BE THERE! English Defence League and other patriots return to Luton on MAY 5th to campaign against Islamic extremism.

EDL is an open and exclusive movement created to stop the growing Islamization of our country, as well as fighting against the proliferation of Islamic extremism in Britain. We are dedicated to resisting all ideologies that promote hatred and intolerance in society (for now, that is Islam).

The only divisions that we seek to promote are between the extremists and ordinary people. There should be no place for extremism in Luton, or in any other part of the country. But, sadly, Islamic extremism continues to thrive within our country’s Muslim communities.

To defeat it will require a joint effort by the government, the media and by British Muslims themselves. The English Defence League exists to promote and encourage that effort. We urge all decent people in Luton, irrespective of colour, faith or beliefs, to join our demonstration on May 5th and to celebrate three years of successful campaigning. READ MORE