UN panties in a wad because Hungary won’t roll out the red prayer rug for Muslim invaders


They say they came to Hungary to escape brutality, war, or the threat of being put to death in their home countries. No, they didn’t, they left their Muslim hellholes so they can suck on the Hungarian government’s welfare teat.

Once in, their numbers grow rapidly as wives arrive to become baby factories. When there are enough of them, they start making excessive demands for religious needs, all leading up to their ultimate goal of creating an Islamic state out of the host country.

CNS NEWS  Migrants who arrive from violence-ridden countries such as Afghanistan, Pakistan or Somalia are spending up to a year languishing in detention centers.

In 2010, the government of Prime Minister Viktor Orban adopted a policy of locking up undocumented migrants while authorities adjudicate their asylum claims. Critics, including the writers of a U.N. report say the policy is unusually harsh and out of step with European norms and international law. (Gee, that’s funny, I thought it was Muslims who were out of step with European norms and international law)

Inmates at a detention center in the eastern city of Nyirbator jammed up against the metal grills covering the windows at the sight of Associated Press reporters on the street below.

“I come here for asylum, not prison!” shouted one skull-capped inmate from the second floor. Another lifted up his shirt to display a wound in his chest. “No medicine! No go to hospital!” he shouted. Other prisoners yelled that they have been beaten by prison guards and receive inadequate food supplies. (Gee, even from the detention center, they are making demands)

The new report by the U.N. High Commissioner for Refugees criticizes Hungary for treating legitimate asylum seekers as if they were illegal immigrants. (No, not immigrants, illegal aliens) Koefner confirmed that UNHCR has received “serious” reports of verbal and physical abuse by detention center guards. Police sometimes subject the asylum seekers to humiliation by escorting them to court dates in handcuffs and leashes, he added. (I wonder if big German Shepherds are attached to those leashes?)


A former Afghan inmate at the Nyirbator detention facility told AP that the guards reserved special punishment for asylum seekers who got unruly during their detention. “Those refugees who did not behave in a correct way, those who were not quiet enough or those who started some kind of fight were taken there for several days and beaten up.” (We have seen what Muslim invaders do in other detention camps – burning down buildings, raping women, causing serious property damage)