SWISS court rules Muslim schoolgirls must swim in the pool together with boys

A Muslim family in Basel has been fined 1,400 francs ($1,550) for refusing to let its daughters participate in mixed swimming classes.

The Local (H/T Henry P)  The family had sought to avoid paying the fine on the grounds that the requirement for the girls to join the swimming lesson infringed on their religious freedom, online news website Le Matin reported.


The parents argued that, in accordance with the teachings of the Koran, they wanted to instil a sense of shame in their children before they reached puberty. Mixed swimming lessons in primary school, the family claimed, would be incompatible with such an aim.

Following the family’s appeal of the original Administrative Court verdict, the Federal Court decided to uphold the fine. The court stated that the obligation to participate in mixed swimming classes did not represent a significant assault on the family’s religious freedom.

The upper court said it agreed with the Administrative Court’s view that there was a “substantial public interest that all children take swimming lessons.”



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  1. The picture with the caption “CO-ED SWIMMING SHARIA STYLE” is fu*king ridiculous. Swimming in a niqab? Jesus…

    • John – i’m an ex-Lifeguard,and the only reason we were told to let People in with just a T-shirt on is they had any embarrassing scars or wounds the person wanted to hide from the General Public,this gave the Staff the warning and they would keep an extra special eye out for them as we all know any extra clothing would drag the person down,and if they are not a Strong swimmer then they would find themselves having big problems,esp.if they are trying to learn,this once again exposess the koran as and outdated book,and does’nt belong in the Western World,if they visit another Country,the Rule should be..”Leave your Book at the Door”.

  2. the girl in picture what is she trying to do?
    there is no way she can get any sun with her body covered up like that.

    • Which is why Mohammedan women often suffer from vitamin deficencies caused by lack of exposure to sunlight.

  3. I have written J.C. on several occasions but as soon as C.A.I.R. get’s their hands on it and calls it a “Hate” crime, Switzerland will fold & cave in to the Muslims! Hell, next the people will be forced to give up their rifles to C.A.I.R. !
    I bet not many readers and contributors to BNI and for sure the Muslims even know why they stayed neutral in WWI & WWII? Or that the Muslims figured out out how to prevent unwanted pregnancy in their camels. They should have used them on the women and patented the idea! They must have just used it on camels and not on the women!
    Oh well.

  4. Uh oh! Muslims are going to go on Jihad in Switzerland! Switzerland better brace for terrorist attacks! You know that when they don’t get their way, they get violent!

    But I have noticed that Switzerland is becoming less and less tolerant of Muslims as of late. And Switzerland is not an EU member! They are not willing to take Islamic crap!

    This is the same country that has the famous “piggy tram” featured on this website. LOL. :=)

    • Also, Switzerland is the most heavily armed nation, per capita, on the planet. Those Mohammedans might want to think twice about trying to riot against the Swiss.

  5. Excellent news for once!! Let’s hope that when they appeal to the Supreme Court of Switzerland and then the EU Court of “Human Rights” in Strasbourg, that they’ll be turned down, period!!!

    I hope with all my heart that those Untermenschen and all their colleagues will take it into their heads that they’re NOT truly free to practice their cult-ideology and so will leave Switzerland – and the ENTIRE West!!!! [Thank goodness for Hungary’s example when dealing with arse-lifting throat-slitters – and even that’s not enough!!!]

    • Moslems need deprogramming. The Nazi terminology does not help our cause of exposing this inhumane ideology.

  6. GOOD!!! Oh right, “wanted to instill a sense of shame” What freakin inbred diots! No wonder they’re so damn disfunctional in every aspect of LIFE!
    It’s a wonder they don’t drown in those bags. There’s no way in hell you can even begin to swim with that crap on.
    Yes, go back to the damn hell holes from which you came if you can’t and don’t want to assimilate! and good riddance–

  7. “The parents argued that, in accordance with the teachings of the Koran, they wanted to instil a sense of shame in their children before they reached puberty. Mixed swimming lessons in primary school, the family claimed, would be incompatible with such an aim.”

    Yes, a sense of shame of their own bodies, particularly the girls. These folks seem to think that if boys and girls swim together that they’ll never learn self-control. NO WONDER the Mohammedan world is so darn far behind everyone else, including such “savage” places like the Kalahari and the deep Amazon.

    • A woman’s whole body is an ‘awra’…a shameful, female organ…according to Mohammed the shameless, psychopatic pedophile pirate.

      Mohammed had sex with slaves, his dead aunt and a small child so he must be correct!

    • what is the shame of boy’s and girls swimming together.girls have a beatuful body nothing to be ashamed of .
      don’t hide it but o have some clothes on but not to hide all but eyes

      • THAT’S MY POINT, Jim. I’m saying that the Mohammedans are teaching their children to be be ashamed of their own bodies and selves.


    If the Mohammedans don’t want to abide by Swiss laws and rules, they can leave and go elsewhere.