OH NO! Muslim invaders say, “Italy is treating us worse than animals”

 OH MY! This is not good at all. These illegal aliens should not be treated like animals, but like the ungrateful, inbred savages they are.

Thanks to the flood (more than 24,000) of mainly male Muslim invaders from N. Africa, the beautiful, tranquil island f Lampedusa off the coast of Italy has lost most of its tourist and restaurant business and seen a sharp increase in thefts, rapes, and crimes against locals.  

ANSAImmigrants held at a reception center in the southern Italian town of Bari said on Thursday that they were treated “worse than animals” by authorities at the structure.

The center for identification and expulsion, with a capacity of 119 people, is currently occupied by 196 foreigners awaiting deportation, the immigrants said.

A statement from the Left, Ecology and Freedom party Sel, signed by its leader and Puglia governor, Nichi Vendola, as well as the party’s national secretary Nicola Fratoianni, said that the centers “represent an intolerable suspension of democracy and civilization in the country”.

Speaking to journalists visiting the center, immigrants said that they were frequently sedated with “tranquilizers and other medicines” to avoid protests. Italian detention centers for immigrants have come under fire in the past by international observers like Amnesty International for overcrowding and poor conditions, while Italian authorities maintain that the treatment of migrants and refugees has always complied with international obligations.


























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  1. Many of those drastically overloaded boats were carrying women and children when they left, but not when they arrived. Supposedly they were the first to go overboard when the boats threatened to sink

  2. Wow! It’s so nice to see a Black person see reality. He’s so right. Thank you, Liz.

    Another interesting Black person is Conservative Mychal Massie.


  3. Good for the Italians. The next step would be to push the violent Muslim filth into the Mediterrainian and let them drown.

  4. well there’s a good plan. these people should be sent back home and I’m glad the residents are pelting them with stones.

  5. Kind of reminds me of the Femen movement in the Ukraine… A good event to piss off muslims. Hope it works!

  6. Being treated worse than animals?…That might actually be an improvement, even over how they are treated in Islamic countries.

  7. BNI is right. The Italian coast guard meets these ships and sends them back to where they came from. Go back or get blown out of the water is the only choice. If Italy does not defend it’s boarders then it gets what it deserves and that is to be taken over by islam.

  8. I treat my animals like family. A couple of cats now but had a great dog. I wouldn’t treat a mohommedist that way because I don’t like mohommedists and my pets will not try to kill me if I turn my back on them.

    • That makes Mooslimes worse than animals….so
      italians treating them so, makes sense. Doesn’t it ?

      If animals complain that they are treated worse than mooslimes then the owner / persecutor must be jailed.

      • that IS the core issue, the eu! an unelected bunch of bureaucrats with a socialist one world govt agenda. “the eu won’t let them.” f**k the eu!!! europe/britain needs to grow a pair, walk out of the eu, AND the un. the sooner, the better.

        and, of course, the usa needs out of the un NOW!!! the un is satan’s govt on earth.

      • Yes the problem is the EU… Btw the EU is maybe not far from collapse and without the EU interfering in countries in Europe, the muslims would have very very bad time.
        I hope the EU as it is now collapses.

  9. “They treat us like animals” Did they treat you worse in one of the 57 Islamic 5hitholes? If “yes” stfu and be grateful, if “no” then gtfo of Italy and back to one of the 57 Islamic hellholes.

  10. The only thing that is keeping all the sane people of the entire world, from properly addressing the islamic invasion problem, is GOVERNMENT!
    Oppressive government!

  11. For starters the Italians should start blowing there boats out of the water. Then round up these lazy ass freeloaders then fly them to the miseast. Just drop them off without parachutes.Its either this or Italy should shut up and put up with there shit

  12. Funny thing about this complaining, it’s not sincere. They refuse to go home despite the hardships. We can see the screams, need for sedation, these invading locust don’t want to go home. Is locusts right or is virus a better description of these whiners?
    How would their ex-country people feel if a hoard of fast breeding space aliens dropped into their country, demanded food, housing and that people switch from Islam to worshiping Xenutabulotion with all its laws. Thrilled?

  13. Shame on Italians.
    Why treat them worse than animals ?

    Once you catch them , put them on dog chain lease , take them around in chains just as you do to your dog .

    Put them in cage about 3 ft x 8 ft . If they want to stand up lift it up. If they want to sleep lay it down.

    And get a good dog dish to put food on and place it on the floor respectfully so they can ear their chow just like your animal.

    Tha’s it, that solves the problem . They cannot say they are treated worse than animals.

    Italians can prove that they treat them exactly like they treat their animals
    maybe a little better.

    If they still don’t like it send them to their original homes to enjoy the freedom
    to live like praire dogs. .

    After all animals are meant to be free.

    • Sujith, they should not take them in at all. Italy has a Coast Guard, they should confront the boats off the coastline and tell them they will not be given refuge in Lampedusa. So their choice is, “We’ll give you fuel, food, and water for the return trip. Should you decide not to take this generous offer, we will sink your boat now.”

      • Not good idea.
        They know Italians would not sink their boats nor kill them . Its against the law.

        And If you give them food and fuel , they will take it and try to sneak in later.

        It better to confiscate the boat . Arrest and deport them without any legal process involved.

        Sell the boat if its worth it or sell it for scrap value. It will part pay for the cost to deport the mooslimes.

        It will help reduce cost deficit to process the invaders & deter mooslims from trying to come back again.

  14. These Muslims are NOT refugees. They are ruthless invaders who are attacking and terrorizing the good Italian people. They are perpetrating jihad against hated infidels as taught in their Koran book of war.
    Send every invader back immediately! And don’t allow any more boatloads of Muslim invaders to make it to shore.

  15. this videos are 1 year old., but is true… they cry about, food, bed, cigarettes…
    sometimes burn structures… just amensty or SEL (comunist) talk about theyr right. italian people think different! they are beast, raper, robber. don’t you like our ospitality? take back your boat and go home! what? you lost the boat? start to swim! see ya!

  16. Beat the living shit out of them and dump them back into the shithole they crawled out of before they make your country into a shithole too!!!

  17. It doesn’t sound like anything new. Read about Roma children and organized gypsy gangs which are italians and tourists worst nightmare in Italy.

  18. They are worse than animals!

    They are a plague of vermin that needs to be driven back to the sea from where they come.

  19. Looks like a good afternoon’s work by the Italian police to me. Muslims only understand extreme violence, so that’s necessary. They respect it, especially from their enemies.

    Reacting violently to anything is part and parcel of Islam, so hen it’s done back to them, they ‘get’ your point. Hopefully, the point they get here is that the Italians despise them.

  20. Act like animals…get treated like animals; HOWEVER, I don’t know any animals that:
    Have sex with their mates after death;

    Murder their own babies;

    Deliberately place their own babies and children in harm’s way by committing suicide in order to feed the adult animals;

    Murder their own mates instead of murdering another animal who tries to take her away from the male.

    Please continue with the list. It is late; and I am very tired. (3:47 a.m here).

  21. Ohhhh poor little Muzscums treated badly they whine etc etc. Well for starters I dont blame the Italians sedating these ullegal scumbags as knowing from first hand knowledge from the illegal scum who are overcrowding our detention centres here down under in “Soft Cock Australia” the fucktards we are stuck with are constantly roiting, burning and destroying public property aka tax payer funded detention centres and costing millions of wasted dollars and these are the arsewipes that need sedating (on a permanent basis I wish) so I can fully understand why the Italians are sedating these fucktards as they have seen, when you let these peices of shit, get out of control you will have a very expensive problem on your hands and Italt is in no position to squander money on ungrateful ILLEGAL garbage that think its their right to enter their country illegally as these

  22. Italy has a long coastline. Instead of wasting its money on other things, priority #1 for Italy should be its NAVY. They need to sink any ship of foreign invaders before it gets to Italian shores – on Lampedusa or anywhere else. If the EU objects, then they need to bail out of the EU.

    • all nations need to dump the eu and restore their own sovereignty, laws, and currency.

      here is a video by a wonderful american, who is black, telling black people that they need an attitude adjustment. just substitute “muslim” for “black”, the message is very relevant. if i were a christian and lived in this pastor’s city, i would attend his church. but, as i am jewish, and hell has yet to freeze over, i’ll just enjoy his videos.

        • am i talking about manning, what do you mean? whenever he criticizes blacks’ behavior just pretend he is saying “muslim”. muslims are endlessly demanding everything. you could also apply his critique to lazy white trash hooked on handouts, and those who espouse socialism.

      • Poor folks USED to, UNTIL the “liberals” got in and convinced most of them that they couldn’t do for ourselves. Too many are now sitting around EXPECTING someone else to do for them.

        “Liberalism” is the current form of the old plantation.

    • Too bad the riot police didn’t beat their asses all the way back to Tunisia so they can urge their fellow invaders not to bother.

    • That’s exactly what they should do.And the invaders there should be made to pay for a return trip to where they came from or start swimming.

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