While Iran is nuking up, the US Military is developing non-lethal weapons that will just sting the enemy a little bit

The military’s ‘Active Denial System’ is a heat ray microwave cannon designed to force enemy soldiers to surrender or to control Occupy-type crowds in the United States by ‘nuking’ the target with non-lethal pain-inflicting microwave rays.

(I dunno, I seem to recall when the Marines and Army ground troops invaded Iraq in Gulf War I, with guns and tanks in full attack mode, the Iraqi enemy couldn’t surrender fast enough)

Mintpress  A person hit with ADS feels a sudden blast of heat that many compare to opening a very hot oven. The target feels pain and reflexively steps or runs away. During the presentation US servicemen managed to immediately disperse a group of disguised marines who played the role of an aggressive crowd.

At ranges of over 550 yards, the ADS works by sending 94-GHz millimeter-waves that are able to penetrate through the outer layer of skin, creating a sudden, intolerable burning sensation as long as the individual stays in the line of fire. The weapon is designed to quickly disperse crowds by giving individuals an uncomfortable sensation provoking the instinct to immediately flee.

According to the Joint Non-Lethal Weapons Directorate, the ADS could be used in situations including  of a perimeter, crowd control, protection of military forces, enhancing maneuver (particularly in an urban environment), protection of harbors and channels and protection of a pier.

Research conducted by the Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL) concluded that exposure to the beams produces a very low risk of skin damage. The heat waves penetrate through clothing, and 1/64 of an inch into the skin, causing skin temperature to rise to 50 degrees C, or 122 degrees F. Soon after targets move from the path of the ray, skin temperature returns to normal, and studies show no risks are associated with being hit by the ray.

Call me crazy, but Israel’s putrid-smelling ‘Skunk Gas’ that clings to skin and clothing for days is a much more effective non-lethal weapon than this ray gun.