Not again? English Defence League’s Tommy Robinson beaten up by Muslim scumbags

Tommy is bruised up but he will be OK. This is the third time the raghead bastards have done this. You are in our prayers, Tommy. NO SURRENDER!

No details yet. See some reader comments below the photo:

English Preservation Society (H/T trinovante)

“I’m lost for words, angry.cant think of what to say. This is more than enough, it’s all more than enough. Somethings going to give.”

“This is the 3rd time now, even one on video, but still no one has been nicked.”

“This lad is going to end up killed, or beaten into a coma. No arrests for any of the attacks against him, even though one was caught on camera. The hard fact is that the police want him beaten into submission which is why they have never arrested anyone…especially the c*** who they know attacked him on camera. He needs police protection, although what that would be worth is anyones guess. We can only send him our love.”

He makes a point of walking alone as it is his town. He’s ok just a bit bruised he’s more bothered that the cheeky fuckers ripped his Help for Heroes wrist band off.”

“We have a car load of pakis drive by laughing at the paper with Tommy’s story in it. Guess who had to stop at a streetlight about forty feet away from where we stood. 13 very fit lads went on up to the car and , well dragged their sorry asses out of the car, gave a bit of a kicking to em and sent the fuckers off with their teeth rattling about in their heads.”





125 comments on “Not again? English Defence League’s Tommy Robinson beaten up by Muslim scumbags

  1. You are all pathetic uneducated fools.I was born in Britain but i am originally from Afghanistan. I am well established in this country because i was taught to study hard and embrace society, rather than go to the pub everyday, wank when i get home, swear at my mother, eat like an animal with no respect to the third world that is suffering. There would be no infrastructure in this godforsaken land with out society here allowing people from all backgrounds to come and add to the value of society through work and culture. Your all cowards, you would never face someone like me in the street and say the words that you have come out with on this forum. Because in the street your not hiding behind your mouse and your keyboard (you wankers). And you all have fear, the words in your messages show this. Islam is spreading whether you like it or not. Its like an earthquake, you can only predict it… but you cant stop it :) Whether you meet us in the battlefield of freedom, or the battlefield of socio economic status, we will prevail. Muslims aren’t worried about your efforts whether they are big or small. And there are too many good people in this country for any club like yours to cause any negative effect upon our lives. I am not a racist, i am blonde and blue eyed, but i am from Afghanistan. People are the same everywhere you go, what ever there appearance, it’s how you treat them that will determine their behavior towards you. Treat them like human beings and you will get the same equal rights but treat them like animals and you will be eaten alive.

    • MONSTER!!!!

      I sure hope that you’ll soon get hurt just like the boasting Goliath whom you’re aping!!!

      You think you can destroy our art, music, science and medicine?? You think you can force us to go back in time to before civilisation?? Everybody other than Moslems worked to BLEND IN with the dominant culture of the nations to which they immigrated – it’s only Moslems who want to force their hosts instead to bow and surrender!!!!

      Once we wake up, God Willing, we’ll run you out from the West “on a rail” – and then your taqiyya and kitman will be shown up for the LYING which is all you Moslems are really capable of!!! When those of us who’re not handicapped in any way can fight back, we’ll be able to beat three, four or even five times our numbers of COWARDLY Moslems who dare not really attack unless in GREAT NUMBERS!!!!

      Look at Israel and how she triumphed over you Moslem GOOD-FOR-NOTHINGS!!!! SHE is our guiding light and shining example – and she will NEVER be beaten into extinction!!! Even if you drop the hydrogen bomb upon her, she will use HER weapons to send your Riyadh, Mecca, Medina, Damascus, Cairo, Amman (if it still exists after your own petard), Tehran, Baghdad, Islamabad, Dushanbe, Samarkand and the rest into the oblivion from which you’ll never escape!!!!

      DEATH TO ISLAM!!!!!

  2. It defies logic that the Muslim community from the middle east are moving to every different part of the cities and countries across the world. When immigration was apparent in NYC, and the Italians were coming from Italy to America, they did not go to every American city to start a life they went to places where they can live alongside their own people. And than after years and years they started to move across the country. These middle east Muslims are coming to America and moving into every part of American cities, to every American state, living in every town across America and it defies logic of the hundreds and hundreds of years of immigration that started in 1 or 2 places and than took a generation to start moving on. The Middle Eastern Muslim community is immigrating like an invasion. It is an invasion immigration where they are strategically moving to areas where they can be the most efficient when the day comes to attack America. Every 7-11, gas station, candy store, card store, Dunkin Donuts, bodega, deli, convenient store, is owned by middle eastern people and it is all over America. How did they buy up so much so fast in a short time. It is literally like an invasion that is taking place and the day and time is set in stone when they plan on effectively attacking us. maybe it will be in the coffee we drink. Because every Muslim owned store sells our commodity which is coffee and I believe that it could be the day when they poison the coffee to attack us. All i am saying is that you never know. As crazy as that sounds could be just the thing they think we would never think about. They are here, in your town. Watch them. Stop spending your money in their stores. Go to a store that is a community owned store by your neighbor eve if it means that you have to go out of your way. Do not give them your hard earned dollars. That is one of the biggest ways you can fight them right now.

    • Not heard anything yet Pink,he’ll be fine though,a good kicking does not kill you.

      I feel that i must say this,i don’t come on this site to insult people,i know how much people here support the EDL.I also know that i can be a prick at times if i think that we are being attacked,i can’t help that,i love my country.

      I know it’s hard for people who are not from the UK to understand at times that we can only do so much,we have wives,children and hopes,same as other people.Yet we do this within the law,the police might be tossers at times but we believe in the law,I WILL NOT ATTACK A POLICE OFFICER !
      If i do that would i be any better than the Muslims??

      Love this site,but can some people cut us a bit of slack,we are trying,not many do.

      • trin, the majority of us are with you. The ones who aren’t really do not understand the situation in the UK very well. I apologize, too, as I have been guilty of throwing my hands up in disgust at some of the stories I read out of the UK, forgetting that most of them are written from a left wing bias.


      • We’re all glad he wasn’t badly injured. I agree with the Krav Maga suggestion.
        The UK is just twenty miles further down the road than we are, in the USA. When we look at you, we are looking at our future, UNLESS we make the changes necessary. That’s what the EDL is doing

  3. It would be great justice for every one to learn KRAV MAGA and defend yourself against muslim attacks using isreali self defence!

  4. In 1942, when the US was on the back foot re the nips, General MacArthur devised a policy
    to allow US forces to strike back.

    It was called “Hit em where they ain’t”.

    • Nothing particularly new in that. Past masters of “hitting ’em where they ain’t” include:

      Boudicca (sp?)
      Chinggiz (Genghis) Khan
      George Rogers Clark
      Joseph Brandt
      Francis Marion
      Ethan Allen
      Jonathan Singleton Mosby
      Philip Sheridan
      Red Cloud
      and more, whom I can’t think of right off the bat.

      All the same, a good idea! :)

    • Nic, I’m leaving up your comment but if I find out it means something nasty, you will be banned.

      • Bonni, Krav Maga is a fighting technique it orginated with the Israeli’s armed forces and special forces command, it was taught to me some teenty years back and introduced into certain segment of our branch of SOCOM, it very effective and very deadly in the correct hands. Cheers. J.

      • BNI KRAV MAGA is the official self defense technique taught by the israeli defense forces, I think Nic was giving Tommy a hint. Nothing nasty or threatening.

      • Bonni,Nic’s comment is in relation to a martial art formed by the IDF !

        It’s one of the BEST forms of fighting in the world.

        You know how much i think of you Bonni,but i am cracking up laughing on that one !!

        God bless you !!!

        • trin, Geez, I feel really stupid now. But I get a lot of comments with foreign words in them that usually turn out to be nasty.

  5. EDL is the only ray of hope for the English people and other non muzzies in that country. GO EDL!!! WE ARE WITH YOU!!

  6. The time for peaceful street demo’s is over. 3 years of peaceful protests & demos has accomplished NOTHING while our police & government continue to protect the muslim pedophile gangsters. The time to get properly organised and take back our streets and towns using all means necessary (including *******************************************************) is HERE – NOW!

  7. If I’ve learned anything from muslims, it’s that violence seems to get you what you want from the government.
    I guess that would be my message to Tommy and all my brothers in GB, Australia, and elsewhere.

  8. Keep beating him up! Muslims are just proving his point, that they are genetically violent, from having children with their mothers, daughters,sisters and cousins!

    There was a show on late night a few weeks ago with Tommy driving around in a car with some news guy, and some muslim just strolls up to Tommy and confronts him, then hits him in an unprovoked attack! That is the true islam, Tommy responds.

    Im surprised Tommy didnt jump out and kick his ass, but he said within minutes About 20 of them would be in the area looking for him.

    If the police wont arrest his attackers, then his mates need to get some baseball bats and deal out some justice themselves

  9. You Brits need to do more than march in protests with signs and hope your dhimmi cops and government get things right, cause it’s not going to happen. If your not willing to take the violence back at them then you may as well bow down to your new rulers, the muscum.

    • We do more than march mate.The police and government over here would love us to cause mass violence,that way they can ban the EDL and lock the leaders up.

      We are trying to wake the British public up to what is going on in our country,we can’t do that from a prison cell.

      I know what you are saying though mate.

  10. 1. Get out of the EU.

    2. Get armed.

    3. Get out of the UN.

    4. Deport mohommedist enmass.

    5. Prepare for WWIII.

  11. “The hard fact is that the police want him beaten into submission which is why they have never arrested anyone” I want to hear a Brit answer this for me, are your police ,cowards,traitors, all muslums fuks,occupiers from a foreign land?

  12. My heart goes out to Tommy and his family. As much as I want justice, I know it won’t be served because Muslims are above the law in the UK and they know it.

  13. Another thing, GB wants tourists to visit for the Queens Diamond Jubilee and the Olympics. But this is a perfect example of why I wouldn’t travel there anymore than I would travel to Saudi Arabia or Egypt or Turkey. The greatness of Britain Is no more now that muslim scum have overrun its shores.

  14. Damn…what does it take to carry personal protection? Just letting it out that Tommy is never alone…he is always carrying something may be the deterrent needed if only to keep some little f—-ers away.

  15. “No arrests for any of the attacks against him, even though one was caught on camera. The hard fact is that the police want him beaten into submission which is why they have never arrested anyone…”

    British police are GUILTY because they clearly APPROVE of violent Muslim attacks on British innocents. Innocents who fight for the freedom and human rights of all non-Muslims. GUILTY, because they refuse to arrest savage Muslim attackers. UK leaders and police are guilty of aiding and abetting crimes of violence against innocents.

    British leaders are GUILTY of every cruel and violent assault perpetrated by Muslims. GUILTY, because it is they who have colonized Britain with massive numbers of hostile, infidel-hater Muslims who are in our countries by the many millions to CONQUER.

  16. Surely the UK has some good martial arts schools. Tommy, dude, learn how to protect yourself. If it’s illegal to carry a gun in the UK at least get yourself a good cricket bat, a white oak boken or just a four foot white oak staff and start breaking some bones. Just some advice from an old black belt. Come to Texas and I’ll teach you.

    • Get a battle-ax, if needed. *evil grin* I understand that they can be quite nasty in the proper hands. A gun would be better, but the UK has disarmed its citizenry of firearms.

    • We street fight,best armed forces in the world will tell you that that is the most affective form of fighting.

      Not that i like cricket,but the bats are not made of oak.LOL

  17. The British like the underdog, but guess what, Brits?


    Mozzies feel they are entitled to give the Brits ass-kickings any time they like! They have stated their intentions to take over UK.

  18. Self-directed, vigilante TERRORISM is normative Islam, rather than an aberration.

    Terrorism is eternally commanded in the Koran and recommended in holy Sharia law (source: ‘The Reliance of the Traveller’).

    Mohammed commanded his jihadists to take the law into their own hands and murder critics of Islam.

    Moslems have no choice but to obey and commit murder of critics of Islam! They will be rewarded in the orgiastic paradise.

    The British cops need to start to think realistically about Islam…the DEATH CLUB FOR GLAZE-EYED, BRAINDEAD MEN.

  19. If there are known council members or politicians in public office doing deals for muslims they should be hunted down by an angry mob everywhere they go. Public humiliation is a great weapon. Some tar and feathers might be a good idea too.

  20. If it happens once, unfortunate; twice, sad. But three times in a row! Sheesh! There’s only one thing for it now. No more Mr. Nice. Tommy must know the men who did this to him. He must get his lads together and beat them to a pulp.

  21. This is outrageous, one can only imagine if it were a Muslim copping this, the world MSM would be having a field day. Those imbeciles in Government would be doing everything in it’s power to prosecute the offenders and supply round the clock armed protection, with lavish accommodation of course.

  22. England needs more fit lads like those who pulled the pakis from the car for a beat down. The indigenous Brits need to be proactively preemptive, and not just reactive. Once the muzztards realize that it is Muslims who will now be victims of violence, and the indigenous become the perpetrators, then maybe — just maybe — they’ll leave or learn to behave themselves. It will take a lot of beatings to get the message through to their savage inbred brains, but the message needs to be delivered. The freedom loving citizens of the UK don’t want muzztards!

    • “Just maybe — they’ll leave or learn to behave themselves.”

      If they behave themselves this will be temporary. This is a terrible trap. That many countries are making. What will happen, is when they increase even more so in numbers and powers, the drums of Jihad will once again begin beating.

  23. Maybe he should try setting a “honey pot”. Clearly he’s being watched so he should pretend to be alone with some back up not to far away and then when he get’s jumped the reinforcements come and catch the guys who have been stalking him.

    It’s Better than getting the piss beat out of him regularly.

  24. If anyone needs any demonstration of perfect Islamic behaviour, this is it. This is by-the-book, quite literally.

  25. This man has taken a beating for his country.

    Too bad the Queen will probably never honour this kind of bravery.

  26. This was a deliberate political assault. The police in Luton will be primed up for Saturday knowing some one will cause mayhem. Exactly what they want. Luton could be the determining factor into whether we have a summer of murderous riots. OK, lets just wait and see!!! NO FKN SURRENDER!!!

  27. I agree with lock and load, he needs to have his body guards always lurking close by. History will remember Tommy as the patriotic Churchill of his time, and the rest as the sniveling dhimmi appeasers and cowards that were ready to give their country away to inbred throwbacks.

  28. I am appalled that nothing is done about this by the spineless authority dhimmi’s but the story about dragging ‘Paki’s’ from the car and beating them is self defeating, WE MUST follow the protocol until it runs in our favour, the chance of a legitimate payback has been squandered, THINK ABOUT WHAT YOUR’E DOING this kind of reaction is kindling for their claims of ‘Islamaphobia’. Be strident, BUT BE PATIENT.

  29. Start to hit these bastards where it hurts.
    Get a national/world programme going against muzzi slop-shops, stop buying their carryout
    food, dont buy from their corner shops – support only Brits.
    Watch your local planning department for mosque planning applications and lobby against them.
    Keep the Borders Agency informed about any suspicious actions by mosquitoes.
    Support right wing parties.
    Let’s get them out!

    Rose of England Thou Shalt Not Fade Nor Die.

  30. This gets increasingly disgusting. All those rag-heads are allowed, UNFETTERED, to create mayhem in the Host Country who never wanted the scum in the first place.

    Things will get worse via the after-math of the “Arab Spring” and the imposition of the Muslim Brotherhood.

    We love you, Tommy.

  31. It is very difficult for the native British to fight back because:

    1. Islam has the media bribed and wrapped up.
    2. Islam has the Police fighting the native Brits on Islam’s behalf.
    3. Local Councillors are taking bribes to allow Islam planning permission to build mosques.
    4. Some of these councillors own properties that they sell to Islam for many times what they are worth. They do not want Tommy to rock their boat.

    Any kind of pushback is deemed “racist” which stifles all debate about the conquest of Britain. And that is what it is a conquest.

    Islam has taken over 56 countries over 1400 years using these methods.

    • Good point! Why would Mozzies change a successful program of action?

      Koran 48.29…those who are with Mohammed ‘are VIOLENT against the kafirs; compassionate between one another’.

      • Fortunately, BBM, most British Black folks are NOT like you. As I understand it, a goodly number of them are EDL members.

        I suspect you’re actually a Mohammedan Pakistani.

  32. Tommy is an Englishman and Proud. Paki muzzies are subhuman pieces of islamic shit and not worth a dogs turd. Why the fuck are they in our contry? WHY? I swear it will kick off real soon in Luton.

      • BBM, you have the wrong name, it should be Black anti-British Piece of shit. Tommy needs to be armed when he walks the streets so he can get rid of garbage like you.

      • Takes a good few of you dirty paedo lovers to do it though you prick!

        You want some mate?
        We’ll meet up!

      • Black British Moor, Your comments come straight off the short bus. You’re just another goat-shagging member of Homo Islamopithicus Britannicus, an invasive species that upsets the ecological balance of Britain’s native flora and fauna. Though it goes against my better judgement, i’ll be nice enough to offer you some gauze and antiseptic for those knuckles.

        Next time, wear leather gloves, cobblestones are a bitch, sorta like you!

      • Black British Moor. Your name is a contradiction. Firstly you being black (Afro -Carib I assume) means that Islam holds you in disregard. The Koran has a very negative attitude towards you – read or re-read it and keep an open mind. Secondly British – The English Defence League defends all that is British – a multicultural society being one of them. The problem an increasingly Islam aware population of Britain has with Islam is that it is so intolerant. Are you really so in favour of intolerance? I am white and proud that I have black family and friends in our modern multicultural society and do not want Islam to ruin this.

  33. What we need is more ‘Tommys”in the world ,he is such a brave courages young man,not frightened to stand up against these thuggs,and will not be silenced,we are told here in Australia -multiculturism is a huge success-not true it is simmering under the surface and will -erupt one day,we too have those who cover up and do not report truthfully,we have been -silenced by those who ingraite themselves with this political ideology hiding behind the skirts of -religion?they are imposing -sharia by-stealth,hopefully we will have a Tommy-or a Geert Wilders who will give -us the -intestinal fortitude -to put them in their -place -perhaps on a boat to go back from where they came from as their allegiance is to islam -not Australia.

  34. The ass kicking after the fact, is a reaction that is, while somewhat gratifying, simply not enough. These men must put themselves around Tommy and each other, to guard against, and protect themselves from the evil who’s name is moslem. They must be prepared to either preemptively strike, or respond at the first sign of threat. Tommy Robinson must not be made into a martyr. He must carry on, to teach the rest how men respond to evil, lurking amongst the flock.

    • Tommy knows he can have an army around him at all times,but he won’t have it.Tommy is no mugg and he can fight,it’s his town and he goes where he wants,when he wants !Anything else is surrender.

      If i’m walking down the street and i see a group of blokes who want to give me a kicking,i’m still going to walk down that street !
      It’s not winning or losing that matters,it’s the taking part !!!

      Soon as i know anymore about Tommy i will contact BNI,failing that you are all welcome to check the EPS site,Bonni has very kindly put a link to it on BNI.


      • Trinovante,
        My comments weren’t meant to question whether or not Tommy can “take care of himself.” I understand his pride, and yours, and my own stubborn refusal to being pushed around. I get it, and far be it from me, to counsel ANYONE on the ways of war, let alone, the EDL who is on the forefront of it, as I write.
        I was thinking only, that the moslems would celebrate his demise, God forbid, and I believe that is what they are trying to accomplish. They know they can’t intimidate the EDL, so they are stepping up their game. I’m thinking strategy, saving the leader from the moslem wall of trophies, so that he may continue to lead.
        No insult intended, ever.

        • Pink,there was no insult in your post at all,so i’m in no way offended !!!

          There are certain people on this site who i think of as friends,i would like to think that you are one of those people.

    • Indeed Shaz, which is why since that -save for the Swiss- governments seem intent in ‘protecting’ muzzie scum over their own people and nations, can only lead to civil wars when people will REALLY have had enough and, decide to do the job themselves and send them packing.

  35. My heart goes out to Tommy…Someone needs to show Tommy how to use jujitsu techniques.
    He needs to beaware of his surroundings’…

  36. I swear, There is not a single politician in all the UK that has a fraction of the cojones of Tommy Robinson. He puts them all to shame, and he’s not even a politician.

    I’m glad he is alright and not too banged up. Our prayers are with him.

    “In Hoc Signo Vinces.”

  37. “If someone has a gun and is trying to kill you, it would be reasonable to shoot back with your own gun.” – “Dalai Lama.

    “If a thief is caught breaking in and is struck so that he dies, the defender is not guilty of bloodshed.” – Exodus 22:2

    “He said to them, “But now let the one who has a moneybag take it, and likewise a knapsack. And let the one who has no sword sell his cloak and buy one.” – Luke 22:36

    Nothing wrong with self defense. May we all fully arm ourselves at all times. There’s nothing wrong with self-defense, and defending our loved ones. This needs to be a strong emphasis. Especially for those who truly seek peace, such as the EDL’s peaceful protesters, Christians, Hindus, Buddhists. Even Thai Buddhists, are now out of self-defense, arming themselves against Muslims. When Christians were being killed, I’m saddened to hear that all the Pope said that they will be martyrs. I would tell them, if you want to be a martyr, do it as you fight, defend, and protect yourself and loved ones.

    • We have a case in Florida being prosecuted for 2nd Degree Murder. Poor little, innocent, 6 foot 4 Trayvon had a little Mexican with a Jewish name on the groung, slamming his head into the concrete and got shot once for his efforts (No, the guy didn’t empty the magazine as most of us would under similar circumstances). Self defense? Yes! But we’re having a political trial to get “justice for Trayvon.”

      • I expect that, once all the info is out in trial, the proper verdict will be rendered. What that is, I don’t know.

        I do know that too many folks got involved for their OWN agendas.

        • a resonable person would and could not come to any other conclusion than, self defense, that’s what a reasonable person would likely come to, but, we are not dealing with reasonable persons in this case, we are in fact, dealing with the lowest of the lowest of societal scum, the common criminal thug, wannabe or likewise with a little racism, looting of a useful mind, and voting requirements involved. There should be no doubt as to what will be the outcome in this case. They, the thugs, commonly known as the brothahhrs, will riot, burn, loot, main, kill and get away with it again. I truely hope and pray for them, and all others this will not be the case, but if it is, well, I’ll hold that thought along with an M-16 with it’s 100round mag attached aimed at the solution speak for me and mine. That’s what REAL MEN do. Can anyone there in Britian, please explain to me why is was, you gave up on the right to self defense, i.e. proper tools required to maintain it? Bit my tongue, don’t think so, flock you and the camel you rode in on. This case with Tommy is exactely what happens when one decides to give up essentail liberties for (supposed) security.

        • With due respect,don’t insinuate that we are cowards again.
          In answer to your question about being armed,easy to pull a trigger from a distance but we still fight like MEN,face to face!
          It’s not pretty,it’s not quick,but we get things done,once you run out of bullets for your weapon you would not want a good British lad charging you with a glass,knife or anything else in our hands.

          I truly respect you for serving in your armed forces,but if you think that having a gun makes you a hard man,then you had best think again!

          Tell me,do you take your M16 everywhere with you?
          What would you do to defend yourself without it?
          Shall i tell you what we do?We fight,we stab,glass,bite,gouge,pull hair and scratch if needed!WE WIN NO MATTER WHAT!

          Your post has shocked me tbh.

        • ” but if you think this makes you a hard man, then you had best think again? really scooter news flash, I AM A VERY HARD MAN, I’ve got the bullet holes/scares and I don’t need a lecture from whom I know nothing. So tell me do you take your m-16 everywhere with you Do you carry it around with you everyday? (why yes I do, it’s kept under the bench seat of my gas guzzling F-250 super duty Ford pick-up and it goes where I go) What would you do to defend yourself without it”, I have been a practioneer of an art called Kra Mcgra for twenty some years ( in the Marine Corps, I taught this fighting tecnique called person to person, or hand to hand combat training course for 5yrs.) and currently teach and instruct my student on a daily basis, that’s what I would do and do. And for your information I was not insiuating you are cowards “again” I merly ask you a question, did you respond with, what I would do, or what we are doing, see, that’s the differenc between those who fight to retain their Rights, and those who chose to cry bloddlyhell for asking a question, later scooter.

        • I find it strange that a man who professes to be an ex Marine knows NOTHING about Eugene Stoners M16 and varients of that weapon?
          I also find it strange that i in NO way attacked you in my post,but you come out with this hatred?

          I find it even stranger that you keep calling me ‘Scooter’ ?
          You have NEVER used that phrase before in all the time you have been posting here?

          I find it uncanny that you use that phrase as i post as ‘Scooter boy’ on the comments sections of British papers !

          I find it even stranger that at NO TIME have you EVER mentioned that you were an teacher of Krav Maga(much less spell it)until you saw it on here ??

          I offered you NO insult but any fighting art you know of will not help you !!!

        • ” along with an M-16 with it’s 100 round clip ” Excuse Me ! The only people that have real M-16s are the Military and the Police, along with a few Class 4 Federal Firearms License Holders, because they are selective fire, (Both Semi and Fully Auto Fire) unlike the civilian versions, the CAR-15 and AR-15 variants ! And anyone who was ever in the United States Military since the XM-16 was first issued in the early 1960s, ( later becoming the M-16 after some tweaking to make it more reliable) knows that the military issued 15 round clips, and that any larger capacity clips are civilian not military. Larger clips are available on the civilian market, but the largest that I have ever seen are 30 round. Re: 100 round clips, there is no such thing, because if there where I would own a couple for my AR-15. Re: ” that’s what REAL MEN do ” Excuse me Rambo, ( a caricature in a poorly written book, and an even more poorly made movie ) But ” REAL MEN ” don’t bullshit, “REAL MEN” don’t denigrate others for things beyond their control ( IE Firearms and shooting others ) ! And REAL MEN DONT TALK SHIT ABOUT WHAT THEY WOULD OR WOULD NOT DO ! THEY JUST DO WHAT NEEDS TO BE DONE, AND NEVER TALK ABOUT IT !

        • Wrong, Scooter. there is a certain class holder, it’s called a Class-2 licence and I am one of them who is authorized by the Federal Gov. to own, operate and use an M-16 Colt, fully automatic when I so desire, you really do need to educate yourself, the fact of the matter is 100 round drums have been around for many years, since WW1 in fact. Recently as WW2- .45 acp, 100 rnd drums were not that unusual and were commonly used by the armned forces and thugs in the streets of Chitown, look it up. as to your statement, Don’t talk shit, about what they would or would not do, they just do it. Yeah no shit there einstein, got the medals, the time served, pension and the military required Rank to prove it, tell me about your service. lets just compare notes shall we. Real MEN warn pussies what will happen if they don’t change their attitudes of what they see as deficientcies in their nature and attitudes towards others. And trust me there scooter, I am all about giving “fair warning” it enables others to reflect upon their actions and the unintended consequences of what “will” happen if they don’t correct their mindset. Real men in this world have made these ssame mistakes once before in their lives and understand how to handle it. And don’t refere to me as rambow, my code names/ call sign was JAWBREAKERALPH1, for the record.

        • Gosh,you are soooo hard!
          Jawbreakerralph1,by the time you got a call your unit would be dead after pronouncing that shit!!

          I deeply respect war veterans,i have a member of my family’s WW2 medals in my home.
          Tell us about your medals??

          Has your account been hacked ?
          You have Never shown this much bile before ??

        • Ret,Marine,i would like to apologise for my posts,as i have said i hold veterans in very high regard.
          I was just a bit shocked at your original comment,i have always enjoyed reading your posts in the past,always came across as well balanced and thoughtful and this one was nothing like that and i took exception to it.

          Regardless of that i should not have lost my temper with a poster whom i do respect.
          Again,you have my apology.

      • whites are getting the tar beat out of them over this, and then their’s the claim GZ did the damage back of his head himself.

        • yes, maybe getting killed over what is turning out to be a simple case of self defense—however–plz don’t let him go to jail because of what a fleet of lefties says you should do….

    • Here’s one more quotation in regard to arming for self-defense, and though it comes from Malcolm X, I think it’s apropos when dealing with Mohammedan assailants:

      “It doesn’t mean that I advocate violence, but at the same time, I am not against using violence in self-defense. I don’t call it violence when it’s self-defense, I call it intelligence.” – Malcolm X

      • D S Dunlap,
        MLK succeeded with the message gaining populous appeal whereas Malcolm X was branded an extremist who failed except in the minds of those who thought like him. We can’t be in this Crusade alone…

        Our prayers are with you. Be safe.

        • Perhaps, but the point was not to compare MLK to Malcolm X, but rather that everyone has the right to defend themselves. Which is also the point of the quote.

          Also, it wasn’t MLK who got the job done, really, but men and women who decided that they were going to arm themselves to protect themselves and the Civil Rights marchers AGAINST the KKK and anyone else who would attack the unarmed.

          This is how we must be prepared to handle the Mohammedans. Be armed and prepared to use those weapons to defend against Mohammedanism.

    • Unfortunately, our cousins the Brits allowed themselves to be lawfully disarmed, and defending themselves with any weapon can be seen and prosecuted as a crime – even defending their own homes from intruders can get them jailed.

      • It’s far FAR worse than that. An antisemitic idiot leftard judge was specially chosen and brought out of retirement to try a group which had vandalized a BriMar plant which makes military equipment, some of which may have gone to Israel. After very deliberately trashing the factory, they were let off scot free. Google Bathurst-Norman. That is sinislam at work.

      • We Brits did not allow oursleves to be disarmed it was introduced stealthily. However our ruling elite are allowed firearms. They have rules that allow them hunting rifles and shotguns.
        In Britain nothing changes. Our ruling elite have one set of rules – us serfs another.
        We have yet to set ourselves free from the tyranny of our ruling elite like you our cousins in the USA.

        • NG, we are no longer the America we were pre-Obama. We are becoming more like the UK every day.

        • AND our Badminstration is hard at work, trying to disarm us, however they can.

        • Hey, you are welcome to come over here, Bonnie, there will be a war before the U.S is disarmed.

  38. Anglia Semper!

    This Yank hopes you handed these guys some severe azz-whoopin’s! If they want to play dirty, then you ought to teach them a lesson!

  39. Tommy really needs to do the wise thing and not be alone. Perhaps “appear alone” with his “reenforcements” nearby and give his enemies a real “shilacking” that they can take back to the rest of their kind, complete with a piece of Ham crammed in their mouth.

    • I can think of a far better orifice to cram a pig’s foot in, L&L. Then send the bugger off naked and toothless.

    • LnL, this is not about looks, its about whos country this is. Tommy has to go out as his family cant after dark

  40. There is no other person as brave at this guy in stopping the Islamic take-over. My thoughts are with him.

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