GERMAN COJONES! Right wing party to use Mohammed cartoons despite police ban

The anti-Islam, right wing Pro-NRW party on the campaign trail in Germany’s most populous state is threatening to put caricatures of Mohammed outside mosques in a string of cities, prompting fears of (Muslim) violence.

The Local  The “Pro NRW” party in the western state of North Rhine-Westphalia has already shown anti-Islamic caricatures in Essen and Gelsenkirchen, though the police prevented demonstrations taking place directly outside mosques.

Police have also banned “Pro NRW”, which is campaigning on an Islamophobic platform, from using the Danish cartoons that caused massive protests in the Islamic world in 2005. 

But “Pro NRW” intends to send activists to 25 mosques throughout the state in the run-up to the election on May 13, staging protests in Cologne, Bonn, Düsseldorf, Aachen, Wuppertal and Solingen.

A report in Die Welt newspaper on Sunday said the far-right party intended to post around 100 what it called “Islam-critical” drawings outside the mosques.

Interior Minister in state Ralf Jäger condemned the campaign and expressed support for planned counter-demonstrations. “Pro NRW is committing spiritual arson,” he told the paper. “The party is consciously taking into account that Muslims will feel provoked and upset. (That’s the idea!) The authorities will exhaust all legal avenues to prevent a xenophobic hate campaign.”

The federal Interior Minister Hans-Peter Friedrich is reportedly worried about violent confrontations with the Salafists, the fundamentalist Muslims who began distributing free copies of the Koran in Germany three weeks ago.  (Then ban the Muslims, not the patriots)

“Pro NRW” campaign manager Lars Seidensticker says he did not understand the outrage over the campaign, and says his party would bear no responsibility for any violence. 

“If the situation is so tense that you can’t do a campaign like this against Islamist influences any more, then the politicians are responsible for doing away with Germany,” he said, alluding to the title of a 2010 book by banker Thilo Sarrazin (“Germany Does Away with Itself”), which criticized Islamic immigrants in Germany.

“Mosques are potential centres of a new civil war that we have to prevent,” said Seidensticker. “That’s why we have to pull out the Islamist evil by its roots.”

“Pro NRW” is also planning to award a cash prize for the “best” anti-Islamic caricature, named after Danish cartoonist Kurt Westergaard, who was responsible for the 2005 images.

UPDATE! Radical Islamists attacked police in the western German city of Solingen on Tuesday in protest of a far-right demonstration where anti-Islamic cartoons had been put on display.

SPIEGEL (H/T Martin) They were provoked by the anti-Islamic Pro NRW party, which displayed cartoons of the Prophet Muhammad. Officials had warned that the publicity stunt could spark violence. 

Some 30 Salafists were arrested after injuring three police officers and a passerby by throwing stones and wielding poles from protest banners, police said. Pro NRW, categorized as an extremist right-wing group by Germany’s domestic intelligence agency, had staged a demonstration near a Salafist mosque in Solingen.

The violence erupted when Pro NRW demonstrators showed controversial cartoons of the Prophet Muhammad drawn by Danish cartoonist Kurt Westergaard. One of his drawings was among a series of cartoons published by Danish newspapers in 2005 that led to worldwide protests by Muslims, who were offended by the pictures. Many Muslims believe that visual depictions of Muhammad should be prohibited.

“Several Salafists wearing turbans suddenly jumped over the cordon and threw stones at police officers and also hit them with flagpoles,” police spokeswoman Anja Meis said.

Pro NRW has said it will run a “Muhammad cartoon contest” and put the cartoons on display outside 25 mosques in the western state of North Rhine-Westphalia. The move, a campaign stunt aimed at generating publicity ahead of an election in the state on May 13, has been widely criticized.

German Interior Minister Hans-Peter Friedrich warned last weekthat the cartoon contest and the demonstrations near mosques could lead to violent clashes and also endanger German embassies and companies abroad.


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  1. I am not sure whether PRO NRW can be compared to Nazis. When you look at the pictures you only see Black-Red-Golden flags and not the Black-White-Red ones the Nazis/Neonazis like to use. It seems that there is a general trend in the German population towards more patriotism. When I look at the recent developments it is only a matter of time before a war of cultures will erupt and not only in Germany.

  2. i think making fun of any one is not good. we must respect every one……if you want to stop Islam than do it politically. Democracy is the best way to go.

    • sunny, but it’s so much fun to make fun of you savages. Check out the Category in the Sidebar called “LAUGHING AT ISLAM”

  3. It sounds like when WW3 starts in Europe, freedom loving Europeans will probably have to kill the cops and politicians as well as the Muslims, oh well, not much of a difference between the three it seems.

  4. Hehehehehe!!! Don’t stop Germeny your better than letting these scum run you over. Put them in their place……the Mideast!

  5. I was in Germany for awhile in the70’s and everywhere I looked their we’re Turks. And they all had shitloads of kids.

    Good luck lads but you should have stopped that invasion decades ago.

  6. And while there at it start handing out ham sandwiches, pigs heads, pig manure, and other pork products and byproducts at every mosque.

  7. The government is bringing in more and more laws,trying to stem the rise of national feeling in Germany and Europe.It won’t work.
    These laws only shows a desperate measure that will only alienate the Government and bring more people into the fold of the right.

  8. Good for the Pro-NRW party…. they should tell their cowardly dhimmi Gubmint to “stuff it where the sun don’t shine!” (as Allen West so succinctly put it about a Cowran being waved in his face by a CAIR traitor/lackey!).

    Again and again the people of the world have seen how a little thing can drive muslims into a foaming-at-the-mouth rage or murderous mayhem… and yet they keep hearing their cowardly and moronic leaders say “it is a religion of peace”. That of course is absolute nonsense, and rubbish.
    But I feel for people in thier confusion and uncertainty – they see murders, bombings, beheadings, honour killings, suicide bombings, rape of children, acid thrown in women’s faces, and a pretty, gorgeous little blond Jewish girl in Toulouse murdered by a muslim assassin who pulled her by the hair so he could shoot her in the face! They see all these heinous and barbaric acts day after day and every day, and yet they are constantly told by the MSN and most of the cowardly politicians that “it is a religion of peace”. No wonder most people are confused, but I think that islam and muslims are shooting themselves in the foot because people around the world are beginning to realize what a barbaric monstrosity islam is… it certainly is NOT a religion – I wouldn’t even call it a faith, as that would insult the existing faiths of the world.
    No, all – and I seriously mean ALL – muslims are like spoiled little children: immature and quick to jump into a foaming-at-the-mouth rage at the slightest pretext.

    Robert Spencer recently put it very well: “If muslims really want to be treated with respect, then we have to hold them to the same standard as everyone else. We will not kowtow before their expressions of anger and outrage, or curtail our speech or our thoughts in the face of their irrational and manipulative charges of “bigotry”, “racism”, “islamophobia” (both these last are invented terms by radical terrorists), and “hatred.” We will not tip-toe around them when they go into a foaming-at-the-mouth rage when some teacher lets a child in her class name his teddy bear Mohammed. We will not bow obsequiously when irrational demands are made for “prayer rooms” and “foot baths” and “veils” at the work place, when NO other religion of the world makes similar demands.
    No, we have to make them to understand that in a pluralistic and democractic society such as ours, we all have to put up with things we don’t like without killing or threatening or stoning or bombing or brutally maiming or defaming one another.”

    It’s time this childish behavoiur stopped, and time for the politicians and do-gooders to realize that immature tantrums and demands should be treated like they are with immature children – by punishment. You cannot reason with the muslim mind, so the only way to treat these outrages is to treat them as acts of spoiled, immature children and punish them. Period… Good luck to the city of Solingen.

  9. BNI – it’s a real pity that one of the greatest historical cities in Germany is being over-run by foaming-at-the-mouth muslims.
    I remember my brother buying and giving me, a Solingen steel hunting knife 54 years ago for my Christmas present when he came home on leave… he was in the R.E.M.E. based in Germany… It was the best steel I have ever seen, and I found out later that Soligen steel is probably the best in the world, and still probably is.
    I still have the knife, and it hasn’t dulled nor rusted in all those years. Too bad that muslms can’t produce anything legendary like that! What a bunch of immature tosspots!

      • Sorry, BNI. but I’m going to have to disagree with that statement. Muslims produce a lot…let’s see, there’s misery, chaos, jihadists, death and destruction. Muslims are real go-getters when it comes to producing atrocities around the globe.

  10. muslims ARE at war with everybody, everywhere they plant there asses that don’t submit to islam. War is what they want, war is what they’re going to get, and the German Pro NRW is leading the way. Kick ass! These people are NOT extremists, but they see that extreme measures must be implemented. It’s simple survival. It’s a do or die. It’s going to be very interesting to see how the Gemrman government/police are going to handle this.

  11. The glaze-eyed cultists have declared war by marching with their jihad battle flags!

    They are REAL Moslems who hate kafirs ‘for the sake of Allah’ and are preparing to subjugate them.

    It’s time for our politicians over hear to realize that this DEATH CULT MEANS BUSINESS…they are just waiting for the right time to start jihad on a big scale.

    WE MUST start IDEOLOGICAL WARFARE against this evil, barbaric ideology RIGHT NOW…TODAY!

    Politicians ! Are you listening?

  12. The cartoon of the two Mohammed’s (bottom of webpage above) SAYS IT ALL.

    The first Jihadist has the label ‘Wirchlichkeit’ (Reality); the second has ‘Klischee’ (Stereotype or cliché).

    The STEREOTYPICAL Moslem terrorist is real Islam. The ‘moderate Moslem’ is a lukewarm, non-practicing hypocrite who should be executed by red-blooded, glaze-eyed Mozmen.

    • Hiding place not original. Nutter Kevin Neish, of Mavi Marmara infamy, hid a video from the IDF in his mouth then his butt crack. Or was it the other way around?

      So you ISMers, IHHers and other sinislam sputniki, blame those masterminds for your intimate cavity searches in future.

  13. Typical swift act of table turning dhimmis are so good at. Jäger should needs a reality check; GERMAN PEOPLE are those provoked and upset constantly, NOT the other way round.

  14. So typical of left wing fairies, Don’t Offend The Poor Muslim but its ok if they take a shit on everyone else! I love that people are Finally growing some balls and handling business it’s about time! If civil war is what must happen then get on with it!

  15. apparently facebook doesn’t believe in freedom of expression, coz i got banned for sticking a pic of a can of mortein on there, called muz-tein to kill moslems and they banned me for 3 days from posting – moslems post beheading pics . . . . yup, silence . . . which is why i salute the germans, stick it to em, pull out the evil and filth and make the world human again

      • Well, Stop Islamization of America has an FB page. I use FB for contacts with friends near and far.

        I do not see where lizzy’s pic of muz-tein is any more offensive than the anti-Israel postings by people on FB. In fact, it may have stated what a lot of FB users in the US and other “Western” nations actually think and feel.

        As a matter of fact, I’ve seen comments on FB posts that were anti-Black, anti-White, anti-Jew, anti-Christian, etc. So, why should the Mohammedans get a pass from FB against being offended?


        • you can offend anybody /fath buy never the muslim or what his name? the child molester -mohamad.
          go get them germany send them to the pig farm oh i sorry i didn’t mean to offend you pigs

    • lizzy – I cancelled and cleaned up my FB account about a month ago… since then, I learned that apparently one doesn’t own the pictures in your account and they belong to FB for ever and ever… rubbish FB… the type of people on FB, in my humble opinion, are rubbish – only interested in the most vicious and vacuous gossip that low class people love.

      • Well ‘GeorgeOfTheJungle’ I really take offense at your remark of, ” the type of people on FB, in my humble opinion, are rubbish – only interested in the most vicious and vacuous gossip that low class people love.”
        I see that in your opinion, my family and I are just “rubbish” and “low class”. But you know it isn’t our fault you signed up on FB without reading the PP or the TOS but then I suppose ‘high class’ people aren’t bothered with such ‘low class’ things.
        So while I detest your “opinion”, you do have a right to it and I will not fault you for that. It’s just good to know what folks think of you based on their experience(s) elsewhere when I didn’t have a thing to do with it.
        Now you have a good day from this ‘low class’ piece of ‘rubbish’.

  16. The leftwing party SPD tried to stop Pro NRW from using the Mohammed-cartoons. But a court saw no reason to accuse Pro NRw of something illegal or criminal!! A small victory!!

      • Can’t see doing things to make people (Muslim or otherwise) angry. I’d like to see an application of the Golden Rule: Muslims hand out copies of the Koran so, logically, we should be handing out “The Sources of Islam: A Persian Treatise,” by Rev. W. St. Clair-Tisdall, M.A., giving the verifiable origins of everything Islam. Mohammed WAS original in two things: he asserted that he was the last prophet, and whenh is dead wife’s money was running out, he invented jihad: highway robbery with “Divine” sanction to support his unemployable followers. An educated Muslim quickly becomes an apostate.

        • opar, People today won’t take the time to read that. Doing harmless (at least to normal people) things that antagonize/outrage Muslims is a better way of showing the world who they really are. Anyone who has seen the videos of Muslims all around the world rioting over some stupid cartoons has those images in his/her mind forever. At least half the headlines I write here are created for the express purpose of pissing off muslims.

  17. Keep up the good work… hopefully, Coming to America. As far as the “police ban” they can go whiz up a rope !! Most cops feel as the public does, but they need a job so they enforce what the “establishment” says>

  18. Go for it dont back down fuck the Leftie bleeding heart Muzzo sympathizers… By the way BNI I always get a good giggle out of the main headings on your new posts/articles… the humour is 10/10 …. love your work keep it up!!!!

  19. When it comes to goat and donkey molesting muslims and islam and the building of their terroist traing centers the applicaation and symptoms of xenophobia is only common sense.

    • Attn: Bonni

      “…Danish cartoons that caused massive protests in the Islamic world in 2005.”

      “…cartoons published by Danish newspapers in 2005 that led to worldwide protests by Muslims, who were offended by the pictures.”

      Please correct that Bonni; there were sporadic protests for about five months. Then two mohammedan fecal agitating imams abused their Danish asylum to hawk those cartoons PLUS three more offensive ones, which they added, to various islamist states until they got the response they wanted.

      They were aided and abetted by sinislam. All the fascisti a sinistra wannabee groups of 20-30 thugs, like NOII and MAWO brownosed mohammedans like crazy. They joined mohammedan demonstrations opposing the cartoons, against a backdrop of ignorance of the added pictures and the true story.

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