UPDATE! BEST BUY doubles down on its financial support of terror-linked CAIR

In defiance of thousands of angry customer protests over its financial contributions as a Platinum Sponsor of the Muslim Brotherhood-affiliated, Hamas-linked pressure group CAIR (Council on American-Islamic Relations), Best Buy flaunts its disdain for the legitimate security concerns of the American buying public.

ORIGINAL STORY: best-buy-bows-down-to-islam-again-this-time-becoming-a-platinum-sponsor-of-muslim-brotherhood-front-group-terror-linked-cair

The article has been re-posted across the internet and over 1,200 people have “liked” it on Facebook. In response to a deluge of criticism on their own Facebook page, Best Buy issued the following Facebook statement:

“Best Buy’s customers and employees around the world represent a variety of faiths and denominations. We respect that diversity, and choose to engage with our customers, employees and communities in ways that reflect their traditions and maintain good relationships for Best Buy.” 

They “respect that diversity” by financing a group tied to Hamas and pledged to turning America into a Sharia-compliant, Islamic state?  They chose to “engage” their customers in ways that reflect “their traditions?” What traditions? Subverting democracy, women’s rights and religious plurality? Launching missiles into Israel?

Here’s a Facebook Page: STOP BEST BUY from FUNDING TERRORISM

ISLAMIST-WATCH has provided Internal Best Buy Email Addresses of two important Best Buy executives:

Current Best Buy CEO: [email protected]

Susan Busch, Director of Public Relations: [email protected]

Lisa Hawks, Deputy Director of Public Relations: [email protected]

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Thousands of your protest emails and calls to advertisers of the now defunct TLC program ‘All American Muslim’ convinced most of its sponsors to withdraw their advertising, resulting in the cancellation of the show. And because LOWE’S went public with its decision to pull the advertising, grateful customers gave LOWE’S one of its best Christmas selling seasons in years. Apparently, Best Buy doesn’t need your business.