UK Muslim leaves shoes outside door, then shocked when they’re gone in the morning

Council workers removed the shoes because they were a safety risk to other residents in the event of a fire. Not to mention stinking up the hallway.

DAILY MAIL (H/T Susan K)  Olcay Kurulay thought his two pairs of trainers and work shoes had been stolen when he opened his front door to find them gone from the communal hallway. But the 35-year-old, who keeps his shoes outside for religious reasons, was stunned after a neighbour told him a council housing officer had removed them.

He was even more shocked after he called the local authority and was told the footwear could have presented an obstacle to people in the event of a fire. They then charged him a £25 fee to get his property back.

Hygiene is very important to practicing Muslims who generally take their shoes off when entering mosques and homes to keep the areas clean and as a mark of respect.

Mr Kurulay, a security guard at his local magistrates’ court, had to go to work wearing flip-flops and was told off by my manager for not wearing proper shoes.

Mr Kurulay, who is Turkish but now lives in Bournemouth, Dorset, said: ‘I was ready to go to work and dressed in my uniform and went to put my shoes on and realised they had gone. 

‘I called the council later and was told that you can’t have any items in the communal area in case of a fire. They didn’t think that by taking my shoes that might stop me leaving my flat if there was a fire. (Maybe that was the idea! LOL)

‘The council told me they didn’t have to give me any warning and that it was part of my tenancy agreement not to have any objects blocking the hallway. ‘By that I thought they meant an old fridge or bicycle.

‘People are sick outside or spit on the floor and there is also dog mess. We leave shoes because we pray inside.’ (Don’t like it? Go back to Turkey?)



30 comments on “UK Muslim leaves shoes outside door, then shocked when they’re gone in the morning

  1. This twats lucky, had he left trainers outside his home where I live in the highly “culturally enriched” S.E. London they would of been nicked (stolen)! As one who lives in a communal building with the rug butters I can say these following things with direct exprience;
    1: Muslims stink like two week old curry that has maggots in it
    2: Muslims are even more arrogant than nigerians (abed)
    3: muslims cannot be trusted to keep their word
    4: Muslims are sexually predatory on non muslim women as they have to marry their inbred cousins (how ugly/stupid are your kids?)
    Muslims are scum full fucking stop.

  2. Lets all go and super glue their footwear to the floor or get pig poo down in the toe and when they put their shoes on surprise surprise.

  3. did those ragheads ever here about oder eaters.guess not most of them are still total strangers to soap. just my oppinion.

    • Youre beyond stupid because Muslims have the best hygeine in the world! Arabia alone was called by explorers the “land of fragrance” Muslims love hygiene! cleanliness is part of Islam unlike your dirty cities! in victorian times they thought Muslims were weird because muslims bathed alot! also victorian people had t o wear those wigs because they shaved their hair off due to live! your people are known to smell like wet dogs!
      Muslims bathe regularly and on top of that they perform ablution/ritual washing 5 times a day! so his feet are cleaner than any of your mouths you ignorant piece of trash! Also Muslims dont wipe theri feces with a towel and call it a day like you people do because wiping with a toilet paper still leaves behind fecal matter! thats why u see in muslim households they use soap/water..they even have a water jug to clean themselves perfectly! you learned hygiene from the muslims! deoderant was created by a muslim! all teh fragrances u see in sephora is actually ingediants from the middle east! theyre the cleanest in the world! so dont even talk stupid

      • Sana, no one here is interested in what you do with your shit. Your countries are shitholes as are the scumbags who live there.

      • Sana,
        and I will try to be polite here. I used to live in the UAE years back and I can say that arab public toilets are the worst in the world! Piss shit and water every fucking where as you dickheads use holes in the ground ffs! Then you claim to be clean, btw toilet paper aka bog roll, is far more hygenic when you wash your hands after defication you muppet. And every sane western kaffir washes their hands after using the bog.
        You sound/come across as an arab/muslim pisslamic supremacyst (and I spelt it that way as you cunts need to be excised from the civilised humans on this planet). See you in hell.

      • “Arabia alone was called by explorers the “land of fragrance””

        Maybe you would like to give two or three quotations from those ‘explorers’? There’s nothing on Google.

        “…also victorian people had t o wear those wigs…”

        I think you’re thinking of an earlier age. Queen Victoria would not be amused.

        “Muslims have the best hygeine in the world…”

        Well, it may be better now, thanks to modern WESTERN plumbing.

        “…deoderant was created by a muslim!”


  4. He was lucky that no one stole his shoes.
    What a tempting offering to a homeless person who is shuffling around with barely anything between his feet and the cold pavement.
    We have many oriental families around here who have shelves right by their front door.
    People are expected to remove their shoes upon entering their homes and those shoes stay safely tucked away on those shelves.
    If there isn’t enough room for a shelf in that guy’s apartment, he could install a shoe bag on the back of his front door and put his shoes neatly away in one of the co
    handy pockets designed for that purpose.
    That picture of the family’s shoes spread out all over the place is a real mess.

  5. That one I have problem with. They could be Vietnamese you know. Yes there are Vietnamese in UK, Menachem Begin shamed Thatcher into admitting 11,000.

  6. If the other tennants had any idea of what muslims were, they oould have spit in the shoes and put their pooper scooperings in there too. Kinda like they were a mini dust bin. Handy, ain’t they ?

  7. Typical Muslim behaviour of complete disregard for others.

    I wouldn’t want to see his stinking shoes every time I walked past his door.

  8. Disgusting savages of islam. Their souls are filthy but they have to have clean soles (feet) to pray. Too bad they were not more worried about having clean souls, rather than clean shoe soles. As usual the muslim inbreds focus on the soles of their shoes instead of their souls. You can not fix stupid.

  9. When I first saw this story, I thought somebody had stolen the shoes! If someone did that here where I live, they might get stolen.

    “Mmmm. Free pair of shoes!…”

  10. funny. in many places leaving stuff outside regardless whether it is shoes or anything else is a safety hazard. he’s lucky no one spit of pissed in the shoes.
    when the lights go out the lst thing someone needs to do is fall over shoes.L25 was a very small fine

    • dragon, I lived in Japan for 2 years where you have to take off your shoes before entering a home/apartment, too. But they all have a vestibule inside the doorway, some with shelves, so you can put your shoes there and not in the hallway or on the sidewalk.

      • The procedure is the same in Taiwan and Okinawa, shoes Are removed upon entering a household, BUT they are kept on shelves by the door, just INSIDE the entry hall, NOT out in the hallway (as is the Asslifter WAY); my wife is the ONLY Christian in her family of origin, but my in-laws in Taiwan AND my wife’s sister in NE U.S are all Buddhist…No need to say, Buddhists are much more tolerant AND TOLERABLE than muzzy arselifters ANYWHERE!! We’ll be heading for the Far East again at the end of this summer, fourth trip since our marriage in ’96!

  11. Hilarious! must have been AWESOME when the ass lifter was told they’re NOT due preferntial treatment. Shocked and apalled I’m sure.

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