GOOD NEWS FOR UK MUSLIMS: 48% of Brits want to get out of the country

BAD NEWS FOR UK MUSLIMS: Who will fund the generous welfare state for you?

‘Britain Suffers most from surge of (Muslim) immigrants.

UK SUN  Muslim immigration has changed the face of Britain faster than any major country except Italy, experts said last night. Independent think tank Migration Observatory revealed the damning finding after comparing UK arrival rates with every other rich nation.

The peak of the influx came between 2000 and 2005, when Labour’s open door policy allowed immigrant numbers arriving to shoot up by 22 per cent. The world average was nine per cent and the G8 countries’ 11 per cent.

It meant that the number of foreign-born people in the UK increased from 3.8million in 1993 to 7million in 2010 — or 12 per cent of the population. The number of foreign citizens living here also doubled from under 2million to over 4million. Sir Andrew Green, chairman of pressure group Migration Watch, said: “This underlines the huge impact of Labour’s mass immigration policy.”

Almost half of all Britons are seriously considering moving overseas. Australia is the top choice, followed by the US, Canada, and New Zealand.

UK SUN  (H/T Susan K) Pollsters YouGov quizzed 1,650 adults after The Sun told last week about Dave and Jackie Jones who emigrated to Australia with their 12 kids. The family from Barrow-in-Furness, Cumbria — who have never claimed benefits — quit in despair at what they see as soft-touch Britain’s emphasis on state handouts instead of opportunities. Dave, 42, said: “I have to do the best for my kids and I feel the opportunities I want for them will not be in the UK.”

Our poll found that most Britons agree. Three in five think quality of life will be worse for their kids than it has been for them. Just 13 per cent think their children will have it better.

Britain’s countryside would be missed by 25 per cent, the NHS by 19 per cent and TV by ten per cent. Nothing else about life here rated double figures. Only 11 per cent of us said there was nothing that could make them want to leave the UK.

When asked under what circumstances people should be allowed to move to Britain, 50 per cent say people should sometimes be allowed to come here to find work. But 38 per cent said this should never be allowed. Most agreed that people should be able to come to Britain to study at a university.

The poll also found that most important aspects of life in Britain have worsened over the last 20 years. Manners and politeness were mentioned by 83 per cent, the economy by 81 per cent, crime 68 per cent and education 55 per cent.

YouGov asked whether the last five PMs going back to Margaret Thatcher had made the country better or worse. All were deemed to have done more damage than good — with Gordon Brown and David Cameron doing especially badly.

The Sun told how hard-working Dave Jones — who earned £38,000-a-year doing night shifts at a paper mill — and Jackie, 43, left the country with their brood last Saturday.

Six per cent of those polled are actively making plans to leave, and 42 per cent say they will seriously consider it. The cost of living was named by 52 per cent as a good reason for leaving. The weather scored 37 per cent, job availability 31 per cent and crime 27 per cent.