It isn’t just that Muslims are unfriendly, it’s that Islam commands them to be rude to the filthy kuffar (disbelievers)

A Muslim will never greet a (kafir) first. Instead, he will try to get you to greet him first in the belief that in doing so, you have taken a step closer toward the religion of the paedophile prophet Mohammed.

 Qur’an 9:5

“When the sacred forbidden months for fighting are past, fight and kill the disbelievers (kuffar) wherever you find them, take them captive, torture them, and lie in wait and ambush them using every stratagem of war.”


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  1. you know i dont understand the hating against each other im a atheist and dont understand why yall enimies i want to belive in a god but dont know what 2 choose you hear bad stuff going on about muslims,so i think darn thats a bad reloigon, then i go to read some stuff about christians i hear about kkk,cops in america shooting black people so now im in the middle
    i just want to ask why???
    and just one more question how do you know those muslims are actually real muslims r u judging ?how do u know kkk was not muslim in this world honestly people are just judging people it makes me so sad

  2. Once I was walking through a mall, and coming in my direction were 4 Muslim women, all wearing those hajib head scarves, traditional Arab gowns, the works. They were walking 4 abreast, chatting to each other in some non-English language. Out of courtesy, I stepped aside to let them pass, and not one of them acknowledged me, said ‘hello’, ‘excuse me’, ‘sorry’, anything. They acted as if I were invisible. I thought that Muslim women were supposed to show some respect for men, but perhaps, since I was a kafir dog, they didn’t need to acknowledge me.

    It gets better! Walking behind them a few steps was a young boy. I guess he was a son of one of them. He strutted along with his chest out, looking at the store fronts, and also ignoring me. I decided not to step aside for him, but stopped and let him collide into me. He fell back on the ground, and I stepped over him and walked on, ignoring him and the women who were with him. I encountered 5 Muslims, and they all displayed arrogance to me.

  3. My answer to Muslim:

    Read more about the Christianophobia about the bipolar cult politico-pseudo-religion of the muslim islamanazis and about their “peace advocacy” for all. Then use any of the words in the following list, a to z, and add “muslim” and you will see the glaring truth about the “peace” and medieval ways of this scourge being unleashed upon the world.

    Apostasy and acid attack, beheading, bombing, brainwashing and burka, clitorectomy and crucify, death threats, execution and electrocution, fire-bombing and fatwa, garroting and genital mutilation, hanging, infidel and incivism, jihad and jizya, kaffir, lashing, mangling and murder, niqab and no-go zones, oochlocracy, pedophile, quran bipolar verses, raping, rockets and revenge killing, stoning, slavery, submission, starvation and sharia, torturing and terror cells, uterus purification, virgins 72 and verses of violence, whipping, xenophobia (as in Islamic jihadist hatred for western culture), you tube (to see all the wonderful good from muslim jihadists perpetrated on the world), zabh (as in cutting the throat).

    Thanks islamist muslim cult nazi jihadists for all your wonderful “peacemaking” and for being such culturally sharing and rationale people. Most of all thanks to God that people are opening their eyes more and more and standing up to your gross perversion of a “religion” called islam. Go to hell and take your make-believe allah with you!

  4. you guys talk rubbish about islam
    I wonder why no one talks that about any other religion
    why is it all on to islam all them lies
    stick your lies up your bum
    if something bad happens in the news about muslims they have to say the word muslim or islam
    but other people who are other religeons
    no they don’t say
    they are rude to Islamic people they talk shit

  5. What I have read justified Islamophobea. Re-read your hate comments towards muslims and evaluate whether you are any better…Islam is a peaceful religion. It is surprising that having been victimised by false acquasation, ignorance in cultural understanding and hate towards them are actually multiplyig their numbers. The actual repression of Islam is what is making it more stronger. So carry on lads with your rude remarks. Good Luck.

    • Greetings ICE, yeah let them hate, it will just consume all of their energy. works for me. Like the old saying of a few of my comrades in arms, yeah you may run hard to get away but you are just going to DIE tired. Let them stew in their misery.

  6. Okay, ARSELIFTER; that’s the way you want to play?!….”SCREW YOU TOO!! And have a nice day…you miserable stinking arselifter SOB!!”


    “True belief means . . . that you hate the polytheists and infidels but do not treat them unjustly.”
    “Whoever obeys the Prophet and accepts the oneness of God cannot maintain a loyal friendship with those who oppose God and His Prophet, even if they are his closest relatives.”
    “It is forbidden for a Muslim to be a loyal friend to someone who does not believe in God and His Prophet, or someone who fights the religion of Islam.”
    “A Muslim, even if he lives far away, is your brother in religion. Someone who opposes God, even if he is your brother by family tie, is your enemy in religion.”
    “As cited in Ibn Abbas: The apes are Jews, the people of the Sabbath; while the swine are the Christians, the infidels of the communion of Jesus.”
    “They are the Jews, whom God has cursed and with whom He is so angry that He will never again be satisfied [with them].”
    “The greeting ‘Peace be upon you’ is specifically for believers. It cannot be said to others.”
    “Do not yield to them [Christians and Jews] on a narrow road out of honor and respect.”

    • No wonder Muslims have so much HATE in their eyes, because they’re taught to expend so much energy in HATING non-Muslims!!! [The Saudis plus the Pashtun Talibs (Afghanistan and Pakistan) plus all al-Qaeda people & relatives (e.g., Boko Haram), all of whom go after the Saudi Wahhabbi version of Islam, are obviously particularly evil as such (who would have thought how much the presence of art (including music!!) and science means so much and does so much GOOD in the life of a human being?!?!!!).]

      Also, Islam is a true killing cult (itself a trait of Satan!!!) that won’t rest until all life is indeed destroyed, because once the infidels are destroyed and the food-chain is purged of dogs and pigs, then they’ll have to turn on themselves…

  8. Al Walaa wal baraa is the second of Islam’s three compulsory doctrines: without hating the dirty kafirs, a Moslem is a blaspheming apostate who must be executed:

    Koran 28:86 “Do not support the kafireen in any way.”
    Koran 5.51 “He amongst you who turns to them (for friendship) is of them.”
    Koran 40:35 “They who dispute the signs (verses) of Allah without authority having reached them are greatly hated by Allah and the believers.” (Note: not just “hated”, but “greatly hated”.)
    Koran 48:29: “Muhammad is God’s apostle. Those who follow him are violent to the unbelievers, but compassionate to one another.”
    Koran 4: 101 “The kuffar are for you a clear enemy.”
    Koran,Anfal: 60 “Terrify the enemy of Allah and your enemy”
    Koran 60:4 “We have rejected you, and there has arisen between us and you enmity and hatred, until you believe and worship Allaah alone.”
    Koran 3: 118 “O you who believe! Do not take into your intimacy those outside your ranks. They will not fail to corrupt you (Koran 3: 118)

    Examples of al-Baraa from historic figures:

    -from Ahmad Sirhindi (1564-1624).
    “The honour of Islam lies in insulting kufr and kafirs. One who respects the kafirs dishonours the Muslims… The real purpose of levying jiziya on them is to humiliate them to such an extent that they may not be able to dress well and to live in grandeur. They should constantly remain terrified and trembling. It is intended to hold them under contempt and to uphold the honour and might of Islam.”

    -from ibn Taymiyya, “Book of Emaan”
    “… true believers show animosity and hatred towards disbelievers and never support them.”

    -from Umar Sulayman ‘Abd-Allaah al-Ashqar, “Belief in Allah”
    “The Muslim should regard the Kuffaar as enemies and hate them because of their kufr, just as he hates their kufr (disbelief) itself.”
    (Note: should hate them just as…)

    -from “The Islaamic Concept of al-Walaa’ wal-Baraa’” by Khalid El-Gharib:

    …“[iv] to show enmity to those who show enmity to Allaah and His Messenger”
    (Note: Moslems are to visibly demonstrate their enmity or hatred towards the kufaar)

    -from a lecture given by Sheikh Abdullah al-Faisal (H.A.):

    “The implication of al-Baraa is that one hates for the sake of Allah (SWT)…Al-Baraa means to recognize who your enemies are and to hate them and exterminate them in the Endeavour to get rid of your Deen, al-Islam…Al-Baraa is to hate the people who propagate Baatil (falsehood)—the Muslim should hate them and (desire to at least) kill them when the time comes.”

    (Note: A Moslem is to hate the infidels so that he will be motivated to kill them at a later time, thus carrying out divine justice.)

  9. It really doesn’t bother me that they are intolerant of those of us who chose not to inbreed as they do. They marry underage girls because most western women are to smart for their bullshit ideology. They themselves are teaching the West not to tolerate them. They have always been their own worst enemies. They started with some great ideas in ancient history, but then Satan’ prophet Muhammad brought Islam and ruined it all. Freedom and Democracy saved the day.

  10. Moslems believe religious DISCRIMINATION is ‘good’ because Mohammed did it and he commanded Moslems to follow his example.

    Sharia law is about DISCRIMINATION…Hey, politicians…want Sharia?

    WE DON’T!


    The doctrine is called AL-WALAA WAL-BARAA (loving Moslems and apartheid from kafirs).

    Muhammad said that a woman, Jew, Magian, dog, donkey or a pig passing in front a praying Muslim closer than a stone’s throw away annuls the Muslim’s prayer.

    Islam is an order to hate ‘others’ and denigrate women (Mohammed called women ‘domestic animals’ and ‘prisoners’ and compared them to donkeys and dogs.

    • Excellent to know that Mohammed in this way dehumanised women (not to mention “infidels” as Magians aren’t merely pagans in all likelihood) – that should be stressed whenever and wherever we’re with the ladies and the subject of Islam comes up!!!!!

      When the Western women realise just how much Islam hates them for what they are (and I presume that Muslims don’t believe in sex-change operations anyway), that will be a whole new great power in fighting that EVIL ideology…

      Also, the more Muslim “prayers” that are annulled the better as they’re anyway to Satan himself… What an utterly male-favouring CULT!!!!!

  11. That is easy, never speak first to a muslim but let them speak first and then just walk away and ignore them. I do that now by never using businesses that hire muslims. Works for me. Thanks.

  12. Most Muslims and Easterners in general — even non Muslims, hate it when you hawk and spit in their presence, especially if you spit in their general direction. That’s a supreme insult! The only thing though, if you do that, you better be prepared to fight — or run, if they outnumber you, or you are chicken!

    And if you are sitting down, put the soles of your feet in their direction. And it’s even better and more effective if you have nasty, dirty, crusty feet. That tells them that they are dirt to be walked on. Easterners, including Muslims, hate that!

    And if you have to greet an Easterner (especially Muslim), if you want to insult him or her, put out your left hand. After all, in Islam, your right hand is your “clean” hand, and your left is your “dirty” hand. And in the Hadiths, Satan and evil Jinns are said to eat with left hands.

    When leaving a Easterner’s place of residence or business, if you want to insult them, take your shoes or sandals and shake the dust off of them when you leave and make sure they see it.

    Another thing you can do to piss them off, is to fart in their presence. A fart can be annoying to anybody, especially a stinky one — even to Westerners, but to Muslims and Easterners, it is especially rude. Americans and Westerners may laugh at a fart (mostly from embarrassment) but Easterners, especially Muslims, are mortified by farts. In fact, it is forbidden by Hadith for a Muslim to laugh at a fart.

    There is a Hadith that says, if a Muslim farts in the House of God during prayers, that God won’t answer his prayer, and he has to wash himself and do his prayer all over again. According to Islam, God and the angels are offended by farts, just like people. So if you have a lot of gas, from a fajita you ate, or pork and beans, then blast away. You will certainly piss them off.

    • How about Collard Greens?

      I’ve had some really nasty farts arise from Collard Greens.

      To paraphrase Jeff Dunham’s Achmed the Dead Terrorist: “Saddam’s mustard gas is nothing compared to a collard greens fart. It will keell us all.”

    • I LUV IT ! I LUV IT! i LUV IT ! ! !
      Being from down South where a meal of Butter Beans and Cornbread. with jalopenos or pepper sauce is considered good stuff, I will seek out muslim places of business about an hour after supper. (That’s dinner to you yankees) WhoooooEEEE !

  13. I love taking my German Shepherd for walks and letting her do her business in front of the local mosque. Greetings and salutations!

  14. what sacred forbidden months of fighting are over? they are always fighting and i have no reason to see them or greet them in any manner. like the idea of the atomizer with the red liquid though.

  15. Another good reason never to speak to a raghead first. Works for me. Let them stand there with a stupid sharia-compliant look on their faces while we give them randy63ism’s “go to hell stare”.

  16. Randy, good to hear from you! It’s been a while. I like the “stare, say nothing” technique. When they speak, laugh and walk away. Guaranteed “bullseye”.

    • It’s one thing to follow your faith ( like wearing veils/hijabs, whatever) but then to front as a Muslim woman but then act and talk worse than any hood rat is beyond me. Can’t believe some of these fake, mouthy bitches live to adulthood. Seems like when they come to America they feel entitled to do and say whatever they want, with no consequences. Try that back home and see what happens. No American would be alloweed to act like this.

  17. Carry around a small atomizer filled with red liquid and a big label that says pig blood. Keep it your hands where they can see it. Watch them run.

  18. Good to know this little dictum, now we know how to piss-off a muslim whenever we meet one, never offer greetings first, just watch them seethe.

    • ‘As-salaam aleikum’ (the truce be unto you) is never said to a kafir.

      There is no ‘peace’ or ‘truce’ between a Moslem and a kafir. The Moslem is a constant state of warfare (jihad) against the kafir until he is completely subjugated, humiliated or exterminated.

  19. Amply fine by me, for I, a proud infidel (Christian), likewise REFUSE to so much as even to look at ANY Muslim or Muslimah (other than out of the corner of my eye) unless they insist on talking to me first!!! We can ALL join in forcing them to greet us Westerners first by exactly the same kind of hostility when they’re in the West – and naturally we should shun any and ALL travel to their “dar al-Islam”!!!! How I’d love it if we can find and patent other technologies (e.g., fuel cells) that would allow us to snap the evil umbilical cord of oil dependency…

    Again I paraphrase Cato Censor: “ceterum censeo delendam esse Islaminem” (‘besides, I think that Islam must be destroyed’)!!!!! At the minimum, ALL dealings with Muslims ought to be pared down to the ABSOLUTE MINIMUM POSSIBLE – and if the number and quality of such dealings is ZERO, SO MUCH THE BETTER!!! Furthermore, ALL Muslims OUT OF THE WEST!!!!!