources of the middle east.
          But we have to consider under sharia, no one owns anything except the King, imams and potentates. The people cannot cannot mine for gold and keep it because it belongs to the King, and the other potentates thus keeping the people in slavery and a brainwash them into believing that Mohammed is a prophet when he is nothing but a self-indulgent psychopath. If you were to do your history and read carefully the hidith, and a Koran and the traveler. You would have a different view of the mohommedists. And then you would realize that we are not the bad guys. We have done a few things pretty nasty, but not even close to these guys wake up and smell the roses. Or go over there and try to talk against them the way you speak against us. You will lose your head, or your hand or your foot or all the above. So don’t teach moral equivalency to us. They are not allowed music, they keep their women hostage, babies and rape and are absolutely misogynistic and their behavior. God. Mail has blessed/cursed Muslims with hot, angry blood. Which shows that they more and more as they him read more and more. We only see what’s on the surface of their inbreeding, imagine when the truth comes out just how much inbreeding is actually going on not only to first cousins but the mothers and daughters.

        • So you are saying that we buy things from the “Mohamadist” in order to appease and support them? Becuase I could have sworn it was for our own benefit…u know; like the oil we buy for example. I am obviously an ignorant fool; I thank you for enlightening me sir. Oh and what was your other points? Why don’t I talk against them like I am doing against you here? Don’t you think I have and still do? Sir, believe it or not but we have also done quite a few injustices over there and some of them also hate us a lot just for being Americans. I have to work pretty hard to convince them otherwise. I have been insulted by some for being a traitor, an American lover, etc. but thats not any better than what I’m getting here and no, none of them have tried to kill me. As for the royals you talk about, they are a hundred times more approachable and down to earth than you are assuming they are. They wear the common clothing and they donate and help the community, talking to the lower clas, etc. I don’t make this assumption out of bias but because my best friend who yes, shocker, is not a muslim went to Dubai for a project and actually engaged in a conversation with Princess Haya. Try looking up Princess Haya and the Sheikh/prince in Dubai and you’ll see what the royalty are really like. And please sir, I am not trying to attack you or anyone else on here, only trying to make you see both sides! And I have opened my eyes to smell the roses. Speaking as a Muslim, I am saying there is a lot of hypocrisy going on, but it isn’t what Islam preaches and I even linked a nice youtube clip which addresses this issue but “barenakedislam” took it down because I don’t have permission to refer links here. Anyways, you’re welcome to ask any more questions or pose any more critical remarks for me to address, but today is my last day on thise site so if you feel the need to enlighten me, and I am being completely serious here, feel free to email me at Peace.

  16. Never mind. I’m sorry for intruding on your website for so long “barenakedislam”- it isn’t untill I see the way you so proudly posted these pictures that I understand…this is absolutely monsterous. If a man had done the worst things imaginable to me, and I have had one particular exprience, even then, I would never do something so insensitive as posting a picture like this. All humans deserves some level of dignity and I’m surprised grown men and women are okay with supporting this act. No creation of God; be they male or female; christian, muslim, jew; criminal or saint deserve to be ridiculed like this because our bodies are a creation of God- and THIS is something I learned from my Catholic High School. Try watching “Dead Men Walking”, it might make you see things for what they really are.
    And the men these soldiers are posing with are only innocent civilians. I’m best friends with members of the Army and they believed this to be a monstrous act as well. This is the last post I will be reading, so fear not, you have no reason to ban me from this site….I just can’t believe you consider this baring Islam- it’s only baring the monstrosity of your own actions by posting these pics. I thought you were just misunderstood, perhaps changed by cruel life experiences, but you seem to be a completely different kind of person..

    • Layla, it was the LA Times that posted them. I simply reposted the Times’ article. Why don’t you complain to them? The article says they were posing with Taliban insurgents, not “innocent” civilians.

      • These are more of the pictures from the same source, of 15 year old and younger civilian boys with their bodies mutilated and pictures taken of them like their corpses are posing dummies…I couldn’t look at more than one of them b/c they are pretty explicit so be warned:

        Is there any way we can communicate outside of this blog? I want to understand your opinion on a couple of things..My email is should you decide to reply to this.

        • Layla, as much as I enjoyed seeing those photos, because they are from the far left wing ‘Rolling Stone,’ what they wrote about them is not in the least credible.

          No, I don’t have time to communicate with you outside this blog. I am very busy.

        • I get it. I’ve done a little more research on this website. Congrats; your site caused a riot, violence, and made it on the news, to youtube and fbi scrutiny. You are one busy person. I apologize for taking up your pecious time.

        • Layla, please show me what riot and violence was caused by my site, other than upsetting the terror-supporters from CAIR. And just because CAIR demanded that the FBI look at my site, doesn’t prove they did. But if they did, I guess they didn’t find anything that didn’t fall under the First Amendment.

        • Layla, I think you should go to either Afganistan or any other muslum country and tell THEM your concerns. If your brave enough walk around in your western dress and tell them your Jewish which I’m guessing you are. If not what left leaning? they will be accepying of that too.

        • John, try taking a world religions class- or actually try taking any cultural classes in a university b/c by your downright ignorance, you obviously haven’t. Atleast barenakedislam has the decency to refrain from throwing ignorant assumptions at me. And I’m trying really hard to refrain from sounding mean, but I can only take so much. I am not a jew and yes I am a muslim, but I defend all religions and races, not just islam. I don’t believe in war as the answer, I believe in education to be the answer to the horrors that are happening globally. I suggest YOU try doing some research.Forcing Islam or the burkah are not a part of this religion. I have studied the Islamic text since I was 9; and the Bible since I was 14; can you say the same? Can you even say the same for your own religious text, unless you are athiest ofcourse? THe countries these things are happening, the parts that they are happening in all are low literacy rates as well as high violence rates. If all they have known is violence and ignorance, how can they be elsewise unless someone helps them. But what about you? You’re a privileged american where we have literacy rates? What’s the reason for your ignorance?
          “An eye for an eye will make the world blind.”– Ghandi (Hindi)
          “Love thy enemy.”–Bible (Christianity)
          “Treat those who are not your brothers and sisters in Islam with equal respect, for we are all men of God (Allah)”– Islam

          The Religious books and rules are all good John, its humans and ignorance which is creating all this hatred and destroying the world. And barenakedislam, your website is only fueling this hatred more by dehumanizing a group of people.

        • “I am not a jew and yes I am a muslim, but I defend all religions and races, not just islam. I don’t believe in war as the answer, I believe in education to be the answer to the horrors that are happening globally.” Muslims are’nt allowed to defend “all religions and races”, besides Islam, because Islam says its follower to persecute non-muslims until the religion is to Allah and Muhammad was his messenger. You believe that war is not the answer, thats good and you believe in education and thats good too. But remember my friend, your belief won’t change what Islam is, because the prophet said that Islam is unchangable because its from Allah the “all knowing and wise” (who knows better than you do). Its your belief, not Islam. If thats the case you would come up with your own version of Islam and start preaching people about “peace and education”. But the reality is contrary. Its the Imams and Mullah who holds the power of Islam. And guess what they spend their entire life studying the Quran and Islamic Hadiths and these same Mullahs and Imams are the ones who preaches hatred towards non-muslims and Islamic supremacy. And you said you have been studying Islamic texts since since 9 year olds. Yeah like even I have been studying Quantum Physics since 1st grade. Would you believe me in that ? And I don’t know who to believe, you or the Islamic Scriptures? Because both of your testaments contradict each other. If you’re right about Islam, then come to the media, debate or confront with these terrorists and Imams, maybe that way you could save millions of lives and prove that Islam is really the religion of peace. And you defend all religions and races. Okay then go to Saudi Arabia as Christian Woman and were a cross and see what they do to you.
          “THe countries these things are happening, the parts that they are happening in all are low literacy rates as well as high violence rates. If all they have known is violence and ignorance, how can they be elsewise unless someone helps them”. Care to explain the reason behind low literacy rates and high violence rates ? Well take a look at Afghanistan during 60s-70s

          and read this

          The Afghanistan you see today is the result of Taliban Invasion And the Soviet.
          And there’s more, before 1947 India and Pakistan were a same piece of land. Their people were from same ethnic background and culture except religion. But after 1947 partition things have changed. Now you look at Pakistan and India, the other became a terrorist cesspool and the another became an emerging superpower. So what changed ?
          Please go to this site, if you find some contradiction send e-mails to the writer of this book, I’m sure he’ll do something about it

        • Anon, first of all, thank you for your respectful/civil tone. Now to address the points you brought up:

          These are the three main things you brought up in your argument:
          1.)”Muslims are’nt allowed to defend “all religions and races”, besides Islam, because Islam says its follower to persecute non-muslims until the religion is to Allah and Muhammad was his messenger.”
          2.) “You believe that war is not the answer, thats good and you believe in education and thats good too. But remember my friend, your belief won’t change what Islam is, because the prophet said that Islam is unchangable because its from Allah the “all knowing and wise” (who knows better than you do). Its your belief, not Islam.”
          3.)The Afghanistan you see today is the result of Taliban Invasion And the Soviet.
          And there’s more, before 1947 India and Pakistan were a same piece of land. Their people were from same ethnic background and culture except religion. But after 1947 partition things have changed. Now you look at Pakistan and India, the other became a terrorist cesspool and the another became an emerging superpower. So what changed?

          To address the 1st point:
          I don’t know who told you that or what you read that tells you that Muslims are forbidden from defending all religions and races. I don’t know if that is your assumption based on what articles you have read on here or if that is simply an assumption you arrived at through your own experiences with Muslims and or through what you watched on the media but this point you have made is invalid. I speak as a Muslim who has studied at an Islamic school for more than 5 years and read the whole Quran while looking at the context, etc.
          The Quran instructs Muslims to treat non-Muslims courteously in a spirit of kindness and generosity, given they are not hostile towards Muslims. God says in the Quran:
          “God does not forbid you from those who do not fight you because of religion and do not expel you from your homes – from dealing kindly and justly with them. Indeed, God loves those who act justly. God only forbids you from those who fight you because of religion and expel you from your homes and aid in your expulsion – (forbids) that you make allies of them. And whoever makes allies of them, then it is those who are the wrongdoers.” (Quran 60:8-9)
          So for those of you who don’t understand what this means since it is translated straight from arabic to english and thus worded a little oddly perhaps from yout pov, Muslims are obligated to act justly to non-Muslims at all times. The only time this is not so is if they attack Muslims first like in a battle or war, and then Muslims are only instructed to act in defense but are forbidden from harming any civilians. This is what the scriptures say and you’re right, they are not to be changed in the sense that words cannot be added to the Quran. My Catholic religion teacher said that a Council decided what testaments went and didn’t go in the Bible; all this means is that this act is forbidden in the Quran because everything should stay the way it is. Lastly “There is no God but God and Muhammed is His messenger” that you brought up is simply the main belief that structures Islam.
          For Christians this is like the Nicean Creed (I don’t think I spelled that right, and I’m pretty sure this is what my christian religion teacher refernced but if I am incorrect my Christian brothers and sisters are welcome to correct me).

          Ok, now to address your second point. I already addressed the part about what the man who we believe the prohet to be meant when he said the Quran was not to be changed but to address the second part of what you said in this point, this belief in education and peace being the answer is not just my belief. It is a belief that I learned from my Islamic school, it is a belief my Grandpa (the imam at my parish) and my parents instilled in me growing up, it is a point that almost every Muslim speaker in all the Islamic events I have gone to in my community constantly bring up, and yes, it is also my own personal belief.
          You can look up the Islamic Council of Kentucky if you don’t believe me. You can google this verse of the Quran if you don’t believe me or you can befriend a muslim and ask him/her if you still dont believe me.

          Now to address the third main point you wrote about. Yes, you are correct about your claim about Afghanistan. The society in Afghanistan was relatively modern during the Pre-Soviet time period; women didn’t wear burkas, they worked, etc. Then, the soviet invaded and started killed many of the Afghanis. The Taliban were actually indirectly created by the USA as a way to get rid of the Soviets.
          The USA financed and armed them to fight the Soviets and you can research this on your own as well if you don’t believe me. Anyways, after the Soviet were gone, the Taliban (which weren’t named the Taliban at that time) really became what they are at this point. With the weapons and finance they still had from America and seeing the way Afghanis had become so modernized they started recruiting more men from Afghanistan and from the border of Pakistan to find a way to reinforce “Islam” in Afghanistan; unfortunatley and sadly, they reinforced sadist laws which took things too far. They stripped women of almost every right and made them into a kind of object for men, etc. (I think most of you are pretty educated about this part of matters based on a lot of the comments). In any case, the things they instigated in Afghanistan were so cruel, and not what Islam mandates but when the Taliban defend every action by verses from the Quran (which they are really twisting around to make a point) who will people really believe?
          Them or the Muslims who actually are contributing to society? Anyways, going to your second example. Pakistan and India…that is a story that is more complex and will be very hard to explain unless I take up A LOT of space on here. But to summarize; India and Pakistan seperated at a critical time in the country when there was so much hate between the two different religions that are completely different from each other that people of each religion Hinduism and Islam started killing each other due to the hatred. There were some rising individuals like Ghandi who tried to stop this hatred and tried to convince the thousands of Indians to stop judging people for their religions because all men are equal, but they were ignorant and fought untill Ghandi was shot by a man of his own religion and blood ran hot. Many Muslims were persecuted and fled the border to a place where they could be safe and which was then named Pakistan. Why is India and Pakistan in two different positions you ask- that’s a good question untill you look at all the factors that make them different. India is much bigger and has more resources than Pakistan. Pakistan’s leaders such as Zardari (who was also suppported by the US when he first became president) were oppressive and made Pakistan lose a lot of money. After the Taliban hid between Afghanistan and Pakistan, soldiers started coming in; because of the warring time period no tourists came in and not a lot of exports, etc, etc, while India has Bollywood, is a good touring place, is not next to the Taliban, etc, etc. Basically there are many reasons why they turned out so differently but it has almost nothing to do because of the religions, because Indian also has quite a huge number of muslims living there and actually a relative number of Pakistanis have also gone back to India but it is still successful as we all know.
          So understand that I am only a twenty year old and my knowledge is not as amassed as it could be, but my grandpa is a sheikh and imam so I do know more about my religion than some people would at my age.
          As for the history part, I am pretty familiar about these occurances as I like to read about them more in my free time and I also have a few History classes that I am taking, but if I did make any mistakes concering the historical part of my explanation, please correct me.

        • I doubt they were civilians. Islam allows boys as young as 10 to take up arms and fight. Furthermore, Germany sent boys as young as 12 to fight during the last days of WWII. If you were an American GI, British Tommy or Russian Ivan, you’d much sooner kill the teenager with the gun than try to get him to put it down.

          It’s war, plain and simple. Those dead Taliban fighters didn’t look 15 to me, and even if they were, if they’re old enough to pick up weapons, they’re old enough to be killed using them.

      • Jihadist suicide bombers reliquish their claim to humanity when they choose to murder those whose only “crime” is not submitting to Islam. And if you consider these monsters a creation of your god, I’d say “he” needs to engage in some serious quality control. Or perhaps you believe that only Slaves of Allah are true humans created by your god? Is that it, Layla? Don’t you dare preach to us when your precious muslims celebrate the wholesale murder and mutilation of Westerners, all for the greater “glory” of the monster Allah.

        • Jihadists who believe that can not claim to be followers of Islam because that is not what our religion preaches. Please do some research before making those accusations. I have studied the Bible, Torah, and the Quran in order to broaden by perspective, you should try it some time too. The jihadists who do that are just as monstrous as any other man regaurdless of religion that commits murder of this kind. And I am not trying to preach to you about “my religion”, merely trying to advise you to stop creating a face for all muslims. I know you associate me with them by the way you phrased your comment. I however believe any man who is good regaurdless of religion will go to heaven. In Islam, in a hadith, it says that a Muslim who does not follow Islam and does horrible deeds will not go to heaven and the men and women who are good and do good deeds be they Muslim or not will go to heaven. This is more than I can say for some texts that I have studied but refuse to disrespect.

        • @Layla, with due respect, this argument that it is not the religion but a few twisted individuals does not hold much water. You’ll have to agree that the overwhelming majority of terrorists belong to one religion. I have studied the Quran too (more out of curiosity) and there are bits there that are certainly provocative. The Hadiths are another story. Such teachings shouldn’t be in any book of God.

        • Jay, thank you for atleast addressing me as an individual as opposed to as “you people”. Yes, I do agree that this is so at the current time period, but Jay, you must also agree that the majority of these emerging violent people of the same religion are also emerging in war torn countries and areas where literacy is low? I know this is hard to understand because literacy rates are so high here and good and bad a more decipherable concept than there but think back to America when education was not very stressed- think back to the puritans time. Quakers were persecuted on the basis of the Bible and they were all killed by Christians. The Jews were also all killed by people claiming to be Christians; but did the Jews and Quakers of the time and even today believe all Christians and the religion Christianity is evil? As for the Quran; you seem to be the first person on here who has also read it. And I know what verses you are talking about. The thing about the Quran is that it was revealed in pieces depending on the time and what was going on during it. For example the verse which gives men the permission to marry more than one woman was revealed during the time war was happening and many muslim men died leaving widows with children and nowhere to turn to for protection from the war, etc. yet today it disgusts me just how many men will marry multiple times just for the pleasure and then base it on the Quran. Basically in order to understand the Quran one has to look at the verses and the history behind it as well in order to contextualize. Because believe me, I read some pretty provocative things in the Bible as well but my teacher helped me contextualize and figure out what was going on or how it was interpretted according to Christians. Many “Muslims” twist those words or take them literally to back up their heinous deeds. But if you go back in history this all started from the creation of the Taliban, something which I learned a while back and which came as a shock to me as well was created by the American government- and you can google this as well. Also, this link might put a few things into perspective for you. Its a youtube clip where a girl asks the same question as you. That why are all insurgeants of the same religion, namely Islam- the claim of only a few twisted individuals does not make sense, etc:

        • The Jihadists are “good muslims” my friend (according to Islam)

          And and “bad Muslims” (peaceful ones like you) are hated by your God to the point that He will torture you in hell.
          The same Islamic sources you refer says this about peaceful Muslims

          See for yourself what they say about Jihad and fighting

          And what they say about Jihadists

          And btw, even the Imams and Ayatollahs who preaches Islamic supremacism have studied Islam. Dunno, who to believe you or them ? I better believe the latter because they have better understanding of Islam, or are you practicing taquiya as ordained by the Quran. And I also believe that what the Infidels say is true, because your “god” sickened our heart with disease and our mouth spew lies

      • I agree with you BNI. It is just like them calling us Racists and other names when it is the muslims that are doing the killing. I suggest that they do more of these photos so people can see what happens when these idiots blow themselves up. I like what jFp says but wanted to add that is why the made the 45 pistol also, so it would only take one shot instead of 6 from a 9mm. Peace to all who support this.

    • And that is why you are a CIVILIAN sitting on your fat ass watching Dancing with the Stars while the REAL men and women fight because obviously YOU do not have the stones to do what needs to be done. Tough SH*T. That’s the way war goes – I don’t see you crying boo hoo for what THEY do to their own women and children…

      I have watched Dead Men Walking and it is a passivist pussy movie about a CRIMINAL who is getting his due justice – just as these animals are getting what they deserve.

      Stay home civilian and enjoy YOUR freedom from genitalia mutilation, your freedom to not have to wear a burka, your freedom to speak freely and your freedom to have an education because in Islam, women do not have that!

      • And what are you may I ask ma’am? I atleast am trying to make some sort of difference by writing a thesis paper and novel that depicts both sides and tries to unveil the horrors that are happening globally in the NAME of this religion when that is just an excuse; they are heinous deeds being done by men, not the religion. And you have no IDEA what I have and have not dealt with. I DO wear a burka alright and I do know exactly what is going on there because I have relatives who have experienced some things which you will never have to and nor will you ever understand because of your ignorance. You refuse to think critically and are standstill on your beliefs. You are unable to empathize so I don’t even know why I am compelled to reply to you. I do not watch useless shows like whatever you mentioned and that may be your opinion, but “Dead Man Walking” is a movie which explores the justice system in our society- something which you obviously dont seem to get. I don’t know what religion you believe in or if you even believe in any but every religion and religious book I have studied preaches love and peace.
        Do you even know how many muslim civilians have been killed in the wars. Both sides have lost people and it all comes down to loss of human life. Because you dehumanize them you refuse to see that. And yes I know of the acid being thrown on muslim women by muslim men of the other horrors occuring just as you must know of all the violence happening by american men to american women. Each human is either good or bad. All muslims or all christians or all athiests are not good or bad, because they comprise of billions of different people with different beliefs. And for your information, in Islam muslim do have the freedom to wear the burka and get an education; its just in rural, fundamentalist, extremist, or unliterate parts of different countries that they are being denied this right- it is not islam but man’s ignorance which is not allowing them this right.

        • Sorry, but jihad (war against non-Muslims) is part and parcel of Islam. It is in the Qur’an and the Hadith. In fact, when Muhammad died in 632, most of the subjugated Arab tribes left Islam, and the first Caliph, Umar, fought a long war to force them BACK into Islam.

          The making women wear hijabs and burqas and keeping females from getting education is not due to “man’s ignorance”, but is part and parcel of Islam from the beginning.

          Do some Historical learning before you start trying to preach.

        • Oh yes; just as the crusades were a war against all non-Christians. Get a life. The Jihadists fought against people who tried to hurt them or there families- people who try to kill innocent people and claim they are jihadists are, let me repeat, NOT jihadists or muslims for that part.

        • Layla, the Crusades was a mainly war against Muslims who were taking over Europe. Time for a new Crusades.

        • I’ve taken a history course; I know what the crusades was- it was wrong. Just like what certian Muslim Jihadists are doing today is wrong. Murder, killing, and hatred are all wrong. This world does not need another Crusades; it needs higher rates of literacy and lesser rates of war. Having another Crusades will only create a future generation of monsters- because when kids have grown up witnessing violence, peace will be a concept that can only exist within the realms of their minds. I don’t know anything about you. Whether you are married and have kids or have siblings you care deeply about. But for the sake of the people you love, place reason before your hatred of a concept which is MUCH bigger and more conmplex than you realize.

        • Layla, sorry, but I have to disagree, there are times when only war will solve the problem. The Crusades killed more than just muslims, which was wrong and probably many innocent Muslims, as well, but that’s what happens when you take over a country and try to replace the majority religion with your own. This seems to be a pattern in every country in which Muslims grow to over 30 – 40% of the population. They live in peace when they are a small minority but as soon as their numbers grow they start to demand their own Islamic state in a portion of the country and eventually the whole country. They are doing this in Thailand, Nigeria, China, they did it in Lebanon, Egypt, and many more. Everywhere they go, they are bound and determined to create an Islamic nation.

          Turkey used to be the exception but now that is turning fundamentalist under Erdogan. Christians and even moderate Amadiyya Muslims are being slaughtered in Indonesia and Malaysia, even though they are Islamic ruled-countries.

          Do you think it’s not relevant that Muslims in America are fighting ALL the anti-sharia legislation bills?
          England has 85 sharia courts and thanks to massive Muslim immigration, half the Brits want to leave the country. Norway and Sweden have soaring rape rates, ALL the result of Muslim immigration.

          I don’t tell anyone here to hate Muslims. The nearly 9,000 stories and videos about Muslim beliefs and behavior from around the world that does that.

          Many of us have read your holy books and are well-acquainted with the what they teach Muslims to do with non-believers. All the hatred is coming at us from Muslims. And that is what makes us hate them back.

        • These youtube clips cover everything you brought up just about:
          [VIDEOS DELETED]

          With all due respect Bonnie, if you really want to tell the “truth” about Islam, for God’s sake, tell the whole truth. By painting half a picture, you DO make people hate Islam by integrating confirmation bias.
          I dare you to create a section on your site that shows all the contributions Muslims have provided to society or all the good that Muslims do, etc. and see what happens.

        • Um…Why did you delete the videos? Was it because they brought up points you didn’t feel comfortable dealing with?

        • Layla, you do not have video posting privileges here yet.

          I DO have two sidebar Categories on good Muslims.

          One is called ‘Pro-American Muslims’ and the other ‘Muslims Against Islam.’ You’ll notice how small they are.

          Don’t dare me to make Muslims look good. I have already posted about what they claim to have invented:

        • I’ve studied History probably longer than you’ve been alive (or maybe not, if you’re over 30). The record, and even the Qur’an and Hadith have Muhammad initiating nearly all the conflicts he ran into during his lifetime. His adherents have followed the example ever since.

          Here endeth the lesson.

        • DS Sunlap; I’m not exactly sure what lesson you are trying to claim with this assumption? It sounds more like a biased opinion as opposed to facts since you have made a claim but didn’t back it with any evidence…
          And Bonnie, I was not aware you had to be given the privilege in order to type a link so I apologize for that and relax, I’m not asking you to “make” Muslims look good because you can’t make something look like anything except for what it really is (and it is over here that our opinions diverge); but you can definetly distort the way it is percieved which is what you are doing. All I asked or rather dared if you will was that you stop painting one part of the canvas and illustrate the whole canvas to your er- audience of respectful, nice perople who are clearly not racist or prejudice. Very wonderful youtube clips by the way. You never fail to diminish my belief in the goodness of human nature. I paste links that give perspective to a different point of view w/ an intellectual dialogue taking place that eradicates misconceptions and you delete and replace with ones that depict your hatred and will spread ignorance of this issue only further. I didn’t even need to check them out because the words pretty much give away what I will be seeing. “arabs are good for nothing”? Wow, ma’am, creativity at its utmost. I apologize again if I sound rude. Islam and my own personal beliefs teach me to respect one’s elders but I cannot respect an elder who is adamnant about attacking any notion of interfaith relations and focused on dehumanizing a group of people. Ma’am with all due respect, if all people had a certain group of people that they despised and googled all articles showing them in a negative light, they would easily succeed in making them look bad. For example, a certain Muslim I occasionally email who was born and still lives in another country doesn’t like Americans because certain soldiers killed an innocent family of six in her village and the media tried to supress it in order to protect any violence which might ensue upon the group of soldiers posted in her village and everytime I tell her that it is not true of all soldiers; that they risk everything to protect and they are brave just to leave their homes for somewhere else, etc, she keeps sending me links to different videos and giving various examples of soldiers ensuing in violent acts against civilians untill it seems that majority do this. She is adamnant about looking at one part of the canvas and depicting it. In short, she is prejudice against most Americans but if she made a website with 9,000 articles of examples like that throughout history and around the world taking place, she could make our troops look bad when they’re not and I have always engaged in an intellectual CIVIL conversation with her explaining why she is wrong about her concepts, etc just as I am trying to do now. You are doing the same thing as her whether you want or chose to admit it or not. And I am wasting my time trying to attain a break through w/ the people on this website whether I want or chose to admit or not. Good luck to you all in the future. I am a 20 year old simply trying to make the world a better place for us all, especially for the next generation to live in, whether you believe that or not. You are all grown men and women who can believe what you want but I would advise you to partake in your own searches as well when trying to learn about a concept or group of people- but thats just my advice. Cookiemama, I hope you are happy! I’ve decided you are right; and I should get on with my classes, work, novel, paper, research project and clubs as opposed to wasting it arguing the concept of peace with over a thousand people who believe there should be another Crusades….Im going to be completely honest- I have never before, but I am now feeling immense fear for our future and I just hope atleast one or two of you understand the point I have been trying to make all along. I have a dream…of a world where violence is nonexistent- something I know seems really impossible right now, but u never know. I would really appreciate it if no one replied to this comment with another attack…I understand if you don’t agree with my pov, but as this is my closing post (I promise), I would just really appreciate no comments as opposed to some extremely negative ones, please?…

        • Layla, I posted the ‘good for nothing’ videos because the accusers all are Arab Muslim men. As for “fairness,” in this blog, that is not the purpose. The left wing and Islamic media are chock full of the other side. My job is to balance that. And my side is woefully underserved because of political correctness. People are afraid to post what I have posted here because they don’t want to be wrongly labeled ‘racists’ or ‘Islamophobes.’ But I don’t care what they call me. Over 20 million people have seen the truth here. If it were all lies, there would be opposing stories to mine all over the internet.

          Muslims are infesting non-Muslim countries at an alarming rate and we know what happens when their numbers
          grow beyond 30%. It is the goal of blogs like this one to put an end to it. Most Muslims do not want to assimmilate, they want to dominate. If you stay in your own countries and stop trying to invade ours in order to force Islam on us (as your Quran tells you to do), you will never hear from us. Until then, I consider Muslims to be at war with the West. Not a shooting war, a stealth jihad kind of war from the inside. The Muslim Brotherhood has described it in detail in a manifesto called ‘The Project’ that they put out several years ago as a guide for the conquering of non-Muslim countries without violent jihad.

          In future posts, please use more paragraphs. Kind of hard to read this way.

        • Once again you are lying, the Jihadist never were the oppressed rather than oppresser. The early Jihadists were the real terrorists who plundered innocent civilians and looted their belongings and sold their childrens and women. They committed a crime unimaginable for you and me to bear. Its all written in the hadith and quran. The Jihadist did this because a false demon possessed prophet told them that by doing jihad they will gain al-jannah, a place filled with this which Islam would normally prohibit. 2 out of 75 raids were defensive, the rest were offensive. Those 2 defensive were as a response of those people who were sick of Muhammad’s Companion looting and raiding of towns and villages. The same goes for the Crusaders. The crusaders weren’t Christians. They couldn’t have been. To be a Christian one has to accept Yahshua’s sacrifice on the cross as their means of salvation. But this knowledge was kept from the people of Europe. They were told by the priests that they had to work their way to salvation, or they could buy it from the Church. In this way, the RCC was very similar to Islam. To act like a Christian one must know what Christ did and said and then apply his words and example to one’s life. No European could have done this during the time of the Crusades.

          Secondly, the Crusades were cause and effect. Following Muhammad’s Sunnah and Allah’s Book, Muslims conquered Arabia, Syria, the Byzantines, Persia, and Egypt within 7 years of Muhammad’s death. The reason the Crusaders went to the Holy Land is because Muslim militants went there first.

        • My mistake, I mistook you for either a JudenRat or an idiot liberal but you are a burqa wearing muzzie idiot, same thing, stupid.

        • And I mistook you for an intelligent, literate, but slightly misguided man but you are an ignorant and very hateful and misguided individual. Same thing- in your case. Because even if you are/were intelligent, you are obviously making no use of your intelligence to make this world a better place for all humans.

        • Ah and you are doing such a fantastic job of making the world better and safe for us all,ha, you idiot, why don’t you go preach your nonsense to your murdering brethern, your fellow muzzies, the ones causing chaos and misery all over the world.

        • I never said I am; and I apologize if I sounded arrogant by the way I worded it. Which part of what I am trying to convey is nonsence? The part which advocates for peace as a replacement for war? Or the part which calls for the eradication of prejudice on both sides and is addressed to both parties involved? Murdering brethen??? Do you hear youself? Whether you believe me or not, I do not nor shall I ever believe anybody who murders or kills innocent people be they “believers” or “nonbelievers” to be my fellow brother or sister in Islam. I believe my brothers and sisters in Islam to be the ones that spread peace, not violence. Mock me if you will; call me stupid, idiot, dumb muzzie or even worst, but I refuse to insult you back because you are a fellow human being, a man of the same human race as me, and my elder (I think as I am only a college student) and therefore deserve respect. For God created all men equal and wants us all to respect each other. And I am not the only Muslim who believes this. The Baptist elementary school I went to taught me this, the Islamic grade school I went to taught me that, the Catholic high school I went taught me this, my parents taught me this, and all the Islamic events I have ever gone to have taught me this as well. Peace.

        • You sound like a very intelligent and thoughtful person that really does want peace in the world, but if you want to understand where my hate comes from,I’ll try to explain.Before 9/11 and even after I hardly ever thought of muslums let alone hated them, but since then, instead of trying to make amends for your fellow muslums, muslums started to make demands,and complain about not enought benifits all the while pouring into the U.S. and other Western countries wanting those places to become like the shit holes they ran from.Then I watched as muslums perpetrated mass murder and cowardly attacks on innocents and beheadings, thats when I came to the realization that muzzies are a cancer.How can someone as thoughtful as you justify wearing a bag on your head? Sit down and think about that, if you were in any number of muslum countries without that bag on your head you’d be in big trouble lady,either hurt bad or killed.You actually believe there is a God above that demands a certain type of clothing,frikin ridiculous. So you have murdering, demanding,bullying, infiltraters. What’s to like?

        • John…thank you for that; I respect you for voicing what I’m sure is where your hatred stems from…and to be completely honest, I don’t know what to say. You might find this unbelievable, but your response made me cry. What happened on 9/11 was a tragedy beyond measure and although I try not to hate anybody because I believe everybody is good at heart somewhere inside, I despise, loath, HATE the man/men responsible for that because of the scars they have left on all of us, because I can’t see how men capable of that kind of action could have any good in them. They tore so many families apart and destroyed a part of us all with it. But..John, Muslims or people who claim to be ones are not all the same; I would never, I swear, never do something like that and neither would any of my family members or friends that are Muslims- but I’m trying to see this through your eyes and I think I see what you see…and I know this will in no way make you hate the word muslim any less based on what you see, but if it makes you feel even a little bit of redemption, a bit better, I apologize and would like to make some amends on behalf of all the violence being condoned by these people who claim to be Muslims and kill and do all those other horrible acts in the name of Islam. I’m sorry John and even though I know I and a sundry of other muslims are not responsible for any of these things I want you to know that I can empathize and understand what you are trying to convey, why you are mad. I would probably feel the same in your place; especially if I didn’t know any Muslims. But John, do you still feel that this still gives people the right to randomly come up a street and start verbally attacking me for choosing to wear a scarf or for being an evil curse- when I’ve done nothing wrong to them in return- when all I want is to make a difference in society for the better? As for why I even wear the scarf on my head to begin with; not all the girls in my family wear it. As a matter of fact, some of my Muslim female friends dont wear it either. I wear that scarf (which only covers my hair and is usually in bright colors and not black) along with loose clothing out of modesty. I still take in charge, Im not afraid to speak up or defend myself, but I wear that scarf for my own satisfaction. That way I can be positive, if and when I meet the right person that they will love me for who I am and not anything else, I can be sure if I am an employee, or working in a higher position, that people are taking me, and only the intellectual me seriously. By wearing that scarf I don’t have to wear anything to impress anyone, and I feel self-empowered. To lighten the mood,I will tell you a personal experience I had happen pretty recently. I had one guy in college come up and ask me how it felt to live with so many regulations. He wanted to know if I missed flirting with boys and wearing clothing which didn’t do justice to me. Yes, he actually said that; but when I told him that it wasn’t like living with rules and regulations because I was the one who believed in them, etc, he said he respected me for it because I was the only girl at out work that didn’t cause drama is how he put it. But anyways, sorry for getting off track, I just wanted to change the mood a little. John, I wear the scarf because I like the symbol it conveys. But you’re right, if I went to certain countries right now and didn’t wear a scarf I might get in trouble based on the laws practiced in that country or because of the Taliban or other group that believe it to not be a choice- but the thing that those countries fail to realize is that everything in Islam or in any religion should be each persons choice. You can’t force women to wear scarfs which is exactly what they are doing in some countries. If I were forced to wear a scarf, I would no longer feel empowered but caged; I would no longer see it as a symbol of modesty but a symbol of my opression- this concept is what seperates Muslim women who wear it by choice and those that are forced to wear it. And God doesn’t require a certain kind of clothing per se is what is believed in my religion, but modest clothing and modesty. That is why some muslim women interpret that to mean one must wear a scarf and others believe as long as they behave modestly, wearing a scarf should not matter.
          I stayed up longer than normal for a weekend so I’m going to go ahead and close here, but I really liked having this conversation, sad, frustrating, and horrible as this whole thing might be, just being able to write about and discuss it makes the whole thing more bearable..and I hope you feel the same way. I know everything I have said still does not change what is going on in all those countries and all the complaints people are making, etc. but I hope that you feel atleast a little differently than before? You’re right, the world, especially in certain Middle Eastern areas are falling completely apart and the violence and hatred is growing- but I pray everyday that things will change for the better…may all our prayers for this be answered.

        • Layla, I already asked you to please use more paragraphs. This is virtually unreadable. In any case, this post is way, way too long. This section is for comments, not short stories.

        • I’m really sorry- it was really late when I replied and the previous post really affected me internally and I opened up more than I had first intended to. It wont happen again. It’s your site and your rules and I can respect that.

  17. HOW TO STOP ISLAMIC TERRORISTS…… it worked once in our History…

    Once in U.S. history an episode of Islamic terrorism was very quickly stopped. It happened in the Philippines about 1911, when Gen. John J. Pershing was in command of the garrison. There had been numerous Islamic terrorist attacks, so “Black Jack” told his boys to catch the perps and teach them a lesson.

    Forced to dig their own graves, the terrorists were all tied to posts, execution style. The U.S. soldiers then brought in pigs and slaughtered them, rubbing their bullets in the blood and fat. Thus, the terrorists were terrorized; they saw that they would be contaminated with hogs’ blood. This would mean that they could not enter Heaven, even if they died as terrorist martyrs.

    All but one was shot, their bodies dumped into the grave, and the hog guts dumped atop the bodies. The lone survivor was allowed to escape back to the terrorist camp and tell his brethren what happened to the others. This brought a stop to terrorism in the Philippines for the next 50 years.

    Pointing a gun into the face of Islamic terrorists won’t make them flinch.

    They welcome the chance to die for Allah. Like Gen. Pershing, we must show them that they won’t get to Muslim heaven (which they believe has an endless supply of virgins) but instead will die with the hated pigs of the devil.

    • ‘Black Jack’ Pershing was a man of strict morals. It is unlikely the story about abusing dead Moslems is correct.

      • The term of abusing is a relatively new term applied in a broad sense to anything that might be upsetting to the weakest of our society. Black Jack Pershing did not ascribe to anything that would deter him from defeating his enemy the Muslims. He did have a dig their own graves. And he did kill all the one. And he did cover them with big that and guess and we had peace for 50 years, so it does work. As far as a Christian is concerned but blackjack Pershing did is not abuse, but common sense. Remember, it’s all perspective.

    • GOD I abso-f’g-lutely LOVE it!

      The PC crowd we have today running our military when not apologizing are bending over backwards to avoid offending THE ENEMY!

      Where is a Pershing when we need him?

      Where is a Patton when we need him?

      America has been deballed starting from the top down, only the grunts on the battlefield can hold their head high, as these guys do!

  18. If these pics shock anyone then they haven’t been hardened enough for what is needed to beat the enemy.

    If we weren’t there these bastards would be killing each other in greater numbers. So bring our boys home now.

  19. This is war, Stupid…(stupid=dirtballs that wanna piss and moan)….
    Where was the outrage when they were dragging a bloody and naked body of a U.S. Soldier who was over there shedding American Blood to fight for those who are, supposedly, victims. I say, supposedly, because they “should ALSO be outraged” at the sight of their “saviors” being treated with such disrespect.
    And, DO NOT allow American Soldiers back into the Middle East until they sign a contract in their own blood (literally) on paper that IF OUR MILITARY goes to your country to fight — stop the PC crap and let them do what they do best… Destroy the enemy without all of the PC crap.
    THEN AND ONLY THEN should we return.

    • AMEN!

      Further than that, don’t send them to an Islamic country unless the place has been mostly made into a self-illuminating parking lot, first. Then go in with robots to remove stuff and repair the oil wells.

      • But lets not forget the slimeballs that have taken homage in the Free Countries in the West,we should work a clearing out these Bastards at Home first,the Governments in the West should begin the “Shipping-back” process,otherwise what the Hell are our Troups comming Home to-the same again and Persecution???

    • i agree. it is very hard to fight a war when one side has “Rules of Engagement” and the other side does not.

      • Exactly! We are the only country that follows the rules of engagement. And that is saying something, especially when the rules change constantly!!! It is very frustrating for our troops. How many times have we seen pictures and videos of the muzzies parading around with our dead?

    • I agree 100 percent. What the fk are our guys doing over there? If they want to be Taliban style muzzies let em, fk em. And from this point on stay the hell out of all foriegn countries unless they attack us. Then destroy them but don’t try to rebuild their fked up country in our image, just go and let them suffer the consequences.

      • That’s a good question, considering there has been no help developing the countries and some of them would have faired better without the interference. For example:
        1) They have installed and supported oppressive dictators who keep those countries poor..(Saddam, Shah Pahalvi, Musharraf, Mubarak, Abdullah, Abdullah 2, Zardari, Karzai)

        2) They keep trying to overthrow independent Muslim govts by covert means of instigating riots and terrorism..(Turkey, Iran)

        3) They have interfered in internal politics of Muslim countries by setting up secret intelligence networks and military bases there..(Pakistan, Iraq, Iran, Turkey, Egypt, Malaysia, Indonesia, Afghanistan, Morocco, Sudan, Kazakhstan, Algeria)

        The consequences have already ensued due to these actions taken by the troops, probably by mistake, I’m not blaming or saying they knew the things that would ensue, but because of that the countries and civilians faced so much violence, deaths, and inhuman acts by both parties where people posed with dead corpses on both sides- completely vulger and doesn’t respect human dignity that God has bestowed everyone with. But anyways, John, I would reccomend you start getting your facts strait before making your claims please.

        • I apologize John; I didn’t mean to sound like I was schooling you. I get my facts from the news…same as you? I also know quite a few foreign exchange students as the University I study in is quite diverse. Why? If any of the points I made are incorrect, please let me know and I will take it back.

        • If the “Shah” or his successor would still be in power in Iran, we would not have to worry. We only have to worry because Islam got the opportunity to raise to power.

          What we need as the approach is EDUCATION about Islam. I didn’t like it even as a kid, but never knew why, NOW after I got myself educated I know. Instead of declaring “Islam is peace” and going after the terrorist right after 9/11, the USA should have spend the money on education.

          Many of the modern sects and cults, (like Moonies/Scientology among them) do not get new followers because the public is AWARE and wary of their “shortcoming”. The same could/can work with Islam. Expose its foolishness, and go from there. Sure one can believe a deity will send a Angel on stairway to earth passing 50.000 years time on this one way trip.

        • You’re right; more people do need to be educated, about Islam- but also about other religions as well such as Doaism and Buddhism, religions that so many of us know so little about.

          If we as a society increase awareness and are more educated about other religions, cultures, points of views, and languages than our own, we are only that much closer to being more open minded than beforem achieving understanding and God willing, world peace as well.

          Then, whether Islam or any other religion scares people away or not, atleast they will have gained a basic understanding of whether or not what people are doing is a reflection of that religion or not, etc.

          So basically, I agree with you on your point about religious literacy, but I really hope it helps us form better as a society and on a global scale as opposed to creating more societal stigmas instead.


      • Worth repeating.

        “The difference between the “radicals” and the “moderates” is that the radicals want to engage in genocide even while they are a minority, while the moderates want to wait until they are a majority. The radicals are satisfied with killing a few Hindus, Christians, Jews, here and there. The moderates want to wait and kill millions. Neither are our allies. Both are our murderers.” — Daniel Greenfield

        Peace to all non-moslems. I trust no moslem.

    • All I can say is I wish I could of been in these pictures and i wish I could of a even been involved in a tiny bit of the handy work of killing these scum bags and the guys in the pics are the ones that were hopefully lucky enough to hear them beg for there lives while dying! Wish I could go over there and kill a bunch and take pics with them. They are burning in Hell now so thats pretty great!!

      • u r a little bitch ..when it comes to reality u all run like the little bitches u are .. that is why US have lost everything in this war and will keep loosing .. and we the Muslims in North America keep on getting richer and getting all the good jobs …and u morans keep on fighting a losing war lol lol

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