ALLEN WEST: “Muslim Brotherhood and other Islamic radical groups influencing U.S. policies is resulting in our ‘cultural suicide'”

Rep. Allen West (R-FL) is taking aim at the FBI for removing nearly 900 pages of allegedly ‘offensive-to-Muslims’ training materials because they justifiably link Muslims with terrorism. According to West, this action, which was taken after Sen. Dick Durbin (D-IL) complained about some of the materials’ contents, is a form of”cultural suicide.”

The Blaze Durbin, who wrote a letter to FBI director Robert Mueller about the situation, complained that the controversial documentation could lead Muslims and others to be targeted based on their religion. “There is a real risk that agents will be operating on false assumptions about Arab-Americans and American Muslims,” Durbin maintained.

West, though, said that the removal is evidence that extremist Muslim groups are holding sway over U.S. strategy.  “We have to understand that when tolerance becomes a one-way street it leads to cultural suicide,” he said. “We should not allow the Muslim Brotherhood or associated groups (like CAIR) to be influencing our national strategy.”

West’s main concern is that the U.S. seems to be watering down its definition of who America’s enemies are. In an attempt to decrease how intensely officials offend extremists, the politician claims that leaders are potentially endangering the nation.

“If we continue to be recalcitrant in identifying who the enemy is and want to be less offensive to them, then we’re going to put ourselves in a bad situation,” West proclaimed. “Now you have an environment of political correctness which precludes these agents from doing their proper job and due diligence to go after the perceived threat.”


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  1. Col. West has said that he will not run for president. So all we can do is to thenk God we have him as a spokesman for our nation.

    • Prepare for a good and just fight, til death if they so desire, that’s what you do friend. t that or devise a way to prove his intentions, in a court of law, are designed to do only one thing, fundamentally transform these United States into a communist dictatorship. Remember also, it only takes two (2) witness in a court of law to prove TREASON.

  2. Mr. West needs to get out there for the next election and run! He would break the cycle of poor leadership this country has suffered since the first bush was in office! We NEED Mr. West! Why doesn’t he realize that?

  3. Regarding the purchase of 450 million rounds of .40 caliber hollow point ammo by Homeland Security and other frightening, freedom-destroying acts, such as the act Obama recently signed into law, whereby Americans can be arrested and held INDEFINITELY without trial, it appears that as Americans, our lives are no longer safe in the nation which was once the Land of the Free.

    It would be good if Allen West could make a statement about these alarming events.

  4. Can an article be done on this? It is very, very scary.

    The Department of Homeland Security whose stated purpose is to thwart “homegrown terrorism,” has awarded a contract to ammunition manufacturer ATK for acquiring 450 million rounds of .40 caliber hollow point ammo. “Hollow point” ammunition is NEVER purchased for training. It is strictly for fighting.

    It is a violation of the Geneva Convention to use hollow point ammunition on the battle field. Homeland Security will not be using this on other countries, but clearly plan to use 450 million rounds in America (on Americans?).

    Why this massive number of 450 million rounds when the overwhelming number of Americans are extremely patriotic? The hollow point ammunition is so dreadful, it is banned on the battle field. It has been suggested that this is (part of the preparations) to make WAR on Americans.

    • Hollow point are and were manufactured for one purpose only, it is a round that will only, when hitting it’s target, mushroom out andstop at the point of impact. It was not designed to penetrate walls or go through a person.
      You are correct of your concerns. So, may I suggest if you have a hand gun, don’t get left behind, buy them for yourself, it takes two to play any game. Technically, you are correct, and by this usurper-n-thief recent EO, claiming the United States as a “battlefround” he is operating against our laws and that of the convention. So, to take it further, call your whores…eeer I mean Representatives and voice your concerns. Good luck.

  5. American leaders don’t regard Muslim terrorists as the enemy. The U.S. government ALLOWS many Muslim terrorist training camps to operate in our country. Google: Muslim terrorist training camps in America.

    Muslim Brotherhood groups such as CAIR, are welcomed by our government into the halls of power.

    Who does the government regard as the enemy?

    In 2009, Homeland Security declared the people to watch out for were veterans returning from the wars, pro-lifers and Tea Party attendees. In 2011, Homeland Security put out a video portraying WHITE PEOPLE as the most likely terrorists.

    Google: Concentration camps in America

    There are many. They are NOT intended for Muslim terrorists. People in Germany thought the murder of millions of innocents could never happen there. But it did.

    • When the government fears the wrath of the People, it’s call freedom, when the government is the wrath for the sheeples, it’s called terrorism. Of course they call all of us citizens, not their sheeples terrorist, we ARE the threat to their power lust over this Nation, the world and every worthless grapevine that never produces any thing of value to either our Father in heaven or citizens. In short this very announcement was meant as a warning to us American first and paying class second. Get on board already, our train of ruin has already left the station and we are headed your way. Good luck. Semper Fi. to the Patriots, all infidels, and the honest and God fear’n bitter clinger of our Nations religion, Christianity.

    • Quite right! As I keep trying to tell the dhimmi dimwit dips— crowd: “An arselifter is an arselifter IS AN ARSELIFTER!!!” NEVER EVER TRUST an avid ARSELIFTER!!

  6. Allen West should run for presidency – with his impressive military service and brilliant mind he has what it takes to bring America back to greatness. He would put the fear back into our enemies rather than jump into bed with them like Obama, that unqualified rat bastard.

    • NA, well he is not running this time so we’ll have to settle for using him as our main attack dog.

      • Attack dog…. I like that! Strangely apropos, as Islam generally disdains dogs, and black dogs it absolutely hates.

        *evil grin*

  7. That man is a fucking legend,not only is he a hero to the nation he loves but he is so concise when he speaks !

    • President West!

      That’s something I would dearly love to see.

      Maybe we can clone him, send him to the UK, have him replace the Royal Family (but with POWER) and make him King Allen I? 😛

      Jokes about making him king of England (allowing Scotland to go its own way, and Northern Ireland to join the rest of Ireland, of course) aside, I believe every nation needs an Allen West-type person to lead their nations to greater freedom and prosperity.

  8. If the reason that the FBI removed files that would be inflammatory to muslims, then maybe they should remove all files to KKK,New Black Panthers, and any other organization it finds would offend individuals. The reason for the files was to protect the American public, this politician has them removed for muslim votes and the director of the FBI is a political appointee of Obama’s

  9. Allen West! What can we say?


    “Now you have an environment of political correctness which precludes these agents from doing their proper job and due diligence to go after the perceived threat.”

    “When tolerance becomes a one-way street it leads to cultural suicide.”

    Exactly, Mr. West…’Death to America’!


  10. Once again, Rep. West tells it like it is. Of course, few in Washington will listen to the warnings.

    Rep. West is America’s Winston Churchill in that he warns us of Islam’s danger as Churchill warned Britain of the Nazi danger. Of course, people thought Chruchill was being alarmist, too.

  11. When the populace says, “But I Didn’t Know~!”, there will be two valid responses:
    1.) “You could not and would not see the signs of the times around you~!”
    2.) “You elected wolves in sheep’s clothing to be your nation’s leaders. And now the devil must have his due~!”

    Only those who seek shall find, for there are those of courage who are speaking out – Let their voices be heard~! ~! ~!

    • You are corerect. But you left out the biggy.
      Remember a while back I spoke of the gates of Hell be opened by the Angel Pisonus?
      Well the fruits of his labors are starting to be seen.

      World wide as many as 70% of the poiticians and beaurecrats are possessed. Here in the USA we are at 40%. Talkabout the wool being pulled over our eyes.
      A good indication that some one is possessed is that they try to make people believe Good is Bad Etc. That’s for starters.
      Look at their faces and see the darkness around their eyes and in their eyes.
      Many times theyact disconnected from themselves. Split personality and all.
      Its really going to get nuts.