Reporting from “‘Occupied Palestine,'” Palestinian students cry ‘racism’ because Israelis consider them a ‘security threat’

They complain that Israeli Universities have set many obstacles to prevent Arabs from seeking higher education. Uh…ever hear of going to an Arab university? There are several in ‘Occupied Palestine.’ See list below video. Gee, I wonder how many Jewish students are in those universities?

Oh, Boo Hoo.  Students whine that Israeli university policies deprive Arab student of freely choosing their preferred subject because for major subjects such as medicine, law and accounting, Israel gives priority to  students who had completed their service in the Israeli army.

Arab students, who make up around 20% of the student population of the Haifa University, say they are under-represented and the university has not met their demands, including acknowledging Muslim holidays and implementing a fair system for allocating dorm rooms. They say they don’t have the same rights as their Jewish peers.

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