FRANCE: Anti-Islam right wing candidate, Marine Le Pen makes unexpected strong showing in the first round of elections

Now for the bad news. Socialist François Hollande is on target to become president of France after defeating Nicolas Sarkozy in poll which saw extreme-right candidate Marine Le Pen receive record support.

GUARDIAN  François Hollande has moved a step closer to becoming the first Socialist president of France in a generation by beating the incumbent,Nicolas Sarkozy, in the first round of elections for the Elysée. But the surprisingly high vote for the extreme-right candidate, Marine Le Pen, boosted the overall figures for the right and meant that the final runoff vote on 6 May remains on a knife-edge.

Partial results from the beginning of the count showed Hollande – a former Socialist party leader, rural MP and self-styled Mr Normal – with a clear lead at more than 28%, compared with Sarkozy on about 26%. A key victory of the night was for the Front National’s Le Pen, who came third with almost 20% of the vote, easily beating her father Jean-Marie’s record success in 2002, and placing herself firmly at the heart of rightwing politics in France.

She had initially stressed economic issues, calling for France to leave the euro, but in recent days returned to her hard-right stance on curbing immigration. At her final rally in Paris, supporters had shouted “This is our home, our country!”


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  1. One saving grace is that Marine has given voice to the cause. If she stays the course, not only will she gain momentum, but politicians will be more acutely aware of the true public sentiment. This will embolden those that would otherwise remain silent. All politicians understand frontrunning. Alain, keep in mind this is only the first step. As the public continues to show support for Marine, more will sound just like her, some will actually mean it.

    • I hear you Burnerjack and you are right. Marine will stay the course and we’ll stay and stand with her. It’ll be hard as both sides despise us and are/will do their best to push, and silence us -again- once the second round’s over, but we’ll push back and be silenced no more.

      And because what’s always needed is for some to first stand for others to follow, then perhaps the hardest has been done; we stood.

  2. If Sarkozy wasn’t a paid off chump, he would enter into a coalition with Marine Le Pen but he probably won’t! Fact is, he is probably a paid off plant of Islamics! Shame on those rightists who voted for him over Le Pen and that is the real tragedy!
    As a Jewish ethnic with French ancestry, it is pitiful that more French Jews don’t enter the 21st century and vote for Marine Le Pen! Unfortunately, too many Jews vote Socialist in France or for Sarkozy over Le Pen because they won’t investigate her and believe all the bad stuff about her father put out by their leftist media! One thing about the French though, at least she is allowed to run and be a viable candidate!
    We Americans have a straight jacket political system of 2 parties but that is the way it is since voting for a third party at the national level is basically throwing your vote away and helping Obama!
    The Europeans and their descendents here in the USA need to realize that the greatest anti-Islamic leader of all times who was French from Belgium, Charles Martel understood how to deal with Muslims! You throw them out before they can make your country a host to breed in and spread in! Eventually, we will be forced to get there but first we need to start calling these false rightists who take the Islamics’ money down for what they do-betray their countries!

  3. You know, the left wing with Holland is shouting “CHANGE NOW” in fact thats his motto. It seems that was the cry in the last elections in America and look where it led.
    Are you happy with the change the moslem imposter brought? FRANCE BEWARE!
    A quote from Proverbs that might be appropriate at this crucial time:
    “My son, fear thou the LORD (YHVH) and the king: and meddle not with them that are given to change: For their calamity shall rise suddenly; and who knoweth the ruin of them both?

  4. it’s a good thing that muslims are supporting hollande.u just need to ADVERTISE this as much as possible.then rest of the population will vote for sarkozy.

    • I wish you were right – alas, the secret Commies in the media, academe, law, politics, civil-service and elsewhere have pushed so many leftist ideas and concepts down the throats of all too many of us sheople as make us accept exactly what is killing us not as poison but as genuine food!!!!!

      Too many people have become outright Marxists and want the destruction of our entire Western civilisation, while enough others don’t care any more; particularly given how governmental people no longer CARE about what their constituents want. When they think “f— those who voted us in, we’re above them and can do what WE want!!!”, I can understand people’s contempt for that kind of PERVERTED “democracy”!!!!

      Alain is very likely right that the only thing that can save Western countries is a civil war where both Muslims and Commies will need to be rounded up ‘en masse’ and either deported to their respective paradise-countries or killed. As it is, my STRONG suspicion about the future of this planet is that as the Commies win in the West (too many people have been seduced into that EVIL philosophy so they’ll soon win everywhere!), they’ll decide on a rapidly-developing system of laws and “security” measures which in short order will force us to wear the Mark of the Beast in our foreheads or right-hands in the form of computer microchips embedded into the skin in those places of our bodies. They’ll also try to cull people into dying – it’s truly going to be just what’s predicted in Revelation…

      I positively HATE what I foresee, but truly things look ultra-bleak without Our Lord Christ Returning!!!!!

      • Well written, Alain. You must look at this situation positively. People will realize how much trouble they are in once Hollande starts implementing more mass immigration and France’s economy goes down the drain.

        This is when Marine will gain.

        Les Français ne sont tout simplement pas assez écoeurés. Avec Hollande, ils le deviendront.

      • Sorry, for non French-speaking, in a nutshell it says it’s known Hollie got the vote of muzzies who listened to immans calls to vote for him, that France will never allow being islamized, and that should the country face the misfortune to see him at the helm, he’d better think twice before working against France’s interests and national security and be ready to assume responsibility for a potential rebellion at best, civil war at worst.

        • Alain, he can do an awful lot of damage in one term. Look what Obama did and he is only a stealth communist.

        • Alain, you are caught between a rock and a hard place. Let’s see what Marine says about the next step.

        • Actually, I think I found the perfect solution, which is also all so simple; blanc vote isn’t counted, abstention won’t send the message, so in order to still vote with a clear conscience, while sending the message voting for Marine is truly in adhesion to her and not a ‘protest vote’ as they all want you to believe, they will find a piece of paper with clearly written on it Marine Le Pen. Won’t count but still will send a message.

          If this way circulates as much as possible and is what happens a lot, then two birds with one stone.

  5. After everything that’s happened in France a socialist is winning? Is this solely because of the muslim vote or is France just hellbent on suicide?

  6. With M Lepen, out of the running until the next election, the only hope for France is to vote for any body who is as far right as the remaining candidates of the last two parties. France has always been a little cowardly and weak when it comes to being taken over. For example, some of the french, collaborated with the nazi during the second world war. Knowing that all of the muslims are supporting the liberal party will only happen until a muslim party is strong enough to win seats for islam’s jihad. Come on france, wake up. You are being occupied by muslims who will take over your country. Get behing Le Pen for the next election. If just 8 out of every 100 voters had voted Le Pen, you country would be safe. All you can do now is to vote Le Pen the next time around.

  7. I dont pretend to understand French politics let alone the French, but a vote against Sarkozy is surely a backlash against his lack lustre rule, his inability to fix the finance, his amores and, his lack of doing anything against Islam. I think everyone is sick of this of this little prick.

    • Lock and Load please, no the bailing out thing again!!! Look at the numbers will you?! You would perhaps be justified in your statement if over half the country had voted Hollie, but it’s far from the case!!! You want to put the blame somewhere? Put it where it truly lies: on those who can’t see further than the tip of their nose, those who have no love for their country and voted Hollie and Mélanchon, those who abstained, those who didn’t have the guts to vote Marine though they so agree with her!!!

      But not on all of those, including myself who did put our money where our mouth is and sent a loud and clear message -so shocking to dhimmi PC leftists home and abroad, GOOD- and stood by Marine and will still stand by her and our country, no matter what!

  8. France does not need to allow herself to be COLONIZED by Christian-hating, Jew-hating, misogynisitic SUPREMACISTS.

    If they don’t like France, they should leave!

  9. the best news for France and a round about way for us in America ounce they get their house in order and we get our house in order other houses in other countrys we will have a strong front to repell the muslim hordes.

    • BLR, why do you think this the best news for France? I would have FAR preferred Sarkozy or Hollande (preferably the former) to have NOT made it to the top two, so that Marine LePen could have REALLY had a chance to win the presidency and thus really be a balance against Obama and that British traitor Cameron. It also would have been a good spur to Muslims to start leaving France and eventually all Europe…

      We DESPERATELY NEED to start putting the left out of business – it has become FAR TOO POPULAR for anybody’s good!!!!!

      • Are you also aware that Hollande wants to punish top earners ($e 300,000 or higher) with 75% income tax rates??? [The Communists wanted to make that 100%!!!! What an absolute disincentive to be rich in the slightest – much as I know the weaknesses of capitalism, it’s still a heck of a lot better than anything that resembles Marxism!!…]

        • ADHD, I read that Hollande also wants the tax rate for income over 300,000 euros to be 100%!

        • This is the first I hear of it – in which case what’s the real difference between him and his Communist equivalent?

          Personally, ANY Marxist is automatically a bad person who should be loathed and feared just as much as a Muslim terrorist!!!! I’ll dare say that Karl Marx was a forerunner of Antichrist himself!!!! The likelihood, if I see things right, is that there will be a likely-short period of chaos as the Commies take over the West – at which point THE Antichrist will arise and have it consolidate into full-fledged Communism and force us to wear the Mark of the Beast. He likely will be a VERY persuasive, well-liked person who’ll deceive MANY people.

          I find it difficult to decide if Obama or either one of the Clintons is such – if not, they will be very much his best lieutenants… [I have a frightening suspicion that it’s Obama; however, the Clintons, Pútjin and Mjedvjédjev, possibly even Hollande, are also potential candidates for the rôle…]

        • ADHD, the Commies and the Muzzies will join forces to destroy the West and then they will try to destroy each other.

        • They already have been doing exactly that (the first step – they’ve infiltrated and perverted even “Conservative” parties in a few countries – Canada, UK at the minimum). THEN, once we Westerners are prostrate and all forced to wear those terrible microchips, they’ll turn on each other – which in all likelihood will be the trigger for the events immediately prior to Christ’s Second Coming.

        • Mon Dieu au ciel, alors, pourquoi travailler si vous devez perdre TOUT le votre argent au-dessus de $e300,000.00???

          [My God in Heaven, then why work if you’ll lose ALL your money in excess of $e300,000.00??]

          Why would you even want to live in such a country or have anything to do with her if all that aid is EXTORTED FROM YOU!??!?

          Absolutely NO good can come out of this!!! Such Marxists show that they’re virtually birds of a feather, whether they call themselves Socialists, Social Democrats, Communists or whatever!! [I remember how Salvador Allende wanted to introduce communism with peace and gentleness – and got killed for it because the wealthy absolutely REFUSED IT!!!]

          NO extortion, government or otherwise, can EVER come to good. If people are to give, they have to WANT to give out of the goodness of their hearts!! No other way is possible – and that’s one place that mountebank and Antichrist Karl Marx missed…

        • ADHD, that’s to show you the kind of muppets we’re dealing with. Whichever way this goes, it’s loose-loose situation, both with serious repercussions for us Patriots, because these pricks, besides insulting us still, and persisting in saying we only voted MLP in protest and not adherence,W*****S! they both bat they’re eyelids at us for our vote, but both will screw us. Including Sarko who will do his best to lockup the system so that he can block MLP at the legislative and prevents her getting seats, the same way Chirac did. You’ve only got to see the struggle for her to get her signatures, and pressure and reprisals for the Mayors who signed for her.

        • Little precision: of course it’s her father Chirac blocked, not Marine who wasn’t in the party then.

        • and as to your lessons on fashist , marxism, communisim , you can preach it to another soul i been fightin against these all my life . witch is pushin seven decades.

  10. If Bonni allows, I’ll paste part of what I answered her in another post here, as it pretty much resumes what we now face, and I know there are many wise patriots here so perhaps they’ll see a light in there somewhere that I cannot see:

    Given that those who voted commie Melanchon -who did allow for Algerian & muzzie flags to be waved at his gatherings for the whole world to see- will vote Hollie, as all muzzies have and again will, since they listened to their f******g imams calling to vote for him, it may well fall on our shoulders, the nearly 20% of us who voted Marine, to make or break the result of the second round. Think of that number compared to Sarko getting about 26%, and Hollie 28%: it shows how much of the country wanted Marine.

    So we patriots now face a grave choice: with Hollies at the helm, he’ll hand over the keys to muzzies without a second thought; he’s kissed their asses to get their vote, so there you have the result.
    We either let the f****er in and thus accelerate the downfall so that all who refused to listen and open their eyes have no choice but to then face what is in front of them, and then enter civil war… and the chance to take our country back and make no apologies for it. Drastic but perhaps the only way?

    Or we keep Sarko in but then we get brought down with the rest when the Euro zone collapses, and he’ll have bankrupted the country, still refuse to restore our sovereignty, kiss Merkel and Brussels’s asses… And as for him tightening borders and immigration? Has he done that? No he hasn’t!

    Le Pen was the ONLY answer for my country, and only just about 20% know it and acted on it. The rest was either too afraid to admit it, fell into the trap of polls and muppet politicians constantly brushing her aside, dismissing her as a nobody of importance or consequence, or was simply too afraid to vote for her for fear of being labeled the R and I we all here get labeled. Her electorate, us, have constantly being dismissed and insulted, why? For being patriots loving our country. Major slap in the face from all fronts.

    We’ve sent a shocking message -reactions both at home and from the foreign press that commented on a program earlier got worried by Marine’s percentage, but meanwhile, here soon comes the second round and so, what do we do? For the life of me, right now, I cannot bring myself to even consider participating in the second round without feeling sick and like a traitor. I need to think on the appropriate course of action, but what is the appropriate course of action?

    Right now, I need to grieve for my country.

    For the first time in a long time, tonight I have shed tears and I’m not ashamed to say it.

    • I feel very bad for you, Alain. Hollande will be catastrophic and Sarko also. No choices… Out of the two, Sarko seems willing to put some control into the islamisation process.

      You’ll have to wait another five years for Marine to get elected but I have this feeling that she will succeed.

    • It’s amazing that they’d be so damn afraid of getting the “R” word slapped on them when much of France’s black non-Muslim population *if the Congolese demonstrations in support of Le Pen are any indication* would just LOVE to see Le Pen in office.

      However, I’m neither IN France nor French, so I defer to you on this one.

    • Stay the course Alain better to remaine true to yourself! Mraine will need you now more than ever you stand with her others will come and stand with you. Don’t sell your Patriots heart keep it for her for France for the real French.

      • Thanks BLR, and thanks to all those here who took the time to give a damn and offered words I have found of great comfort.

        Have no fear BLR, there is great sadness in me right now, but not for long, as am more resolved than ever. I will NEVER sell out my country and its true patriots, and yesterday has shown we are many, and there are more but that are yet silent and afraid, but that we perhaps may finally encourage to come forward and actively join the fight.

        It’s only the beginning but it HAS began, our voices drowned no longer, sleeping dragons finally have awoken, aware of the dangers. We’ll gather strength and momentum, waking those still sleeping as we go along, sleeping patriots and those who still cannot/refuse to see the danger. Fight for our country, protect it by any means necessary, is the only call we will hear and answer to.

        • Alain, is it true that LePen can ask for and receive some kind of power in the next administration because of her strong showing?

        • True Bonni, but slight problem here:

          Hollie despises and dismisses us -her electorate- and will carry on just like that. So he’ll give nothing there, unless perhaps forced by us if we rebel, but still no guaranty there.

          Sarko’s people already have said they will not deal with Marine -and so with us. But of course, Sarko expects us to vote for him in the second round! So as above, same struggle to get anything.

          So the only way we can get anything -unless some kind of miracle happens beforehand- is by voting en masse for Marine’s party in the forthcoming legislative: those muppets will then be absolutely screwed and have no choice but to bow down.

        • Alain,

          I read that Marine will be boosting Hollande. The strategy will be to get Sarko defeated and gain some of his seats in the legislative.

          Those who voted Sarko will not vote Hollie. That leaves Marine.

          Let’s wait till June.

        • Susan, I just saw her on TV and she made quite clear what she thinks of both Sarko and Hollie. She’ll be speaking to us on the 1st about outcomes with both these 2 muppets, but as far as she’s concerned, it’s up to US to decide, it’s not up to ANYBODY to tell us what to do. So I’ll wait to hear what she has to say. Meanwhile, carry on insults from both sides who cannot for the life of them that if we have voted for Marine, is because we stand behind her on her, and stand for our country. NO OTHER REASON.

          One thing’s for sure, we’ll be behind her in the legislative!

        • I was reading this morning about the Pakistani girl that was found dead in Villemomble, France.

          They found her on the floor near a bed, her wrists tied, her head and torso burnt to a crisp. What a horrible way to die for such a young girl.

          Is the media talking about this?

        • I searched everywhere for the story in English. Nothing. Will have to wait.

          The boyfriend with whom she had just had sex with was arrested. But it seems quite a number of people were around when it happened.

    • maybe civil war will have to happen everywhere to get our governments to listen.
      unfortunaelt when money talks bulls*** walks

    • Alain, I am part French and I am saddened as well. France was such a bastion of progress and modern thinking in European history, and even in spite of colonization, I believe that France did help the world become a better place in a lot of ways. But as an American of French origin (among others), I will always stand with the patriotic French people who truly do love their country, as well as the tough-a** French Legionnaires. This is indeed a sad night for France as it is still apparent that a lot of Frenchmen and Frenchwomen still haven’t woken up out of the Euro-socialist-“multicultural” coma yet. It is sad indeed. Did Marine have to place second in order to make it to the second round? I am not familiar with how the French voting system works.

      • Dave, yes, she had to be second -or first- to be in the second round.

        Incidentally, the one thing Sarko really can claim fame for, is being the fist outgoing President under the 5th République to not come first in the results of the first round.

    • Shalom Alain
      Like you, I hoped there would be a backlash and Marine would make it to the second round.
      I think like someone else said “hold your nose and vote for Sarko”. If Holland is elected, France is finished. I am afraid for my sons, my daughter and my grand kids! What future will they have?

      Will Muslim Immigrants throw Sarkozy out of office in France?

      By admin on April 20, 2012in Blog, General

      A common trait of socialists on display in France. If you thought it was bad here in the United States, with Democrats becoming indignant over voter ID laws so they can get the illegal alien vote, take a look at France. That country is on the verge of electing a far left socialist who is actively courting the Muslim immigrant vote.

      Via the Washington Times:

      France’s Muslim community is mobilizing voters to reject President Nicolas Sarkozy in Sunday’s election to punish the conservative leader for his anti-immigrant and anti-Islam rhetoric.

      “[French] Muslims can’t stand it anymore. They are fed up with these debates about national identity, halal meat, the veil or fundamentalism all over the place,” said Francoise Lorcerie, a sociologist with the Institute of Studies on the Arab and Muslim World near Marseille.

      “The terms [Islam, immigration and fundamentalism] are being used interchangeably, without care, with people being targeted, denigrated and used for [votes].”

      The debates and rhetoric aren’t new and have been at the heart of French political campaigns for the past decade.

      Muslims – especially those living in the “banlieues,” France’s poor immigrant suburbs – sometimes have been courted by candidates with promises of jobs and better living conditions, but they mostly have been stigmatized as threats to the French identity, analysts say.

      The rhetoric escalated last month after Mohammed Merah, a French-born Muslim who claimed to be inspired by al Qaeda, killed seven people in a shooting spree.

      In 2004, an Islamic terror attack in Madrid seemed to influence voters to go with the socialist candidate who proceeded to make things much worse. In 2012, France doesn’t seem prepared or able to deal with that very recent history, even after a traumatizing terror attack on its own soil, perpetrated by Merah.

      France could not pick a worse time to put someone like Francois Hollande in office. Don’t be surprised if France falls completely to the Islamists under his tenure.

      It never ceases to amaze how much politicians value votes.

      This is a new low for western civilization – courting the votes of people who want to overthrow your government.

      Once again, the left aligns with the Islamists, which never works out for anyone but the Islamists. It’s also reminiscent of an excerpt from Andrew McCarthy’s book, The Grand Jihad:

      Revolutionaries of Islam and the Left make fast friends when there is common enemy to besiege. Leftists, however, are essentially nihilists whose hazy vision prioritizes power over what is to be done with power. They are biddable. Islamists, who have very very settled convictions about what is to be done with power, are much less so. Even their compromises keep their long-term goals in their sights. Thus do Leftists consistently overrate their ability to control Islamists. Factoring the common denominator, power, out of the equation, something always beats nothing.”

      • Shalom Dubi,

        If those muzzie shits had their way -and no doubt Hollie would help in that respect, they would throw/destroy everything that is French.

        Oh so they’re tired of getting blocked and opposed in having their way, well F****K THEM and get used to it! Gloves are off in overtly letting them know exactly what we think of them, and it ain’t nothing good. When you think of it, over half the country’s no bleeding leftist and anger will not appease but rise.

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