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  1. Well ! Just when I was going to go to Pakistan and study to be a cross derssing dancer ! Then they told me I’d have to lose the beard. I told them to go jump !

  2. Islam is the anti-Christ. Islams first agenda is to destroy all that is perfect and good, innocent and young, pure and untainted. It seeks to corrupt, corrode, ruin, and tarnish until eventually Islam wins by submission or destruction. Islams agenda is anti-Christ and Islams plans are coming for the ruin of any generation born a Jew or a Christian. This is a spiritual war, because the devil is having a ball watching as all of humanity falls or submits to his gross plan to destroy all that is good under the sun that our Lord created for his greater good. Islam is a heartless, soulless, cult.

  3. I heard a story that some of our US service members were approached by the elders of an Afghan town. They said the population was dwindling and they were at a loss to why this was happening.

    When the boys are young they are culled as sex toys for older Afghan men. They dress up as women and dance with the elders then engage in sodomy. When the young men are married off, they do what comes naturally for them. This explained the dwindling population.

    Our US Military Doctors had to explain to the afghan elders the birds and the bees.

    Personally I would have told the doctors to shut up and let them be and follow the “prime directive” 🙂

  4. sick perverts. just like their cult leader mohamed. they are an invasive species that needs to be eradicated now.

  5. In Islam, there is a “workaround” for just about everything forbidden in its sacred texts. Pre-marital sex is expressly forbidden and punishable by death. However, every imam will issue a “temporary” marriage license to any Muslim male for ten minutes, ten days, or weeks. No problem. Hypocracy? It’s built into the “religion”.

  6. Good Lord – and they aren’t even pretty, like the ‘ladyboys’ in Bangkok back in the late 60s. The one ‘dancing’ looked like either a slightly feminine version of Tiny Tim or a cadaver made to look like a prettier version of Cher. These people are so effin’ sick, twisted and perverted, they give normal perverts a bad rep!!!!!

  7. Polygamy drastically shrinks the supply side of the market for those seeking normal sexual relationships. When one man can monopolize four women in one marriage, there is a lot of competition for younger, wierder, or “whatever” partners.

    • It also explains why consanguinity is so prevalent in Pakistan and among muslims… first cousin marriages means that you have a chance at a bride, even if she is only 6 years old… doesn’t matter. What a bunch of perverted savages.

  8. Why do they even pretend to be hetero? Oh yeah, because if they admit that they are homosexual, they are hanged. So, they just do all the homosexual stuff, but lie about it. As long as they lie about it, they are safe from the hangman?
    It’s sort of like all of islam. The do all the wrong things, but lie about it, and everyone accepts their lies.
    They. just. suck.

    • I was shocked a few months ago, when I learned that although Islam forbids homosexual activity, only the guy “on the bottom” is considered to be homosexual, the guy on top is merely fulfilling his sexual needs. It also partly explains the Pakistani beard … because a “beardless youth” is considered to be “fair game” … they grow beards as quickly as possible to fend off homosexual assault. Meanwhile, everyone pretends to be pious & chaste …. lock up your daughters and buy bottles of oil for your sons

  9. ‘Pak’ means ‘pure’…

    …as in ‘pure’ filth or ‘pure’ evil.

    An imam in Pak was just arrested for buggering a pitiful little boy in a madrassa.