GOOD NEWS FOR UK MUSLIMS: 48% of Brits want to get out of the country

BAD NEWS FOR UK MUSLIMS: Who will fund the generous welfare state for you?

‘Britain Suffers most from surge of (Muslim) immigrants.

UK SUN  Muslim immigration has changed the face of Britain faster than any major country except Italy, experts said last night. Independent think tank Migration Observatory revealed the damning finding after comparing UK arrival rates with every other rich nation.

The peak of the influx came between 2000 and 2005, when Labour’s open door policy allowed immigrant numbers arriving to shoot up by 22 per cent. The world average was nine per cent and the G8 countries’ 11 per cent.

It meant that the number of foreign-born people in the UK increased from 3.8million in 1993 to 7million in 2010 — or 12 per cent of the population. The number of foreign citizens living here also doubled from under 2million to over 4million. Sir Andrew Green, chairman of pressure group Migration Watch, said: “This underlines the huge impact of Labour’s mass immigration policy.”

Almost half of all Britons are seriously considering moving overseas. Australia is the top choice, followed by the US, Canada, and New Zealand.

UK SUN  (H/T Susan K) Pollsters YouGov quizzed 1,650 adults after The Sun told last week about Dave and Jackie Jones who emigrated to Australia with their 12 kids. The family from Barrow-in-Furness, Cumbria — who have never claimed benefits — quit in despair at what they see as soft-touch Britain’s emphasis on state handouts instead of opportunities. Dave, 42, said: “I have to do the best for my kids and I feel the opportunities I want for them will not be in the UK.”

Our poll found that most Britons agree. Three in five think quality of life will be worse for their kids than it has been for them. Just 13 per cent think their children will have it better.

Britain’s countryside would be missed by 25 per cent, the NHS by 19 per cent and TV by ten per cent. Nothing else about life here rated double figures. Only 11 per cent of us said there was nothing that could make them want to leave the UK.

When asked under what circumstances people should be allowed to move to Britain, 50 per cent say people should sometimes be allowed to come here to find work. But 38 per cent said this should never be allowed. Most agreed that people should be able to come to Britain to study at a university.

The poll also found that most important aspects of life in Britain have worsened over the last 20 years. Manners and politeness were mentioned by 83 per cent, the economy by 81 per cent, crime 68 per cent and education 55 per cent.

YouGov asked whether the last five PMs going back to Margaret Thatcher had made the country better or worse. All were deemed to have done more damage than good — with Gordon Brown and David Cameron doing especially badly.

The Sun told how hard-working Dave Jones — who earned £38,000-a-year doing night shifts at a paper mill — and Jackie, 43, left the country with their brood last Saturday.

Six per cent of those polled are actively making plans to leave, and 42 per cent say they will seriously consider it. The cost of living was named by 52 per cent as a good reason for leaving. The weather scored 37 per cent, job availability 31 per cent and crime 27 per cent.


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  1. being of British decent living in Australia I’m shocked and appalled how the UK has voluntarily destroyed its identity. To think it has such a proud history only to become a shithole With the natives a minority in there own capitol City.. my god..

  2. Lauren ask yourelf a question like this, Who is letting these people into your, our (white) countries and why are they doing it? Adolf Hitler tried to stop this and tried to tell the world but not enough people listened or they just wanted to make good with their own lives and not care about the future of their people or their countries. Now that Germany lost that major war ALL white people are going to suffer slowly like we are now except for maybe Russian whites they may be the new fatherland the last of the caucasnoid race.

    So I wonder who is in control and makes me have to go to niggerville while the blacks working their get to go to white neighborhoods but I have to go to niggerville as a white man and deliver tires to black neighborhoods that are very dangerous especially for a white man while the black workers get to go to white neighborhoods. To top it off I see my own town being flooded with section 8 housing with blacks moving in! We the tax payers are paying for them to live next to us!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I don’t want ot live next to blacks or any other type of different races it feels strange and I don’t trust them. Not that I trust all white people but man now I have to deal with blacks! I don’t hate blacks or any other races but I don’t want them living next to me! It’s all about preservation and being somewhat safe for us white folk

    Anyway our governments are controlled by the bankers and we are in for some hard times maybe even extinction of our race as we know it! Gott mit uns

  3. Oh Well I tried to Warn the South Pacific Nations …
    You Homes your Lives and your Very Core Values will be gone within the next DECADE !!
    you Children’s Children will be Slaves of ALL kinds to This Vermin

    OH BY THE WAY >>>>

  4. I am sick of all those creepy looking weird freaks. Sick of all the bull shit ass licking do gooders. Sick if he smelly scumbags pakis and sick of the smelly slimming muslims. Hey enter a world expecting to be looked after. Rape our women and kids and then get a free hand to do it again. If I had a chance to tear every shit hole muslim prayer home to the ground I would without any regrets. And call me cold but I wouldn’t give a Fuck if they were still in it.

    I am an Irish person myself as you know by my name but this isn’t just a uk issue. I will stand by the uk and watch th burn the scum to ground holding a Muslim head down if I have to.

  5. Shak Khan states that Muslims are the new Jews. In your dreams! Never in a trillion trillion years.
    Go compare!
    Muslims 1 Nobel Prize
    Jews. Hundreds of Nobel Prizewinners
    Muslims. Use the most cruel methods of killing enemies
    Jews. Treat and heal their enemies, including their children who are intended for violent jihad when they grow up.
    Muslims. No virtuoso musicians
    Jews. Thousands of virtuoso musicians in all Western countries
    Muslims. No talented artists, except those allowed to make patterns only.
    Jews. Thousands of wonderful artists who may draw and paint what they choose.
    Muslims. No sense of humour
    Jews. Have given the world some amazing comedy and entertainment to brighten our days.
    Muslims could never be like Jews. They whine too much, are spiteful and allow their talents to be suppressed in favour of getting loads of sex in the next life.
    I am not of the Jewish faith but I thank the gods for all that Jews have brought to this world.

  6. having religions is a way to confuse people and a way for sure to separate people.
    it is like having different moneys us dollar Canadian dollar Russian rubel European euro and the list goes on and on and on

  7. If you are going to come to Australia, make sure you are not a left wing apologist, you are not welcome here. Leave your political correctness and soft-touch in England please. Otherwise, welcome aboard!

  8. Sorry for that but please suggest what to do i am really worried about our existence. you know many countries who were earlier supposed to be Christian now rapidly changing into islamic country . Even in China where there is Buddhism many islam is spreading slowly. I think that Organisation like PEGIDA and other anti-islamic organisation should be encouraged at international level and grate religion like (Christian, Hindu, Buddhist, Jews) should join hand and fight against islamic terrorism. Why cant we have such organisation like the islamic pigs have.

    • We can’t have such organisations because our cowardly,stinking,traitorous governments hate anything that is not Islamic.They have a secret agenda to destroy the white race.

      • I was born in the UK,
        I worked in the UK for 50 years ,
        I paid my Nat Ins and Tax for 50 years
        I suffered financial hardship with a mortgage for 30 years.
        I’ve paid my dues along with millions of other Nationals.
        I resent to the highest level that the Governments past and present are constantly throwing our hard earned money away to people that have contributed absolutely ‘ F ‘ all.
        This little Island of ours cannot sustain this wanton destruction of our lives
        The new Calais fence is a total waste of money a few million quid, a pair of wire cutters cost only £20.
        Brick up the friggin tunnel and Blockade the ports. and use the Army to enforce the coastline borders.

        • The main point of optism remaining is that history dictates that there is nothing more fearless, inventive, organised, or intelligent than the White Man when he’s hemmed into a corner… History dictates and illustrates this fact….. It’s just such a shame that several thousand years of culture, breeding, and trying to wipe the shitty arses of inferior races, and pandering to leftish do-gooder bullshit means we will leave it until that the point that the Caucasian is in a corner…. But rest assured, history will repeat itself and the sleeping pink giant will awaken and rule the world again over all you street shitting, scrounging, welfare taking, flea ridden, bombing, bumming, scum immigrant parasites….. Just a shame the White Man always leaves it too late (in the hope that the savage races will see reason and become cultured – it has never happened yet), but late as White Man leaves it, he usually ends up on top… If you scum and your scum ancestors can’t make a go of your own land, don’t come scrounging and raping our land, just because our ancestors put down the spear, invented toilet paper, electricity, and welfare….. Fuck off we don’t want you ,,,,,!,,,,,!,,,,,!,,,,,

        • I’m horrified at what is happening to Britain. It makes no sense either as to why it’s being allowed to happen. It’s very worrying!

      • I agree about Blocking up the tonal in calais. Better still Blow up that tunnel
        We do not need it. Have it as it was before backwards & forward on the ferry. We got on before without the Tunnel . & if the migrants want to get into the U.K Then they can swim.These migrants are filthy ignorant deceased.& black. it just will not look decent in the uk They are not human
        But Animals . If that is the case about destroy decent white folk. So if the Government turn a blind eye of this invasion, then the English whites have to take the law into there hands.The thing is this’ on speakers corner Hyde park The foreigners can say what they like & get away with it .If the english speak up we are racist & get arrested. Look out for me, as I hope I can speak on a soap box, & take a chance.. I will mention this message


    • I don’t think calling names to Prophets is going to fix the issues with Muslim invasion of the UK but if they have made a choice to come and live in UK they MUST integrate with the culture and system and not build ethnic enclaves and impose Islamic rules in a state or land or country they don’t belong to or inherit. Generally speaking most Muslims are too afraid of accepting the fact that they are buried into the darkness of very old traditions that don’t align well with the teachings of their own faith rather they misunderstand their own religion that does allow right for independent thought and prohibits compulsion of your views upon others. Since history Islamic rules failed to comprehend this and imposed Islam by FEAR and FORCE and this doomed generations and dynasties. UK is free country and Muslims should be thankful to the system of government that not protects their life but also their faith. The biggest enemy of Muslims is Muslims themselves. Name one Muslim country where there is no bloodshed and chaos and genocide.

  10. I have had a free education in the uk (the 40k+ student loan i recieved wil;l not be repaid, I have just completed a masters course in the netherlands for free now i intend to return to my country of origin and not pay you bigoted islamophobic retards a penny back THANK YOU AND FCUK YOU the writings on the wall and tbh any muslim stupid enough to stay in the UK deserve what is coming to them muslims are the new jews i shall live like a king back home with the palace built on the destruction of the white people thank you mwah x

    • You will burn in hell you ponce and your mother sister daughter will reep your deprived ways back in your 3rd world country being abused
      your a sinner and no matter how much you abide by Ramadan you will pay for your ways wen you die your faith is a lie your profit Mohamed was a child molester and a sadist I will rejoice in the fact you will have your comeuppance
      Good riddance

    • Good riddance dickhead!
      People like you are bloody parasites so enjoy life eating camel dung back in your wonderful shithole of a country without the handouts you obviously live by ya lazy fcuk!!
      ps……want a bacon butty to take with you?

    • Just goes to show that education does not foster intelligence. Good riddance, go back to your country, Britain will not miss you, could you please organise a bus to take a load more back with you?

    • I am sure it would have been easier for you, as all muslimes are lazy retards, to have bought your degree then gone home to a billion/year job you did not have a clue how to do.
      With a bit of luck you might have killed yourself and a bucket full of isil and talebane mates, then I would be so happy, but possibly you have made another
      complete balls up——well done, your efforts are much admired !!!?1???

    • We need to pic up arms and be rid of the plaige of Allah. DIE A Painfull death all you lot do is rape this country so seeing the back of just one is a start .

    • Not a genuine post, obviously! But I seriously believe that it’s no longer just ‘a small minority of nutters’ as the liberals would have us believe. It is now time to rid the western world of this child raping, girl stoning, head removing sect! They’re just vermin anyway.

    • Your comments show that you do not have the brain to get a degree let alone a masters. If you were educated you would not hate people because of their skin colour, you would have learned to take in data and offer proof of your theories.
      My guess is that you are the man who removes the buckets of animal guts in the halal slaughterhouse. The fact that you are a Muslim feeding on tortured animals, jumping like a jumping bean when the howl to prayers rings from the minaret, then pray robot style with flapping of hands, backside in the air vulgarly revealing separation of the bum cheeks, demonstrates that you cannot think for yourself but allow ignorant imams to do your thinking.
      No, you did not have an English university education. Perhaps you got drawn into one of the brainwashing cults that have entered the UK?

    • You’re a muslim, GET OUT OUR Counrty!!!!!!!, Or are more drastic measures needed…. Do you know who general pershing is? Burnt a hundred of you alive with pigs in a mass grave. DO YOU FEEL ME!!!!!

    • You certainly are lucky to have had such an amazing education! However, like your muslim brothers you will have an average IQ of around 80, so the only degree you have will be in RE or PE unless you bought a better one online for $100. Enjoy living like a king in the islamic hole of your choice… that is until your fundaMENTAList brothers kill you for daring to use your intimidating intellect. Not to worry though, your satanic moon god still offers those hot and sexy pleasure boys alongside the virgins, so there’s at least something to appeal to your reserved tastes.

      ‘Islamophobic’ suggests an irrational fear of your kind. We don’t fear people of low intelligence, filthy habits and psychotic culture. We don’t fear child rapists, cowards, liars and thieves. We simply despise them with a passion. If you DON’T leave voluntarily, we have millions of vacant lamp-posts for you.

    • If any of you in this string of comments thinks that this is going to get better anytime soon you are all so very sadly mistaken. These sick fucks believe with all there heart and soul that they must, by divine instruction, spread there twisted ideology all over the planet. They are happy to do it since they are forced to be a disenfranchised, sexually repressed, idiotic drones by there maniacal religious leaders. I have lived in New York City my whole life and although it is not as bad here right now as all the major EU cities, we are surely on the way too. Mosques, Masjids, and those fuckin’ Madrassas of theirs, it really is not too hard to see the writing on the wall. It’s like Colonel Kurtz says “We must kill them. We must incinerate them. Pig after pig… cow after cow… village after village… army after army…


  11. Yes go back to your third world country that you completely fucked up with your backward ways you dirty dress wearing fuckwits

      • You Brits have created your own monster politicians who took away your right to carry firearms. By the way Britain created the mess with the creation of Pakistan with the first Islamic atomic bomb. Britain has fucked over one nation after another and now all your chickens have come home to roost. In the US Muslims keep a low profile compared to British Muslims who chop off British soldiers heads while Brits just stand by and watch!

      • Helga, Brits brought infrastructure, education, hospitals, agriculture, schools, law, industry and railroads to every country and continent they colonised. It is thanks to the British discipline, inventiveness and superb organisation skills most of these resemble a modern civilisation instead of utterly backward shitholes with tribes and murderous warlords. Other European countries played part in this but none more so than Britain.
        So how exactly is this fucking over other nations?

    • we want you out – your fucking murderous ways – and your bloody prat ideas about women – het out you fucks#!!!

    • All these Migrants getting into my England apart from a few are dirty Muslim. They are going to change our existence of a peaceful life the time they finish breeding. its shameful to see these black sacks walking in our streets. This was not a third country But it is now. As for these uneducated deceased scum in cali waiting to crash there way into the United kingdom. it will be very dangerous to walk the streets
      with the Pakistanis Africans all of them from the middle east . Ok, they have a war, let them deal with it over there fuck the men women kids. Hitler done a good job
      But he killed the wrong race. he should have wiped out the Muslims. They say there are 2,5 Billion stinking Muslims there must be 20 million in the U.k.I could advise the government what to do about these degraded scum. That is electrify the fences with enough to throw them 20 meters away. I would like to see them dead never mind about a shock. If Hitler had of killed Muslims nothing more would be said I’m sure. as the Muslims are a bigger threat than the Jews., as we will see in the next few years I’m sure that they will be beheading us English, as they have the Muslim law here already. Beware my English comrades. The Government will not do anything So we must take arms & rid them back into the Sea before its to late. Ron Yates

  12. The real problem isn’t the immigrants, its the British establishment. They have twigged that the white indigenous brits have become too comfortable. It’s what happens when consumerism reaches its climax…… is then all about gratification, not work. White brits are finished. The establishment have cottoned onto the fact that with white brits, they are on to a loser. White brits dont work cheap. White brits cant be forced into shit jobs without human rights being invoked. In the eyes of the British establishment, white brits have become too expensive to “run” and are no longer efficient slaves. They need too much, too many wages. They can be bought off easily with cheap plastic electric goods, but if you want to drop their wages, its a problem.

    Meet your upgrade, Ishfan, or whatever. He is the guy the British establishment has bought in to replace you. You;re not expected to compete with him, he’ll do anything anywhere. You are expected to fuck off and die. The British establishment has solved its problem, and the white upper class have ensured their future whilst at the same time, getting the middle and lower white classes out from under them.

    Bye bye white Brit.

    And the sad thing is, you are doing this to yourselves. Firstly, you refuse to recognise that you are slaves and owned. This is not your country, it belongs to the establishment. You are who has been produced to do their work. This is the system you have been born into. Please wake out of it, before we all become suffocated by it.

    Resist the elections. They are unfair. You keep voting for the people who are plotting to get rid of you. Remember, you are an expensive commodity, your want for wages only goes up……you are not wanted. And still you trot to the polls and vote for these people.

    This is your country. Take it back. Burn down the unjust first past the post system, and disenfranch

    You are being phased out. It’s been going on for well over 2 decades/ A decision has been made on you by your owners. You are the old car. Your going to the scrapyard. The new preferre4d model of slave is muslim. Muslim;s can accrue large amounts of taces for the white upper class because they breed prominently.

    There are a flux of reasons as to why the British establishment prefer them to you.

    And yet you keep their system chugging along every day. You are in fact, the cause of your own demise until you wake up.

    • It is total nonsense there is some ‘Establishment’ which is controlling things for its own benefit. The same nonsense was preached about the Jews. People are essentially too self-centred and individualistic to combine in this way. The truth is more subtle.

      • That’s quite a naive and un-insightful comment.

        Your logic is as follows:

        Firstly – Something was said of the Jews, if it was wrong then, it is always nonsense. (Not that it was ever proven to be right or wrong, the ensuing genocide overshadowed it. However, that is irrelevant to the point.)

        Secondly – People are too individualistic to ‘combine’ in this way. But remember how people ‘combined’ against the jews?

        If there is some common interest, then people WILL ‘combine’. There is nothing wrong with that. If there is no reason to ‘combine’ or to ‘combine’ would be a disadvantage, then people will become individualistic. More people are individualistic today, but you are defining people by your narrow scope of the world, as that’s is all you have experienced as a basis for comparison.

        You really have no point. I disagree with 815h0p on some minor points, but his logic is stronger than yours, if you can call yours logic at all. Trying to contradict with a self-contradiction is painfully stupid.

      • An American Teacher of the last century thought mankind ” a passing parade of pathetic paranoids ” and I am beginning to wonder if he was’nt correct.
        I challenge you to define for me what you mean by the establishment. Make your definition as lengthy as you like . I am really interested to know , for instance, if they control everything in Britain or just a few things.
        Would they be able to stop any more vehicles coming on to the roads for example,if they wished.I find the term meaningless, it is so vague.Hitler was extraordinarily vague about the Jews,no details,no names. If the Jews were as powerful as he said they were they would not have allowed 6 million of their number to perish the way they did. So I would like you to name the evil men (and women) if you can, in the establishment. It seems to me the people to look out for are the ones who promulgate this vague kind of nonsense,and not “the establishment”.

      • Further to my rant above,I want to go back to what I said originally. My comments there were put down without sufficient thought.I do not mean at all times and places people do not combine for their own ends.You yourself instanced the Germans/Nazis combining against the Jews.The big difference between that and the “establishment” combining to favour immigrants over British workers is that there is abundant proof for the former but none none whatsoever for the latter. Where is the evidence? Perhaps you can refer me to some.

      • Further still to my comments above, I cannot see how you can call 815’s comments logical , as it is all imaginary. It’s as if he wants to believe he’s a slave and is owned and that his country is entirely owned by the “establishment.” I looked up Wikipedia’s article on the establishment.It is enlightening to see who they include. Do you seriously believe they all collude with one another to keep the British worker down and that the country is owned by them? That is not reality, but fantasy. It is the same type of sick psychological phenomenon Hitler and the Nazis were possessed by. Think about it. And there I must end.

      • yes, everyone has their demons – but, essentially, we do not welcome people into our country whi can cause death and destruction – those year have ended twat!!!!

      • The ‘Establishment’ is the Vatican who own both Britain and Ireland, and, the truth is much worse than most realize. You’re human rights and the laws in britain are mere illusion. IF the ‘establishment’ choose to violate you they can do whatever they want to you and there is nothing you can do. (I’ve had all my human rights violated and worse and those involved are being protected) The muslim is not the real problem. The ‘Fundies’ are the SS of the RC church. It is the paedophiles perverts and necrophiles of the roman british establishment who are the Problem.


      • its all talk talk But nothing done about these none pig eaters. I’m a white english man my background in Anglo Saxon checked my ancestry back to the 1400 century. & proud of it. so this government or the english people either do something about the state of this almost Islamic state. I’m almost 80. But would be willing to wage war on these Muslim bastards The old saying is a good Muslim’ is a dead Muslim, as the way its going WE WILL ALL BE SLAVES WITHIN THE NEXT 15 TO 20 YEARS. IF ANYTHING IS TO BE DONE, THEN IT MUST BE NOW AS MANY OF US WILL DIE NOT FOR THIS GOD FORSAKEN COUNTRY, BUT FOR OUR CHILDREN & GRAND CHILDREN FUTER. Once again the government & the M.Ps are lining there pockets by letting these scum Muslims in. I do believe many white English do not vote labor or Conservative only the blacks & Muslims do. & THE MINORITY WHICH BY NOW ARE WHITE & NOT ENOUGH TO VOTE GET RID OF THE SCUM WE HAVE NOW IN THE UK.. i WILL ALWAYS VOTE FOR THE TIME BEING U KIP. THERE IS NO OTHER, AS IT CAN’T BE ANY WORSE. CIVIL WAR YES . BUT THIS GOVERNMENT ARE BEING PAID TO WELL TO CHANGE. I CAN’T SEE THE END OF THE TUNNEL OR ANOTHER WAY OUT, SO START TEACHING YOUR OFF SPRING HOW TO BEHAVE WHEN THEY BECOME SLAVES TO THE MUSLIM’S

    • I do feel sorry for you and most of the others on this page.
      I understand the anger being white and from britain my self things have changed a lot and will keep changing all over the world.
      part of that being the fact that as a human race we are over populating the small areas we inhabit and sucking dry and destroying the areas we don’t

      The Muslim Race its self is not a problem neither is the religion either.
      The problem as always comes down to the person them self.
      No matter what country you go to… UK, USA, Egypt… dose not matter you will always get overly patriotic/religious people willing to kill or destroy for their country or god.

      The problem as i see it is the Qur’an id very open it interpretation.
      The context of violent passages is more ambiguous than might be expected of a perfect book from a loving God.
      However this can work both ways depending on the person reading the Qur’an
      Most of today’s Muslims exercise a personal choice to interpret their holy book’s call to arms according to their own moral preconceptions about justifiable violence.

      And on the immigrant side of things people are always going to want to escape their bad situation or countries if they can and as we see in the UK its got bad enough for some brits here so they leave.. and what are they now?


      anyway im not a Muslim or any other religion.
      Just my view on the situation at hand.

    • 815h0p,

      you are RIGHT… and worst of all is that it is happening EVERYWHERE around the world… And, if one thinks he is living in a DEMOCRACY and can vote whom to be governed by, he is DELUDING himself, because he can democratically choose ONLY the PUPPETS through which he will be governed… but will NEVER be able to choose the PUPPET MASTERS who will ACTUALLY govern him… because those puppet masters are SELF APPOINTED… They never CANDIDATE to be ELECTED by voters… they are ALREADY there… untouchable…

  13. Winston Churchill would be turning in his grave if he could see what this once proud and brave Nation has become.
    muslims are building in numbers waiting to overthrow the sleepy brits. We will Never Surrender to these evil parasites.

    • One fears this is a case of closing the stable door after the horse has bolted. In a recent debate in New Zealand, one of the MPs on immigration said do we want to become like England? Enough said. Mind you I wonder how the Maori felt at immigration?

      • of the lot of all immigrats, (muslims, Chinese, philio, bhuddists, russians, Indians) whom do u all hate the most, means who of these lists are causing u all more problems….and u forsight says which of these if not driven away would cause huge problems for u. (please somebody arrange them in order from worst to still good) please include those which i have not mentioned

  14. Why do the people want to leave. Tell the Muslums to leave. If you don’t your
    country will be taken over. You have to many Muslums.

    • Kick Muslims out of your country immediately. Your problems are solved. We recognize Christian Britain. We are not gonna recognize Muslim Britain. In case you are not able to kick the Muslims out of your country, particularly Pakistanis, then please destroy your Nuclear Weapons before handing over your country to Muslims. I am an Indian.

      • i toatally agree kick the muslims out of our counrty , they dont belong here and never will belong here . they are rood individals .all the do is complain about everything , but there own countys are so great and if that is so then go back where you fuckwits belong . dont come here trying to make some thing that is not yours .


    • This country has been sold down the river by successive lying poloticians, they should be shot for allowing all the foreign shit that they have allowed into this country, just think of the men that have died to protect our once great country, what a legacy for our children to inherit, we should all rise up and tell the people in authority to go and fuck themselves before there is nothing left to defend.

      • I have never gotten a good explanation as to WHY the country was flooded with Muslims. The leftist elite wanted multiculturalism? Was that the reason? What country flings open its gates to so many foreigners for some vague and questionable concept? If they had at least been Hindus who have a positive attitude towards others. But why all these Muslims? This is a serious question, not rhetorical.

  16. Everybody needs to wake up and quick or your children,or children’s children will be burka wearing motherfuckas,and hating you.

  17. EAT PORK


  18. England lost the plot. My friend had a go at some Muslims about that squady in woolwich, and got done for racial bullshit. Now the Muslims want to kill our queen. Enough is enough !!!! Time for those rats to go back to eating sand in there own shite country . Oh god are the police going to kick my door down now, for speaking against precious Muslims

  19. We will fight them on the beaches…., wot happened to the spirit of the British? You are a beautiful people, stand up and do what your ancestors, did. Do not capitulate, rise and let your country be taken over. One heres, Australia Nz, have the same issue. People deserve the govt, they elect! In the programme Make Leicester British recently aired, the Hindus, Sikh spoke up, and alas, the British stayed silent! The trouble with the British is that they will run and move out, whilst not voicing decnet, when I collated a petition against the Mosque, all the Brits, would not sign but sold their houses, the non Brits signed and made a stand. The Brits who moved to white areas, found within 5 years that a new Mosque was opening in the area they had fled to. They will now run off to Nz and Australia, because they hate immigration and how the immigrants dont fit in. The Maori and Aboriginal, who are left, must feel the same!

    • At least the Maori got to fight when they didn’t agree with it. Every group or culture is trying to perpetuate it’s own survival and compete and fight for better standards of living.

      Let none of us pretend that the muslims, a bloody primitive, superstitious culture from the dark ages is going to be above that. They epitomize it!!!! IT IS THE CORE OF IT’S TEACHING for fuck’s sake!!!

    • Hi Jibba,

      The issue is you shout and shout about it and nobody ever listens, until that is you overstep the mark and get arrested, problem is nobody knows where the hell that mark is anymore.

      Britain is heading for a religious war, I am tempted to say a civil war, but I am not sure if it counts a civil war due to the fact that most are immigrants. We are told now that we have to separate Islam from terrorism. Even the PM last week got told off for stating a sentence using “Islamic Terrorists”.

      It is all too true that they look down on you in the street, they will not speak to you, they see us (whites) as a lower form of life. They will barge past you in their cars, no thank you, nothing. Yet the second we say something, they play the racist card and guess who gets arrested?

      I am educated, and I deal with a lot of managing directors of companies, all of them have an escape plan for when Britain finally becomes part of the caliphate, although in places that seems to have happened. We feel powerless, we are trapped behind a government that I truly believe wants to do more about this problem, but is being hindered at every stage by our own stupid legal system. Top that with Brussels spitting out laws on human rights, left right and center, and we have the perfect storm.

      When I say I live in the middle of it, I live about 20 miles from Luton. Things have got that bad now, that as a small business owner, if I ever said to someone, I am not dealing with you because you are Muslim, I am in the wrong, and can get in serious trouble. Britain, I am sad to say, is now too far down this road. If nothing else other countries need to take heed here of what has happened. Nothing is going to stop this, short of a “Civil War”. It’s in the air, and, I have every confidence it will happen. I am just hoping with all my fingers crossed there are enough Brits left with enough of that stiff upper lip, to actually step up to the plate when the call comes in.

    • Ah, if only it were that easy.

      We are unarmed, not allowed to own guns, soon to need a license for air weapons. Carry a knife, and if they can prove any sort of ‘intent’, five years. Take a weapon from an attacker and use it on them, then it’s jailtime for you as the attacker was unarmed. Speak out, then look forward to arrest and detention for ‘hate crimes’.

      Muslims openly taunt police and racially harass non members of the ROP and yet are left alone. They rape children en masse and receive sentences that are reserved for shoplifters… community service, two months jail time, or even ‘don’t do it again’. Somalian guy let off a rape charge as he said he didn’t know it was wrong… When the papers state ’40 years for asian rape gang’ they only inform you in the smallprint that the 40 years is the sum total for 24 rapists. Glitter got worse and he didn’t kidnap his victims and sell them to friends for a pack of smokes… Our lords and masters are falling over themselves to appease these subhumans, why? Who ultimately benefits from the insanity?

      Mass civil action is needed, no-one will start it for fear of ‘disappearing’ forever courtesy of the system. Saying that, we have kitchen knives and chainsaws! But they have MP5s and training. This is why the British people cannot fight.

      If the Brits were armed, the fight would have been won years ago.

      ‘Spose we have to wait for Arthur to return and cower in the shadows until then.

  20. Canada’s not a lot better guys unfortunately…unless you live in the country. I was raised to be accepting of everyone, but after living in a large city with Canada, I’ve developed a huge distaste for certain cultures. It seems that the system is breaking down year by year under the influx of Muslims and other groups that have far too many children, sap us of our funds for social services, whine when Canada doesn’t bend over backwards for them, and generally just have a disgusting desire to overpopulate the planet when resources are limited and we’re destroying ourselves. They’re completely self serving and lack the consideration toward others and the planet that European descendants demonstrate. I’m surrounded by brainwashed buffoons who are pro equality and anti-discrimination..blinded by the fact that this ‘pro-everyone’ crap is going to be our demise. If growing countries were forced to retain their own population (as Cubans are forced to live), they would soon learn that they need to cut back on popping out kids due to limited land and food resources. Their silly religious faith or lack of education is unbearable.

    • White Europeans should come to the US and Canada to be a British, American, French, Canadian, country. Whites I suppose. Send Africans to Africa. Muslims to their prime countries. And everyone who wants to participate in (die)diversity, can try to live together in the middle.

      It could work. The United American Canadian kingdom, would be just fine.

      No it is not a racist thing. Its a we deserve to live among likeminded people without being muzzled by political correctness. We should be able to police our own, and not be forced to abide by others belief if what they think is right.

    • I also live in Canada, moved from the UK because of the huge problems there with immigration, no white faces in schools and PC gone mad, the snag is just in the last 10 years living here the exact same thing is happening, freedoms taken away and a Liberal PC brigade rise that just makes you want to be sick, the white populous is being bred out and within another 100 years will see us all being a muddy brown colour and living in caves, I for one will be glad not to be part of it but I feel for our kids.

  21. ”Muslim immigration has changed the face of Britain faster than any major country except Italy”

    muzzies had changed the face of Italy too,I live in Italy and here I find only immigrants.
    Especially muzzies from north africa and balkans,every inch of Italy is full of these shit.
    Try to come here in Italy,only immigrants,more of them are illegal aliens.
    arab-africans,slavs,hispanics and asians have infected my gorgeous country.
    Do you know that immigrants are pretty racists agaisnt Italians?
    Immigrants are the new owners of Italy.

  22. all you british gutter rats stay in your own country and take the Australian british convicts back and keep them and the new Zealand brits as well south Africa brits and America, Kanata brits back with you. we don’t want white people at all from british anywhere on the planet we fkn hate you crooks.

    • Anisha you will find your the dirty sewer rat !!! wouldnt want to go to your poor country anyway dirty skanks, dont want you here either poluting our air!!!

    • You dirty HO.
      Bet you and your family are claiming benefits.
      You married your brother yet?
      You Peodo worshipping Fools and your sick & twisted ideology can go fuck off back to the dessert.
      Get the fuckkkk out of UK AND nasty pigs.
      Nobody likes you terrorists anyway.Your Prophet was 1,and a rapist and you still Pray to him.
      First admit what he did in his life.Bet you cant.
      He made the religion up you thick twat.
      Your parents played you like a fool.You muslims are good at Lieing & Deceiving people anyway.

      I heard your dad married your mum when she was 5!

  23. Being british born and growing to despise the influx of Immigrants in our once glorious country ,The last straw for me was going on holiday only to find the guest house run by a muslim .Its bad enough they taking over the corner shops and taxis. jobs…plus take away /fast food outlets some thing drastic needs doing ……I would love to emigrate carnt stand living here any more.

    • Well we the Brits have made, Curry the National dish, more and more English men want Indian girlfriends, and wives. The national hosts who harp on about England my England like Dick Stein, Jamie Oliver, James “Yorkshire and proud of it! Martin, almost cook exclusively with Indian spices, Garam Masla, Cumin, Coriander, We have bought it on oursleves! A vast majority of our people are in recipt of benefits, and Nigerians, and Indians do the jobs our people dont want to do. Yet we turn a blind eye to the Kiwis, the Aussies and Yanks because we perceive them as white! However, in a poll most of the Kiwis, that come here are Indian and Chinese! They can claim the VAT, and set up off shore companies, something the colored people do not at least do!

      • What they don’t mention in the article is that you can’t just emigrate!

        You can’t just decide “that’s it, I’ve had enough” and move to another country. Even within the EU you still have to have a job in the new country you are moving to (unless of course you are muslim, in which case you will get free housing and benefits from day 1). Otherwise you will not be allowed in, other than on a short holiday.

        And there would be no point moving to another EU country even if you could, since the same mass muslim immigration and demographic-transformation is happening in almost ALL EU countries simultaneously.

        But emigrating to the US/Australia/Canada is even harder. Again, you can’t just move to those countries. You have to have been given permission to emigrate. In most you have to have been given a visa, which is temporary and dependant on you being offered a job.

  24. My Grandfather (a decorated WWII veteran of Palestine, Italy and Crete, captured and escaped wice, on the third recapture was lined up to be shot by the Germans, and later a friend and drinking buddy of a certain Mr. Powell) once said to me when I was twelve, ‘I wish the Germans had won the war’. Due to my liberal schooling I disagreed… the ‘programming’ was broken by witnessing first-hand the destruction of our once Great Britain.

    I adore the Indians, Sikh, Chistian and Hindu, the Chinese, The great and indomitable USA, Israel, Zoroastrians and Yezidi’s, the Greeks, the Russian Federation, the Persians, even the French… I simply can not abide Islam, in whatever colour it appears.

    There was an attempt at western integration by muslims prior to 9/11, after that, a lot of them started to trade jeans and T-shirts for medieval dress and get rather ‘uppity’.

    Now they seem to be fully hell-bent on world domination and destruction.

    Whilst holding out the official hand of peace and friendship, they hold a hammer behind their backs in the other. They work to take advantage of every situation, political or personal, by subterfuge or force. They are culturally addicted to lying, rape and murder for fun.

    A multicultural society cannot exist. A culture, by nature, can only be singular… What happened when groups of a differing culture were introduced to ancient Egypt, the Roman Empire, Bosnia, Bradford… chaos, loss of social cohesion and ultimately the fall of the civilisation in question.

    Is this a global government plan to cause WWIII and drop the world population or was it simply an experiment in social engineering?

    Only a few years ago, I would never have thought it possible to say:

    ‘The only solutions I can see are voluntary repatriation, forcible repatriation, or lamp-posts in every street’.

    I wonder, have I been radicalised?

      • Thank you, BNI.

        I discovered the truth fourteen years ago, but suspected it more than twenty-five.

        We’re on the brink of something brutal… I’m just saddened by our inability to act positively at the moment for fear of government / police / legal reprisals.

        I oddly find the left to be the most ‘right wing’ of people… blissfully unable to see past propaganda or fashionable politically correct peer influence. They will not debate rationally and are usually the first to start with the old violence at marches, assemblies, gigs etc.

        In their quest for rights and equality (perfect for a monoculture but never polycultures) they have inadvertently created a populace too scared to watch an episode of ‘mind your language’, never mind question ‘multiculturalism’.

        It’s ironic that liberal activists may have brought about a form of fascism… Doh!

        The populace is too fragmented to fight against a common enemy…Dare I say that a strong, charismatic and unifying leader is needed… but I think that may have happened before somewhere…

    • Listen, You said you adore Hindus! You, Being a British must have heard of Gurkha fighters. They are origninaly from Nepal, the only Hindu Country in the world. Surprisingly the Mongoloid Nepalese who make the bulk of Gurkha Army are not at all hindus, mostly buddhist. Nepal has a puppet Govt set up by India, which claims nepal to be a Hindu country. Those are people of Indian origin, no way look like Gurkhas. Those of indian origin makes 30% of population and holds all Govt positions. They fill their pockets with foreign aid, where mongoloid Gurkhas earn less than $2 a day. Hindus brought cast system in Nepal which was never there, and they call themselves high cast and made a rule that only high class people will remain rulling class forever. Mongoloids speak TibetoBurmese language, but National language is Nepali which is an Indian language, those bastards constrained that education will be only in Nepali language, so 70% of Mongoloid Nepalese remain illiterate for life. They banned all Buddhist rituals and made it necessary to celebrate all expensive Hindu rituals which is too difficult for poor people who earn less than $2 per day. Our little boys serves as cheap labours in Indian factories and often remain under paid. Our girls are forced to become prostitute in indian brother where violent torture on those little flowers are very common. You probably never heard of it, but Hindus are also creepy bastards, they are lairs. Muslims create problems openly, but Hindus secretly. You are able to fight back muslims, but you’ll can never fight back hindus because when you realise what damage they had done, it is all over. Please if you’ve got some time read about it. ( I am Buddhist)
      Sorry for my English.

      • Oh wow the thing is we in India love Nepal but you people are the one who are racist towards us I know how much you look down upon Indian as an brown people Indians you’re living under a communism government which hates India cause we live in democracy everyone knows communism hates democracy please don’t be brainwashed by your media we have gurkhas living in Indian states too yes you are Buddhist but you do worship mahadev aka shiv I think you’re a child that’s why you don’t know that you follow a mixture of Hinduism and Buddhism mostly Hinduism with rules of Buddhism brown Indians doesn’t control your government but yes your media does control your brains caste system have been abolished in India please do not generalise us

    • I disagree that a multicultural society cannot exist. It is simply islam that is incapable of co-existing with any other culture since their core superstitions have brainwashed them to HATE people of all other cultures and beliefs.

      But you mentioned the Indians – Sikh, Hindus, the Chinese etc. There is NO problem co-existing with people of those cultures.

      Why? Because the religions of those cultures teach Love, compassion and consideration for all other beings.

      • Thomas is right. We’re fearful for the future. Why? Because the most popular boy’s name in the UK, never mind Londonistan, is M….

      • “I disagree that a multicultural society cannot exist. It is simply islam that is incapable of co-existing with any other culture since their core superstitions have brainwashed them to HATE people of all other cultures and beliefs.”

        That would be fine… if they did that from the confines of their own cultural boundary, within their own country, and that weak-minded leftists didn’t simply welcome them in for them to exploit those whom they hate with no resistance. Those type of hippie leftists have the weakest of intellects, and virtually no realistic notion of history. Their only idea of history has been impregnated in their mind by leftist propaganda, which follows a narrative that white poeple have victimized the superior rest of the world, so now we must eradicate ourselves, or at least give everything thing away and leave ourselves to the mercy, or lake thereof, other ethnicities/races.

        Funny thing, if you call someone an ethnicist, they will probably be proud. The minds of those in the west are in a state of idle, delusional fantasy and an emotionally manipulated stupor.

  25. typical cannnot say anything about any race other than muslim, they are asian what about the east europeans anf their record on child trafficking, fuck of this forum is pro jewish pro eastern european and asian, nothing to do with the uk. where lets face it they are tyring to get work got to america and stay there. this forum is anti uk anti white uk natives, racist fuckers and still in the uk.

    • There is no such a thing as a ‘muslim race’ you moron, but yes, we love Jews here. Israel too but I guess I’m talking to a brick wall here since you are now banned. Even if you weren’t, I’d still be talking to a brick wall since you’re so dense headed.

  26. I used to be a liberal too, and though I hold a way of thinking that’s not completely “conservative” I know this muslim scum needs to be OUT of ALL western CIVILIZED societies. I think too people should STAY on their fucking countries, what’s with all the africans, muslims, turks, kurds, etc., asians and latin americans going in masses to Europe and North America and calling themselves citizens??? And governments of ALL Europe, Canada and the US, allowing it???!! And European and North American people allowing it too!! What the fuck is that??
    What I don’t get is the hate REAL European and North American homosexual guys get here (on this thread), they are REAL citizens and our sons, brothers and fathers too, they are not “a problem”, the problem are the fucking inmigrants, and ALL OF THEM, not JUST the muslim scum. I’m fed up of seeing a black/asian/muslim/latino calling himself European!!!! STOP THIS MADNESS.

    • totally agree with you, 100000%, its just a joke, at the beginning, I think many of us tried but now, no I hate them all, I hate them they say that they have our jobs coz we are lazy, no its because the wages are so so crap, because of you, but they planned it all, planned it all

    • That would be great if governments listened to people like you. I completely agree on all accounts and can’t express my thoughts because everyone around me is so pro this garbage taking place. They’re leaches on our systems, ruin neighbourhoods and sometimes contribute to high crime rates as well.

    • Same here. I’m still more liberal and will never be a republican, but we’ve had enough of this! Extremist Muslims need to go back to where they will be happier. We will eventually take a stand, as we always do, and it won’t be pretty, and the Muslims won’t win. Americans are crazy that way.

  27. According to the Bible Jesus was born in Bethlehem in Palestine
    A country where people are called Mohammed, Abdul, Mounir, Aziz, Ahmed, Farid, Omar, Youssouf, Mouloud, etc

    And he managed to find 12 friends called
    John, Peter, Paul, Phillip, Mark, Thomas, Luke, Mathew, Andrew and Simon
    ….. who all drank wine

    That’s what I call a miracle

    • just came across a video on here where these friggin muslims are cutting off the heads of others…. is this Britain in 20 years time? these fuckin muslims are disgusting fuckin animals and should all die allar fuckin acbar idiot assholes. get the fuck out of here, we should shut the boarders and let em get on with it.

      • 1000% Nige, like I see in the daily mail last week, the French are amazing they are trying to stop them scum at the boarder, as they get to france then come here, I have a growing hate in me, and I hate the scum

      • Sadly Nige I suspect it is. Maybe not 20 years time, but 30-40 for sure.

        They’re just waiting til their numbers have multiplied enough that they are 50% or more of the total population.

        And that day has to come, unless you sterilize them all now AND stop letting more in. Which of course our filthy traitorous leaders will never do.

        Watch Sweden closely. They will get there first. Whatever happens to them will happen to all the others a decade or 2 later.

        I suspect the traitors who sold us out and flooded our civilized nations with this ever-growing and unstoppable scourge have already prepared their escape plans.

      • i have a baby girl i dont want that dirty crazy scum near her why do i have to live in fear that one of them dirt bags will harm my baby in her own country its just bull get them all out if goverment dont do it we will hunt them down till the last one

      • We know exactly what you mean grim, and we feel for you.

        Before she get’s to her teens you should teach her about the true nature of those scum and to stay away from them at all times.

        Better still, get her as far away from them as you can, if you can. At the very least get out of the cities and big population centers.

  28. what these immigrants don’t realise is because our government are a pushover they think we are but we are not they will learn

  29. Discussion and worthless intellectualizing over Islam is a nut baggers pursuit. All forms of Islam will eventuate anti Western values and violence against non-believers, to believe otherwise only serves the interests of the Islamic enemy. Passive denial of the true nature of Islam is the seed of ruin and death to the Western world just as multiculturalism serves the same. Muslims continually seek advantage over non Muslims to pave the way for Sharia Law and Islamic jihad, secretly and overtly, the simple act of purchasing a Koran adds to the coffers of radical Islam. Altogether, the teachings of Islam are cast to diametrically oppose all other value systems without exception. The Islamic enemy will stop at nothing to achieve its primary goal of world domination no matter how long it takes. Best keep well in mind the greatest threats are kindled from within.

    • Why do we allow this to happen, how come the so called leaders not see what will happen. I am fed up with this country being ‘muslimized’

      • Did it ever occur to you they know exactly where it is all leading and they are allowing it to continue and even supporting it.

        How else do you explain the following…

        1) Flood every European nation simultaneously with hundreds of thousands of 7th Century savages, who you KNOW hate and despise your people and culture, and will breed exponentially.

        2) Give those useless savages free housing and benefits from the day they arrive (at the expense of your own citizens who must work to support these bums), while at the same time enforcing strict immigration rules for all non-muslim foreigners (who are not entitled to any benefits).

        3) Persecute, prosecute and demonize any and all native citizens who try to criticise or draw attention to the growing threat, while turning a blind eye to infinitely worse muslim transgressions.

        4) Keep repeating ad-nauseum in all media the following phrases – “religion of peace”, “moderate muslim”, “religion of peace”, “moderate muslim”, to keep the majority asleep to the truth and the coming catastrophe.

        Sorry I know it’s a frightening picture, but I’m convinced they’ve done it knowingly and with deliberate intent.

        But Why? I’m not sure, but it looks like they want to foment chaos and demographically transform the European nations.

        Personally I don’t think they really give a fuck about the muslims, I think they are just using them to achieve a long-term geostrategic goal.

        I REALLY hope I’m wrong, but I don’t see any other explanation.

        There are some who say “don’t worry, they are only 5% of the total population, and they will always only be 5%”. Either those idiots don’t realize how many children every muslim woman has, or they can’t do simple arithmetic.

      • of the lot of all immigrats, (muslims, Chinese, philio, bhuddists, russians, Indians) whom do u all hate the most, means who of these lists are causing u all more problems….and u forsight says which of these if not driven away would cause huge problems for u. (please somebody arrange them in order from worst to still good) please include those which i have not mentioned

  30. How can you have a harmonious cohesive nation with the division that you find in the Marxist idealogy of Multiculturalism.
    Answer-You can’t, and thats the whole point of the spreading of Multiculturalism,it’s Divisive and Destructive to the Nations it is adopted by,and the resulting conflicts gives the State more Power to Quell these Conflicts,effectively turning Free Countrys into Police States similar to other Socialist States in the Past.. ..
    People who want to live and bond with people similar in Race and Culture are called “Racists” by the Left to manipulate them into accepting the influx of divisive and dangerous Races and Cultures into their Homelands ,when in truth, Bonding with your own Race and Culture is Natural,living in a Polyglott of Races and Cultures is Perverse and unnatural,like other ideas the Liberal/Left have.

    • Excellent!

      You are exactly right. It’s a process of deliberate fragmentation.

      Divide and Conquer.

      A homogenous cohesive people with a single culture, history and religion (in other words what ALL the european countries were prior to the influx), is a STRONG people.

      And they’ve chosen their tool to break us apart and weaken us well. For what could be more poisonous and more detrimental to a civilized society than islam?

      I suspect it is largely being done through the EU. Those unelected marxist scum who rule us indirectly from Brussels. That would explain 2 things…

      1) Why the process of muslim invasion has really gone into overdrive in the last 20 years.

      2) Why it is happening simultaneously Europe-wide.

  31. White Christans are looking for a New Homeland somewhere in the World, after the Cultural Marxist/Liberal/Left have opened their countrys up to Muslim and African Invaders with 40 years of Leftist open immigration…….Australia is the Country with the least amount of Muslims and other Primitive Cultures and Races ..So Far!……
    Don’t even consider Canada or the USA,they both have Millions of Muslims ,Africans and other Primitive people ,and are accepting hundreds more every day..Canada takes in 250,000 immigrants a year from mostly african, asian, and middle east countrys..

    • Brasil! south American countries…..Vanuatu…Samoa…Cook Islands…Tonga…Polynesia……Australia?500000 followers of religion of peace….

      • Why oh why did you mention the pacific islands! We could not handle an influx of english/irish/french/german to destroy our paradise with hate/greed/money/dis honesty etc..
        You all need to come together and FIGHT the threats to YOUR motherlands

    • Englands day dreaming. can you remember green fields and rivers flowing freely in our beloved country,villages and towns,neighborhoods so sure we were safe from evil,murders uncommon,place of safety and peace,children growing up happy,healthy faces,this wasnt long ago,now englands day dreaming.muslim hoards are aboard our once and beautiful ship,strange unholy passengers undistingishable crew their faces angry and insane wanting our proud land destroying our heritage and history,taking our children for their twisted fun,is this happening near you.wake up .their victory is near, like a plague,too many to hold back.overcome your fears.please wake up and remember your name.the sparks of our glorious past are waiting and wanting to ignite us back to life.our history is great ,so please ,please ,please,be proud of who we are and stop england from day dreaming.

  32. The world needs to RID itself of religion period. Every religion thinks they have the answer for GOD and that is why they hate each other. Religion’s are the plague on all of us. The only thing you need is GOD, he is in all of us. We need no church or book that is filled with lies that are consistently changed for the times. People hide behind their religions because they are brainwashed with them and have never took the time to look inside themselves to find the real GOD. I will say though that the Islamic religion is not at all peaceful and is a religion that contradicts itself and really has no other meaning than to control all. I say drop all religions and all of us need to look for GOD in ourselves, not in a book. Then we will have real peace and unity.

    • I hear this comment a lot. Why is it that people do not want to abolish political ideologies, like communism? look at it, political ideologies cause a lot of problems. I think that’s why Islam is a problem because it is a political ideology. So if you think religion is the problem, think again. Because government is force and that’s why I want minimal government in the world. It this where the case, relgion wouldn’t be a problem.

      • Why do atheists purposely forget that the human being with the biggest death toll on his record was Mao Zedong, an atheist who was responsible for about 80 million deaths?

        In fact, atheist states were responsible for several 100 millions of death, just in the last century alone. So, no, it’s NOT just all that the world’s problems is “religion”–even the irreligious can be brutal. The atheist state Communist countries held some of the worse atrocities in recorded human history.

        However, Islam is in a class of its own, as an ideology. It’s an unstable ticking time bomb, the worse ideology of practically any ideology in the world. It literally justifies lying, stealing, killing and cheating, as long as it’s for the cause of Islam, under Sharia law. Not even “Christianity” allowed lying, stealing and killing–regardless whatever hypocritical Catholics did.

    • It’s not the religion that’s to blame but men’s ideas of what the religion means.
      Muslims are 500 years behind the rest of the world and the stupid men that are in control are weak and uneducated. it about time Britain woke up to the fact that they are over running our country and will not stop .

      • enoc powell warned us not to let them in he more or less said let em in they will spread like a plague and take over everything well what they doing now just that i remember what it used to be like in britain before most of em came over now i look around and think WTF happend not a nice place any more they own near anuf everything what ever street you go down if theirs a shop they probably own it they even run the chippys cant remember last time i was served by by some one english

    • Religion in itself isn’t necessarily bad. It often provides a moral compass to guide one through life and provides a source of comfort when facing the unknown. What is bad about religion, and you find this mainly among the dogmatic monotheists, is they insist they have the corner on the “truth” and everyone else is wrong. Taken to extremes this leads to such things as inquisition, jihad, what have you.

  33. What all us real English people want, and when I say REAL English I don’t mean some swanky, dirty sand licker, is all the Muslim Crap to go back where they come from. You see, you thick Mussies, real Englishman has been in this country for generations and abides by our ways of life, customs and morals. We don’t beat women, rape and mutilate children. Bomb innocent people, and we certainly do not wipe our arses with with a bare hand, as it is common knowledge Mussies certainly do. Get this Muslims…….WE DO NOT WANT YOU, YOUR PARASITE SCUMMY KIDS, OR YOUR STINKING FAMILIES in our country. When you walk down the road and you don’t feel comfortable, that is good. You are feeling that way because that is the fact of the matter. Us real Engilish people hate you. We Despise you all with a passion and you know it. That is why we don’t buy from your stinking shitty “shops”.
    We do not consider you human. You are like dog S>>t on our shoes. One day we will be rid of you all one way or the other.

    • cou;dnt agree with you more. this generations muslim school kids are the next lot of even worse terrorists. if islam was banned these kids would grow up normal , not filled with hate and murder against non muslims and even thier own. islam is evil and as long as its around this world will never be at peace

    • Well said mate, sadly no matter how you say it they wont listen, they wont be happy until they have got this green and pleasant land, I will say this though… as long as I can draw breath I will not see them take it from us… never… there will be a war on the streets, they will see what we are capable of doing when the time comes that the government have realised their failure,it will be left to us law abiding citizens to deal with it. why are the govenment letting them take over? why cant we have a say?

      • Be proud of being british……weve excepted everyone from all countries.
        Its not all muslims…most are ok….and dont believe in this militant way.
        Bad people get punised for doing bad things….as allah will punish them.
        fate will take its course.
        i say a prayer for the militants muslim… have peace in there hearts.
        and for them to know this is not the way……peace to allx

    • It makes me laugh when you see a chinese/indian/jap/muslim say they are English, I mean c’mon, I am white, I look normal 😉 Im caucasian, if I lived in China and said I was chinese they would Piss themselves laughing, If I lived in Nigeria and said I was African I would get arrested for taking the piss.

      • Lol the amount of ignorant people is actually amazing your all just having a stupid rant over whos the originator of this isle and really everyones an immigrant of some kind! the “peace be” guy has it right and you ignorant bnp racist moronic and imbecilic people are full of hate you cant express your blaming the people who are tryna get on with there lives when its the government behind everything! If everyone was so small minded like some people on here we would already all be dead.

  34. Well sitting here in our new house in W3 after having had to go to a virtually third world area called Acton high street to buy some basics and seeing full berkas and men with beards and crocheted hats screaming hubjuba into cell phones in front of buildings named The Centre for Iranian Studies and the streets littered and filthy and decayed the way that lot seems to prefer it it’s been refreshing to see that not the whole country is ready to accept this or bury their heads like so many British journos are doing. I have however realised that buying here was a mistake so will be going back to Oz but to those of you thinking of changing countries the truth is the cancer has already spread to Sydney and Melbourne unless you can afford the more affluent areas. Recently a Somalian Muslim was arrested for raping a young boy in a public park in Sydney’s west. His defence was that he was fasting for Ramadan and this was enough for him to have a suspended sentence!
    My only difference of opinion to the majority of the sentiment here is that having traveled to the Middle East a few times I know it’s not exactly a religion causing this problem. It’s to me more that the bottom feeders from those countries, ones that were not wanted there have been allowed to immigrate. We aren’t exactly getting the creme are we? I know affluent Muslims who drink and smoke and get the joke, it’s the poor and ignorant who hope for riches in the next life who are the problem and that’s the majority that we’re let in. Not that this solves anything. The world is in a real mess and it is greed that’s the cause. These Muslims are here apparently because petroleum companies coerced governments into accepting large numbers in exchange for Saudi oil contracts. If this is correct then perhaps we should boycott Shell BP & c?!?

    • simple solution to muslim problems in the west is make all religion illegal with threat of life imprisonment and for non UK passport holder deportation. Religion has no place in a modern society.

      • Comparing Islam to Christianity is like comparing night to day: they are exact opposites. No Christian will extol your murder, in a grizzly fashion, for being an atheist (kufr Q 8:12).

        ” I will cast terror into the hearts of those who disbelieved, so chop off their heads and every extremity (eg. arms, legs, genitals and head).”

      • Hate to say it, but as much as religion has hindered the world, religion also invented much of modern society. Hospitals, medicine, science, universities–the bulk of which were founded by forefathers, scholars and humane organizations, driven by religious motivation. Atheists give themselves far too much credit in life. Nothing in Western religious society has ever amounted to the atrocity of Mao Zedong and his atheist-state China, along with the rest of the 200 million people that atheist-state communism destroyed in the 20th century.

      • I completely agree. It’s logical to our evolution as a species. Religeon holds no relivance to our modern society. Nor do packies tho, so…ah to be superman for a day. mass genocide

    • Patriot, the BNP is very antisemitic and I know this because Nick Griffin tweeted that while he thought the content of BNI is good, he doesn’t like the “Zionists” who run it.

      The only British party this site supports is LibertyGB.

    • Don’t forget to do the same with ALL the Communists, Socialists, other Marxists (including all the top femi-Commies, major GLBT-activists, environmental-activists – ALL these activities are run by Marxists!!!): THEY are the ones who prepared the way for the Moslems!!!!!

      If Moslems go back to where they came from (especially Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Iran, &c.), Marxists ought to be deported to North Korea!!!

  35. I have lived in London for 50 years to say I have seen it change would be some what of understatement ,this is my personal view , islam is the biggest danger to the west has ever faced , worse than the nazis, I my family go right back to richard the 1st and some of them no doubt died in the crusades , and let me say now any muslim who thinks they will ever take over the uk are fucking mad , the people of this island from all races, white, black , will destroy islam within 20 years , you will all be gone, because my little muslim friends when whitey starts doing terrorism it just be terrorism my friends it will be M&S terrorism viva England death to the EU

    • No your just stupid islam will never die and when it will the end of days will be near you are cruel stupid and thick white british people cant grow up with modern society and you dont realise its the muslims who are peace ful plus you dont know anything and then you start sayin crap

      • Truly it sounds as if today many Korandemons have decided to spam this thread…

        Take your taqiyya and your kitman ELSEWHERE!!!!! Can’t you see that for all your attempts to shut down this Weblog and kill our Western society you’re STILL going to fail?!??? Go back to your dar al-Islam and LEAVE US ALONE!!!!!

        And we’ll NEVER forgive nor forget Mohammed the Antichrist and arch-devil who loved to KILL, DESTROY, HURT, MUTILATE and everything else of EVIL!!!!!

      • Oh how rich, a 7th Century, inbred, semi-literate islamotard telling indigenous Brits they cannot “grow up with modern society.” Listen up camel herder, the British invented modern, industrial society so you can just get back on the shortbus Karachi Express, and GTFO of the UK, you social parasite, and don’t even think about coming to the USA. We’re armed to the teeth here, and deadly accurate. “A gun behind every blade of grass.” – Adm. Isoroku Yamamoto, IJN.

        “Muslim peace maker,” hahaha! What an oxymoron!


        • Have a nice time in hell cause thats where ur goin randy63 ism more like randy follower of slagism get a life u filthy kuffar go kill ur self pathetic shits huh muslimsmare better and u know it islam is the best ur just pathetic. We arabs Invented more things than the time uve had sexual intercource dont get on the wrong side of me or ill use my knowledge to minipulate things ok and hurt u where it hurts so I would keep my mouth shut if I were u slagism follower.

        • Hey Moslem Mohammedan Pedo Asslifter, you calling us “thick”?? pot calling kettle black! You cant spell and your grammer is poor. Must be that low IQ of – 2. Its a common trait in dumb asses like yourself whom are the product of severe interbreeding, your baghead mommas baby daddy is your grandfather im guessing. I almost feel sorry for you. Now get lost and go and blow just yourself up, your imaginary sky monster and 72 MALE virgins are waiting for you.

        • Oh goodie, another camel/goat herder coming to spew his venom !

          Meanwhile you little asswipe, let’s get one thing straight : your pathetic lot have been totally incapable of inventing anything, save for ways of screwing various quadrupeds, and have been riding on the back on civilizations from the get go like the parasitic vermin that you are.

          So now why don’t you be a good asswipe and go down on all four and submit to that pedo-so-called-prophet of our asses, and bucket loads of piss upon him, and shut the fuck up. Meanwhile, let us grown ups deal with your lot, in the matter appropriate.

        • I read a lot of your comments Randy I love you man and I hope what you say is right but we are facing a dilemma the UN wants to strip off of our 2nd Amendment right taking away our guns is the first step to abolishing the Constitution of the United States all together they are opening the door for Islam to walk right in fucking leftTards I used to be a liberal list but now I understand that that way of thinking is too dangerous to hold on to when they come for our guns it will be fast and in the dead of night I for one well let them have them when they pry them from my dead fingers

        • @Bryan Cook. Thanks for your kind words, and yes, we have a big fight on our hands, trying to preserve our 2nd Amendment rights from this foreign-born, lowlife, islamunist, “usurper-in-thief.” I loathe and despise 0bama with all my heart and soul, and damned near all people of a leftist persuasion. Scratch a leftist and you will find a totalitarian whether they see it that way or not. They are flat-out evil. I even loathe leftists more than I do muslims, because they are treasonous enablers who will give aid and comfort to our enemies (islam) in order to trump their political rivals, both local, state, and national.

      • Hahahahahaha!! That’s very peaceful of you. Now listen up, you inbred piece of muslim trash, Your prophet molested pigs for fun. Muhammhock, Porcine Prophet of Pigslam (may pork be upon him). As for your idle threats and extremely limited intellect, I laugh at you and tell you to bring it on!

        You’re a coward hiding behind a computer screen and a username just as surely as your Hamas co-religionists hide behind women and children. Muslim Arabs are NOT a warrior race. Jews make superior warriors. Every single time Arab armies attacked Israel, the ARABS WERE SOUNDLY THRASHED! Deep inside, you muslims know it, but are too puffed up with false pride to admit it.

        See you in Hell, I’ll be the one pouring molten lava down your pathetically-parched, paleolithic throat.

        • All that is a bunch of crap and u know it he was the best of the best of all humaninty and we wont let u kuffar say stuff like that to him so we should put a new law on saudia arabia no filthy kuffars allowed inpure napaak pig eating alcohol drinking dirty bunch why should we let u come to the heart of islam a pure truthful religion. Get the hell out saudia arabia any filthy kuffars there and we will leave ur europe usa this country will collapse like a baby falling down the stairs. And didnt u invade our countries first the british empire hm india america islands australia africa u invaded first did we ever utter anything ur christian anti semitism in europe caused many jews to die then u stat lickin there asses today and you supply weapons to israil to take over a muslim country to make up for ur bastard mistakes. And ur edl leader tommy roberts is now beside us even filthy kuffars like him do better things than u and realise how peaceful islam is realy and u have
          been muslim countries read hadeeth quraan and still u hate islam u are just too much bad u randy63ism
          Idiot just kill urself and get over muslims because we are goin to beat u all the time we are just the best muhammeds army of 313 beat an army of close to 1000 in the battle of ahad or badr . So bilions of you will not defeat the 1.3 billion muslims. You will realise In ur graves that islam was real and then ooh its too nasty what will happen next. So get out of our countries and we get our of urs and dont worry your economy will fall ours will rise like we rised and won the kuffars. We have allah to provide for us you have him too but if u dont obey him an believe in him ooh he is going to place big azabs on u mate so get the fuck out of this world all of you and stop sayin utter shit about muslims because weve won and u know we have.

        • @muslim piss maker, Still whining like a stuck pig, I see. Your cognitive dissonance is quite strong but your dawa is weak. A product of an infantile, inbred, and defective DNA sequence obviously. There is something quite wrong and quite evil with a person who would consider a genocidal, child-molesting, caravan-raiding, murderer, liar, and common thief as “the best of the best of all humaninty [sic].” You must have those attributes yourself, I bet.

          Now, do you really know what is truly “a bunch of crap?” Your assertion that muslims “will leave ur [sic] europe [sic] usa [sic].” That will not happen and you know it. Muslims never leave the places they settle unless they are forced out because it is incumbent for muslims to advance the cause of allah and bring all the world into Dar al-islam, you filthy, lying pig. Not only is your dawa weak, but so is your taqiyya, not to mention your grammar.

          If all Westerners actually did leave all muslim countries, especially the oil-producing ones, the Islamic world would collapse and implode due to the loss of oil revenue. You people are so backward and stupid that the only thing muslims produce for export other than oil is immigrants, misery and terror. I’m all for a boycott and quarantine of muslim countries along with a mass expulsion of muslims from all non-muslim states. We CAN do without Middle Eastern oil. We have our own. All we need to do is get rid of our stupid, leftist politicians so we can Drill Drill Drill!

          With all the comments you have logged so far, do you even realize why you haven’t been banned by the moderator yet? Do you understand that ancient idiom, “give ’em enough rope and they’ll hang themselves?” I won’t hold my breath. In the meantime, we are all laughing at you, not with you.

          You’re dumber than a mud fence in monsoon season.

      • to Muslim peace maker:
        Islam is already dead. It buries itself with its prophet every time a lunatic howls in the morning like a strutting cock from a random minaret.
        The age of Internet will end its infernal racket

        • to muslim peace maker:
          ‘no filthy kuffar in saudi arabia’?
          – Who wants to go there in the first place?
          ‘you have allah to provide for you’?
          – LOL, with Western and Israeli technology?
          ‘islam a pure truthful religion’?
          – Your pyjama-prophet would crave for another piece of pork-chop if he was alive. Luckily, pigs have dignity and they will let him starve in the afterlife.
          (no offense but to your prophet)

      • You are thick, brainwashed and not peacful, fecking liars all of you, Islam means submission, you are scared the whole world is finding out the truth. You fight in every country. Brainwashed from childhood 5 times a day, feck off to saudi. Your pissing off peaceful people you c*nts. I hope Gaza is wiped off the face of the earth, there are enough countries for muslims why fight the only jewish one albeit man made. The war is between beleivers and non beleivers. We are all ready because we learned the shit from your koran terrorist manual only we will do it M&S style quality not quantity. Now shut the fu k up.

      • Dear Muslim peace maker,

        You are so stupid…I bet you must have an I.Q. of a six year old ( or you must be SiX!)
        If being a muslim is sao great, go and live in an islamic country…Miles away from Britain.

      • Yeah, real peaceful, “Muslim Peace Maker”. You come off as an elitist pig, yes, pig… “peaceful” Muslims committing terrorist acts and murdering. Now do you realize why no one tolerates your so called “religion” or your “people” and don’t want you around? And as far as intelligence goes, your people have a collective intelligence quotient (can you say that? I knew you couldn’t) of -0. By the way, your punctuation in your post is atrocious.

        Do the rest of the world a favor, if you want your idiotic religion and way of life, go the f**k back to the middle east and blow each other up to your hearts content. Screw all the goats you want. Treat your women like crap. We don’t want you any place else you stinking filthy dung heaps.

      • MPM I would like to thank the Middle Eastern culture for allowing me to get loaded on caffeine in the morning , strumming the guitar in the afternoon and smoking the hookah at night !

  36. My Friends, I use to contract for a one of the council boroughs in London and in the Council tax and benefits department. The Majority of people I use to see on the other side of the window claiming benefits were muslims. The point I am trying to make is blame the government for the whole immigration and mockery of our welfare system. Do not blame the muslims as they are taking a freeby handed out to them from our government and to be honest who wouldent? We have a corrupt government and for some reason seem to tolerate and allow immigrants come to britain to sit on their lazy fat arses while us law abiding hard working people pay for them to do so. The streets of britain and culture is changing beyond recognition, why? Because this stupid out of touch reality government allows it to happen and welcomes it. I invite you to google or You Yube the famous “river of blood” speech from a politician in the 1960s which predicted alot of the things happening in this country now. Also as long as Britian is in the EU and this rubbish human rights nonsense exists, we are going to continue to spiral down hill and there is nothing we can do about it until we get a new government who is interested in restoring Britain to its former glory.

  37. maria I as a white american christian must say I love latin people and any country is lucky to have such a people so rich in culture and fun to be around. Unlike the islamic monster that brings chaos wherever it dwell’s.

  38. Greetings from Canada. We have our own share of unwanted Muslims. It seems as if all of our governments are corrupt. My country a couple years back aired a show called ‘Little Mosque on the Prairie.’ Trust me, I did not watch any of that crap. Probably nothing but propaganda to convince Canadians that Muslims are a part of Canadian culture. As a true Canadian I assure you they will never be a part of my culture. I even moved to a small village to escape the massive onslaught of multiculturalism. Truth is we probably can’t get rid of the Muslim problem. People are too apathetic and will never revolt until it hits our pocket book or their is a food shortage. All we need to do is wait for the next global economic depression and then it is go time.

    • @BloodyRose,

      People are always apathetic up until the moment they are impacted directly, and suddenly they become NIMBY’s (Not In My Back Yard types).

      I witnessed this first hand in my neighbourhood in London, after a (failed) attempt to take over the neighbourhood by aggressive and hostile Muslims.

      My liberal neighbours, (the Guardian readers and granola munchers) were the most fervent about pushing back. There was one man, an artist-uber liberal, who was the most ferocious in his suggested tactics and endgame to resolve the issue.

      Multiculturalism is not so great when it is rabid and bites.

  39. The time has come for a revival of Sir Oswald Mosley’s political movement, The British Union of Fascists. A proper Fascist government would cure the non-white problem and concomitantly the Muslim problem in Britain in a matter of months. A Fascist government would revive the British family and culture to a point that hasn’t been seen in one hundred years. The renewed British nation would regain it’s proper place in the world and would have no need for foreign labour as proper sized families would be the norm again. Traditional Christianity would be restored and all the perversions (such as Paedophilia and Homosexuality) that are the plagues of modern British society would disappear overnight.

    • RM, this is not a ‘color’ problem, it is a religion problem. There are plenty of white muslims who are just as dangerous. Asians (REAL Asians, not Muslims), Indians, and other groups have no problem integrating into British society for the most part. And they don’t cause problems as muslims always do.

      • I was born in the UK, but haven’t lived there for over 20 years. I am one of the millions of British people since the war, in whom the feeling of impotence imposed on us by traitors, became intolerable.
        The story is so sad; Within living memory, the Great British people had a work ethic and skill level second to none., and Tommy also was a great warrior who never “asked the reason why” when his King and country needed him to die, he was loyal – and the establishment he trusted betrayed him – again and again and again.
        Since the war, successive treacherous governments, have worked at the destruction of the morale of their once proud people, and in that, have succeeded to a level that the Luftwaffe, or any direct enemy action could never have done. The British people found themselves witnessing, as though outsiders, helplessly, the destruction and sell out of their homeland, and many, such as I, unable to bear it, instead of rebuilding our own country from the ashes of war, went abroad and toiled to build other countries.
        It isn’t just disastrous immigration, treachery was in every fibre of our government, they backed our ideological foes, whilst stabbing friends in the back. I was ashamed when in a country that never hesitated to send it’s soldiers to help us, New Zealand, I was told that their food was rationed until 1956 – long after rationing of food ceased in the UK, because all their food production was going to feed war devastated England. In 1973, we joined the EU (without any referendum) and stabbed them in the back, along with others. Britain is the only nation in the world to develop it’s own indigenous space programme – in fact we were one of the first country’s to put up satellites, and the only one having done so, to not only cut the project, but to destroy all jigs moulds and plans so that we couldn’t do it again. It’s hard to have a great morale and therefore self esteem and work ethic, when one’s government takes away everything one could be proud of, and that treachery is so deeply embedded in the ruling fabric, that railing against it is like hitting one’s head against a brick wall.
        It’s time to make a stand. Given the right leadership, the British diaspora in other lands (and there are millions) will help financially and directly . Britain CANNOT allow itself to become an Islamic dominated country. Islam is an alien ideology to which we are fundamentally opposed. We must resist this, we must find a leader, a great leader,and fight before all, and I mean ALL, is lost.

    • Nazism is almost as bad as Islam. I hate Islam as much as anyone here the what I will not support is putting in power a party that makes us almost as bad as they are. Islam also thinks homosexuality is a “perversion” and a “plague”, why don’t you go join the fucking Muslims! Afterall, they share almost the exact same political views. I will not trade one hellhole for another hellhole, I simply want the Western countries to protect themselves from the Muslim pandemic.

  40. I understand everyone’s frustration. The people have had enough and see clearly the destruction that Islam and Muslims are bringing, yet the government only encourages more of the same. The only way to get action is for MILLIONS of British to take to the streets in protest. Your country is being taken from you day by day. Your awful BBC won’t tell the truth. But they cannot ignore a million of you. Get out in the streets. Yes, it’s come to that. Surround the government. Take your signs for the cameras. Let the world see that Britain has a HUGE problem and you will not take it anymore! What are you people waiting for?

    Do it over and over until you get action. Enough is enough.

  41. Simple. Outlaw Muslims. No access to civil or criminal courts, no investigations or prosecutions of crimes against them. If the Defender of the Faith would give me a county palatine I could give a good example to all England. Northants would do.

  42. Lets fucking stand up as nation us normal Brits and get the fucker out and if they wont go out we should fucking stab them and shoot them and destroy them il fight for for this county against Islam with what ever fucking weapon i can can get ,Listen up muslim scum we will fucking get you its just a matter of time !

    • I’m sorry Dave and others but don’t you get it. We had multiculturalism bashed into us so that we could never stand up as a whole people ever again after Madame Guillotine!

    • yes, that’s right dave, they are laughing at us, getting there way, but not for long, because I like to belive our men will stand up and fight, im a white born brit, and im only 32, and I feel ashamed, love to fuck off, but I couldn’t do that due to money. :(

  43. Its about time, islam and muslims were treated like the cancerous wart on the civilised worlds anus that they are. Declare war on islam

  44. pffft who the hell do you think you are to make a statement like that? its Americans profit hunting warmongering that is causing most of this crap! unfortunatly britain followed close behind backing up all of their policies and wars!

    along with israel the us are on a one way course of total world annihilation where they can sit on the ivory thrones and lay down their idea’s for which the world had best comply.

    i for one dont want to go anywhere near thje U.S and the vast majority of people i know have very little time or respect for U.S, its not your peopl but your government, the same as ours these guys only care about wealth and war.

    anyway nice troll fail friend.

    • Hey Scott, has anybody ever called you an impotent, little, brainwashed pussy who completely misses the point?

      Well, i’m hereby putting you on notice, you’re a spineless, socialist pussy.

    • If I as a Briton, a pure white one, had to follow any country, the US would be high on my list, certainly not some raghead telling me to murder my daughter.

  45. They are like a virus here. Using and abusing our system, which in itself has so many flaws. They’re countries have nothing and so why not head to a place where you can freely take everything. I once knew a Muslim who thought it was ok to steal from our stores and even our women. Clubs on Saturday night would literally steal women’s phones and sell them. Hated any other race, Gay people , toy it. They are vile individuals who think like we did 200 years ago. Get them out! !! Im 26 and seriously considering leaving the uk. This is my country and we are being forced out. Id love to them survive when all tax paying Brits do one. How the heel will they survive. They clearly can’t provide for their 20 kids with skills and intelligence. All they can do is breed. Had to leave a place in North London literally because I couldn’t stand being the only brit walking down the street. The government have no idea what living with leeches is like. With their 2 homes that we are paying for as if there are any dirty muzzies n near them. Sick of it. Iv never been like this until moving to London 2 years ago. It’s shockingly out of control

    • Sammy, your so right, im only 32 and I am ashamed, from Portsmouth, so so many here, look out my frontdoor and there loads in the park, I cant help it I hate them, only been the last 6months getting more and more hate, filth they are pure shitty scum, stinking tramps, but this will only have a chance if millions take a stand and I mean millions,

  46. Should Britons wish to emigrate to the United States, my countrymen will give you a warm welcome. Please bring your balls with you, though, because without a fresh supply I don’t think we have the manhood to stand up to similar changes happening here.

    Wahid … I have definitely studied Quaran as well as hadiths of al-Bukhari (though not al-Muslim as a previous poster has). I’ve also studied the Bible and Torah. All of this has reaffirmed my service ten years ago in Afghanistan, trying to free a country of Islamists who feel the highest form of manhood is the subjugation of girls and women. Try again – the highest form of manhood is standing up for justice for those who lack the strength to do so.

  47. One more thing Wahid, don’t ever presume to tell me what I can or cannot say about islam. I am not now, nor ever will be a muslim, and I will not surrender to your islamic supremacist values. You do not define or moderate the conversation, and you damned sure do not determine what I can or cannot say about islam or anything else. I will continue to speak out until my dying breath, and lest any of your brethren try to cut that short in order to silence me, I promise to make many martyrs for allah for your trouble! If your statement isn’t indicative of muslim intolerance and supremacist attitudes, and therefore complete incompatibility with Western values, then I don’t know what else is.

    F**k off and die Wahid! Try to silence me and i’ll be your huckleberry to martyrdom!

  48. if I say that everyone is going to die some day, I am sure that every one will agree with me. think about going under the earth. God or Allah will ask you that what did you do for him in this life. you will say that you lived as an animal without any goal.

    if you don’t know about Islam, don’t say anything about it. please read about islam in a reliable source, I am sure as much as hate isalm, that much you will love ater you learn about it. do’nt look to the muslims, look to the real islam, study Quran completely and then decide what to do and what to say about it.

    • Everything I ever needed to know about islam I learned on 9/11. That being said, I still went further. I went to your very own source, the qu’ran, then the hadiths of al-Bukhari and al-Muslim. As a result, in addition to what i’ve known before, as well as personally visiting three muslim countries, I hate islam even more, so why don’t you shove a slab of bacon up your wudu-washed ass! Sideways, Wahid!!

      When I meet my maker, rest assured his name won’t be satan (allah)!

    • Wahid……I’ll do all that you say if you will study the Bible and the Torah and convert to Christianity.I hope you muslims have a very good answer ready when your god asks you what you did for him in this life,how your god will laugh before he dumps you in the fires of hell…..he lied to you Wahid,YOU need to open your eyes sir.

    • to Wahid:
      You are clearly brainwashed. Cut the crap with your allah asking people ‘what we did for him’. Also, try something other than stereotypes like ‘look to the real slam, study Quran completely’.
      I actually look at the real Islam every day and it makes me sick.

      • Wahid we are all reading the koran, and its full of hatred, killing, and negativity. Open your mind. You are only peaceful to muslims. 1 billion hindus know this first hand. And we will back US AUS UK. Indians would rather live under the British Empire than live or die as dhimmis under bullshit Islam and the c*nt allah and Mohammad the shit. Ps never speak to a muslim about islam and peace….he will kill you proving he is right.


      • Oohoo You guys who are saing all this crap you and ur decendants will burn in hell so get a flipin life because muslims are better and peacful and you have been warned by prophets allah his azaab is now upon u see you on thsday of judgement ull be pleading to allah but itll be too late satin follower u are hes a minipulative idiot u do realise your follow ing satin and ur so thick you say crap about satin islam well as a thick headed kuffar u dont know satin is hated in islam and didnt jesus warn u but no u changed his message isa people of isa brace urselfs u erased isaas true message fools hipocrites burn in hell.

      • Muslim peacmaker, you are seriously dumb, go see a doctor, you been having to much sex with your cousin. Learn to spell a little.

  50. “Suitcase or coffin”
    We should do what the Algerians did in 1960, get rid of unwanted guests…
    Options will be:
    1- Get out voluntarily or..
    2- Prepare for the consequences….

    1960 is not that long ago and neither was 1943…the bubble will burst sooner or later and I dont give a fcuk about 2nd or 3rd generation… seems like it happens in most countries, except for this pussy state once called Great Britain.
    If its them or us, Ill have no problem in defending my soil…and Im a woman… really only so much we can tolerate.

  51. Hey muzzie boy! Guess what else we can do? Blaspheme your lame prophet, muhammhock, Porcine Prophet of Pigslam, Allah’s bitch! Allah is a bitch too! You know what else? You cannot stop us from doing so you impotent, fuckwitted, lying sack of porkrinds!

    • you are my brother and i am yours,hatred is from the devil lets love each other and lets stop hatred remember it’s from the devil.The devil is making you hate islam so that you don’t see it’s beauty.Read more about islam from islamic books not the media you will undestand better.Ask forgiveness for other muslims’ response.GOD save you.

      • Stop the lying pious act. I know you wanna slit my throat. Guess what? I wanna slit yours too! Hey, maybe we are brothers after all! Naw, I have no goat DNA in my genome. It’s all a taqiyya act. Islam, the only religion that make a virtue out of lying and deceit. Piss on your prophet, and piss on you!

      • We’ve ALREADY read the Qur’ân, Hadith and Sira (or at least amply enough parts thereof) – and we hate Islam BECAUSE OF what it COMMANDS its adherents to do to women, dogs, pigs, apes and non-Moslems!!!!!

        You’re NO “brother” (let a lone “brother in solidarity”!!!!!) – a true brother would never aim to coerce or trick us into the most HATING, OPPRESSIVE, TOTALITARIAN imaginable CULT, which Islam is!!!!! Anything that hates art, music, science, Western medicine – in addition to hating non-Moslems, dogs, pigs, apes and women, yea, ALL life itself, is ANATHEMA, now and forever and unto ages of ALL ages!!!!!

        To boot, God Told us to hate EVIL!!!!

      • to ‘your brother in solidarity’:
        Same answers all the time: ‘read more about islam’, ‘the devil is making you hate islam’, bla-bla-bla.
        Are you all moose-leems programed to invariably give the same reply regardless of content?
        Now you moose-leems play the forgiveness’ act? You are against hatred? Get rid of you KOO-RAN first if you resent hatred. The hatred is right there, stoopid!

      • Fuck off you lying bitch, we know about taqiyah and kitman, fuck allah and Mohammed you evil bastard we dont want your love you trojan horse mofo, the world is getting to know the real islam and your scared. I will teach the truth to everyone you liar. Now fuck off

    • I think it is you who are the frightened fascist lol. I’m far from an idiot. Is that all you can do, insult people ? Now that’s idiotic and so is the fact that many contributors haven’t any historical knowledge of what their own people have done which is far far more atrocious than anything muslims have mustered up. Who did Hiroshima ? Who invaded Iraq for the sake of oil ? Who invaded India ?who invaded ireland ? Ashamed of being British if that’s what you are. Remind me again what is this western culture you are so proud of ? Ha ha ha bloody hilarious.

      • So much PUREST taqiyya!!!!

        Yes, we Westerners ARE genuinely PROUD of our Western culture as elevating women to be the equals of men (males), of contributing so very, very much of art, music, science and Western medicine as well as REAL education!!!!

        When combined with REAL Christianity or Judaism, we get paradise on earth (in so far as that is possible). What do we get under Islam?? OPPRESSION, HATE of life, perpetual MISERY, DESTRUCTION and so much else!!!!!

        [Hiroshima and Nagasaki were done IN WARTIME – a war which Japan had started!!! Besides, who FIRST invaded India and killed 80,000,000 Hindus over 1,400 years? MOSLEMS!!!]

      • Fuk. This is too much. They were acts of WAR. Muslims are perpetrating disgraceful acts of TERRORISM! More than a subtle difference. Islam is a dog that bites the hand feeding it!

      • Indians would rather live with the british and americans, than you evil musim bastards you would kill us straight away you evil moron can you not see we know youre religion is fake.

    • I’m not bothering to post here anymore, no point , I’m not one of you , thank goodness. I like multicultural England. I’m proud of my land but I accept historical fact. I like living in an enriched community. Muslims brought alot of benefit to us. Family life, work ethic, less sexually transmitted diseases, less drunken behaviour. You don’t see muslims on Jeremy Kyle do you ? I think you are all rather sad but good luck to you all anyway. Maybe you just jealous and that’s why you’re wearing a face veil, or are you just frightened in case somebody recognizes the face of a real fascist.good luck to you, you obviously need help lol

      • LIAR!!!!

        We’re not jealous of Moslems, we LOATHE THEM because they (you included) don’t want to become real Britishers, Canadians, Americans, French, &c. You want us all to become fucking ARAB-Moslems who HATE EVERYBODY ELSE and aim to even destroy ALL LIFE, period!!!!!

        Besides, if alcohol is so bad, why does Mohammed promise RIVERS OF WINE in his HELL of “Paradise”??? You HYPOCRITE, go back to where you came from!!!

      • @pen,

        Your right. Muslims are not on something like Jeremy Kyle,

        They tend to make the national papers instead.

        With headlines relating to criminality, FGM, honour killings, rape, etc, etc…

      • OMG this guy is obviously had a Berka (I don’t really wanna know how it’s spelled) tied too tightly. Wish it had smothered rather than blinded him!

    • Besides what has been said above right from April to November in various threads, Islam is still thriving in both Europe and the US as of today date. In fact it’s the fastest growing religion in America. Islam will ultimately dominate which doesn’t mean Muslims will rule over non-Muslims but rather the true servants of Allah (God) will reign in the Devils (including all those spreading hatred and lies above) and defeat them to uphold the name and rule of Allah forever. This world and the entire Universe belong to Allah, the almighty, the sustainer of this world and the Universe. He is the only Being to be worshipped and be fearful of. This world has been created only for his worship and not to spread hatred and lies in and slander one another. Hope all of you will open your eyes and see the truth soon.

        • that’s what all you can do. (full stop). You guys can only bark but scared of even getting nearer.. such is the sign of coward, hypocrite and shameful person.

      • Pigslam is all hatred and lies, along with slavish submission to a make believe deity that does not exist. And furthermore, Pigslam was invented by a depraved, wannabe prophet, muhammhock, Porcine Prophet of Pigslam (may piss be upon him, pig piss that is!)

        • @Muslim peace maker, I’m not your muslim brother, you moron. Learn where to properly stack your comments, or if necessary, include @ + (username) of the person your (lame) comments are directed towards. Look, it’s so easy even an inbred muzzie can do it.

          If you can successfully build an IED, plant it at a target-rich location, detonate it, kill people with it, then you ought to have enough nerve ganglia upstairs in order to successfully log a properly-directed comment (I think).

          Well, maybe not.

      • I dont know how you DARE talk of Allah when this false prophet of yours was a paedophile, warlord, thief, rapist, liar and ugly too!
        You should all be hiding in shame because we know what your game is in taking over other peoples countries, taking everything and giving nothing.

        You really are a load of filth, lazy, smelly sack of murdering shit…the lot of you.

        • I think it was white British who took over other people’s lands and killed them. I thought the British had an empire. The muslims have done very little by comparison to either the British or Germans. I am not insecure and do not fear Islam. Most of the muslims I know are hardworking and family friendly. I do not see them making problems on a Saturday night. Anyway, just a thought. I never knew people could feel such hate, actually makes me sad that both my grandfather’s fought against fascism in the war.

        • That is a load of old shit mohammed peace be upon him was the most handsome and piouse human being alive and allah is all seing so if you want angel of death beating u up and giving you punnishment in the pits of hell in your grave plz continue with your racism

        • Who cares if Mohammed was “handsome”??? Satan can appear as an “angel of light” when he chooses to!!!

          And “pious”? So what, when he hated EVERYTHING and EVERYBODY non-Moslem – not to mention women (half of the whole human race!!), dogs (Mankind’s BEST Friend!), pigs (also very important to Man), apes (ibid.), art, music, peaceable sports, science and Western medicine?!???

          For piety, I’ll FAR RATHER take any Christian saint (Thomas à Kempis, Thomas Aquinas, Mother Theresa among so many, many others) than your murdering, genocidal, bestial, dog-hating, pig-hating, ape-hating, non-Moslem-hating, lying, raping, SADISTIC ANTICHRIST of a “prophet” who all too obviously was Satan’s beloved: Mohammed!!!!!

          Yes, “Moslem peace maker”: the ONLY “peace” Islam wants is the peace of the GRAVE!!!! Islam hates all life, period!!!!

      • you are living a lie. there is no hope or heaven for is and always will be the blueprint for hostile takeover of freedom, that is what the devil wants,your freedom, and he gets it allah the time. islam caused the crusades,if the arab retards did not attack and murder all the people in the true Holy land the crusades never would have happened…and to that end islam is only growing because of biological means,,,,murder of non compliant people and the constant birthing rates that are off the charts….
        fuck off back where you came from… in your own shit.
        muslims have killed more people than all other races combined. hard facts can not be ashamed muslim be very ashamed.and repent before the almighty returns and finds wrapped in satans garb.

      • to A Muslim:

        you give the same fixed form to your reply as other moose-leems do: ‘ I Hope all of you will open your eyes and see the truth soon.’ Well, I see clearly what Islam is without any interference.
        You make note that Islam is thriving in Europe. LOL! How about 0.3 percent in Romania, 0.056 % in Hungary, 0.014% in Moldova, 2.4% in Slovenia, 0.1% in Slovakia?
        Or do you think mooselims grow only in the big european countries like Germany, France, England? The figures there may be a bit bigger, but they do not represent the nation, nor the population. What they are is simply permanent residents, illegal residents, temporary workers etc. In no way are they citizens with full rights.
        In Canada, they remain permanent residents all their life, because some of them don’t pledge allegiance to the state (their only allegiance is to Allah).
        So again, where is that mooselims are thriving?
        You foot soldiers of Allah make a lot of noise and you will be sent back into your countries of origin very soon. This way you will improve the census both in you country of origin and in the country that permitted you to stay. Most of you temporarily.

      • This is obviously just baiting. The reason Islam is thriving in the West has been thoroughly exposed here and has nothin hat all to do with anything being positive about Islam itself. One could liken its newfound prosperity more to opportunism like that of the other very basic forms of life such as bacteria. Reality: Islam is designed to attract the poor the destitute the uneducated. It is a tool for rich in some counties to control their masses and I’m sure it’s with the aim of conquering the west. You are as much under the influence of Satan as anyone who does not control their own destiny. The particular crime if Muslims though is that their is now so much information that could free them yet they choose to live in the darkness of accepting information fed to them from a single source!

  52. you guys are the most pathetic and ignorant people i know. seriously is that what you think of muslims. do you really believe that every muslim you meet is a terrorist? every religion has there extremists and terrorists… for example the kkk what makes them different from a muslim terrorist! and thats really sad how you have to move out of a country bc muslims are coming in, you must not be so faithful in your religion if you think muslims can take over britain. maybe you should read up on how the muslim religion is soo peaceful

    • Here’s a point I’d like to make. When the so-called “indigenous” folk of Britain set up their little empire, and went over to all those lands and invaded them, did they pay taxes? No is the simple answer. They pillaged, abused and destroyed those lands. They also drained and thieved those lands of their natural resources.

      Care to post a blog about that? Like ever?

      I know hundreds of honest, hard-working British individuals who just happen to be Muslim. And they pay contributions towards the treasury would you believe?

      It’s a shame a the noisy, mindless minority tarnish an entire population like this. People forget that those who follow this religion are still a significant minority amongst the majority.

      • Maybe not Moslems are terrorists; however, over 95% of all the world’s terrorist incidents over these past 12 years or so have been committed by Moslems!!!! Were it not for Moslems’ terroristic acts, “deanna” (I think that’s not your real name!!), the world wouldn’t be half as paranoid at its airports and ports (and soon to hit also train and bus-stations!!).

        Furthermore, “Moinul”, because of the Moslems’ breeding habits (5 children for every one that non-Moslems produce!!), it won’t take long – just ONE GENERATION – for those muzturds to outnumber everybody else!!!!

        Besides, Islam has only the “peace” of the GRAVE in it even for its adherents!!! Even after it eliminates “infidels” (who Mohammed pathologically hated as the son of SATAN that he truly was – and because they were and are FAR BETTER than he could ever dream of being!!!), dogs (Mankind’s BEST FRIEND and a true demonstration of God’s Love often better than what Man gives his fellow-Man), pigs (also a good friend of Man) and women (who Islam regards as sub-human – and no doubt which it would gladly dispense with them if it could!!), it still finds excuses to put Man against Man!!!! Truly, Islam is DEATH!!!!!

        The KKK is racist-supremacist, but at least it doesn’t masquerade as peace-loving the way Moslems do!!!!!

        DEATH TO ISLAM!!!!!

  53. Oi,cousin fucker,as a rule you don’t get near our WOMEN,you disgust them,what you do is RAPE OUR FUCKING CHILDREN you dirty fucking nonce.Any non Muslim woman you do manage to fuck is one that has been rejected by us for being a fucking pig,but you will fuck anything! You fuck your own family members and they are so ugly even you make them cover their fucking faces,don’t blame you,facial hair and and a nose like a vultures beak would put of even the most hardened paedo worshipper.YOU ONLY GET WHAT YOU RAPE.

    Warsi is a Muslim and she is now being investigated for corruption,it don’t anyway you stupid cunt,the rise of right wing parties is going on all over Europe,your left wing allies have all but been smashed off of the streets,once we have delt with them,shut the door on paedo immigration and installed a patriotic government we will be free to deal with YOU,make no mistake,YOU WILL BE DELT WITH.

    As for the rest of your purile shit,you have won fuck all,what you have done is piss more and more people off and woken a sleeping lion,this country has not fallen to an invader in a THOUSAND FUCKING YEARS,do you really think a bunch of bearded layabouts like you could defeat the peoples of this country?Our army fucking hate you,they would be more than happy to lay you low,and we will help them.

    You are not here to stay and the only arse’s you have ever kicked were women and childrens,you degenerate,paedo loving fucking arse bandit.


  54. salaams

    too late white whipping boys, we come for your women and they love us…..chairwoman of the tory party is islamic, lots of us all over….we won…soon all the countries will be islamic and then there will be no lager louts…..
    What fun as the True God wins over the heathens…we are here and here to stay as our way is soo much better than yours…

    Abdulla sun KickBritsArses

    • Only those women who don’t know better fall for you” (especially if they’re stupid!!); furthermore, MANY of them flee your ideology within two years!!!

      Furthermore, it’s said that as many as 6,000,000 people renounce Islâm EVERY YEAR!!! To boot, when your ideology and way forbid Mankind to use his talents which are God-Given (art, music, science, medicine), we KNOW that your way is NOT “divine” but SATANIC!!!

      That’s who your “Allah” really IS: SATAN HIMSELF (Arabic “Shaytan”!!!). To boot, that pædophile, thief, super-LIAR, rapist, murderer and genocide Mohammed your idol is nothing short of ANTICHRIST!!!!

      Finally, “la ilaha il Yahweh (YHWH), Ya’sua bin Yahweh, Allahu skatta, Yahweh akbar!!!” [There is no God but Yahweh (YHWH, the God of the Jews, starting with Abraham, Isaac and Jacob) and Jesus is His Only-Begotten Son; it’s Yahweh who’s the greatest while Allah is good-for-nothing!!!!]

      You think you’ll succeed in kicking Western arses forever? Be warned: MANY people are prepared to turn even against their Communist-infiltrated and weakened governments that DARE to import and empower you Moslem SCUM!!! We proud “infidels” will one day purge our parties, organizations, institutions and everything and everybody of you cut-throats and TRAITORS, be you Commies or Moslems!!!

      I STRONGLY advise you to leave the West and go back to where you came from in those 57 accursed Moslem shit-holes that you’ve already been victimising for 1,400 years!!!! Do so before you end up in trouble over here, for then we PROUD WESTERNER INFIDELS will have ZERO mercy, compassion or tolerance!!!! BEGONE, good-for-nothing soul-MURDERERS!!!!!

      DEATH TO ISLÂM!!!!! We repelled you between Tours and Poitiers in 732; we kicked you out of Spain as a governing entity in 1491 and as a people in 1605; we repelled you at Wien (Vienna) in 1529 and 1683, and we chased many of you out of Europe by 1912. Next time we’ll make sure that every last Moslem man, woman and child is out of Europe, the Americas, Africa, Australia and Oceania!! B-E-W-A-R-E!!!!!

    • @AbDULLa: Look, I know you’re just a simpleton, inbred, hominid, islamopithicine and all, but didn’t your designer Hefty Bag-clad, fashionista of a mama teach you not to count your chickens until they hatch? Well, I guess not since you’re too many inbred generations removed from the rural village in Pakiland/Porkistan. Well, my fine sand monkey friend, oh, I’m sorry, that’s an insult to all self-respecting monkeys, even the one living in Chris Griffin’s closet.

      Since I hate to take somebody to task without giving them a few positive sustains (BTW, that’s soldier talk for good points needed to be kept up/sustained), you just demonstrated for our benefit, precisely why that will NOT happen (thats takeover, in case you already forgot. Ain’t ADHD a bitch?), it will not happen because your innate, smug, muslim hubristic arrogance will undoubtedly lead to your downfall.

      True God? Really? You mean that pagan lunar god you lay your pissed upon prayer rug down for and howl at like a dog? Horrors! A DOG!! Is it black? OMG!!

      Ok now, back to that hubris thing. I know you guys love to practice taqiyya and all, but do you really expect anybody to believe your way is better than ours? You really are that dumb. If it were true, you hominids would have stayed in Pakiscam!

      Oh, I forgot something,(wow, ADHD really is a bitch!) what was that thing you was rabidly barking about, concerning you all “comming for Britain’s nanny goats?” Did I get it right, did you say comming, or …….?

      Silly muzzie, did you have Cocoa Puffs for breakfast or is that goat poo in your beard?

    • why do muslims like to rape little boys and girls?
      and why do muslims pray in the streets when it is forbidden?
      why do muslims murder other muslims when it is forbidden?
      why do muslims kill there own children?
      why do muslims think they are better than other people,when clearly they are not?
      why do muslims leave their birth countries if they are so perfect?
      why do muslims murder women and children when it is forbidden?
      why do muslims hate everything that is not muslim?
      just wondering there chief………
      why is muslim porn of such poor quality…
      why do muslims get so mad when they are called out on their hatred.?????
      just wondering there salami man.

    • White women. love muslims. what a load of crap. I have never met a non muslim woman that has hooked up with a muzzie. Have read about plenty of young girls who have been raped by you inbred swine though

  55. Migration is a huge step.

    Just let us start exterminating the “mosqitoes” which are causing the problem!

    Once more unto the breach dear friends!

  56. As a British citizen I tell you now there is no fucking way I’ll be moving out of MY country!!! I’ve got a sword and axe ready by my side for when the day comes that everyone else finally can’t take it and we stand together and kick them muslim c**** out, the time will come soon! British brothers and sisters will stand together and unite under our flag that once and will again make us proud! And for those who wanna bring up the racist card like little fools that don’t know the real world well it’s not racist since it’s white AND black people who are pissed off and offended and who will unite against a RELIGION not a race, I can’t wait for the day till everyone else gets up off there arse and gets the balls to say FUCK OFF!

  57. I think Muslims are really a parasite for this world. If other countries allow Muslims to live, build mosque, Muslim countries not allow it. If someone read “Slavery, Terrorism & Islam: The Historical Roots and Contemporary Threat” book. We can easily identify how much evil religion is the Islam. So i think UK, USA, etc western countries start something for these barbarians. Like adolf hitler do!

  58. yomaggizup? sup wichoo? sup wich y’all? yo yo british culcha is betta wiv da blax n mush-lims-innit cuz wear dyall b wiv out r contribushun n dat? da trains ud stop runnin, surgery wud b cansuld, enjinearin works wd be appnin no more yo cuz da entire infrastrucha wud collapse – u crackaz r nuffin wivout da blax n mush-lims-innit

    NEGATIVE EQUITY. ALL OF THEM MUST GO! ENOUGH! As for those responsible, these bastards will be brought to justice for destroying the European nation states racial and cultural hegemony and replacing it w/ an UNMITIGATED DISASTER that the Cultural Marxist Hofjuden and their Shabbos Goy (b/c the global power structure is layers within layers) call “multiculturalism”. Phelps is essentially right: all roads lead to Rome. They never relinquished control. Their Masonic Labour Zionist Frankist Khazar-Mongoloid Talmudic Scapegoat ‘Jews’ are all Papal Knights! Elite Jewry is a branch of this bloodline internationalist cabal; its management front. The LibLabCon as anyone who’s got this far will already know serves only to unveil a scripted agenda under cover of democratic rhetoric. Not enough of us know or care how the system works but the “global political awakening” in Zbigniew Brzezinski’s words, is causing them, ironically, to accelerate said awakening b/c in their panic to shut it down using phoney pretexts like terrorism and copyright etc they’re haphazardly blundering and alerting otherwise docile, well trained, sheeple that something is afoot. The internet was always a double edged sword to them b/c on the one hand they need us dependant on it to facilitate their cashless control grid while on the other it couldn’t practicably be regulated until their False Flags and associated trickery – planned to a long term Kabbalistic calendar – were enacted. Net neutrality is OUR FOUNDATION STONE. If you’re not an activist then involve yrself in that. If you are, make the time to get involved as all your other activism will count for little if we lose it.

      • Is he saying the Jews are the real threat and they have us bleeding about Islam to keep us out of the game?

        Also apologise for spamming your site like this but it’s just that I came across it with interest!

    • You know, it’s not a good idea to stick your head in the microwave whilst wearing Reynolds Wrap. It wrecks havoc upon one’s cerebral membrane.

      Your neurons are scrambled, fool!


  59. To get them to leave, (the muslims I mean) we should ghetto-ize them, so they are in controlled zones, with rationed power and water supples, with no free medical care as well as a strict curfew imposed. Also, cut any benefits, and tax them for being muslim,(which they’d do to us as dhimmies). Maybe a child tax on them would be good, (or even mass sterilisation as they breed like proverbial rats). And if this fails to entice them to leave, then enforced deportation, or other more radical measures should be an option to consider…

    • Don, some would say you were talking like the Nazis did in regards to the Jews in Germany in the 1920s and 1930s. (I think it a great idea, but what do I know…? 😛 )

      Those who would say that forget three things:

      1)Islam is not a racial or religious group; but a supremacist political ideology posing in “religious” garb.

      2) The Jews of Germany had done their utmost to ASSIMILATE and become GERMANS, and had indeed contributed much to German science, industry, and arts. Islam, on the other hand, contributes almost NOTHING to any civilization it enters, and in fact, tends to cause the host civilization to decline and eventually collapse.

      3) Islam wants to run everyone who will not become or is not now a Muslim off the planet.

      If such measures as you describe were taken, I’m not entirely sure most of us in the West would care. In fact, many of us might well cheer ya on!

  60. Suggest we inform our legislators that British want to come, badly. I just did. Replace all those Muslims coming here with Brits.

    I would dance in the streets if that happened.

    Maybe, all Europeans would follow suit.

  61. This Brings to mind the film ‘Children of Men’… Not saying we should go that extreme off the bat, but something must be dome within our own borders, and within tge borders of what few friends we still have left across the pond.

  62. Brits are always welcome here as long as they are conservative and are willing to teach our liberals about the lessons learned

  63. More than one muslim, has told me (knowing that I know what islam is and is doing), if I did not like what was happening to britain, then leave.

    Sick isnt it.

    Even sicker is the betrayal of every man woman and child in Britain, by ignorance (or is it), by out leaders, MP’s, councillors and the media – newspaper, radio,TV etc etc.

  64. Just returned from England and Scotland last Monday. I go every year since my mother lives there. Every year it gets noticeably worse. Birkhas and bearded pajama-wearing Muzzies EVERYWHERE. Its so beyond control as to be almost surreal. And to think this was all done by design of the Liberal establishment in Britain, who confessed they wanted to change the nation’s culture and ethnic composition. It wasn’t good enough to just be content being English and embracing and preserving the Anglo-Saxon heritage. To them it has to be watered down and ultimately wiped out and replaced with a totalitarian, alien people and culture that is stuck in the 7th century.

  65. Brits have historically favored Muslims over non-Muslims in other countries. They supported the partition of India on Muslim lines against Hindus causing mass suffering. They partition Palestine giving 77% of Palestine region to Muslims and only 23% to the Jews. They always aligned themselves with Muslims against non-Muslims. Now with Muslims in their country they finally realize what it feels like to be on the receiving end of Muslim intolerance and are too seeing their country fall just like India and Palestine. They thought they would sing kumbaya with the Muslims in Britain as the did all along in other countries. Now they realize Muslims see them as kuffar just like Hindus and Jews. Couldn’t happen to a more deserving people.

    • yes i remember when the government of the day in the UK was knocking on all our doors to ask us what we thought about Palestine and India.

      IDIOT !

  66. muslims aren’t going to stop until they’ve turned every continent into one big halal sh*thole, and the politicians, governments, etc. seem to be letting them do just that.

  67. I hate these lazy cowards. If they stood and fought, not caring that the lying media call them “far right” and “extreme,” and demanded from their politicians their own culture comes first, then they would have something worth staying for.

    Instead they want everybody to like them, so naturally nobody does. I detest the British for they are the worst enemies of the English.

      • Resulting to personal abuse sums you up. If I had a quid for every time I heard that I could pay every Muslim 10 grand to leave, so originality is your weak point.

        I’ve organised several demos against Islam across Europe, appeared on several TV/rado broadcasts across Europe and my organisation has falsely linked to Breivik. I’ve been on a few EDL demos too.

        I have stood in elections as an English nationalist. So I have done more than most and little to warrant abuse from the likes of you.

        It may have escaped your attention, but today is St George’s day and the English-hating British press have once again questioned Englishness as they do EVERY year.

        I won’t go into how the English are discriminated against in this post-devolution, laughably named “United Kingdom”.

        Here’s just a couple of quotes from British senior politicians.

        Welshman John Prescott: “There is no such nationality as English”

        Scot Robin Cook: “England is not a nation it is just a collection of regions”.

        Scot Charles Kennedy: “South of the border regionalisation is moving at such a pace it is bringing into question the very idea of England itself”.

        With British friends like that, we English don’t need enemies.

        The cowards I referred to are those leaving, not soldiers risking life and limb, often in the most worthless of causes, namely, defending Muslims.

        • Don’t cry Stephen,it’s very unbecoming.
          I would like you to know that we in England can really feel the changes that you have affected by swanning round EUROPE !

          I can’t believe that we in the English Defence League have been wasting our time
          marching in ENGLAND,drawing attention to problems in THIS COUNTRY to OUR people.

          If you look at some of the posts above you will see a number of posts that are pure
          anti English/British.
          Underneath those posts you will see my replies in defence of our country and our people surely a staunch of England like you would have done the same,seems not ?

          No,what you did was skip all that bile,not only that you joined in with it by bashing the Scots,Welsh and Irish.
          Your post was only ever going to get one reaction from people who come from the UK.
          God knows how you get on in an interview ?
          You had time to think about what you were posting and still managed to f**k it up,what happens when questions are fired at you and you have no time to think !!

          Now you are using 2 labour and 1 lib dem to try and make a point ?
          If you spent more time in this country you would know that British patriots don’t vote for people like then and for you to use that to bash the British in general is pathetic.

          Here’s some advice,next time a person is bashing our country and it’s people you might post in our defence instead of joining in with the attack.
          Patriots in the UK don’t give a toss about what you are doing in Europe(yes we know who you are),we defend our country and people and we resent people like you who can’t even be bothered to do that on a comments section but tell us what a hero you are whilst attacking the people of this island !!

        • Tommy Robinson has just been in Denmark so direct your remarks to him. I had several demos in Engand before the EDL even started. The EDL can’t decide whether its English or British. However, I support what it does against Islam.

          To reiterate, I was condemning the cowardly Brits who leave.

          Any Englishman who does not realise and accept that his country is singled out for erasure is a fool. It is not Europe, it is not Muslims, it is the Brits eradicating the English and expunging England from the map. All for the sake of the so-called Union.

          I stand by what I say.

        • By the way. I only mentioned what I have done in answer to your abusive question. You were also abusive because you got the wrong end of the stick and still have.

        • Stephen,i have no personal angst against you but you made an attack against “British” people,you made NO distinction as to who you were attacking !

          As i have already pointed out,there are comments on this thread that are insulting to English/British people and at no time did you reply to those attacks,rather you joined in with them,and you wonder why you got a terse reply ?

          I have marched many times with Welsh and Scots lads at EDL demo’s,my dad is from the Republic of Ireland,he served in HM armed forces and you have NO right to slag them off on any forum !!

          Now if you meant to attack people like the UAF,SWP and politicians who have sold our country out then make it clear instead of a blanket statement insulting all and sundry as you did in your original post.Read that post again,it can only be taken one way !

        • The article’s title made it perfectly clear who I was talking about when referring to cowards. My first post was in response to the article.

          However, I still say the worst enemies of the English are the British. I truly believe that. The three people I named were not just ordinary people off the street, they were ministers of state and the leader of the third largest British party at the time.

          Whether these Brits stay or leave they are enemies of England as far as I’m concerned. They are the first to condemn English nationalists and none condemn the apartheid perpetrated against the English in the name of the risibly-named United Kingdom. On the contrary, they point out how much better our fellow Brits from outside England are than the English.

          One thing I’ve found is, the English must never defend themselves against the British and must never ever display pride in their nation.

  68. 7 million is more than the population of Scotland,where I come from.I have already jumped ship (Norway land of my fathers) but if anybody in Oz has a spare bedroom for rent give me a shout…

  69. So the Poms are looking to flee to Australia. As an Aussie whose country is run by a Pro Islamic, Atheist, Pro-Abortion, Pro-Gay,Feminazi, I would advise you take a “good hard look at yourselves”. Stop your whingeing and change your country. It is simply a numbers game…Islamist breed while westerners abort their kids at the same volumes. No westerners need complain about Islam when it was our very own actions that led, and still lead, to their rise in power. Running away is a demonstration of cowardice and a symptom which has led to the rise of Islam. We are too Blame. Only we can change.

  70. It is so sad to see how things in England currently are. My mother’s family is English, and I wouldn’t mind going there myself (either to visit or live) But I don’t think I would like to be there with as much tension as there seems to be lately.

  71. Interesting responses, one question for you all though, where do those of us who look like them but are not Muslims go? I see what’s happening in Britain and I’m absolutely disgusted by it, there is no where for someone like me to go that is safe. It feels like everywhere has been infected by this vile ideology, I can’t walk around my own town with my partner who is white without the disapproving looks from Muslims, its not safe here any more, especially with government and local councils giving more and more power and rights to Muslims, at the expense of those of us who are non-Muslim or ex Muslim Asians. Being Asian also brings discrimination from whites who will tar us all with the same brush. So I ask again, where do we go?

    • done, there is no place to run. Muslims have infested every country. It is more important to get rid of them. They have 57 countries to go to. No reason for them to be in ours. We have to elect politicians who think this way. Geert Wilders (Netherlands), Paul Weston (UK), Filip DeWinter (Belgium), Marine Le Pen (France)

    • You bring up a very valid point. Many times on this very blogsite, it has been stated how patently unfair it is for UK media outlets to use the term Asian when reporting on crimes committed by muslims, therefore unfairly, as you have previously stated, tarring you with the same brush. That is unfair in my opinion, and you shouldn’t have to suffer for it. This is another reason we get mad when people accuse us of being racists just because we are critical of islam. We do strive to point out that islam is a belief system and not a race.

      Yours is an unenviable position to be in and definitely thru no fault of your own, but I think you would find many of us here welcoming and protective of you and yours because this is as much your fight as it is ours.

      Are you Hindu or Sikh? Or perhaps Christian, Buddhist or Apostate muslim or even Parsi? You seem to be a patriotic British citizen to me and there is certainly nothing wrong with being any of the above and I do believe necessity draws us all together in our common humanity to fight against this threat to real meaningful diversity and mutual respect, the threat of an intolerant islam. If you lived in my neigborhood, I would have your back, you would be most welcome and safe here.

      Thank you for pointing this out. It needs to be said.

      • Thank you all for the warm welcome, BNI, I know there’s no place to run, I wish there was but I know every country is tainting with Islamic influences. I fully agree with your point about voting for the above candidates, none of them are the kind of people who would change their minds once they got into power unlike tweedle dum and tweedle dummer at the moment!

        Randy, it’s good to know that people do understand the difference between asian and Muslim, I myself was born to Muslim parents but even as a child, found the bizzare rituals and strange language of Islam a bit silly! I am a Christian, and a proud brit, I just wish the leaders and policymakers of this country were too. I remember the Britain of 20 years ago and look at the mess its in now, in another 20 we will be nothing more than a territory of Pakistan with a population explosion of Muslims, a failed healthcare and benefit system and sharia law implemented, people like me will be long gone or killed by the new regime, I hope Britain can be saved from this fate.

        • Done with it: It is Brits like you, Trin, Chris Curran, and many others who put the Great in Great Britain and I truly pray Britain pulls thru and survives this horrible situation and I think, ultimately will.

          Never give up, never submit!

        • I really do hope so, not just for me but for my daughter. I refuse to let our country fall to Islam, I grew up with it and it is truly ugly and evil, I pray she never has to experience that. I’ll fight the fight with you.

        • I know you will and it would indeed be an honor to have you. You definitely have something precious to protect and I bet she’s beautiful, mate. That is what it is all about, our children and their future. The eyes of history shall judge us by our character, resolve, and our actions. In other words, what kind of world we leave behind for our loved ones after we’re gone from this earthly existance.

          I think Trin has a splendid idea, there is safety in numbers, your contributions and leadership would be most valuable to the EDL and the UK and please know that you and your family are in our thoughts and prayers.

          Above all, please keep in touch, we are here for you.

    • I’m in the same boat as you (in leicester) is going to be difficult for us but in the end good will overcome ..Myself after decades of regretting that i have no children am now seeing that as a blessing as i fear for the future of us non-muslim asians.. love to get hold of you for a natter but dont know how ..good luck anyway ..we’ll need it

      • That can’t be easy for you. I know there are a lot of Muslims in Leicester. I try to avoid places with high Muslim populations, not easy when visiting family! The only advice I would give to you is don’t live your life regretting, if you want kids, go for it, don’t allow them to do that to you. Having a child gives you a whole new perspective and you never know, you might end up moving somewhere else to give them a better life. Take it from someone who knows! And yes it would be good to chat, but like you, I don’t know how!

    • Don’t give a shit about your skin colour mate,you are my fellow countryman,there are some top lads who i know live in the Midlands
      some of who are black and Asian.

      In answer to your question “where do you go”
      nowhere mate,this is our fucking country and people like me and you will keep it that way!!

  72. What ever happened to the British since world war II.Once they would have defended there way of life to the death. Now there a bunch of whimps running from a bunch of nasty freeloaders.

    • When you can use written English correctly then you can pass comment on the English people,till then,best not to make yourself look anymore stupid than you have done so far!

      Learn the difference between THERE and THEIR and WIMP has no H in it !

      Tell you what,you and all the other English bashers can fly to England,i’ll pick you up from the airport and drop you off in Tower Hamlets in east London,im sure that you and all the other HARD keyboard warriors can show us wimpy,timid,sissy,cowardly members of the EDL how to get things done ?

      Over here we don’t have many guns,if you want to fight then you do it with fist’s,feet,glasses,knives or what you can pick up.I have been stabbed/cut five times in different fights and i have NEVER RUN !

      That don’t make me hard,but it sure as shit proves that im not a WIMP!

  73. IF dominated by just Muslims leaving No COMMON Sense in the leadership, They will destroy that city and country and leave to go somewhere else to screw up it up.
    Then can’t seem to “lead themselves or their people” –all they do is screw up every country they go to…then LEAVE it to screw up another.
    The Definition of Insanity:
    “Doing the same thing over and over again expecting diffeent results.”

  74. You can not get off this planet. There is no escape. ‘Slime infiltration is global in scale; there is no refuge.

    Stand and fight where you are. Go to the polls, in the primary and tell the Goddamn politicians they can send the ‘slimes home and cut off immigration or they will be out of office, then make good on it.

    Do not elect any more LibTurds!

    We do not need more Socialists from Europe; let them stay home and resist tyranny, not bring it here.

    Vote! Vote NO!!! No Socialism! No Islam!!!

  75. IT’s coming and there’s no stopping it. Not just Briton. But Europe,the U S, Canada,Australia.The west will and must wake up, look at history to see that multiculturalism are the internal seeds of chaos and upheaval.I can see the anger with frustration are dormant.But when it all erupts, hold on to your hats

  76. people who are smart enough not to want to live with muslims are smart enough for me ! got plenty of room round here for them kind.

  77. Yep, I am currently making plans to emigrate to New Zealand from London; my wife’s a Kiwi. I took some overseas visitors to afternoon tea at The Ritz last week, and the manager sat us down next to a table of ragheads and bagheads. I can’t escape them, even in The Ritz hotel.

    Incidentally, I just had to laugh out loud when I heard this on BBC World ten minutes ago. This was said in a quizical tone:

    “on ‘middle east forum’ tonight, we’ll be looking at the increasing demand for non-muslim funerals in Arab countries”

    Absolutely brilliant.

    • OMG! Thats so unreal. The idiots of the BBC entirely missed the point. The issue is non-muslim funerals in newly muslim lands, European lands!

  78. I do agree with the comments: 1) the same problem is in the US, Canada, NZ and Australia. There is nowere to go.
    2) I think is a very coward escape to just fly from your problems. We need to stand and keep our ground.
    3) In the event of a global anti-jihad war I would only retreat to gain more momentum, and push the muslimes back to their sandhell.
    4) They are antitlement whores now, sucking us dry, and at the end they dont care about welfare, freedom or jobs, they want all the world to be the shitty hellholes they are used to live in.

  79. So, all the native born Brits leave the country, just who the hell are these arselifting bastards going to get to pick up the tab for their leeching welfare arses?!….

      • Not quite like cockroaches.

        Cockroaches, at least, hunt, kill, and eat bedbugs.

        Still don’t want any in my house, though….

      • if our country stopped wasting money on crap such as stupid bottle statues and bridges and paying footballers lots of money they would have enough to get them out they are like rats they breed in dozens and swarm the country getting everything they can get there hands on. this is supose to be england not iraqu or iran ENGLAND

  80. Who was the British pol that stated some years ago that the white race in the UK wasn’t worth saving? Was it Jack Straw? With that vote of confidence, who could blame them for this exodus? Sold out by the poison of multiculturalism, both Tory and Labour.

    Oh well, their loss can hopefully be our gain, at least some of the time. Here in Oklahoma, my National Guard platoon gained a good new soldier from this UK diaspora. What I do worry about though, is more importation of stupid multiculturalist whites from the exodus further bringing us down this road to madness and extinction, not only for us, but Canada and Australia too. What about New Zealand? they’ll suffer too.

    • Thanks for that randy,good to know that some of our American cousins still stand with us.

      Some posters on here seem to spend more time attacking the English people than Islam ??

      • Trin my friend, when I got back from Iraq in 2010, it was MAC’s orgy of poppy burning in Luton that galvanized my resolve. That and my own experiences with muslims in Egypt, Iraq, and Kuwait over the years. As a soldier, abeit an American one, I was deeply offended by MAC’s blatant disrespect towards your nation’s brave servicemembers. That was the first time I ever heard of the EDL, as well as the unwarranted harassment you good fellows receive by the your own police. This is a travesty.

        A government’s first responsibility is the protection and security of it’s citizens. In that one example alone, the UK government has failed to measure up. It has ceased to represent the average UK citizen and is the very reason the EDL was established in the first place.

        Half of my DNA originates from south of Hadrian’s Wall, and the other half, just north of it. For us to simply write off the UK as a loss is not an option and I stand with you, and shall always have your back Trin, as I know you would mine.

        Frankly, the Anglo bashing here is getting out of hand and needs to stop because the patriotic UK citizen has a large measure of adversity stacked against them (EU eurocrats, Multi-culti politicians selling out for the ethnic vote, etc.) and need our support.

        Ultimately, none of this has to do with race as the left would have people to believe, but rather a nation’s unique personality along with it’s intrinsic right to exist within it’s own cultural context and traditions.

        Keep fighting the good fight and “Long Live The EDL!”

        • I agree.. it isn’t about “Race,” because a Black American or a Black Brit is, generally, loyal to his or her nation and culture, and in the case of the Black American, he or she should defend the American Republic with his or her life, as his or her ancestors contributed to the life and culture of the Republic!

          We got to stop letting the Left and the MSM write the narrative. As President Abraham Lincoln said in quoting from the Bible, “A house divided against itself cannot stand.”

        • Truer words have rarely been spoken and if i’m not mistaken, in the UK’s case, the EDL has people of African and Asian ancestry. You are so spot-on regarding the Left and MSM writing the narrative. That is precisely what they are doing, and in the process, they inflict terrible damage to meaningful improvements in race relations.

        • Again,thanks to you randy and DS.
          I was in Luton yesterday with patriots of ALL colours to celebrate St Georges day (bit early lol).Met up with Tommy Robinson,Kev caroll and many other patriots from all over the UK,it was a great day !

          We in the EDL don’t look at a persons skin colour,we look at the person we fucking hate racist’s with a passion !

          It was our lads that smashed the fuck out of a load of Combat 18 (Nazi’s)and yet the MSM try to paint us in the same light ??

          If you ever want to come to the UK then let me know mate,you DS and Bonni are EDL and WE WILL LOOK AFTER YOU !

        • No trouble at all,funny thing is that it was a Muslim cab driver that had to take us to the pub we were all meeting at !
          He had to drive us to a pure EDL area of Luton and that the pub is Tommy’s local.

          If any Muslim had of kicked off in that area they would have got killed,we had some proper lads there in numbers.

        • EDL march in Luton next month Bonni,i won’t be able to make that one which im gutted about.
          There is a march today in Brighton by March For England,many EDL are there and the left wing have threatend to attack them.It’s for St Georges day,there will be women and children there as there was last year,the commie bastards threw bottles on the last one at people who are just celebrating our patron saints day??

          Not this year though,we have some good lads down there !!

        • Thank you Trin. That is much appreciated and I truly feel privileged to know that. I would love to make that trip some day and will certainly let you know if/when I can.

          Likewise, You’ve got a place to stay here in Oklahoma if ever you find yourself here. Indeed, that would be an honor, mate.

          “In Hoc Signo Vinces”

  81. The U.S., Canada, Australia, and New Zealand – that’s funny because that is exactly where all the muslims want to immigrate to also. Stop all Muslim Immigration….period.

  82. When about half the British people want to leave because muslims have invaded the Isles, then it is time to kick out the invaders, not the other way around. Your ancestors and mine fought and died for your freedom, so get off your asses and fight for yours.

  83. wellcome brits. come to america and bring the scotts,the welsh and the irish with you.then we can all go back and liberate europe from the devil again. glad to have you aboard if you come here.

    • Have to disagree here. These people let their country go to hell through neglect and lack of will. They would do the same thing here. Reminds me of the Yankees that move to the South to get away from all the job-killing taxes up North and what do they do? They vote Democrat every chance they get. They try to turn our economy into the toilet they left. Please stay home and fix your problems. We have our own problems here. We will fix our own problems, or be eaten by them. Simple as that.

      • No. That’s not true. They had it shoved up their butts too. It’s time for the free world to kick the politicians in the head and get them out and stop placating the UN and their agendas.England, Scotland, Wales they’ll need to get out of the EU. The EU is poison and evil. The UN is poison and evil. How much needs to be seen of cause-and-effect before action to remove and/or destroy both these groups. For your salvation and the salvation of your friends and families. Yet out of both these evil entities. The Muzzy’s will not be defeated until this happens.

        • Gotta disagree. The politicians who “shoved it up there butts” were reelected over and over. How can this be explained? As the saying goes : In a democracy you have nobody to blame but yourself. The fact is Europeans, Americans, Canuks, Aussies, and Zealanders have become decadent. They, or their children, WILL pay the price for this.

        • So the world according to Kevin is that we in the UK deserve whats happening to us ?
          Do you really think that patriots in the UK vote for the three main political parties,surely you are not that stupid !

          The political parties over here imported their voters as we were not voting for them,any patriotic party or group who complain about this are subject to abuse by the media and government and arrest by the police.

          When we went to remember our war dead last year and stop MAC burning poppies a 170 of our members were arrested and taken to police stations all over London and the home counties.With the exception of one person none were charged,the one who was charged for assulting the police is now suing the ob as it turns out that he was beaten up by a police inspector.

          Last night members of the North West Infidels
          (an off shoot of the EDL)were arrested by ANTI TERROR POLICE for chatting on a web forum.
          There is much more i could tell you about what it’s like for us over here but i think it would be better if you looked at it your self,that way Mr keyboard warrior you might not make such stupid posts.

          This cowardly Englishman and his mates have put their liberty at risk many times for doing what we do and for my part my liberty was one the line twice for defending the honour and dignity of 3000 American victims of Muslim terrorists,where were you ?

        • Much thanks from this American.

          My ancestors were brought to what is now the United States as a result of Islam’s raping and pillaging and enslaving Africans. Though I can’t say I approve of how we got here, I’m glad we ARE here, and I’ll stand with ANYONE, regardless of his nation or race, who’ll give the Muslims exactly what they deserve. I may not be able to take up a weapon *or maybe I can*, but I will cheer the crusaders on and give whatever support I can.

          Fact is: when someone needs rescuing or freeing or protecting, it’s always been an Anglophone handing out the ass-whooping; and whether that English-speaker’s ancestors were Anglo-Saxons, Britons (Welsh), Scots, Iroquois, Lakota, Chiracawa, Mandinka, Sosso, amaZulu, or from anywhere else on God’s green Earth, if they are an English-Speaker, someone, somewhere in their family line, has rescued some non-Anglophone from tyranny!

          Now, let all other non-Muslims join us, and we can and will prevail.

        • Well said mate.You don’t need to thank me for anything,we went to confront MAC outside the American embassy on the anniversary of 9/11 because it was the right thing to do and we will keep doing it !

          All i would ask is that certain posters here
          stop having a go at the British people and lay the blame for the situation in the UK where it belongs,the UK government !
          Myself and my mates take to the streets on a regular basis to combat Islam all over the UK and if those certain posters had us charging at them,i can assure you that they would think twice before daring to call us timid,sissies or cowards.

          NFSE !!

        • Again randy,no thanks is needed mate,we ARE friends and allies and i am proud to have contact with you all.We are all in this fight together and i can understand the anger some people have towards the UK government,god knows we are fucking angry !
          I would ask again though that that anger is not directed at the British people,we never asked for this situation and when we complain we get called racists and are subject to arrest.British patriots do what they can,last weekend i was in the north of the country,yesterday i was in London and Luton,i have a family,i have no money but my wife understands that i have to do this !

        • Yes I definitely understand how it is to have no money. The shocking thing for me was how I noticed the massive increase in the cost of living under the Obama Administration since returning from my tour of duty in Iraq. We simply cannot endure another four years of that bastard. Money is so scarce and I wish I had enough to send to you EDL guys for your operating expenses. All of you are on the front lines in this battle and the work you do is of extreme importance. Oh well, perhaps i’ll hit the big time with winning lottery numbers some day, lol.

        • My friend, I think you just outed yourself as an Anglo-Saxon of African descent. To fight by your side would indeed be an honor, sir, and a most proud pedigree you possess.

      • Our country is going to Hell in a hand basket because of the broad ignorance and willful neglect of the masses… Look about you before you start casting stones.

      • it is our government that wont “Fix” our problems…when they saw us standing up to fight the muslims they made a law making it illegal to offend the muslims, so we are stuck, if we fight they jail us..

  84. I went to graduate school in London in 2000-2001 (got back home three months to the day before 9/11). I’ve always been interested in British history and culture and it was a wonderful experience to get to live there for a year and not just be there as a tourist. I will say though that the people in the survey are spot on about a drop in politeness and civility. Being from Texas, the friendly state, it is not uncommon here to make brief eye contact with (and maybe even smile at) people as you are walking down the street (or down a hallway at school or work, etc…) and basically just acknowledge that there’s another person there as opposed to just walking around with your head and eyes down like you’re the only person on the planet. I learned quickly that people in London didn’t seem to like that as on many occasions men would call me a slut, a bitch, or suggest that I suck parts of their anatomy as they passed me. These were mostly young (teens probably) white, British males so they were not foreign immigrants. I did not smile suggestively or dress slutty or anything like that so I can’t imagine why so many had such a rude reaction to having someone briefly look at them. That has never happened to me anywhere in Texas or any other states I’ve been too (not even in New York city – ha!).

    It was very strange. For the most part the British and immigrant people I met (other students, professors, dorm mates) were nice and I enjoyed my time their very much but it’s sad to think how much worse things have become in just a decade. I also spent a week in Paris during our Easter break and contrary to popular beliefs that the French are rude, I met more friendly strangers there (people on the subway, people working customer service areas at tourist attractions, etc…) than in England. No one there called me a rude name if I glanced at them on the street or shot a smile their way. They just smiled back and carried on about their business. I hope both countries can find their way back out of the nightmare they are in as there are still some good people in both places.

    • Texas the friendly State??? you must be joking I cane here from the Uk 25 years ago and have never met a more surly, ignorant, Xenophobic Religious bunch of People in my Life. Thank fuck for the Yankees that live here, or my life would be hell.

      • Hey shit head, here’s an idea, why don’t you leave? May I be so bold as to suggest Saudi Arabia, or Iran?

        Goddamned Fuckwit!!

      • You, sir, are the epitome of the bad immigrant. You move somewhere, apparently without a clue about the people there, only to find that you should have done some research first. Unable to rectify your mistake for whatever reason, you now piss and moan about having to deal with “religious people” and ignore that the overwhelming majority of Americans are religious and ALWAYS HAVE BEEN. Too bad it took you 25 yrs to figure it out, but now that you have, please stop acting like a muslim and complaining that everyone in your new “home” isn’t just like you. Find a new home, cretin.

        As for who is surly, I’ll go with Angie’s anecdotal experiences over your own, since Texans are known for their deference toward the fair sex and our young men have yet to start cursing women for glancing in their direction.

        Do us a big favor when you visit the US. Stay the hell away from our voting booths, DON’T seek employment while you’re here, and, most of all, don’t forget to “visit” your precious homeland once in awhile, pilgrim.

        As you were.

    • Angie….you think you had it bad.This happens to me and I’m British! Lol! Seriously,I’m so sorry you were treated like that in my country but be assured we’re not all like that.Trinovante… are spot on in all your comments and God keep you safe.

  85. They were warned 20 some years ago and blew it off – now no churches in London and they have lost their country.

    Don’t ignore the signs of invasion.

  86. Labour’s Leftards want to destroy British traditions and identity and use immigration as a way to do so.

    The Mozzies want to destroy native traditions too and replace them with misogyny, hatred of kafirs and religious discrimination.

    Mozzies want political supremacism and overlordship of every country they enter.

    They want to drag every country in the world down to the dysfunctional level of Egypt, Chad and Pakistan.


  87. Article says British want to get out of England, well their choices given are all having muslim immigration problems as well.
    They mention Australia, and Canada, thats crazy!!

  88. What is ironic is that when the white asylum seekers escape the new diverse England and land in their new ‘still white’ asylum country, they will immediately join the ‘hate whitey’ political party and push for mass immigration of nonwhites, especially Muslims, into their new sanctuary. In the US, the Democratic party has become known as the ‘kill whitey’ party, yet whites continue to support it and sign up. Meanwhile, the Republicans will throw under the bus any member who speaks out for the white race.

    • You might want to check on the “reality” that you are living in when it comes to British patriots and our thoughts !

    • Thats because Libs have YOUTH on their side. Youth is stupid. Youth is optimistic. Youth believes that politics work.

  89. With all due respect, we in the U.S. do NOT want you here. You failed to take care of your birth country, what makes me think you would take care of mine? Stand your damn ground and correct the problems rather than running like a bunch of sissies.

    • I’m with you Kevin.These timid wimps allow themselves to be pushed around then run away, don’t want those idiots here, are we supposed to protect them as they hide under the bed?

      • Wimps ?? Where were you when wimps like me defended the victims of 9/11 in London TWICE ! We put our safety,families and liberty at risk for ungreatful tossers like YOU !
        We went to war for your country,our troops are dying because we supported our so called “allies” and this is how we are repaid,well fuck that!

        • I don’t think you guys are wimps. Why John says that is beyond me.

          So far as I’m concerned, Brits and Yanks are, beneath the surface, two of a kind. Push us too far, and you’ll wish you hadn’t. So, don’t think we all think you’re wimps. :)

        • even if you thought they were wimps, which i don’t, you must know that after being forced out of their birth country they are not going to want to get forced out of their refuge country. better we should import western cultures than all these mobots the prez et al are bringing in at alarming rates.

          they’ll stand with us, and we better stand with them or all fall separately.

        • Why is it that every immigrant group that comes to the West EXCEPT the Muslims tries to assimilate into the culture they’ve migrated to, even against opposition from the natives?

          The Muslims, on the other hand, are invited to assimilate, but would rather force the host to change all its ways….

        • DS, they don’t want to assimmilate. Their goal is to dominate. Even the ones who seem to assimilate are just waiting until their numbers get big enough to take over.

        • Bonni: If islam was an animal, what would it it be? I’ve never read what I am

          A C U C K O O !

          It flies in, lays its eggs in the ‘hosts’ nest, and tosses out the same number of the ‘host’s’ eggs. The infiltrated cuckoos then proceed to simultaneously starve their nestmates and enslave the parent birds by eating twice as much.

          Maybe you could say mo was cuckoo?

        • Yup:

          Cuckoos use mafia-style tactics to raise young

          22:00 05 March 2007 by Andy Coghlan

          “Don Corleone eat your heart out. Around the world, parasitic birds such as cuckoos and cowbirds are displaying the same mixture of guile, ruthlessness and brutality as any self-respecting Godfather. Using a delicate mixture of intimidation and retribution, they “persuade” other birds to accept their eggs and raise their chicks.”

          “If a magpie rejects a cuckoo egg laid in its nests, the cuckoo promptly returns to destroy the magpie’s own eggs or kill its chicks.”

          “The Cuckoo Chick
          When the cuckoo chick has hatched it will proceed to evict the true chicks and eggs of the adopted parent bird from the nest, causing the death of the foster-parent’s real offspring. By this method the cuckoo chick ensures that it alone is the object of the adult bird’s care, and by this way the baby bird sucessfully develops into its youth, its needs being conscientiously tended to – all as a result of it’s real mother’s original deception in laying her egg in the foster-parent’s nest.”.

        • Just a quick thanks to you and 100% for your support.Members of the EDL and other patriot groups are not moving anywhere.


        • Indeed, there are no muslims in any non muslim country that are assimilating, directly the oppossite – they also, using taqqiya, blame us for making them not assimulate by us not giving in to their every evil demand (basicly for not becoming willing dhimmis or perverting to islam).

          In in one Biased Broadcasting Compamy (BBC) documentairy about the east london (highly terrorist linked but they did not say that of course), one muslim, used words to the effect, that muslims, not being allowed to kill salmon rushdie was taken by muslims as us (britain) oppressing them and not accepting muslims into our society!!!

          Paedomad (muhamad) said there is no longer migration only jihad of coourse.

        • You can’t kick them out because your government is corrupt.The government officials are enjoing good relationship with sheik in middle east and oil producing countries of Africa.What do you expect,helping them to move their loot to banks is Britain and other countries in europe.In exchange,giving their citizens the right to come and live in europe without considering the future consequence. I am assuring you Islam will never adapt to western culture.This is because you belong to a different world.If it is a must for europe to migrate people to help them perform odd jobs,why can’t the government looks elseware.Millions are in Latin America and far east asia looking for greener pasture in europe.Why migrating from north Africa and Pakistan,they are all Ishmael descendants.They are there to destroy europe.

      • John
        You have to understand that it isnt the Brit who are wimps…we have a government who are wimps and an opposition the same. The people were starting to stand up to Islam so our government brought out laws that made it illegal to “offend” Islam at the point of going to jail…… if we had the freedom we would stand up and take on the mussers

    • I couldn’t agree more. Brits need to band together and toss the muzzies out of their country! This IS a war of domination. Charles “The Hammer” Martel managed to beat back the Muslim hordes. Brits need to band together and do the same.

      • You foolish woman Cate!

        Don’t you know that we have laws in situ that even stop us CRITICISING Islam, never mind “throwing them out”..if we lift a finger we go to jail, and the muslims know this and just laugh at us. I hope you never have to live like this with them

    • I do see your point of view, however, I think that someone who is fleeing the country that their government has wrecked just may be someone who would fight that much harder to keep Islam from taking over a new home.

      As an American, I do not always like what our government does. Would I leave if our country was experiencing an upheaval? I might.

    • Actually there has been a mass migration from the Us the last 5 years, people here are just as pissed off as many in Europe, strange though that so many Yanks would elect go to the UK “don’t you think”
      By the way Dumbass many of us Brits have been living in your fucked up land for the past few decades, we came here and made a few bucks when it was possible to do so.

      • Dave, you’re one smelly turd. Why don’t you leave and stop stinking up my land. Nobody is forcing you to stay here, fuckwit!

    • hey id rather be in whitish britain than latino U.S less whites where born than ethnics in the U.S last year you moron, your country went down the pan years ago, we havnt failed, not yet neway its not too late for us, but it is too late for the yank planks tho.

      • asshole…. you wish the uk had immigrants like us latinos…salsa music , great food, easily assimilated(by second gen at least), most important we are christians. Then there are our..beautiful women, sexy men.. generally happy people ….

    • your land lol ur not even going to take ur underwear when you die what are you crying about land for that belongs to everyone! Its Gods land and only Gods!! The fact that you grow up in a safe place and now you feel its being taken over by people who dont respect it is a different story….i see what u mean

    • Kevin…you have no damn right to say that mate! We in the UK are suffering with these leaches on our backs, and laws being made to prevent us taking any action to rid our country of them. If we stood up and said a bad word about them we would be charged with Hate speech and jailed..they can do what they want but we are kept down by Camerons mob. Don’t accuse us of being sissies.. don’t accuse us of doing nothing…come here and see how we are repressed by both Muslims and our own government.
      Uk and USA have a special friendship, YOU are the only yank ive heard talk like that..shame on you.

      • If only we could rid ourselves of the likes of the “Islamunist,” (o)bama, and (c)ameron et all, and all other like-minded idiots who force this shit down our throats and up our asses!

        Our governments have turned rather authortarian. An “authortarian light” version mind you, but authortarian none the less and getting worse by the minute.

        Frankly, the Brit bashing has gotten ridiculous. We Americans seem headed down the same path and are rapidly catching up to where the UK presently is in this dismal process. About the only thing we have going for us is our 2nd Amendment, the constitutional right to bear firearms. I keep my Glock close by, on my right hip actually, but even this right is currently under attack by the left, and they’re pulling out all the stops in their diabolical attempts to subvert our fundamental right to bear arms.

        As far as self-defensive use of firearms is concerned, well, what can I say? “When seconds count, the police are only minutes away.”

        Anyway, know that many of us stand with you guys in this fight. The political left is evil. Do you know what the Latin word for ‘left’ is? Sinistra.
        Fitting isn’t it?

      • Kafur, We Americans by the millions know you are exactly right. We know that it is the left politicians Not the people. Hate speech..what a joke. I apologize to you from so many who can not believe what you are going through. May a Churchill type rise up and reverse all this. May they abolish the deadly reverse attacks on their own people. Come to the USA it would be an Honor to show you Napa Valley California! The schools and careers are still here. May the heavens protect and guide you.

  90. With the advent of the hasrsh realities of the socialistic ( running fast out of other peoples money) world crashing down upon them the world over, it is any wonder people of good will are taking flight to ensure the quality of their lives as to not effect themselves? I am at a loss to think otherwise, question is why did it take so long for this to become the norm.
    O.k. now with one big voice lets all sigh a sigh of relief, relief against those who would make us their slaves, in this case I will refer everyone to the parasites, moochers, liars, subversives, angry, anarchist, whores, i.e. politicians some how equating themselves as the modern day patriots of all thing to all peoples, and especially to all those practioneers of the so-called religion of pieces by name directly.
    Yeah great question there, who is now going to fund a broke parasitic system bent upon the mob rules. Now for the million dollar question everyone seems to be avioding, what are you willing to fight for, is it the pension system, equal outcome, equal access, right vrs. wrong, good over evil, what? It appears that not only are the truthful, yet underrepresented waging a flight to greener pastures, they are running as far as they can for the hills of safety. Who can blame them. Personally I would like the opportunity to use my personal resources to elliminate the dead weight with a dead response, but then again, we here in the States are seeing much to do with the same upcoming problem, being intentionally bankrupted for politicial power reserved for the People of these United States being replaced by the powers that be, currently a rogue regime, and who is dong what about it? Take heart Patriots, we do know this one thing, there is a smell of warning in the air from all those who would be our masters, the stench is overwhelming and putrid, it grows stronger as the days go by, yet noticed too by the very Patriots holding onto the idea, this is a Republic, not a mob ruled democracy, that good will overcome evil, if you don’t think in these terms, you are by extention, whether intended or not, an enemy of the free, the brave, strong, God fearing, bitter clingers of our God of our Religion, our Republic and guns.
    Beware, this report is a warning shot across the bow of the socialist nanny state idiots and what is headed in their direction, total destruction because of their lack and refusal to adhere to God ordained morals-period, it is so written and his will will be done.
    Semper Fi Patriots and infidels alike. Did you get that extra bullet ballot this week. Details people, details.

  91. Those that “see the light” and are moving overseas, will cause the downward spiral to increase. Good decision as I see it because leaders refuse to listen and heed their voices. I feel sorry for those that are trapped because you will “pay the price” like those aboard the Titanic. UK is going down fast. There is no stopping her now.

    • The UK needs a Richard I, an Elizabeth I or even a Richard III.

      Any one of those three would tell the Muslims where to get off, how to get off, and what to do once they’re off.

        • If we were protected from prosecution, there would soon be enough volunteers to do what this government is scared of doing and rid this country of this vile religion.

          If it was allowed I would personally take a machine gun and do the job with a few more guys. I would give them a chance to leave or “pop” (I would prefer not to pop them). Of course, it would have to be lawful, I would never break the law of the land…. this would only be if the government wanted volunteers!

          It annoys me when Americans call us names in chat rooms because we “Don’t kick em out”… as if it is the people who don’t do it. It’s our government at fault, not the general populace!

  92. George Galloway “Gee Gee, keep your tail up”
    and his muzzi incestuous hive in Bradford will
    help to augment the number – or is he planning to add a bit of genetic variety?

  93. Actually, a poll conduncted towards the end of last year on a Sunday morning programmed, the figure was 75% of English people say there is no place for islam and muslims in the country! So 48% is rubbish.

    • the muslims joined us we didn’t join them, my only consolation is that brains and technology will always win, wake up muslims! you will never take over Britain, you listen to old men who live in the past ( about a thousand years in the past) you say say our women are whores while your women are docile and submissive, it’s time to leave muslims, even the (moberate ones) you all worship the same koran which states.. you can lie to us, cheat us and murder us in the cause and the thing that digusts me most..underage sex with children.

  94. Happy to have the Brits come to Australia to get away from the Mizscum whom are wrecking British peoples way of life thanks to the Lefty Labour twits opening the boarders like our Lefty Labour morons are but the reality is that they are coming to another country with the same problems i.e. Muzscum… I sit here on a train at the moment have some fat assesed Baghead sitting there stuffing its fat head with food… im enjoying giving her constant dirty looks making Baghead feel very uncomfortable… love doing this by the way and looking forward to hitting my handbag into the bitch when I get off the train… so British friends come and join me on intimidating these shitards… u wont escape these multiplying vermin Im afraid..

    • no u cant escape….islamization is in full progress in australia and new zealand as well……this is global insanity….if u got cash try south america….I personally recommend Brasil…..last year I enjoyed islamfree time on Easter Island…and Moorea….this year Vanuatu and Samoa…no religion of peace there….brits can also go to Poland….no burkas there…no bearded fantics in their kneelong pajamas…no halal food-only good polish suasages and booze

      • muslims don’t want to go to central or south america, the central/south americans would linch them if the pulled their islamic shit there!
        besides, there is no WELFARE for muslims to abuse down there.
        I say send them to Columbia one of the most violent places on earth and see if mussies pull the same kind of shit they pull every other place.

        • muslims dont have any place in latin america we can not share our nation with intolerant people like them, our nations are christians and they hate christians, so they must better stay away !

        • no way ! ….. latin america is poor in money , but rich in culture and tradition.. we don’t what them corrupted by islams narrow view & interpetation of life … latin courntries and thier people are the happiest in the world (true poll results) that would all change lickeysplit once islam takes root. NO THANKs.

    • You know they did the same to spain hundreds of years ago. The Spanish actually used to be white like us, it took them over 300 years to get rid of them. Spain took the best from them and then threw them out.

      Another story i like, i remember reading an article in one of our newspapers, it was about an Australian politician and muslims. They were complaining that Australia does not build them any mosques and that they don’t have anywhere to pray 5 times a day like they do. The next words to come out of the Australian politicians mouth gave me the utmost respect for Australia and its people. He said “This is our country, this is a christian country, you knew this before you came here, we did not force you to come here, if you don’t like it, get out.”

      If only we had used those same words. Some people may think us soft, but no, we have always thought this way. It is the government that allows this, not its people. We have no control over this. Voting is futile. The British people have no voice.

      • What does “…before we pow” mean? Is it another way of saying, “silence! I shitkeel you!?” Do you propose to kill by flinging poo like the Common Asian Sand Monkey, known taxonomically as ‘Homo Islamopithecus Pakistanus?’ An invasive, non-native, proto-muhominid subspecies that upsets the ecological balance of Britain’s indigenous flora and fauna. Repatriation to the bottom of the North Sea is recomended for said non-native islamopithecines in order to abate further environmental and cultural degradation of the British Isles. This can be accomplished by utilising the assets of the Royal Navy and using the naval base at Scapa Flow as a reception/collection point for the proposed islamopithecine repatriation program. Two positive benefits of this plan would be to provide quality naval gunnery table training to the Royal Navy’s capital ship assets and gunnery crews, and the eco-friendly, beneficial effect upon the North Sea ecosystem by 1) providing nourishing “bushmeat” er, “dunemeat” flesh for endangered marine life, and 2) by utilising islamopithecine skeletal remains as matrix/scaffolding material to repair coral reef formations damaged by decades of North Sea oil drilling operations.

        As you can see, a real win/win solution that both “strong on national defence/pro-business” conservatives and “eco-friendly” Green Party leftists can support.

        The question is, my dear Shitkeel Ahmed, is would you be willing to trade being a ‘sand monkey’ for being a ‘sea monkey?’ Because you damned sure ain’t a Brit, and never will be.

        “In Hoc Signo Vinces, Muzzie Beyoch!!”

      • Your a nightmare Mr ahmed, your culture is a nightmare, like cancer it’s spreads, your kind try and dictate: you steal, murder, kidnap; you have almost destroyed the United Kingdoms’ preservation.
        Your not here to stay, as the British people have had enough off Islam – it’s religion, it’s people; which can only be described as a “disease”.
        You will be cut down and gone from this country… The Government are soft and weak, and allow you far too much rights within the “Human rights movement”..
        Eventually you will disappear, and take your awful mosques with you.

      • ahmed….everywhere muslims go they leave the place like a 3rd world country…they steal, lie cheat, murder, rob and maim.
        What the fuck have you got to be proud of? How can you have the nerve to write that rubbish? You are all disgraceful scroungers and paedophiles, as we are now finding out in our UK news.

      • You need to learn to spell mate!! Your grammer is as bad as your manners and your ability to be a decent human being!

      • It’s muslims like you which should be kicked out of the county. You deserve to be in a 3rd world country to match your 3rd world morals. We’re all civilised human beings over here who don’t follow a corrupt religion that worships a prophet who murdered hundreds of people and raped any woman. I can’t believe the UK is allowing such backwards people into our country.
        No wonder the most popular name in the world is mohammed. It’s a shame that such a corrupt, vile man’s name is being worshipped, not trampled on like a piece of shit.
        British women are not like your muslim women either. We’re not submissive objects to be controlled so I’m fed up of being treated like an object by muslim men in my own country.
        Hopefully the murder of that soldier will be a huge wake up call to all British people and the government so they can put a stop to your never ending inbreeding and population overhaul.

      • All we have to do to “pow” you sand rats is shake a bit of pork at ya! Don’t provoke the British too far as all hell will let loose and then you’ll know the real meaning of the word “pow”.

    • Thank You so much – I feel as though my way-of-life is being eroded at an alarming rate and am currently looking into immigration options, particularly to Australia and Canada.

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