Two Tunisian Muslims being deported from Italy on Alitalia had their mouths duct taped shut and hands cuffed with plastic bands which upset film director.

ANSA (H/T IIE)  A photo of two Tunisian men was posted by bleeding heart Italian film director Francesco Sperandeo on Facebook. Under the picture showing a policeman in street clothes standing over a seated man with his mouth taped, Sperandeo commented that the worst part of the incident was “the indifference of the other passengers. (What were they supposed to do – cry, because a few Muslim bad guys can’t talk on the plane?) 

Sperandeo said that he was ordered to return to his seat by police when he requested that the deportees be treated humanely and was told that the methods used were “normal.” (Should have put duct tape on the director)






  1. yeah the only thing missing out of this report was the back door exit at 35,000 feet, now that’s a good ending to say the least.

  2. ( The diplomat is 51, married and father of 2 )

    Iranian diplomat accused of child molestation in Brazil


    Iran Dismisses Media Allegations against Diplomat in Brazil

    TEHRAN (FNA)- Iran on Thursday rejected media allegations against an Iranian diplomat in Brazil as unfounded and untrue.

    Foreign Ministry Spokesman Ramin Mehman-Parast rejected the allegations leveled by certain media against a member of Iran’s Embassy in Brazil, describing them as unfounded.

    Mehman-Parast told the Islamic republic news agency that examinations revealed that the news disseminated by the media is untrue and unrealistic.

    The strong and rapidly growing ties between Iran and Latin America have raised eyebrows in the US and its western allies since Tehran and Latin nations have forged an alliance against the imperialist and colonialist powers and are striving hard to reinvigorate their relations with the other independent countries which pursue a line of policy independent from the US.

    The western countries and their media often try to damage the ties between Iran and Latin America through different methods and allegations.


    Witnesses told WSJ that four girls were targeted, while O Globo listed as many as ten, all between the ages of nine and 15.

    The diplomat’s quick release has set off a storm of outrage in Brazil, according to WSJ.

    • F**k ’em. Let’s close our southern border, bring all our troops back from Afghanistan, and put them on the southern border with STK orders after a single warning.

      Oh, and is this one going to make the BNI page? I hope so!

  3. O T – Iranian Muslim diplomat accused of groping underage Brazilian girls

    Iran’s embassy in Brazil on Thursday blamed a “misunderstanding” for a scandal in which one of its diplomats is alleged to have fondled underaged girls.

    Press reports said the unnamed diplomat [ Hekmatollah Ghorbani ]was accused of inappropriately touching girls aged between nine and 14 in a swimming pool at a Brasilia club late last week.

    The parents of the girls reported the incident to police and the diplomat was questioned before being released, due to his diplomatic immunity.

    […] the charge against an Iranian diplomat is a misunderstanding due to differences in cultural behavior,” the Iranian embassy said in a statement sent to AFP.

  4. HALLELUJAH!! Arselifters PROPERLY restrained for a change on an international flight!! As for “Director” Sperandeo: SIT DOWN and STFU!! Be glad the bastards are restrained; otherwise, your stupid ass would most likely be ALREADY dead at the hands of these arselifters!!

  5. I have an idea. Let’s force the bleeding hearts who support “migrants” to feed, clothe, house them, and put up with their asslifting for a year.

  6. Considering what ragheads like to do with planes, that idiot director should be grateful they had their hands cuffed and their big mouths taped shut.

    Lock him in a screening room with a continuous showing of “United 93” and don’t let him out until he “gets it”.

  7. Too bad we can’t do this to “Uncle Dougie” when he does his weekly whine sessions. We need to do this also th the loud, invasive yodlers in the towers who disrupt our lives and customs five times a day.
    Ahhhh ! Duct tape is a wonderous thing !

      • Re Uncle Dougie: One would think that a person in such a high position would improve his appearance. His clothes are atrocious, beyond tacky, cheap suits, sparse beard, muzzie wannabe. Who can respect someone who dresses like that. What a dork!

        • Billy, I don’t notice what he wears on the outside because he is so ugly on the inside.

    • Great idea for “Uncle Dougie!”

      “Tower Yodlers”, I’m so gonna use that gem! That is if you don’t mind? Plz Plz Plz??

      I know i’m sucking up here, but they don’t call you “Sweet ol’ Bob” for nothing buddy old pal! God, I disgust myself sometimes, lol.

      Anyway, we should start the “Duct Tape for Dougie” campaign. Your generous contributions are jizya deDUCTable of course.

      God I suck! :(

      • Speking of those raving-LUNatic, Moon god allah-worshiping “tower yodlers”, ever notice the similarity in appearance between minarets and the Saturn 5 rocket? Yep. “One more time Ahmed, and Pow! To the Moon!”

        Houston, we have lift off!

        If all else fails, perhaps we could borrow Marvin the Martian’s Plutonium P-38 Explosive Space Modulator and blast the Kabbah (Moon rock included) into sub-atomic particles. “Oh dear”, what would good ol’ “Duct Tape Dougie” say? Hopefully nothing if we can can “Muzzle him in Gaffa”, (emphasis mine). Sorry Kate, I still love you! xoxoxo!

        • Actually, it’s an Illudium Pu-38 Explosive Space Modulator… :) *yeah, I know, so what?* *laughs*

          Better yet, as George Carlin suggested: “Take a small tactical nuclear weapon, and stick it up the guy’s ass! A thermonuclear suppository. Preparation-H-Bomb.”

        • As I said before, God I suck :(

          Thanks for the correction regarding the proper nomenclature for Martian technical ordinance, lol.

          Preparation H Bomb? Now that is priceless!

          The late George Carlin did have his moments of genius. God how I miss that.

        • You don’t suck, Randy. I looked into Marvin Martian, and found that in an early appearance with him and Bugs Bunny on the moon, the device Marvin was using was a Plutonium P-38 explosive space modulator…

          So, we were both right, depending on which cartoon we were referencing… :)

          As for the “Preparation H Bomb,” I loved that one, too. :)

  8. These people don’t even have it in their nature to act “decent”. Children all over the world are taught social graces for public behavior — obviously, it is avoided in the Muslim world.

  9. I am SO glad to see that SOMEONE knows how to deal effectively with difficult Muslims!

    The appropriate response on Facebook picture should be “Woohoo!”

  10. All muslim law breakers and muslims who are illegally in any country must be deported with out fail ASAP. They should be deported in a way that they never want to come back for the same return deportation trip home a second and a third time. The tape would ensure that the inbreds do not spit on their guards. This makes perfect sense.

  11. Woo Hoo! Viva Italia!!

    The only thing better would have been large pork sausage links shoved up their stinky muzzturd asses and one down the dhimmi director’s throat!

  12. LMAO!!!! what, the passengers indifference to these POS!! Taped their miserable mouths shut so they couldn’t spew their crap of how mistreated they are, the pooooor victim of course!! Poor treatment, my ass; I call it SMART thinking! I DESTEST THEM ALL!

    I love it! BRAVO Italy!!!

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