ANTI-MUSLIM: ‘Walk Naked for America Day’

An email message gone viral has the subject line MUSLIMS with nothing appearing inside except the attachment. When opened, the attachment reveals a picture of four topless women under the heading “Walk Naked for America Day.”

Twin Cities It goes on to encourage “American hotties” to walk out of their houses naked at 1 p.m. eastern time next Saturday because “it is a sin for a Muslim male to see any woman other than his wife or daughter naked.” The effort will “help weed out any neighborhood Muslim terrorists,” according to the email.

A Maplewood City Council member forwarded an email this week with a subject line “Muslim’s” that contained pictures of topless women and a call for women to “Walk Naked for America Day.”

The email was received by a Pioneer Press reporter at 9:34 p.m. Thursday, April 27. Bob Cardinal, the most recent addition to the Maplewood City Council and former mayor, said he inadvertently included the reporter on the list when he forwarded the message, which he called “shocking,” from a personal email to a few guys on his softball team Thursday night. Cardinal said he disagreed with the email content.

“I couldn’t believe it,” Cardinal said of the message. “I don’t know how that even got on the Internet.”

It closes by encouraging all “patriotic men” to gather on their lawns to watch. (You can sure all the American-hating Muslim men will be watching behind their camera phones)

Cardinal said that he received the email from a constituent he occasionally corresponds with and that he disagreed with its contents. He forwarded it on, he said, only because he found it so shocking.

“I couldn’t believe what I saw,” he said.

Cardinal beat former council member John Nephew in the November election. He campaigned against Maplewood’s decision to organize its trash-hauling system. He served as mayor for six years in Maplewood before losing to Diana Longrie in 2005.


58 comments on “ANTI-MUSLIM: ‘Walk Naked for America Day’

    • MAC, perhaps if Muslims were allowed to have sex with women more often they wouldn’t have to shag sheep or be so frustrated that they go about killing infidels just on the offchance that they’ll get 72 virgins in Paradise. The reason Jihad has grown so much these past few decades is because Muslims have left their tents and herds for the big cities where there are not enough sheep and goats to satisfy their urges.

      Islam is the cause of so much violence. American style culture is the cure.

      barenakedislam: I linked to this article from mine: Walk Naked for America Day

  1. Any thing related to Anti Islam and Muslims are coming from the Apartheid state of Isral, be careful guys, all the information are polluted here… this site is supported by the Criminal Terrorist Extremist Jewish THOSE who spread the hate to the west against the moslims…and destroying the free Democracy world.

      • Dear Abe,

        Sorry it appears that way. Palestinians and some middle-eastern lunatics might not like you. The rest of us muslims do like you. Actually we consider Jews and Christians to be brothers, people of the book.
        In fact we believe that Prophet Mohammed preached the religion preached by Prophet Abraham. Fasting is bestowed upon us like it was bestowed upon the people of books. There are much more that we relate to Jews and Israel.

  2. I am a muslim writing here to clear the misconception about Islam. There is no law in Islam that said a muslim male must commit suicide if they see other woman naked.

    If he sees it accidentally, it is okay. but if he sees it on purpose he must repent. that is all. it’s not a big deal.

    please do not see Islam by looking to certain ethnic in middle east. not all of them applying Islam by the book.

  3. Hey, totally off-topic – why do you guys hate us so much anyway? I mean, it’s not like we were all born with guns! It really hurts to even think that so many people hate just because you believe in a religion.

    • Arshat, get used to it. Muslims are the most hated religious group on earth. And more of us are hating you every day.

        • Spend some time looking thru the Categories in the Right sidebar and you’ll see why.

        • A quarter of a million people have been murdered in my wife’s homeland (Philippines) because a muslim insurgency started with seed money from Libya’s kdaffy and continued by al queda and saudi arabia. Is that reason enough?

        • I do feel sorry and if it makes it any better, most of us Muslims do feel sorry for all that’s happening in places like that. But the point is, these insurgencies happen not just because of Islam. These happen everywhere, for a lot of reason. And trust me, Islam as taught to me does not encourage any such thing. In general, it is the people who cause such chaos and not the religion.

        • Arshat, the terrorists are considered good muslims because they are carrying out the teachings of the quran. Kill all unbelievers if they refuse to convert. There are hundreds of passages calling for violence against everyone who is not a believer. If you are learning another kind of Islam, you are not learning the real Islam.

          Don’t come here and insult our intelligence. We have read your holy books. We have seen muslims commit 19,000+ acts of deadly Islamic terrorism against civilians since 9/11. And I can document all of them for you if you wish.

        • Are they? I don’t think so. And have you? I wouldn’t agree! You clearly haven’t read our book completely. Every western scholar gives multiple interpretations to the versus in the book.
          We have but only one holy book. And it doesn’t guide us to kill everyone who refuse to convert. The last I checked, it was the crusaders who was on it. But let’s not get into that, I’m not here to insult or accuse anybody.
          And I swear, honestly I’m not here to question your intelligence. I have very high regards for brains. I respect smart people, I really do. If it weren’t for geniuses like you, things like internet wouldn’t have been possible and I wouldn’t be able to discuss such stuff sitting on the other end of the world.
          And there are terrorists who belong to every belief (religious & non-religious). Before we know it, there could be atheists blowing up things, we may never know.
          And has it ever occurred to you, just by chance, that maybe, just maybe this whole terrorism and war against terrorism stuff is only happening over the thirst of power? dominance? Which might have its roots with oil?
          And on a closing note – Arabs are not the only Muslims.

        • ARE U Jewish OR CHRISTIAN ?? IS important to know before I can answer you..but any way you read the quraan right? and did you read the bible ?? do u know about the killing in the bible ? about non baptizing kids ? 9/11 hehehe, Taliban WAS CREATED& supported BY THE USA…Hiroshima was dropped by non moslim, Hitler was from the West, Native people of America they call them Terrorist and kill them all hehehe you know what dont get mad please I dont want you to blow ur self and ur colleges in the class room…be nice.
          If u are an extremist Jewish then I have no answer for u .

    • Maybe it’s because you follow a racist, misogynist, slaving, incestuous, profiteering pedophilic piratical “prophet.” Also, you tend to kill anyone who won’t comply with your shari’a or kowtow to some black rock splinters in a washpit hole of a settlement.

      Could be that your “religion” (actually, it’s a political ideology with the transparent veneer of a religion) is still in favor of slavery, misogyny, Jew-hatred, violence, pedophilia, racism, and all those other ills that most of the world and the religions thereof have either always been against or has tried, to varying degrees of success, to remove from their societies, cultures, and civilizations.

        • Look, Arshat, you just CAN’T possibly hope to get yourself and your fellow-Moslems off the hook in ANY way whatsoever: we’re well aware of your taqiyya and kitman, so anything you say or write will be faced with the most jaundiced of brains on our part!!!!

          As long as you and your ilk persist in following ANY form of Islâm, with its hatred and supremacy embedded everywhere in the Qu’rân, Hadiths, Arab customs, etc., you can all ABANDON every last single vestige of hope that ANYTHING will change for you!!!! It’s THAT simple!!!!!

          Why should we be friendly or welcoming with those who’re bred and raised from babyhood to hate everybody and everything un-Islâmic?? [This applies especially to not only the Jews but also all of us who practise and love art, science, medicine and music – all of which things you HATE with all your beings!!!!]

          WHY should we have to bow down to – or accommodate in ANY way whatsoever – you throat-slitters and SADISTS, while you forbid us OUR things in your lands??

          Why should we “infidels” not be allowed to have our churches, synagogues, temples, etc. in your lands, while you aim to force your mosques and madrassas up;on us?? Why should we put up with you when you use our laws, freedoms, &c. to destroy us??

          Why should we be forced to convert (and give up everything that distinguishes us from you in the process!!!), pay the worst possible kinds of taxes (and not just money) so as to make us destitute while supporting you idlers who want to leech off of our hard work!!! – or be all KILLED???

          THESE are the things that make us to hate your guts!!!! Either RENOUNCE all those parts of Islâm that make you to believe and do these things (and let’s see if your “Allah” will punish you for blaspheming him or his alter-ego Mohammed!!) – or live with the consequences of your faith, which naturally entail your hating us and us therefore hating you!!! [We know your “al-Walaa-wal-Baraa” doctrine…] Pure and simple…

        • Very well written! I’m thrilled reading them. Before I get into anything else I have to say that the alter-ego part is nowhere taught. In fact it is forbidden even to consider an idea like that.

          And then I see a lot of frustration. Perhaps it would be helpful for me to say, explain if you get on one issue at a time.
          As far as having churches and temples built in the land is concerned – idolatry is the first thing we don’t do. I’m not justifying but, I haven’t heard of any such mosques / temples built in Vatican and we do have our problems getting a mosque or madrasa approved in any secular state.

          Raised to hate everybody? My three best friends are hindus. 15 Years of friendship and religion has never been an issue among us. I know millions and more like me and millions who are not muslims and are raised with the hatred you keep pressing. Like I keep saying, I’m not here to accuse anybody so I WILL not start on that.

          And getting off the hook?! I see no reason to do so. We have our belief and you have yours, it’s as simple as that.
          And things like taqiyya and kitman and all the other references you had mentioned sir, I don’t believe they still have clear interpretations. If you do, kindly enlighten me. I have learned Islam for over 14 years and none of the hatred you specified was taught to me.

          Hadids and Arab customs you say. We don’t accept every hadid put in front of us. We have big time issues believing in things which doesn’t have solid proof. And arab customs are not what define Islam. Every civilization has its own customs and they keep changing.
          And bowing down? to people? I assumed you would know that we, of all people don’t accept that!

          And the thing you mentioned about doing your things in our lands – I’m sorry, but a little crazy. Lands do not belong to people. (And totally off-topic, it happens to us too, in the west and the east, no point discussing that. Lets stay on track.)
          And renouncing? brother, wake up! Al wala’ wal bara?! withdrawing from things like, getting drunk, prostitution, greed, hatred and so on and on? There’s no reason to renounce. Pure and Simple.

      • I’ll just take the liberty to explain. And the prophet as I understand and follow, was in fact against all of the things that you accuse him of.
        And as hard as it may seem to believe. Islam doesn’t let you kill anyone because they don’t comply. It actually makes us respect other beliefs.
        And I believe Nazis hate Jews, no Muslims. We don’t hate people. Especially Jews and Christians. We were taught the same principles which Jews were taught. And it is sort of a mandatory thing for us to consider them brothers.
        And racism? really? Islam, like I said is against it like it’s against every other thing you had mentioned.
        And we are not misogyny! We as shocking as it would sound, in reality believe that women is no lesser than men. That again is more like a rule for us.

    • Arshat, just the fact that you have to ask this question should explain it to you. Look around and get your head out of your azz. Take your freaking people back to moozie-land and all will be well.

  4. weeeeeeeeell, that may be really creative as long as the whole world would be naked too 😛 then what is the use of clothes. Why would we wear fancy clothes since we could get naked all over the world.
    About Muslims, actually the more Muslims see naked women, the more they perceive how superior their women are. I can give an example, if you have a diamond, would you keep it in a safe place or would you show it to everybody and it loses its spark… well, of course every1 wants to keep it and make it more sparkling. :)

  5. this will probley be a hit in pakistan. NO!!!!!!!!!!! not raunchy and perverted enough for upright muslims.and not upright sprittualy or moraly.

  6. Well hell, if I looked like the women in your pictures – I might walk around naked too!!! But I don’t and I would be afraid that Greenpeace would show up and try to push me back into the water!!!

    I’ll just have to settle for taking them out in court!

  7. I think it’s rather amusing. If walking around naked would do the job, why not? If only it were that simple.

    Whoever painted the flag on the three gals did a good job. Maybe, it’s not paint. Whatever it is, it’s done very well.

  8. If I knew any where I live would be outside I’d run and hide. All I got here are mostly older not so hot women. lol But love to see the young ones if any want to come by next Saturday. Screw the Muzzies, they only get kicks from humping their camels.

  9. I’m afraid they’ve got it all wrong. It is not a sin, in fact, Islam permits muslim men to rape women who are deemed immodest.

  10. maybe not naked but a swimsuit, bikini, shorts tank top so as not to be arrested. but to show off skin. a few years ago i walked in Downtown phoenix wearing shorts and a tee shirt. i was walking with a girl who wore long sleeves and pants and i was cussed out in either hebrew or yiddish
    She answered him back. i didn’t ask what she said

  11. Let’s be honest. The majority of women don’t look like models. I’m not so sure I’d want to see my neighbors nude. After I hit 40 I didn’t even want to see myself naked.

  12. damn shure not going to call me unpatriotic got my cold six pak , lawn chair , an will man my post from sunup to sundown.

  13. While this would certainly be entertaining to non-Muslims and Muslims as well, remember the 9/11 Muslim pilots spent quite a bit of time and money intrip clubs before they went on thrie “mission” to fly planes into buildings.

    You know that any real or perceived verbal, written, published, picture, statement or picture that insults Islam or its’ prophet is met with multituddes of angry muslim “victims” crowing and carrying signs in protest to even a question posed or a fact stated about the evil of islam or their prophet. Fite fire with fire and protest with protest. I do not recall any public protests against the slaughter of Christians by muslims, or female genital mutilation by muslims, or the beheadings of anyone who is not muslim or sharia law being introduced within our legal systems. For heaven sakes name dates for public protests and people in every state shoulod come mout and tell the truth about Islam. Silence is tacit approval.We have to let them know that not all Americans are fooled by their smiles and lies!!!

    • Challenge them publicly just like they do – march and protest tell the truthe of islam – let them know not all Americans believe theri smiles and lies. It seems to be a successful tool of the muslims! Set a Date and alert all patriots to take to the streetswith signs chants etc.

    • Student, while I agree with you, I still think anything that brings NEGATIVE attention to the freaks of Islam is a good thing.

  14. Naked people, especially women are more of a threat to Islam than all the bombs and bullets in the world. In large part because it will expose the hypocrisy of Islam and Muslims. It is a sin for a Muslim man to look upon any naked woman other than his wife, true, but believe it, Muslim men will look upon the naked women just like everyone else and they will gawk with lust at all the “uncovered meat.”

    Muslims are among the biggest consumers of pornography in the world. And of course, they tend to prefer all that bizarre shit, such as pedophilia, necrophilia, bestiality and the like. This is the major proof of their hypocrisy.


    “Fire Keep”

    Slam Shut!
    Forked Tongued

    With Wit
    That Inspires


    Hail the Clarity
    of all
    Freedom Criers!

    Salute the Revere’s
    at-Ready Desires!

    For the Young,
    Further Aspires.

    Freedom Alive,
    Liberty’s Essential,
    Eternal Fires.

    Our Birth Rights,
    Due Our
    Their Honor,
    It Requires.

    with love,
    Live Long and Prosper

    fire keep //davicho simpson // july 27 09 copyright

  16. Americans are finding a voice to declare their disapproval of traitors like Dr. Death Nidal Hasan and others of his ilk who pretend to be Americans while plotting to overthrow the constitution.

    Mozzies should go back to Berzerkistan, because the US Constitution will NEVER be changed for Moz supremacism and misogyny!

    Americans don’t want to become the next Moz hell-hole, arm-pit country.

  17. This is a dumb idea.

    If American women protest against sharia by coming out of their houses on that day
    the men would join them …..but pornography in public is cheap tactics.

    The mooslimes would enjoy it & they will treat it as a joke or american porn day and justify that sharia must be imposed in
    USA for this reason.

    • Can’t offend the moslems that day can we, they might get upset. Just like the dead taliban, piss on them, do it anyway. Even if it is only a joke it is still a great idea. Peace to all non-moslems who don’t care what moslems think about nudity, this is our country not theirs.

  18. Sounds like a good idea to me, “Nude is not Lewd” I would rather see people naked walking in the streets that day than see women walking around in niqabs and burqas. Try it, you might like it..Peace to all non-moslems who enjoy nudity.

  19. I’m a guy. I’m a definite guy. Hell yes I’ll look !
    The only problem is that all the professing to be religious, muslim, lying, horny, bastards who shout their piety will not only look, they will record it and send it back to Pakistan, where the highest concentration of pornographic and child porn viewers in the world are located.

    These muslim lying, posturing sex maniacs say that they have to totally cover their women to preserve modesty. But the truth is that they are so inbred that they can’t keep their hands out of their bottomless pockets if they see only a flash of ankle or a glimpse of throat.

    This is why the “profit” declared that women and girls should be totally covered. He knew that the whole of muslim manhood would get nothing at all done if their hands were occupied with self indulgence 24 hours a day.

    He turned out to be a wise man, at least in this respect, didn’t he ?

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