Even though Islam is NOT a race, Hezbollah/ Hamas-supporting CAIR executive director insists on tying ‘Islamophobia’ to racism

Dawud Walid says ‘Islamophobia’ is a national illness and Muslims have been ‘racialized’  by America, apparently trying to make Muslims the new Blacks. He attempts to equate racism, based on skin color, with Islamophobia, based on the violence, bigotry, anti-American behavior, constant whining, and attitudes of Islamic supremacism as regularly demonstrated by Muslims in America.

And this group of interfailth idiots eats it up. I especially enjoyed when he accused Pamela Geller of stirring up hatred for Obama by saying he is a Muslim. Walid said the real reason people hate Obama is because he is Black but cannot say it because racism in America today is politically incorrect, but Islamophobia is not.

As a CAIR representative, Walid has staunchly defended the organization against allegations that its founding members were tied to Hamas, criticizing the government for naming it an unindicted co-conspirator in a Hamas financing trial and the FBI for ending formal relationships with CAIR. Additionally, Walid has argued that Hamas should be brought into Middle East peace talks. Walid has also legitimized suicide bombings and downplayed the threat of Hamas rocket fire.

Walid denied that the 9/11 hijackers had any connections to US mosques or American Muslims even though the 9/11 Commission report proved that they did.  Walid told an audience at Dix Mosque in Dearborn that, “you have no obligation to speak to the FBI if they come to your home.” READ MORE ABOUT CAIR SLEAZEBALL DAWUD WALID

A staunch advocate for SHARIA LAW in America, Walid says, Sharia and law will not necessarily be the best two phrases to conjoin or combine together. But Sharia simply means a path toward faithfulness of how a Muslim seeks to live a life holistically pleasing God. This ranges from our ritual worship to regulating how we are involved in ethical transaction of businesses.” He carefully avoids mention of those aspects of Sharia which cause Americans the greatest alarm: executions for leaving Islam, fatwas against non-Muslims who criticize Mohammed, honor killings, the Friday-after-mosque riots of violence against Christians, the reduction of women to chattels, the inferior status in Muslim lands of nonMuslims , and the endless slaughters wreaked by jihadis whose motivation – documented in miles of martyrdom videos – were, to use Walid’s euphemistic phrase, “to live a life holistically pleasing God” by slaughtering infidels.



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  1. It’s about time that SPINELESS Weatern Governments started making Shari’a UNLAWFUL. De-legalize it, Criminalise it, or whatever. It’s not too hard a thing to do surely?

    All of this Political Correctness pussyfooting around the issue is really doing my head in.

    Why doesn’t the Christian communities get together and create their own laws, run their own courts and let vigilante groups patrol our streets. F**k Governmental law and Police forces…… Which is effectively what Shari’a is all about

  2. I don’t follow his logic.
    Did Pamela Geller criticize Obama for being black or “Muslim”?

    Does he wish to limit freedom of speech?

    I haven’t noticed any large scale discrimination against Muslims, what I have noticed is little or no effort from the leaders of the Muslim community to differentiate themsleves from Muslim extremists.
    BTW, opposing Sharia law is not being Islamophobic, rather it is protecting the legal system, which is one of the foundations of a democratic society.

    • MEI, Pamela did both but I think her reference to him being the illegitimate son ob Malcolm X was a joke. She has called him a Muslim as most of us have and that is the point the Walid is emphasizing here when he says, it’s OK to berate someone for being Muslim but not Black in this country.

      Check out the Category in the sidebar here called CAIR NAZIS and you’ll see hundreds of examples of how CAIR is working hard to restrict free speech and get pity for themselves.. They have taken down this site twice already.

  3. CAIR (hamas front & criminal organization) excels at propaganda. These people have had centuries to perfect the art of deceit. CAIR knows that tying race, even if it isn’t true to islamophobia will get them more support. We are dealing with snakes.

  4. Ahhhh, he admits it ! Ol Dawud says all muslims and anyone connected with islam are all of the same race.
    —- Must be a kinda surprise to the Arabs that HATE blacks to find out that all those Somalis and Nigerians and Kenyaians are the same race as they are. They must all be first cousins, huh ?
    Anybody need a ticket to the next family reunion ?

  5. It is high time for the Mohammedans in the USA to either convert from Mohammedanism or leave the Republic. How in all of God’s creation did a death cult poligious ideology come to be called a “race,” when there is no inherited physical characteristic common to all Mohammedans everywhere.

    *of course, I consider the very concept of ‘race’ to be a social construct, unless you mean a competition of speed and/or endurance over a set distance or time*

    Mohammedans need to “get over” themselves.

  6. There they go, playing the race card again! We hate Islam not because of race, we hate it because of what it stands for!

  7. I think beheading 9 year old little boys and reading from an evil cult book that calls for the infidels (everyone on Earth not Muslim) to be slaughtered, smite their necks and cut off all their fingers and toes needs to be called a hate crime. Raping your own family or killing them and calling it an (honor killing” if they don’t screw Dad or don’t want to date who the family sets them up with should also go under”Hate crime” If you burry your daughter alive for not dating a muslim or Dad…..that shit is a hate crime right. Murder for hate for sure is a hate crime…..not Honor an killing

  8. Hate-filled, braindead, misogynisitic, supremacist killer zombie Mozman jihadist.

    Allaho akbar! Anyone who disagrees with Mohammed doesn’t deserve to live.

  9. Supremacist Muslims are the problem. Supremacist Muslims demand special rights and privileges NOT given to non-Muslims. Supremacist Muslims demand special Muslim prayer rooms at work and in universities and colleges. Foot baths for Muslims at airports. Supremacist Muslims demand the right to break dress-code laws at their workplace and when their employers refuse to make an exception for them, supremacist Muslims sue to make LOTS of money$$ from their hated infidel employers. What a racket. The constant demands of Muslims are never-ending and when hated infidels are unwilling to obey Muslim demands, hated infidels are called racists, bigots and Islamophobes, and Muslims sue, sue, sue.

    • i am a southern baptist and proud of it but have dated catholics girls and worked with catholic men and never had any probleum . also worked with men and women of many fathes.but that the usa we work and play together.


    Islam is not a RACE. It’s a DEATH CLUB FOR MEN.

    Islam is above all a TOTALITARIAN political ideology, sugar-coated with the trappings of a PRIMITIVE desert religion to help veil its true nature. The publicly stated goal of Islamic theology and political ideology is to impose the DRACONIAN rule of Islam over the entire world, and make it part of Dar al-Islam, the ‘House of Submission’.

    Don’t get disheartened, BNI: many Americans are becoming informed about the DEATH CULT thanks to you…! Keep going…more work to be done! Bloggers and posters are read by our politicians.

    These delusional closet terrorists DENY 9-11 was a Moz-op, because they are BRAINDEAD.

    And listen, MR. WALID! It’s ISLAMOREALISM!


  11. Dawud Walid says ‘Islamophobia’ is a national illness,


    I’ve been taking 2 aspirins every night for years and the Muslim headache is still there.

      • BNI
        the only way this headache will become an epidemic is when the lame stream media shows the true face of Islam.
        Sharia is not a good thing for this country in any shape or form and judge that allows this showuld be removed fromthe bench.

  12. mohammud taught them how to lie very well. mohammud is a very false prophet and is not going to make the trip to Heaven. Jesus saves, mohammud destroys everything good.

  13. How more brain dead can these people get!
    Can he read? Show him Webster’s Dictionary.
    LMAO I’m laughing so hard… I couldn’t type!
    They ARE big cry baby evil animals playing “poor me.”
    Just show them the Photo(s) or even video(s) of what those in their RACE (religion) do to people.
    Excuses, excuses…pooor little me…everyone hates me — SO! Go eat the damn worms. NO ONE CARES IF YOUR WIDDLE BITTY FEELINGS ARE HURT.

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