WTF AUSTRALIA? Muslim prayer room in football stadiums for only one Muslim player?

Having succeeded in convincing the AFL to introduce prayer rooms at all venues, Bachar Houli, AFL’s first Muslim asslifter, was unfazed last night by a stinging backlash sparked by former Victorian premier Jeff Kennett, who called the idea “stupid” and “political correctness gone mad.”

The Australian  Football fans took to websites to condemn and ridicule the move, but at his home in Melbourne the Houli told The Australian: “The main thing is we’ve got what we want, and you can’t change that. “At the end of the day, people want to go and enjoy the footy as well as continue with their beliefs, and if it means they have to pray once a day at the footy, we’re not asking for much.”

Mr Kennett said the move was “ridiculous” and complained that political correctness had replaced “the great days” of football, when there were few stands, mud on the ground, meat pies sold for sixpence and fans braved “the smell of the urinal”.

Describing Australia as “a Christian society of many faiths”, the former Liberal premier and former Hawthorn club president said communities should not have to change their “very fibre” to accommodate multiculturalism. “To put prayer rooms into sporting venues is not part of the Australian lexicon, it’s not the way in which we’ve behaved,” he said. “I think it’s an overreaction, I think it’s political correctness, I think it’s absolute rubbish. It’s not practical, it’s stupid, it’s political correctness gone mad.”

Houli, who plays at Richmond, where he prays before and after games, pressed for prayer rooms to be introduced at grounds in his capacity as the league’s multicultural ambassador. He said devout Muslims, who pray five times a day, were forced to pray in carparks or stairwells during games, and said more Muslims would come to the football if they had a place to pray. (Exactly why prayer rooms should be illegal in stadiums)

Multi-faith Muslim prayer rooms have been introduced at the MCG and Etihad Stadium in Melbourne, and Sydney’s ANZ Stadium. The AFL intends to press for prayer rooms at all other venues, including the SCG.

The move was welcomed by Muslim leaders, including Muslim Australia vice-president Ikebal Patel, who said the AFL deserved full marks. “What is the harm?” he asked. “What’s the problem in someone enjoying a game of footy and at the same time being mindful of their religious obligations, whatever they may be.

Wherever Muslim prayer rooms go, footbaths are sure to follow

Many football fans took to websites to condemn the move. “What next, the Adhan over the loudspeakers instead of the final siren?” posted one Richmond fan. “Or . . . half-time breaks to coincide with mid-afternoon prayer? Or designated women-only areas at the ground on the top deck completely out of sight and earshot of any men? Actually, that one’s not a bad idea.

Others posted: “This is OUR game and I’m sick of all this multicultural crap that is dividing our country”; “The last bastion of Australian culture to be stripped away from us in the name of Islam”; and “Football should be football. It’s a religion in itself. Let it be.”



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  1. I can’t believe that people like you exist. The same way Muslims respect your religion, you should respect theirs. So what if he wants a place to pray at? Is it so hard for you to accept that he is so devoted to his religion? So, he is good when he scores a goal for your team, but when he asks for his rights, you don’t like him? Yeah, that’s cool. 😉 May Allah guide you to the right path.

    • IslamisNOTbeautiful, what rights do Christians have in your countries, other than being oppressed, killed, or forced to convert, of live like dhimmis? You muslim slimebags do NOT have special rights in OUR countries. One day we will remove all of your ilk from the West, like the Crusades tried to do but didn’t finish. Next time, we will.

    • islamisaPOLITICALideology,

      The way islam respects their religions?

      Do you mean usurping characters from the other religions, claiming them as your own, and changing their natures?

      Do you mean the “respect” of cursing them every time you mindlessly recite al fatiha?

      Do you mean the “respect” of sharia denying them the rights you assclowns DEMAND they show you in their countries?

      You primitives forget: the kaffirs created the laws and rights in their countries. THEY can just as easily change them to exclude you racist, supremacist troglodytes.

      musloid hubris, like yours, is what is pissing the kaffir off. Their anger has nothing to do with terrorists. It has everything to do with self-righteous, arrogant, conniving little mo’s minions like you.

      • BRAVISSIMA, “Istanbul_Chick”!!!!

        You and Ms. BNI have said it PERFECTLY – I’ll only add that “allah” is NOT God any more than Baal or Belial happen to be!!!!

        That “IslamIS_UGLY” – like almost all Moslems – DARES to ask all sorts of rights, automatic benefits, services and privileges while denying them to everybody non-Moslem!!!! How much more HYPOCRITICAL can ANYBODY be on this unhappy earth?!??!??

        And he DARES to say Islam respects other religions???

        This wretch, this absolute good-for-nothing-bastard – like virtually ALL Moslems (especially those who’re devout) – is not “borderline psychopathic” while being “psychologically healthy”: he is BOTH SEVERELY psychopathic AND psychologically SICK UNTO DEATH!!!!! Only if and when he TOTALLY RENOUNCES and BLASPHEMES Islam and everything to do with it can he hope to eventually become healthy and escape Islam’s psychopathy!!!!!

        Like Ms. BNI, I can hardly wait for the day when ALL Moslems – every last single one of them, down to the last man, woman and child!!! – are GONE from the West, ideally to be bottled up in the Arabian Peninsula!!!

        What a HUGE PITY that Duke Reginaud de Châtillon didn’t do his homework properly when he set out upon his abortive expedition into Arabia, where he planned to destroy and desecrate the tomb of Mohammed that “accursed camel-driver” in Medina, and then in Mecca “smash the Ka’aba in fragments to the ground!!!!”

  2. @Lizzy
    The stadiums are MCG (Melbourne Cricket Ground) & Etihad Stadium in Melbourne.
    Not aware of them being established elsewhere.
    In Adelaide AAMI Stadium is owned by the SANFL so they would have to approve it (they will).
    I’m sure we’ll be hearing more about this shit in the coming weeks :(

    • thanks mo waz a pedo, lol, if anyone can use these moslem prayer rooms, does that mean i can go in and shout ‘o lord, please smite the beast that is islam, murderers of the innocent, haters of truth, justice and equality’ . . . me thinks that won’t go down too well, but hey, apparently they are, cough, tolerant . . .

      • @Lizzy according to that dhimmi Steve Dimitriou it’s just the one room “multi-faith” – so go ahead make my day 😀

  3. name me the stadium where these cult rooms are going and they will find a lovely offering of pig’s blood and dog turds in their foot washing thing, filthy demanding parasites!

  4. It’s ridiculous. There are several Muslim players in the American NFL, but I haven’t yet heard of any of them demanding a prayer and ablution room at NFL stadiums.

    Is that because they know better than to ask for one and have decided they could use the showers for washing the feet and what not, or is it the fact that many american Muslims are actually Black converts to Islam (though, if they knew that it was Islam that taught the Europeans to hate black people based on skin color, etc., and that it was Muslims who were the greatest and worst slavers, they might run in the other direction)?

  5. Well then! Thankgoodness I am an Adelaide Crows supporter! I used to like Richmond too…I wonder how the muzzie player goes, when he plays the Bulldogs…seems muzzies hate dogs…as silly as it sounds, it is no sillier than putting prayer rooms in at the footy ground…more power over the kefir I guess..

  6. Dr. Zuhdi Jasser (The Third Jihad) says what they are doing is stealth jihad. Inch by inch they increase their presence, ultimately, taking over Australia and the United States. Blindly, Australians and Americans are allowing it happen by giving in to this paganistic footbath nonsense.

    He also said they use our laws against us, which is obvious. You know those Constitutional laws that were supposed to provide Freedom of Speech, Religion, and protection from invaders to all of us.

    No longer can Americans say what they want, practice Christianity openly, and certainly aren’t protected from invaders, Muslims and others from Third-World countries.

  7. They did this here in Edinburgh a couple o’ Years ago for two muslim players they took on,Hibs(short for Hibernian F.C.)went out their way to accommodate these 2 x players with a prayer room,so they cleaned out a small Cleaning Storeroom and let them use it,but they only stayed at Hibs till the end of the Season and pissed-off,

  8. Muslims can save up their prayers and do more than one at a time if an event forces them to miss a prayer time. These people just don’t want to be bothered doing a number of prayers at one time.

    This prayer room also acts as a means to pressure less observant muslims who might have used the absence of one as an excuse to skip prayers. Now the more observant muslims can pressure the others to conform and have proof if they fail to do all the prayers.

    Islam is a cult of conformity and those who fail to conform are punished sooner or later.

  9. Kennett is quite correct; this s— is “political correctness gone mad”!!…My view on this: if the aselifter persists in his ridiculous arselifter “demands”, there is NOT a football player on this planet that is good enough to ruin the game by giving in to this kind of horseshit!! Give his stupid arselifter arse the boot and send him on down the road….preferably to the Mideast Land of Arselifters!!

    • Naah, give the arselifter to the feral Collingwood football club – see how the ferals there treat the musloid.
      (For the benefit of non-Australians – Collingwood Football Club have the WORST behaved & drunken fans out of the 18 clubs in the competition).
      I’m listening to a football show now & the number of phone-calls, emails & SMS against this crap is amazing – yet those in authority just don’t or won’t get the angst – all they see are the $ signs.

  10. The Musloid is playing for a 3rd rate Football club (Richmond) that hasn’t won a premiership in 30 years – & not likely to win for another 30.
    This team comes to my city twice a year to play football, so when it comes & this prat comes near or touches the ball I’ll be calling out “Allah Fukbar” & encourage all around to do the same.
    If you heard talk-back radio here, by far the majority are bitterly opposed – even a musloid woman rang up & said it was “completely stupid & not necessary”.
    If there’s going to be a prayer room then it should be a “multi-faith” one – no discrimination – then we’ll see how tolerant these musloids are.
    Even a former Premier of Victoria was spitting chips.
    So to make lemonade out of lemon – it has brough the issue of pisslam & musloids front & centre before millions of Australians who were quite complacent as in “She’ll be right mate”.
    Well, now everyone has got a king size kick up their clackers!

    • Mo, they say it is multi-faith, but once Muslims lay down their rugs and take off their shoes, no one else will go in there.

      • Bonnie I was actually meaning for the AFL oops I mean the IFL – Islamic Football League to call it a multi-faith room & thereby have “control” – of course we know it won’t happen – but what WILL happen is a call for separate prayer rooms for the bag-heads as well as foot-baths – then watch the shit hit the fan!

  11. The height of masochism, they pray 5 X a day and curse us and we provide them with the space to do it.

    Note the last line of the self-brainwashing occurs 5X a day per muslim.

    (In the name of GOD, Most Gracious, Most Merciful)
    (Praise be to GOD, Lord of the universe)
    (Most Gracious, Most Merciful)
    (King of the Day of Judgment)
    (You alone we worship; You alone we ask for help)
    (Guide us in the correct path)

    (the path of those whom You blessed; not of those worthy of wrath, or of the strayers)

  12. I wonder if Gideons will be permitted to place a bible in the prayer room seeing it is supposed to be non denominational .Then we would have to put a security guard to stop it being burnt….As the BREAKER said
    RULE 303 needs to be applied(for our US Allies 30.06 is close)

  13. All immigrants need to learn the concept “when in Rome do as the Romans”. Any country which would bend over backwards and change for MY sake would be showing me self-hatred, indecisiveness and shame. Sickening. Embarrassing. No longer men (or women).

  14. I will be the first to admit that I don’t know anything about this player. But he CAN’T be that good ! He can pray in the end Zone like Tebow. There has to be a bunch of players as good or almost as good to hire and tell this in-your-face jerk to go and kick cans down the alley.


  16. Where did the money come from to pay for this extravagance?is it Saudi money or Australian taxpayers?were the players informed of this ?was there any discussion?don’t be fooled,this is a win for Islam -creeping sharia,as Houli said -“the main thing is they got what they wanted and you can’t change that”what has religion got to do with foot ball?all faiths go to the match no other religions make demands concening their religious beliefs -what happened to -seperation of church and state?they are starting their -push to islamize -us,and -those who ingraite and kowtow to this evil ideology are aiding them ,for reasons -unknown,we have to become more vocal and let this government know we Australians value -our customs and -culture and will not be changing -our ways to accomodate -them.

    • Val, my money’s on Australian taxpayers.If they had any guts they would boycott all AFL games until they removed the Hate Rooms for Muslims.

  17. Too bad the WFL couldn’t call defensive coordinator Gregg Williams and the New Orleans Saints and put a paid bounty on this muzzies head.

    • opar, I still haven’t figured out what to do with a footbath if I ever see one in a ladies room. We can’t exactly pee in it. But I guess we could use it as a trash disposal.

  18. Leaders just don’t get it !! Never will until just before their heads come off. Why so mentally challenged?

  19. Do these people not realize that nobody is listening to their prayers ????

    allah does Not exist, he is a figment of the imagination of a camel herder named
    muhammad (small letters intentional)

  20. I can’t beleive that Muslims want a space at a place where people you sit next to are drunk or tipsey! this is not the Muslim way, however, if this is what the Muslims who are born in this country wish for, then they are ultimately integrated and their love for Footy is absolutely apprehensible and they have whatever right to celeberate what they believe in such a civilised free society.
    I think it is a friendly gesture from the Muslim Australians and i hope that you dont knock it back. Finally we are getting some footy fanatic muslims not religious fanatics.

    • AI, next muslims will demand that beer not be sold at stadiums and the stupid dhimmis will comply. Where are the Crusades when we need them?

    • abdirisak isak
      you would have to be -muslim as you say muslim Australian -a friendly gesture from muslims?-what do Australians get from installing this prayer room?we do have a -free civilised society and we want to keep it that way -and we will ,as long as we resist -creeping sharia-every concession given to muslims is a -win for sharia law ,and they have won this round-unfortunately,if this generation has the -same fighting spirit of the older generation-they won’t -win.

    • Muslims always respect other religions but why don’t other religions respect us?u hate us like u wanna kill us.we all human being as u please respect us because we don’t disturb u, your family and your money!!!

      • Respect?

        You muslim supremacists have a very skewed definition of respect.

        Respect is NOT plagerizing other religions’ texts or persons and changing their nature.

        Respect is NOT jizya.

        Respect is NOT claiming all other religions are wrong while in the same breath claiming other religions’ texts as proof of how right yours is.

        Respect is NOT treating others as second or even third class citizens.

        Respect is NOT demanding host cultures capitulate to your religious (actually supremacist demands as islam is NOT a religion) demands.

        Respect is NOT crying foul when victims of your aggression fight back.

        Respect is NOT throwing hissy fights and burning, raping, rioting and murdering when you feel “disrespected.”

        Respect is NOT blaming the victims of your co-cultists’ violent actions by calling them “islamophobes” and “racists.”

        Respect is NOT deflecting blame for your co-cultists’ violence by claiming you are victims of their victims.

        These are just a few examples of why each and every muslim supremacist like you have absolutely no right to demand respect.

        No psychologically healthy person would think any of the above are respect. You do, thus making you psychologically healthy and borderline psychopathic.

        Psychopaths are not humans like the rest of us. You are damaged beyond repair.

      • LIAR!!!!!

        Every last single one of your statements is a PATENT, BLATANT LIE!!!!

        You HATE all other religions and aim to exterminate them all!!! Not only that: you aim to exterminate EVERYBODY who is not a Moslem – and EVERYTHING “un-Islamic” (e.g., art, music, science, medicine, LOVING sex {instead of the rape, necrophilia, bestiality and homosexuality of which you muzturds are THE GUILTIEST OF ALL!!!!!)!!!! You want to exterminate ALL other civilisations, beliefs, values and mores – in addition to all dogs, pigs and ideally women (who you despise as at best only worth half a man!!!)!!!!

        Furthermore, you Moslems have killed 275,000,000 human beings over the course of 1,400 years – BY FAR the most of ANY religion, political system, law-code, &c. that has EVER existed upon this earth – only atheistic-totalitarianism can compare with it (at 170,000,000 people over the course of 95 years)!!!!

        Yes, even your “moniker” is a LIE: Allah is SATAN!!!! The One True God is Yahweh (YHWH)!!!! [I write this as a proud would-be Christian, trusting however in the generosity and forgiveness of Hindus, Buddhists, Taoists and everybody else who rejects Islam now and forever, given that we’re ALL facing ONE COMMON ENEMY – ISLAM!!!!]

        Oh yes, we know your taqiyya and your kitman – and we therefore know better than to fall for it!!! We hereby reject it and can GLADLY tell you where to go: OUT OF THE WEST. [If you’re already in a full-fledged Islamic Hell-hole, then fine: stay there, but YOU leave us Westerners ALONE!!!!!]

  21. Can’t they be “mindful of their religious obligations” discreetly without making a production out of it?
    Christians are told to “pray without ceasing”, and we know God hears our prayers if we pray silently. What kind of a stupid god is their Allah who can’t read their minds?

  22. If the fans protest by staying away, the management of the stadium will renege.

    Moslems are not victims because we disagree with their SUPREMACIST prayers.

    Moslems wish to victimize all ‘others’ and women and turn them into their unwilling slaves.

    The stadium management is a bunch of dhimmis.

  23. If you don’t disagree with the SUPREMACIST and MOCKING nature of Islamic prayers, this won’t be a problem.

    Islamic prayers begin with dehumanizing remarks about Jews and Christians and thus justifying attacking and oppressing them.

    Islamic prayers separate humanity into ‘the best of people’ and the dirty kafirs who must be lied to, plundered, killed, enslaved and raped.

    Islamic prayers have nothing good for the kafir.

  24. I’m not sure if muslim women would be allowed to got to football, but better be prepared when they demand special seating areas….

  25. “but at his home in Melbourne the Houli told The Australian: “The main thing is we’ve got what we want, and you can’t change that. “

    Typical, so typical, natural like breathing, musloid arrogance.

    This arselifter is, of course, wrong. They CAN change it. They can fire your arse and rip out your arselifting, headbanging rooms.

    I say let them live their delusions of grandeur. The longer they push our buttons the far worse the “backlash” they keep boo-hooing about but that has never come will be.

  26. Incremental Sharia in action, it will not stop at this. Islam is relentless untill it is confronted by determined opposition. Unfortunately in the “global west” we have a political elite and leftist MSM that are completely “Dhimmified”

        • I know the name you have indicates Russian or Ukrainian origin, but here’s your “Black License” just for that comical comment! 😀

        • Yo punk bitch if I could fuckin stand toe to toe with you right now i’d fuckin kill your white dirty trash ass. All Aussies are fuckers, there all decedents of ugly fucking mugs and criminals. You probably a fuckin punk bitch Jew who throughout the time have been nothing less than shit stirrers

        • “Fight The Power”, you think that just because an initial generation had a certain (admittedly large) proportion of convicts, that then the whole nation needs to be LIBELLED???

          That shows both your blatantly-RACIST thinking (especially given how anti-white you are) AND that you’re almost certainly a Moslem (especially when you lash out against the Jewish people – who have not done evil but GREAT GOOD for ALL humanity!!!).

          First, are you aware that Moslems are THE WORST racists and slave-holders of ALL time??? In fact, slavery (even if unofficially) is STILL very much present in the core Islamic countries, especially Saudi Arabia (though they’re trying to bring it back in Egypt and Sudan). [After all, the Qu’rân openly condones slavery – especially non-Moslems, who’re throughout that NIGHTMARISH book referred to as “dirty, filthy infidels”!!!]

          Second, Moslems (especially the Arabs) very much look down upon – even despise – blacks as fit for nothing other than to be slaves!!!! They, more than anybody else, are the ones likeliest to have enslaved your ancestors – and they don’t believe in freeing them!!!!

          Yes, we know you and your kind!!!! BEGONE, you MURDEROUS, RAPING, THIEVING, LYING, ABUSIVE MOSLEM – who thinks that Mohammed was the “ideal man”!!! Go move to Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Iran or Sudan and see how you love your “pure Islam” – WE DON’T NEED YOU OR YOUR FELLOW-MUZTURDS!!!! ALL Moslems OUT OF THE WEST!!!!!

          DEATH TO ISLAM, now and forever and unto ages of ALL ages!!!!! Long live Jews and Christians, the ones truly blessed and loved by the One True God Yahweh (YHWH)!!!

  27. Why complain? If the men’s room has a long line, a sports fan can simply use the muslime room to offer allah his gifts of piss und dung.
    But be sure to take your own toilet paper. Just toss it in the corner when you are done.

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