Why Muslims should ‘never’ be called animals

There is nothing animal-like about Muslim behavior. Just ask any Muslim.

Most, if not all, scenes in this video were filmed in Muslim countries.


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  1. Attack on Cairo protest leaves 20 dead

    CAIRO – Thugs attacked an anti-military protest near the defence ministry in Cairo on Wednesday and 20 people were killed, officials said, in the politically tense run-up to the first post-uprising presidential election

    Pics :


    • Martin, hope there were no Coptic Christians involved. If not, who cares? Aren’t those protesters angry because the most radically Islamic candidates were taken off the ballot?

      Military rule is far better than Islamic rule.

      • I really don’t know… there was not very much information earlier… and now they say that new protests are going on after people learned that civilians ( protesters) were killed

        Developping Story on al jazeera :

        Wed, 2 May 2012, 17:42 GMT+3 – Egypt

        Thousands of Egyptians have marched to Abbasiya Square in Cairo.

        Many of them are outraged at the news that 11 people have been killed in street clashes.

        The country’s security forces are still out on the streets trying to calm down the situation.

        BBC NEWS :
        Many of the protesters who were attacked outside the defence ministry building, in the capital’s Abbasiya district, on Wednesday morning were supporters of a Salafist preacher barred from standing in the election


        …Two presidential candidates decided to temporarily suspend their campaigns over the clashes.

        The Muslim Brotherhood candidate Mohammed Mursi told reporters he decided to suspend his campaign for 48 hours “in solidarity with the protesters”, while his main Islamist rival, Abdel Moneim Abul Fotouh, cancelled all his events for the day over the clashes, a campaign official told AFP.

        Our correspondent adds: “We have seen several candidates suspend their campaigning. Whether this will lead to a wider suspension from more candidates who are campaigning remains to be seen.”


        • Well, if they’re killing each other, they can’t spend ALL their time hunting Coptic and Nubian Christans.

  2. Hell, they act just like obama and hillary and what they are doing to my country. muslims are just sucking civilization dry.

    • From one PROUD and HAPPY “infidel”, my response would be (if I was secure of my ground and well-armed): “even the bacteria are nobler than you Muslim devils!!” [If not, better not to say anything… Sometimes silence is TRULY golden.]

    • Personally, I’d say that even real savages and barbarians aren’t quite quite so deliberately EVIL at every conceivable opportunity the way Muslims are!!

      I’d call them virii (correct plural of virus), as they truly are lower than ANY life form: even protozoa and bacteria are better than real Muslims!!! They can also be referred to as demons and devils, for all I care!

      Doug, in all events I totally agree that Muslims are unworthy of the life bestowed upon them unless they renounce ALL those parts thereof that call for violence, deceit, supremacism, contempt and maltreatment of women, non-Muslims and animals at the BAREST minimum possible!!!!! If they totally renounce Islam and completely apostatise, that much the better. If they embrace another religion, better still; and the highest of all – for me at least – is Christianity (provided they don’t merely accept it NOMINALLY – they must embrace it with ALL THEIR HEARTS!!!!)

  3. In a vision I saw the Lord Yeshua. When Yeshua came upon a town, a little boy came up upon them with his sick dog in his arms, and ask “Sir, my dog is sick. Can you please heal him?”
    Yeshua bent down and lay his hand on the dog and said to the boy, “Go home and when you are there and have laid him down. He shall be whole.”
    The next day, when walking by the boy’s home. They saw him playing with this dog and the boy’s mother came up upon them and said to Yeshua, “Are you not him that healed by son’s dog? You don’t know how happy you have made him. Thank you!”
    The disciples ask him, “Why did you heal that boy’s dog?” Yeshua reply, saying” Are we not all dogs before God’s eyes? Assuredly, I say to you, are you not all precious to me as that dog was to him? And if you was to ask from me that which he asked, would I not grant to you that thing also?” He taught this that they should know of intercession and of love of God.

  4. Calling them animals is a compliment. Animals can’t be compared to these lowlifes. Animals kill for food only and don’t do any of those things Muslims do.

    The dog at the end was pulling a dead animal off the street for food. That can’t be compared to these pathetic pieces of filth torturing other Muslims who are alive.

    Throwing that dog over the side of the building makes me sick and angry.

    There are no words low enough for these vile torturers and murderers masquerading as members of the human race. And, our government is allowing them into our country. It is tragic.

    They have to leave our country. How can we make them want to leave?

    • How? Deny them jobs or ANY social assistance of any kind whatsoever!!!

      Deny them money, food, shelter, clothing, land or ANY goods or services other than ONE-WAY tickets to where they came from!!

      Make them as unwelcome as possible at every possible opportunity – treat them EXACTLY the way they treat “infidels” in their part of the world!!!

      Make sure that you NEVER smile (unless it’s obviously in mockery of them) or be friendly in the slightest to them!!! Don’t shake hands with them (unless you use the LEFT hand!), don’t deal with them on their terms under ANY conditions!!!

      SHUN any and all Muslim businesses: don’t patronise their doctors, lawyers, bankers or other such people!! Don’t have anything to do with their restaurants, taxis or other establishments!!!

      Don’t allow them into your homes, businesses, family or other gatherings, etc. EVER!!!

      When they’re starving, thirsty and unable to survive in the community (and DON’T GIVE CHARITY to them under ANY circumstances whatsoever!!!), THEN they’ll leave!!!

    • I saw them throwing the dog off the roof! That got my blood boiling, too. Now, I will admit that I’m not fond of cats, but I wouldn’t throw a cat off the roof of a building. I don’t hate any animal THAT much to be cruel to it. Even houseflies and roaches I try to kill swiftly (though in the case of flies I’ll try to shoo them outside first.)

  5. Typical muslums they can only get you if they gang up on you. Never is it a 1 on 1 fight. They are chicken shits & to do that to that poor dog I would luv to get my hands on him. This is the shit we let into this country. How crazy are we?????

  6. can’t call them animals huh how about a virus. because a virus is neither alive nor dead
    BTW dark matter and dark energy and tho most abundent things in the universe and scientists don’t know what it is just that it’s there.

  7. Because it OFFENDS INNOCENT ANIMALS. Call them barbarians, call them sick twisted phukks, call them a lot of things, but leave the animals OUT of it…

  8. In one respect it is wrong to compare animals to these subhuman creatures. IT IS AN INSULT TO ALL ANIMALS EVERYWHERE.

  9. Since the Nazis, I’ve never seen a culture enjoy violence and hurting so much. Most Muslims seem much lower on the evolutionary scale than gorillas, perhaps on par with reptiles.

    • Actually gorillas are vegetarians unlike humans and chimps. Also dinosaur reptiles of the family that included T Rex, Velociraptors and Birds cared for their young unlike “honor killing” muslims.

  10. I’m only a third of the way through, and I can’t watch the rest. I hope this evil snuffs itself out quickly.

  11. Why in the world would I want to insult the many wonderful animals that I know by identifying Muslims with them? Some of my best friends are animals and NONE of them act like Muslims….


  12. Some scientists claim that hydrogen, because it is so plentiful, is the basic building block of the universe. I dispute that. I say there is more stupidity than hydrogen, and that is the basic building block of the universe.
    Frank Zappa

  13. Unless it is a snake..wait! A snake is NOT an animal…it is in the reptile category, I think(?).

    There is a category for animals that are just assholes — like Monkeys and Chimps; sometimes cats.
    However, most animals IF loved by cuddling them, feeding them, caring for their health..reward with love.

    The only time an animal (warm blooded) kill their own mate or children is when they are starving; and they have no alternatives for their own survival.

    Therefore, I hope I have made my argument that any DOG is better than a Muslim. IF I missed something, let me know. I’ll get back to work LOL.

    • I am not agreed with these comments about muslims. which acts you highlights, it is did by some terrorists not by muslims even muslims are affected by these elements,
      my dear,
      some agencies promoting these elements in muslim countries to achieve their targrts to destroy people.
      Finaly i say these peoples are terrorist not Muslims, so many mulims are killed by them in bomb blasts etc.
      on ther hand just observe the situation of flastin, kashmir, bosnia.
      what is going on their who is animal their.
      just analyz with justoice.

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