Four-year-old Saudi boy kills his father for not buying him a Sony Playstation, uncle blames it on (infidel) cartoons


55 comments on “Four-year-old Saudi boy kills his father for not buying him a Sony Playstation, uncle blames it on (infidel) cartoons

  1. Hello Saudi Arabia ( a new video by Pat Condell )

    (Thanks, Martin, already posted. I get notified when there’s a new one. –BNI)

  2. An accident? Did someone say accident?
    The gun should have been under lock and key; however, I still hold my same original opinion.
    Why would you point a gun at your daddy AT THAT SPECIFIC TIME!?

  3. maybe the ather was starting to molest this little boy and he knew it was wrong/ yes i know he’s 4 but that is a problem there.

    • That does drive a child’s anger even if repressed… they know it feels wrong.
      We are guessing here, okay?
      IF that, was in fact, happening… then the father-figures “took” something from him a he “took” his innocence….along with the “inbreeding”… the child is a powder keg just waiting to go off!

      • I read an article months and months ago that reported that “some” Muslims in Australia from being around other people who WERE NOT Muslims…they asked for psychological help.

        I have a Masters in Counseling…I worked at Parkland ICU Psychiatric Unit as well as Timber Lawn In Dallas…there is NO cure for the physical and psychological problems caused by inbreeding.
        They CAN have intense therapy with anti-psychotic type drugs which means the rage and emotional pain inside will be somewhat subdued. They will HAVE to be on Meds for the rest of their lives; and will HAVE TO stay in close contact with a psychiatrist because “meds” after taken for a period of time…stop working…and they have to be given another kind IMMEDIATELY. Some of them, we are talking about the Biggie(s) like Thorazine.

        i WANTED TO work on my PhD…and got lost along the way….I wanted to research ancestry memories being passed down through the DNA strands.

        • At least those wretches recognised something of their problems and have dared ask for help (notably from “infidels” – just the people Islam HATES AND DESPISES!!).

          Have you also tried to do some deprogramming / reprogramming work with them, so they no longer worship Satan aka “Allah” – or his “messenger” Mohammed?? Also, are they able to do something truly productive in their lives? It would be so good if they could break free and find happiness. Not for nothing that it’s said that “laughter is the best medicine” – and Muslims are discouraged from laughter and happiness all too often…

  4. They are trained to be little jihadists by the time they are five, but are you telling me a supposedly innocent 4 year old boy, knew how to aim at the head and blow his brains out, (given he was supposedly innocent and led astray by the cartoons, yeah right….. twilight zone moment here…) A four year old would hit lower, they would not know know to aim, get the gun into a good postion to blow a person’s brains out unless they have been specifically trained to do so. The uncle is a liar, or the uncle did it to blame us!

  5. If you’re looking for sympathy. They have come to the wrong guy. These people can never accept responsibility for anything. What they need to understand here, which I haven’t heard is, this is the will of Allah. It just boils down these people are idiots.

    • ICE, in the last paragraph, the uncle says, “This is destiny and God’s will and we have to accept it”

  6. Yep, it HAD to be those “infidel cartoons” that caused the little kid to shoot his father! Couldn’t possibly have been the violent Arselifter culture that teaches hate the infidels and “Death to the U.S and Western Culture….Oh, noooo!!…Being taught to hate anyone who does NOT buy into the muzzy arselifter BS from the cradle to the grave couldn’t have ANYTHING to do with this poooor innocent child blowing his arselifter father away!!….Oh, well, one less arselifter on the planet, and the world a little better off for it! Thanks kid!!

  7. I agree with others on here, the story just doesn’t add up. Assuming that we’re talking about a semi-auto here, did the father really have the gun loaded, with one in the chamber and the safety off? If it was only loaded with a magazine, that means the boy would’ve needed to hold down the slide release, rack the slide to get a round into the chamber, and then figure out how the safety (or safeties) worked to get the damn thing to shoot. If it was a newer design that has both a grip and trigger safety, I doubt the kid would’ve been able to get it to fire. And If the gun has a DAO (dual-action only) trigger (semi-auto or revolver), I highly doubt the boy would’ve been able to completely pull the trigger anyways, as the pull is very heavy. My kids can’t squeeze the trigger all the way on my DAO revolver; it’s just too heavy! Which brings me to my next point- If we’re talking about a revolver here, the kid would’ve had to either shoot it in single action (by cocking the hammer) or have oxen-like strength (for a four-year-old) to manage the DA pull. Too much of this makes no sense: what’s more likely is that someone else smoked pops and blamed it on the kid (and, conveniently, “the West”). In a country where forensic evidence is rarely admitted in court or even gathered for that matter, it would (conceivably) be pretty easy to fool the “authorities” and get away with murder!

  8. How is it that he even had cartoons? There is NO cable in saudi; and it is illegal to have the satellite dishes! Yet, all of the things “western” [cartoons, X-boxes, iphones, Chevrolet Tahoes and Suburbans] are the hottest things since sliced pita!

    On the bright side, the sperm donor is all done…

  9. Hahahaha awe what a sweet child. He was only doing what he knew was right. His daddy Probably has been raping him since birth. Good boy.

  10. At 33, he has 15 kids? how many wives does he have? Its not the first time I hear that type of story coming out of SA….makes me think that they are pinning the “accident” on a young innocent child.

  11. One more example of the maxim. Don’t leave firearms around children. Unfortunately this room temperature IQ had the opportunity to xerox himself 13 times before being deleted from the gene pool.

  12. Of course it was the fault of the West. It has nothing to do with the sick death cult that he belongs to nor the lack of parental attention from having 14 siblings.

  13. Maybe the little Muzzo brat didnt like his father in general and thought he was a mean old barsted in general… of course its”lets blame the infidels for this one”… watch out this brat snhis baghead mare (mother) plus his inbred siblings might get it in their demented heads that the West owes them and hop on a boat and make their way to the gravy train West..

  14. LOL LOL LOL “destiny of God’s Will” LOL LOL How about we build a few Christian churches over there as “destiny of God’s Will” This is definately a case of … what goes around comes around.

  15. Why does a man have a loaded weapon at home?

    There’s something wrong with the scenario.

    This is where loaded weapons lead people.

    Would he put a loaded crossbow on the table?

    I feel sad for this boy who must carry the burden of slaying his father and have no father to comfort him.


    • “This is where loaded weapons lead people” Surely you jest, right? Wrong, this where lack of education leads people to. I have carried a Loaded, cocked and at the ready weapon on my posession my entire adult life, it has lead me no where but a sense of security. I have children who were raised with respect for a loaded weapon and understood, it they were to touch it, there would be hell to play. It is this kind of mindset, this is where a leaded weapon leads people to, that peremiates throughout a socialist, ignorant, lazy and controlled sense of a false security. If only the police and military had guns, we’d all be safe hind of bullsheet. Again wrong. It is the responsibility of all gun holders up to and including the use of this tool for defensives purposes to set the example. I for one will not let a loaded gun ly around in easy access to a youngster, by their very nature and lack of maturity, don’t have any sense of ” what” this tool is capable of in the wrong hands. I always un-load my tool in the process of sitting it down in the safe or whatever spot I desiginate to put in down upon, it’s called responsibiity, prudent and a safe inviroment for all. Soem of are not buying that line, unless you are one of those people, by definition of a powerful tool are scared to death of it being even mentioned. This child or not, was put in aposition of “not knowing any better” whereas, the father should have. Put the blame where it belongs.

    • I keep a loaded weapon in the house, along with a loaded speedloader and flashlight right next to it! However, I actually spend quality time with my kids, and constantly reinforce a healthy respect for firearms. My kids know that firearms aren’t toys to be played with; from actually going out shooting with me, they know what kind of power these tools possess, and honestly don’t seem to want to have anything to do with my guns, thank G-d!

      In the event of a forced entry into your home by an intruder who intends to rob, rape and/or kill you and/or your family, what good will your unloaded and locked-away gun do you? What will you do then, throw it at him?

  16. Yeah, that’s right, blame it on infidels.

    Why did the father carry a gun anyway? If Islam is so peaceful and the Islamic world is so good, why did he even need a gun? Maybe the child learned his violent ways from watching Islamic culture!

  17. Off topic but beaking news. The Obomination has ignored congress again and released $147 million in “aid” for “palestine”. More taxpayers money down this bottomless sewer.

    • Just to put that into perspective, every American should ask “what would that money do to help my town?” Pisses you off, doesn’t it?

  18. the uncle blames the cartoons? not the jews? he doesn’t even claim that the jews create the cartoons, or at least distribute them?

    why did he even have a gun? there is no 2A over there.

    the widow(s) would not be left without financial support if he had a life insurance policy, but since allah/momo consider that gambling, insurance is forbidden.

    this story seems fishy to me.

  19. The sole supporter of 15 children? These families with multiple matess are like something out of Wild Kingdom. The kids with the same mother form into herds and conflict with the other herds in the litter. That was one of osama bin laden’s psych problems. His mom had only one kid and the seven or eight other herds in the litter all picked on him.

  20. When I parent teaches hate with no remorse…
    this child has heard nothing but violence and hate since the day he was born.
    This is what “can” happen; and it did.
    Now! As I learned here, there is so much inbreeding, it makes me wonder??

      • Shaz, when I was in graduate school, I focused on what causes people to be violent to their significant other. I ran across something very interesting. When the child reaches around the 5th month, they can hear everything – it imprints on their little brains. He has heard even while still in the womb loud voices–ranting and raving.

        Then when they are toddlers, they continue to hear it as well as observing body language that goes along with the ranting and raving.
        How could he have any other emotion than he had? Violence is good is all he knew imprinted on his little brain.

        Believe me, there are no social services to pick that child up and find a good home. That child will continue to be violent without ever having a chance to develop any form of right and wrong.

        Bonni, do you have any follow-up on what happened to this child?

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