Alleging he was tortured, American Muslim seeks political asylum in Sweden

A black American convert to Islam seeking asylum in Sweden claims he was detained at the U.S. government’s request while in the United Arab Emirates last summer, tortured in custody, and interrogated about the activities of a Portland mosque.

While incarcerated in Abu Dhabi, Fikre said that he never felt so alone or cut off from human contact in his entire life

The Blaze  Yonas Fikre told a news conference that he was held for 106 days and was beaten, threatened with death and kept in solitary confinement in a frigid cell. (Nothing in Dubai is frigid with an average temperature of 75-100 degrees F all year long)

The 33-year-old, a naturalized U.S. citizen born in Eritrea, says he had attended the same mosque in Portland as a man who has been charged in a plot to detonate a bomb in the northwestern U.S. city. He moved to Sudan in 2009 and later to the United Arab Emirates. He went to Sweden, where he has relatives, after being released from detention on Sept. 15.

Fikre, who converted to Islam in 2003, is the third Muslim man from Portland to publicly say he was detained while traveling abroad and questioned about Portland’s Masjid-as-Sabr mosque. Mohamed Osman Mohamud, a Somali American who is awaiting trial on a charge of plotting to set off a bomb in downtown Portland in November 2010, occasionally worshipped there. A decade ago, seven Muslims with ties to the mosque were arrested following a failed effort to enter Afghanistan and fight U.S. forces.

Portland's Masjid as-Sabr mosque which Fikre alleges the FBI questioned him about in connection with Mohamed Osman Mohamud, a Somali American charged with plotting to set off a bomb in downtown Portland in 2010

  Fikre says he was arrested on June 1 in the United Arab Emirates and taken to a prison in Abu Dhabi, where he was questioned about the activities of the Portland mosque and its imam, Mohamed Sheikh Abdirahman Kariye.

Daily Mail State Department officials were granted access to meet with him on July 28 confirmed Toner. ‘According to our records, during the July 28 visit, Mr. Fikre showed no signs of mistreatment and was in good spirits,’ said Toner. ‘He reported that he had been treated professionally and was being well-fed, and did not have any medical conditions or concerns.’

State Department officials requested to visit Fikre again in September, but learned days later that he had been deported to Sweden, explained Toner.

He, his attorney and the Council on American-Islamic Relations are demanding the U.S. Justice Department investigate his treatment.



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  1. On the bright side: he is leaving the US. Our collective IQ just ticked up a tad. Not much, but a step in the right direction. Soon, the Swedes will learn of their mistake. Just like England, France, Italy, America, Canada, China, Japan Indonesia, Germany, Oh, gee, EVERYWHERE Muslims were offered safe haven…

  2. What?!! You mean to tell me that the asslifters of the UAE didn’t welcome THIS asslifter as one of their own!!…Hmmm, could be because as a black asslifter HE IS NOT generally considered anything more than a freaking slave, the same word in Arabic meaning both black AND slave….And this ignorant a–hole has the gall to say we “Islamophobes” in the U.S are the ones discriminting against him?!!

  3. Maybe Obama’s illegal Auntie or his illegal, drunken uncle has a spare room they can sub-let to this poor victim until his wounds from the torture heal.

    How about it Auntie ? Whaddya say Unk ?

  4. Well, at least he is out of the USA now! The really sad thing about all this is that there are Islamic dissidents in Islamic countries right now facing jail and persecution for “blasphemy” and the USA spent so much money helping him and his refugee family out? Wow!

  5. where ever this muzzie goes he needs a 24 hr tracking collar on him he dreams mayham and tragedy and he has a chip on his shoulder !

  6. Sweden is inviting so many terrorists, in a few years they will reap the results…they are now one of rape capitals of Europe.

    • Actually there might be a small change going on in Sweden, Immigration services is having problems placing young immigrants, every county or district in Sweden is supposed to take it’s share in newcomers, right now there are about 55 districts that refuse to take in more refugees,much to the dislike of the minister in charge of this mess.
      But i’m however afraid Sweden will let this guy stay, Swedes still seem to be in a self-destruct mode.

  7. Stronger deportation and banishment laws are needed. Whole families should be deported when one is terrorist.

    The family should be held responsible for not reporting terrorists.

  8. So he is born in a shithole and by luck makes it into the USA.
    Gets an education in Portland, lives in a nice place. And when 2001 hit he decides to go run to the other side and join them.
    This ass not only looks like that guy that played Judas in JCSuperstar, he is one. I hope he gets the drugs he wants in Sweden and od’s.

    When oh when will we stop giving these bastards safe-harbor?

  9. and Sweden are gullible enough to grant him asylum they are totally lost in the ideology of the insane liberal left

    • At least his departure means one less arse-lifting throat-slitter in the USA – wish ALL of them would leave North America (including Canada and Mexico), then ALL the Americas and finally all the West. One day the Swedes will wake up, like the Danes and others are starting to do, and then real civil war will break out…

      Somebody posted yesterday on a long-quiet story from 2009 about a Lebanese family in Denmark wishing death on ALL their hosts (as well as the Jews). Upon seeing that posting and re-reading that article, it strikes me that such a family, given the mayhem they’ve been doing to their neighbours, simply deserves not even deportation: let them all be exterminated, bullets are cheaper in such a case than plane tickets!! [To boot, those people won’t be able to do any more harm to any more Westerners…]

  10. “A black American convert to Islam seeking asylum in Sweden claims he was detained at the U.S. government’s request while in the United Arab Emirates last summer, tortured in custody, and interrogated about the activities of a Portland mosque.” So what’s the problem?

    • “a black American convert to Islam……” A “black American” is born in America, not in Eritrea – and I bet he was a muslim from birth, since Eritrea has 50 % muslims – just another whining story from a sorry muzzie – If he was so poor, how did he have money to travel, unless his “muslim brothers” paid his way – unfortunately Sweden will take him in, and now they have one more muslim problem added to the ones they already have – he will properly live in Malmö, where he will be treated as a hero! God, these people makes me sick!

      • Actually, once a person becomes a Citizen of the United States, “(insert country/ethnicity )-American” is a proper manner of describing said citizen.

  11. Whine, whine and more Bull$hit from your “typical” Muslim. No wonder the world hates these people/barbarians!

    • Most of the reports I read on this guy painted a totally skewed picture of him being a poor, innocent Muslim nearly tortured to death by the evil American proxies. The Blaze and Daily Mail were the only ones who posted some information that nobody else did. I’d like to know what he was doing in Sudan in the first place. He was born in America, after all, who could he possibly have ties to there? al-Shabaab? Nobody goes to Sudan for a vacation.

      • “Nobody goes to Sudan for a vacation.”

        Exactly!!! Especially with all the violence and genocide that is going on there, Sudan isn’t a safe and luxurious destination for a vacation. He was definately looking to join a terrorist group.

      • Actually, the above article says he is a naturalized American Citizen BORN IN ERITREA…

        Just thought I should clear that up. :)

  12. oh crap, the same ol song and dance waaaaawaaaaa pooooor me! Hey, maybe he was in a freakin Freezer (sarc) Tortured?? riiiiight! Even though that’s what they should be doing with ALL of these asslifters!
    IF they did what they should be doing, instead of kowing & bowing to the PC crap; perhaps that would be somewhat of a deterrent? Nawwww, silly of me to even think such!

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