Remember that little broken window in the Maryland mosque? Surprise! CAIR demands the FBI investigate…and they comply!

Uncle ‘Dougie’ (Ibrahim Hooper of CAIR) is behind this one, too, as you will see in the video. Despite having broken ties with Hamas-linked CAIR, the FBI is forced to deal with them on a regular basis on time-wasting ‘Islamophobe’ hunts that never go anywhere, because the vandals are usually Muslims themselves.

Remember, OUR tax dollars are paying for the FBI to do this.

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20 comments on “Remember that little broken window in the Maryland mosque? Surprise! CAIR demands the FBI investigate…and they comply!

  1. WTF has happened to what used to be the TOP law ebfircement agency in our nation; and just WHEN did the FBI become relegated to investigating sh– like a broken window in a LOCAL Arselifter Assembly Center?! THIS should be handled by LOCAL law enforcement IF at all.But I’m betting IT should NOT be investigated at all, as only the Arselifters who probably did it themselves, so they could scream “discrimination” and “HATE CRIME”….AGAIN!! AND AGAIN, to the CAIR Bears, ACLU and any stupid dhimmi a–holes who supoort these pukes and their BS claims of “hate crime”, STFU!!

  2. you want to know what our feelings are? 911 buddy!

    so its hate crime because its a place of worship, gee I dont see the term hate crime being used when a church or syangog is attacked in a similar way

  3. The FBI was neutered during the Clinton Administration. Is it any wonder that they were sound asleep when the first aircraft struck the WTC. I happen to think that taking paper on broken windows is right up their alley.

    • it ok to mutlate small girls and kill them for the honor of the family but a broken window hang them high.
      they are but nothing but a bunch of child molesters

  4. So let CAIR take the FBI and lead them by the nose to whatever. Mosques or muslims are not welcome, we will not convert to Islam no matter what do.

  5. Funny, they are all about a window-while in San Diego a 32 year old mother was honor killed and the father took the daughter and went back to the home country to bury the dead mother??? and as far as I know — they never made it back to San Diego—where’s the FBI on that one—CAIR had a big mouth and then when it came out that the only ones in the home at the time of the murder were the 17 year old daughter and father and the hate note was a copy and not handwritten and the father was pissed that the mother was going to leave and move to Texas and the daughter was not wanting to marry a person the father has sold her to—FUNNY, HOW THIS IS ALL BEING PLAYED OUT!!! WHERE’S CAIR’S BIG MOUTH NOW!!!

    • Ann, CAIR clammed up the minute it was obvious the murder wasn’t by a white racist Islamophobe. I think the daughter or her boyfriend killed the mother. Why we would allow the father and daughter, 2 prime suspects, to leave the country, has the stink of Obama all over it. Where are they now? Where are the other kids?

  6. Now there’s a hate crime worthy of government investigation (not). Should the FBI find out that moslems broke the window themselves, I hope they make the mosque owners pay for the cost of the investigation.

  7. Well, the saying in the muslim community is, “If you need your ass kissed really well, call the FBI; they will kiss it until it shines then wipe it dry with their foreheads.” Of course, they say the same thing in the meetings of the New Black Pansy Party as well.

  8. If it is a hate crime who cares. If the FBI should find that they did it themselves, will Holder have them arrested NO!

  9. Oh that little broken window that they broke themselves!!! you know for the purpose to draw attention to themselves and how they’re the poooooor victim here.
    OH booooHoooo and CAIR of course must get involved with you know MORE ATTENTION! WAKE THE HELL UP!
    I so DETEST THEM ALL!!! This is going to continue over and over UNTIL WE stop bending over… oh wait, that’s the idiot-in-chiefs job!!!

  10. Who really gives a sh*t that a window was broken?
    I won’t lose any sleep over this “hate” crime.
    I’d like to tell him my feelings. I guarantee he won’t like them.
    More whining from POS muslimes.

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