Ugly Muslim Convert Girl offers several reasons why no Muslim should ever be allowed to live in a non-Muslim country

At 5.25, she takes off her headbag…which will make you wish she hadn’t.


62 comments on “Ugly Muslim Convert Girl offers several reasons why no Muslim should ever be allowed to live in a non-Muslim country

  1. if my dog had a face like that i,d shave his ass and make him walk any culture this bimbo should be made to wear if not a headbag then at the verry least a paper bag over her head.

  2. WTF is this stupid b—- STILL doing living in HER parents’ house?! She does NOT want to follow Christ, but chooses the “religion” of the demented pedophile prophet and to follow his freaking moon god; KICK HER THE HELL OUT and let her “Muslim brothers” take care of her sorry worthless ass!!

  3. Love it and will remember this excellent point. Don’t forget folks from now on it’s moslem meaning evil. Thanks.

  4. STOCKHOLM SYNDROME. She needs some good Koran 4.34 beatings!

    Here’s another ‘GOOD QUESTION’: Was Mohammed correct in his last sermon to call women ‘DOMESTIC ANIMALS’?

    One more: Are YOU a ‘DOMESTIC ANIMAL’?

  5. Ok parents kick her out of the house!!!!!! She is living in and eating the fruits of the American blessed life. Get the hell out!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. I thought that was one of the most unattractive headbags I’ve seen , until she took it off. She should put it back on , it not only clears up the view it muffles the whining.

  7. How old is she? It was a struggle to even get to de bagging..right there is why were in such a mess…kids running your house! I would slap the taste out of her. 18….I would be packing her sh**. She so crossed the line.

  8. The only sense this ugly moslem baghead said I totally 100% agree that Muzscum does not belong in non-Muzscum countries…. this monobrow cow gets it wish the rest of the Muzscum population gets it and follows through… now if this baghead whom is full of false bravado went to live in one of those sandunes that enforce Sharia Law im betting $1trillion dollars this baghead will be squealing to the her embassy “come and save me blah, blah” … this will occur after shes had her private parts cut off and raped and belted up by her 65 year old husband…. but then the bitch probably wouldnt be able to step out the front door without the macho Penisguards i.e. make “relatives” and get to an embassy so it would be pretty much suffer bitch u chose to worship an evil cult so yeh deal with it…. bloody stupid annoying brat.

    • If you ask me, Muzscum, as you call them, don’t belong ANYWHERE!

      The best thing we could do for the promotion of peace and freedom throughout the world would be to rid the world of Islam.

  9. Typical rebellious young person. She embraced Islam because she knew that it would piss her parents off, not because it really is right for her!

    She would look a lot better without that hijab. With a little makeup and her hair done, she might look fairly nice. But with the niqab she looks like a Star Wars storm trooper from the ice planet Hoth! Remember “Empire Strikes Back?”

    • They “seem” to choose women who have poor self esteem. They Know “how to charm them.”

      I live in an area in Texas and we have NO public transportation. My car was out of commission, and I had to get to the pharmacy and the grocery store. So, I had to call a cab (which coming out his far was VERY expensive).
      Well, I learned a few things that have NOT been in the newspapers; on TV or even on a blog. He explained that Obama had Bought an entire apartment complex for them in Dallas (rent free to them). PLUS, he bought them a Cab Company — all new cars and put them to work.
      When we were on the way doing errands, he ask me, “Where is your husband?
      I responded, “I don’t have one and I don’t want another one. I’ve had 3 and I made all the $ while they sat on their ass(s). You would have loved to see his jaw drop.

      • Are you saying that the muzzie cabbie claimed that obama used my tax money to buy an apartment complex and cab company for muzzie immigrants? Can you find out more about that or BNI can you find out more and get some proof of that? I would like to see something like that ALL over the internet.

  10. She’s the fish that John West rejected – schmuck salmon or in her case just a schmuck!
    Gawd, imagine having to listen to her voice day after day?!
    But I do like the premise that no moslem should be allowed to live in a non-moslem country!
    Pack your bags baghead & practice what you preach!

    PS What is the difference between “Moslem” & “Muslim”?
    A Muslim in Arabic means”one who gives himself to God,” and is by definition, someone who adheres to Islam.
    By contrast, a Moslem in Arabic means “one who is evil and unjust” when the word is pronounced, as it is in English, Mozlem with a “z”.
    I will ALWAYS use moslem (no Capital M intentional) – & there’s no copyright, please feel free to use moslem.

    • Mo, we always used to write and say Moslem. I would guess the always arrogant and outraged over something muslims demanded it be spelled the way they pronounced it.

      • Before calling the Moslems, they were often called Musselmans, or even Mohammedans (which is closer to the truth, in fact).

        • I do believe you are correct. There are spelling differences betwen Farsi and Arabic regarding common islamic names that are noticeable when transliterated/Romanised into the Latin alphabet. The letters O and U are a good example where the Arab speaker spells Hussein, the Iranian spells Hossein, or something like that.

          What many people don’t realise is that Farsi (Iranian/Persian) is far more closely related to English than it is to the Semitic languages of Arabic, Hebrew, Aramaic, and Syriac, etc. with Farsi being an Indo-European language, hence Iran = Aryan as in “Land of the Aryans.

  11. Several years ago, a friend of mine’s 17 yr old daughter announced she is engaged to a young man who “used to be” Muslim… stated he was Catholic. I bit my lip to continue listening to her. I was in someone else’s home and felt I should first talk to her mother. Linda (the mother) trusted my judgement since we had been close since Graduate School. She did believe me. I explained that to “become Catholic, one MUST attend RCIA (classes teaching the beliefs). We both sat and talked to the young lady. We even gave her a test question to ask him: “Can you teach me one of the Prayers from the Catholic Prayer book?” Obviously, he couldn’t and beat the hell outta the young lady. That happened a couple of times.
    Finally, Linda (Mother) called me to help her to get her daughter out (she called her other and was ready).
    Linda, two other daughters and I went to confront the Muslim Asshole (make note I capitalized ASSHOLE.”
    Here all of these women surrounded him, and we did get her out–with both black eyes and a sprained arm — she went home to her mom.

      • I noooo….”But he is soooo cute…He is soooo sweet to me.”
        I knew the call would come. Oh! By the way? She lost the baby as he threw her on top of a moving car! I mean “tossed her” right on top of the hood!

  12. the face covering is some shiny satin material–how easy can that to breathe at the 5:25 mark, yeah she’s not the best looking woman on the planet, but not everyone is beautiful.

    she is obviously rebelling against her parents. she just chose islam over alcohol or drugs as a way to frustrate her christian parents. if she chose islam over christianity because of inconsistencies in the christian bible, then someone needs to point out all the muslim inconsistencies in the koran, as well as the kill-all-infidels stuff.

    even if her folks do gather up all the facts, she may still reject truth because she is a rebellious brat, is addicted to a lethal, brain-altering chemical doctrine, and doesn’t want to admit she is wrong.

    • I was thinking the same thing.

      The hijab, I think, makes otherwise attractive women look unattractive, and an unattractive woman looks hideous in one. If she took it ALL off and let the hair loose, it might improve her attractiveness.

      • I know that not all women are attractive in looks, but I think that most women are beautiful in their own way ! With that said, that girl looks like a headbag is an improvement over her natural looks. CAN ONE SAY, “SKANK” ?

    • Ok, this is making me really uncomfortable bringing this up, but I’ve seen this on quite a few posts? Can somebody please explain this new concept to me? Why do muslim women have to be you-know-what according to you? :S

      I’ve never..and neither has any other muslim woman I know. I think there might be a bit of culture and religion mixing going on because I have never heard about this. Some cultures practice it, sure- and some of them are muslim- but they do it for cultural reasons, not Islamic.

  13. 00:01)”Moo moo moo moohammad.” 02:03 “Moo moo moo.” 03:05 “Moo moohammad moo moo.” 04:57 “Moo moo moo.” 05:25 Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!

    05:28 Crickets.

    No more dairy for me! No siree!

  14. Argghhhhhhhh wheres the pot of wax to start the facial hair removal and the almost monobrow!!! one would need heavy duty wax…. I can understand why the Muzscum men have beastiality fetishes if all they have to chose from is ugly bagheads like this, shessssh…. this baghead bitch would scare anyone who looked at it!!! Freddy Kruger would win hands down in looks over this baghead….

  15. I watched this one yesterday. What this c*nt rambles on about is pretty damn close to sedition.

    I am, however, not entirely convinced she’s a revert. I think she’s another mohammadan bullshi’ite artist rattling cages pretending to be a revert.

    There are a few things that that strike you as repetitious and eventually lead you to the conclusion that all these “revert” stories they post on the mohammadan blogs are just that: stories.

    The repeated use of “Christian” is one clue. Starting the story off with I was a “strong Christian blah, blah, blah, Christian, blah, blah, blah, Christian, blah, blah…I couldn’t answer ONE question from a muslim and then I realized Christianity was wrong blah, blah, blah.” Why bother to build up a case of being “Christian” when you obviously were not because even nominal Christians and atheists with Christian backgrounds, like me, can answer these questions they claim made them revert to islam.

    Another clue is the atrocious use of grammar and vocabulary of “reverts” who claim they are American/English/Australian/Canadian born and raised. The lack of articles, improper use or lack of prepositions are HUGE clues as to the writer/speaker lying about being from a Native English country, or even a non English Speaking European country.

    I agree, this is one ugly bagheaded bitch, I have no doubt that this one was born a baghead to arselifting parents not “Christian minister” parents.

      • Treason still is but the last person executed for treason was a German spy during WW2.

        A lot of broads were arrested for treason during WW2 but President Ford, the pardoning president, pardoned most of them, even that bitch Tokyo Rose.

        • A German spy would be guilty of espionage, not treason. You forget the Rosenbergs, also guilty of espionage.

        • I should have been more specific:

          A naturalized American from Germany, Herman Haupt was tried and convicted for treason as an active enemy combatant He was tried and sentenced by a military tribunal.

          Honestly, whether the Rosenbergs were guilty or not, I don’t care. They were commies. I hate commies almost as much as I hate arselifters.

    • IC, I believe you are spot-on in your assessment of this little baghead. A “devout Christian,” is just that –DEVOUT — and would not be trying to find a new faith. If she is speaking the truth about “reverting” — which I seriously doubt — it’s because she thinks she’s in love with a Muslim.

      BTW, if she still has her clitoris, then she’s not “following Islam to the fullest,” is she? What a moron!

      • Hey, Cranky! Hope you and yours are well.

        I’ve been seeing a trend of desperation in the ranks of the ummah to trot out more “reverts.” They know their cult is not the “fastest growing religion.” They know we know. They also know the quality of the reverts is quite frankly scraping the bottom of the barrel. They are also egregious provocateurs who love rubbing “more Western women revert to islam!” in the kaffurs’ faces. Hence, these obvious faux reverts and their tall tales.

        Many of the “testimonials” are blatantly tall tales. Despite being prolific obfuscators of epic proportions, mohammadans are not particularly talented liars.

        This baghead kept dropping “Christian” like it was a bomb but her tales of her alleged Christian life had no substance.

        At the end she claimed she was a new convert but she spit out the Arabic like she was a native speaker. Accent and all.

        And, yes, you’re right, on the off chance she’s a revert she is one because a mohammadan paid attention to her.

        Even when they claim they “studied islam in depth before converting and not for a man” they’re lying. Just ask them not obvious questions about their new cult and they will either not answer or start making shit up.

  16. That ignorant girl should be dropped off in Kabul and see if she still thinks Islam is so great. She hasn’t got a clue that her freedom, even to choose Islam, comes from the US Constitution and Bill of Rights. She should be made to live under Sharia Law for a while; is she going to happy when she can’t go outside the house unless she’s with a male member of her family? Does she want to be able to pursue a profession, or even go to university? What in the hell are these girls thinking about when they jump into the black abyss of Islam?

    • With all due respect Mary,
      I am a pre-med student doing a double major in Biology and Psychology, and hopefully- attempting to do a minor in Creative Writing… If this girl wants to be able to pursue a profession or go to University, Islam is no way prohibiting her from doing that. I am not going to lie, I don’t agree entirely about her point on why muslims should not integrate, but perhaps her life experience makes her feel that way?

      Second, it’s fine if you don’t like what she has to say, etc, but guys..she is still a woman, a human, and you gentlewomen should atleast know what I am talking about; what point exactly are people trying to make (and Mary this is not addressed to you) by insulting her physically? Even if her beauty is not skin deep, in some peoples opinion, that doesn’t mean she might not have a greater beauty inside of her?

      And as for the Shariah law and education for women- I know somebody from Saudia Arabia who completed her Masters there. She was not prohibited from going to school.

      And if any of my points don’t sound viable, please let me know…It is not my aim to offend or attack anyone.


  17. WOW! A lost soul open to the evil of islam. Lots of pathetic, lost young women ripe for brainwashing. If I were her parent, I’d disown her.

  18. I think she just wants to be rebellious, and wants the attention. She would be better off taking up drinking or smoking! Would like to know what she has found in Islam to be proud about?

  19. Yikes, I guess compared to a camel she will suffice?

    Welcome to Islam, please be quiet while we hold you down and perform your clitorectomy with this rusty knife…

  20. May she live happily ever after with a muslim man that will treat her like his cattle in the field (so says the qur’an).

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