Pulitzer Prize Winning Photo shows what we’ve accomplished in Afghanistan after 10 years

Certainly not the desired result of the best of America’s courageous young men and women who gave so many lives and limbs, not to mention the blood and sweat of all those who toiled at trying to give the Afghans schools, hospitals, homes, jobs, and better lives.

Covered in blood amid a tangled heap of dead mothers and children, 12-year-old Tarana Akbari punctuates the chaotic aftermath of a suicide attack with a scream for help.

Daily Mail  When it appeared on the front page of the New York Times, The Washington Post and the Los Angeles Times on December 7 2011, this image brought home the bloody reality of a war that has devastated the lives of ordinary people across Afghanistan.

Today it was honoured with a Pulitzer Prize, journalism’s highest accolade. It was taken by Massoud Hossaini who happened to be covering a Shiite religious ceremony at a shrine in Kabul for Agence France-Presse when the bomb ripped through the crowd. Sixty-three people were killed.