A Muslim Guide on ways to reject an invitation to the Senior Prom

OK, stop laughing.  Go with me here. Pretend Muslims are in high demand as dates for the school prom. Apparently, the author of this article thinks they are.

Muslim Matters  Blogger Dr. O, a Muslim, says, amongst all of the wonderful things that most High School Seniors look forward to, there’s one event that every faithful Muslim brother and sister utterly dreads. Yes, my friends. I’m talking about the annual demonic festival of hormonally-repressed acne-faced youth who nefariously gather to revel in a night of fiendish debauchery in order to expend their youthful vigor in a druidic cabal of self-aggrandizement that irreversibly corrupts the faith of our community and decays the very moral fiber of our society. (No, female genital mutilation, forced child marriages, honor killings of women, and more, have pretty much decayed any moral fiber of Muslim society)

I actually was asked out to Prom by a girl in my AP Biology class, and boy oh boy was it an AWKWARD pretense for starting a da’wah conversation. The Senior Prom not exactly an ideal spot for a young and highly impressionable Muslim boy or girl, but just trust me when I say that for all of the temptations and nonsense that you have to resist in those High School hallways every day, Prom Night pretty much cranks the haram-o-meter up to level 10, and the after-prom parties crank up the haraminess rating to obscenely fitna-tastic levels. (But doesn’t come close to the obscenity levels of beheadings, stonings and hanging of homosexuals)

As this fiesta of foulness rapidly approaches at this time of the year and looms eerily over the susceptible heads of our young Muslim high school seniors, it’s best to equip yourself with the very best of da’wah-proven techniques and certified abiah ḥalāl abilities to ward off the temptations of Prom, and to come up with the perfect escape responses to safely dodge Prom questions and reject prom advances.

Fortunately for you, I have just the guide to save your Senior year from ending in a blaze of regret!


Yeah, I know that awkward feeling, brothers. Every other guy in the school is hooking up with girls for the Prom and you’re the sole dude in the class who isn’t part of the search team nor even remotely interested in anything going on. Been there, done that. But sooner or later they’re going to notice, and then it’ll be your moment of truth- will you stand your ground and do your part for da’wah and defend your chastity and honor as a Muslim man? Or will you try to sneakily find ways of coming up with compelling excuses and dodging their judgmental eyes with well-timed defense mechanisms? (How about, I can’t go to the prom because I am marrying my 9- year-old cousin that day?)

Here are a few suggestions:


The epic sunnah-style beard is a shining beacon of attractiveness that will no doubt entice many girls to ask you out to Prom. (Only if her name is Helen Keller) But here’s how to protect your beard from unwanted advances- just stop grooming it. Don’t cut it, shape it, wash it, or even touch it for 3 months, and watch as your face becomes a powerful infidel chick repellent!

2: STOP WEARING DEODORANT (Gee, we didn’t know you ever did)

This is by far the most effective technique of warding off girls from asking you out to the prom. Take your deodorant sprays and/or bars, and carefully toss them in the trash. Then, every day before school starts, go jogging for about an hour around the neighborhood, and work up a good sweat. Then head straight to school without changing clothes or showering. Your body odor will kick like Bruce Lee, and your stench will be more offensive than a Danish Cartoon.  (It already is)


Girls will instantly be repelled by your fake married-status, and if they’re actually brave enough to ask you who you’re married to, just tell them she’s much prettier than they are, and they’ll get offended and walk off. Your fake imaginary wife (wives) will be so flattered you said that about her!


When the girls start figuring out you’re not going to Prom, and you’re not expressing any interest in prom dates or prom dresses, you’re gonna start to feel the pressure when they begin to cast their judgmental and condescending glares at you. That’s when it’s time to slam your foot down, straighten your ḥijāb, and tell them like it is!


Can you imagine how ridiculous you’d look wearing a ḥijāb and having a huge tuft of hair covering your lower face like a hairy niqāb? That’s hilarious (and nasty)- but honestly, this would probably be the most POWERFUL guy-repellent in the history of mankind. (No, the bag on the head is all the guy-repellent she needs)

2 PUT ON A SCARY NIQAB (full face veil)

Wearing niqāb already makes sisters look like awesome shuriken-wielding ninjas- but putting on the right niqāb style can transform even the most shy and tame ḥijābi sister into a scary horror-movie slasher that no high school guy in his right mind would have the courage to ask out to the Prom. (Of course, assuming a high school guy would want to take a baghead to the prom requires a willing suspension of disbelief)


There’s only one thing that strikes more pure terror in the hearts of men than seeing a sister dressed up as a costumed horror-movie slasher- dealing with her angry dad. Want high school guys to leave you alone, or better yet, ANY guy to leave you alone? Bring your dad to school with you before Prom and watch in giddy glee as he scowls furiously with utter disgust and disdain at all of the poor, unsuspecting guys in your high school. (But tell him to leave the knives at home)

All in all, whether its a High School Prom, a Friday-night college party, or Happy Hour at your office, as respectable Muslim men and women, you need to avoid events and parties that you know for sure are going to be questionable environments that will tempt you towards that which is contrary to your faith and character. 


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  1. I’m a “baghead” and this site is hilarious. It’s mocking, but not hateful: You must be able to laugh at yourself! It’s just for fun.

  2. This website is just plain disgusting! The way that muslims are portrayed in such negativity is horrible and just unfathomable to me. It’s very childish and stupid how people decide to spread lies and enforce racism to a beautiful religion with beautiful people. Please get your facts straight and think twice before judging.
    P.S. If you actually analyze/think about the article or go back to the actual website where it was taken from, you can clearly tell that he is joking and trying to poke some fun on a major topic in a teen’s life. No female Muslim is really going to grow a beard and such to ward off men asking her out. Just saying. Also, everyone has different opinions about topics, such as prom that can be expressed appropriately and at the right time. When it’s racist is when I get P.O.ed.
    You just got schooled by a 13-year-old.

  3. I’m sorry. I just couldn’t get past the “Pretend Muslims are in high demand…”
    I can prend to be Spiderman, Superman, any animal you’d like (the granddaughter loves it) but that is the full scope of my pretending.

  4. Soooo let me get this straight…. Going to the prom with a non muslim= haram. Marrying and sticking an adult penis into children not even a decade old= halal. Prom is a major problem for muslims? They really have their priorities backwards.

    • Who you tellin?

      The Mohammedan’s priorities are;

      Child molesting
      Forcible conversion of non-Mohammedans either to Mohammedanism or to being dead
      Degrading women

      All of the above can be summed up in one sentence: “Emulating “prophet” Mohammed.”

  5. Well, given how Muslims operate, I wouldn’t be surprised if they try to get the prom and the prom parties banned because everything about them is offensive to Muslims. I am sure if they could, they would…insha’ Allah!

  6. The land of Oz. They really get fantasy mixed up with reality. So much wishful thinking on their parts is going to end in their demise.

    Bonnie, I like the saucy remarks. LOL.

  7. Is this really this raghead’s blog? Is even a muslim male really that stoooopid?

    Try switching the advice for “brothers” with the advice for “sisters” — they still work the same! Especially the beard part.

  8. Thinking back to my senior prom *more than two decades ago*, I don’t think there were any Mohammedans at our HS in my Senior Class. I do say, though, that this dude MUST have eaten some bad Eid goat if he thinks that “infidels” are champing at the bit to ask a Mohammedan to their Senior Prom.

    I sure as heck wasn’t.

  9. muzzie playing hard to get game ! that’s a sick joke ! we got a better game , ketch and ditch the muzzie more fun. all you need is a shovel.

  10. Why not just openly say, “I’m a devout Muslim. I don’t wish to mix socially with infidels.” ? Honesty might require some courage, of course.

  11. Silly idiot this one is. Sigh. How about just saying, ‘No thanks, I’m not going to the prom.’? (upfront and truthful seems not to be a Muslim strongpoint.) That would be much better than being an insulting jerk, who seeks to proselytyze your fellow students because they are nice to you.
    Muslims are deceitful to the end.

  12. The final picture perfectly encapsulates the contradictions within Islam. She has her face and hair covered for modesty, but her t*ts are virtually hanging out.

  13. HoooHah Ha ha ha ha ! (snort)
    BNI, your asides were great. The one about the gals wearing false facial hair was probably not needed though, because most of them already have a developing noustache. The poor chastity defending guys, in order to keep themselves protected from temptation by all those sexy kafirs, could look forward to a free ticket for a week end at Captain Billys Goat farm.
    Or maybe a pornographic pictures of their cousins ankle. That should hold them on the straight and narrow, huh ?

  14. Tell us a real problem…like what you’re doing to stop child marriage (pedophilia) or stopping jihad.

    Islam is the problem…leaving the DEATH CULT is the answer.

  15. This has to be a joke. If it is true and the muslims are so deluded to think that they are desirable then they are truly inbred idiots. To even get married many kidnap their victim child brides, rape their forced married wives, marry their inbred cousins and so on. Old men must pay ‘poor excuses for fathers’ to marry their young daughters and so on. That is more the muslim culture.

  16. Oh ewwww….! Bonni you sneaky one, LOL, thanks for the laugh! Good thing I learned the hard way NEVER to hold any beverage while on this site too.

    Honestly, save for the first one, those pictures make for a frightening sight as to the kind of degeneration we’re dealing with here, and not the kind proud US citizens would want anywhere near them at a prom or anywhere else.

    As for the ‘rejection guides, what else to say to that but LMOAO, up yours Moron!!!

  17. Oh Lord, I just can’t quit…

    “I know – tell the offending infidel that you are preparing to become shahid and you are mixing your explosives that night… but she can come with you cause it will be a BLAST!!”

  18. Then I wrote:

    that’s right because everyone knows (from watching Jersey Shore and other trashy American shows) that ALL Americans do is drink, take drugs and F*CK each other ALL DAY LONG… Sheesh – you people are just as “racist” as I know you are going to accuse me of being!

  19. this is what I wrote on their site:

    Why not just tell the girl about Sura 4:34 and how you will hijab her ass… then you can let her know that once you are in your force marriage, you will kill her if she brings dishonor on you? And if that doesn’t work – tell her you will subject her to a good old female circumcision as required in the Hadith! Don’t forget letting her know that she cannot talk to other men or that if you take her to an Islamic country that YOU will get full custody of the kids while she will not be allowed out of the house without a male family member accompanying her (oh, for her protection….)

  20. Why would any American high school boy or girl even ask one of these self-righteous, uppity, legalistic, snot-nosed people anyway? I would think that the cultural/religious barrier would be enough to discourage anyone from asking them. Let them stay home with their parents reading their corrupt religious book and having no life while their freedom-loving American peers have a good time and find love. (Granted, I’m not a fan of all the dirty-dancing that goes on at these school functions, however, they are an American school tradition and they can be great events if done right).

    • Dave, that is the irony about this article. He actually believes being asked to the prom (as he says he was one time) is a big problem for muslims. While I understand the satire he used in offering solutions was intended to be funny, it’s his sick twisted thinking about the evils of American culture that pissed me off.

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