UK Muslim leaves shoes outside door, then shocked when they’re gone in the morning

Council workers removed the shoes because they were a safety risk to other residents in the event of a fire. Not to mention stinking up the hallway.

DAILY MAIL (H/T Susan K)  Olcay Kurulay thought his two pairs of trainers and work shoes had been stolen when he opened his front door to find them gone from the communal hallway. But the 35-year-old, who keeps his shoes outside for religious reasons, was stunned after a neighbour told him a council housing officer had removed them.

He was even more shocked after he called the local authority and was told the footwear could have presented an obstacle to people in the event of a fire. They then charged him a £25 fee to get his property back.

Hygiene is very important to practicing Muslims who generally take their shoes off when entering mosques and homes to keep the areas clean and as a mark of respect.

Mr Kurulay, a security guard at his local magistrates’ court, had to go to work wearing flip-flops and was told off by my manager for not wearing proper shoes.

Mr Kurulay, who is Turkish but now lives in Bournemouth, Dorset, said: ‘I was ready to go to work and dressed in my uniform and went to put my shoes on and realised they had gone. 

‘I called the council later and was told that you can’t have any items in the communal area in case of a fire. They didn’t think that by taking my shoes that might stop me leaving my flat if there was a fire. (Maybe that was the idea! LOL)

‘The council told me they didn’t have to give me any warning and that it was part of my tenancy agreement not to have any objects blocking the hallway. ‘By that I thought they meant an old fridge or bicycle.

‘People are sick outside or spit on the floor and there is also dog mess. We leave shoes because we pray inside.’ (Don’t like it? Go back to Turkey?)