MOROCCO: Muslim morons outraged over a fashion shoot by an Italian designer that took place in an abandoned madrassa

To advertise their new collection, Italian Fashion Company, Fornarina, used  scantilly clad models posing in front of various quotes from the Quran on the walls of an unused madrassa located in Marrakesh.

Islam in Europe Fornarina, who say they got all the necessary permits for the shoot from the Moroccan government, say they will remove the offending images. Muslim leaders in Morocco say the photographs and video are blasphemous to the Muslim religion. The madrassa has not been used as a school or place of worship for many years.

Fornarina gave the Moroccan government all the required permits, and officials did not find anything in the company’s plans to be offensive. But this was not enough to appease some Islamic activists who initiated the dispute. The story has made it onto the screens of the Saudi satellite TV Al Arabiya, where the broadcaster fanned the flames spening a lot of time reporting on interviews with outraged Moroccans both in Morocco and Italy, all of whom condemned the company in the strongest of terms.  

The now removed ‘offensive’ video shows a  scantily clad model, shooting inside a historic religious school in Marrakesh. Behind her, the walls have engravings of verses from the Quran, the sacred book of Muslims. “These images are offensive and provoke reactions of anger and condemnation,” said the local Muslim activist Abdul Ghani to Ballut to al-Arabiya. He also accused the government of his country for having granted permission to shoot. 

Fashion-Style  The Fornarina spring/summer 2012 collection features an array of florals and cute prints taking inspiration from Japan and the fifties revealing the exotic touch of the line.

The Fornarina girl is “a new Venus” who “rises from inlays and mosaics in a kaleidoscope of colours, she is clad in precious and impalpable clothes, the result of painstaking care for details and a mix of couture and design.” Shot by photographer Francesco Musati and Valentina Aimone, the new Fornarina campaign is set to be launched worldwide in a rich media mix, besides being displayed in the Fornarina stores and in a dedicated website.

Flaunt your fashion credentials this season and choose among the wide range of effortlessly chic pieces brought by the renowned Italian brand. There is something specific to every Fornarina collection reflecting a unique lifestyle that revolves around a distinctly fashion and ‘dress-up’ imaginary. Perfect for the independent woman who always loves to interpret her own femininity with taste and a one-of-a-kind feeling.