Not again? English Defence League’s Tommy Robinson beaten up by Muslim scumbags

Tommy is bruised up but he will be OK. This is the third time the raghead bastards have done this. You are in our prayers, Tommy. NO SURRENDER!

No details yet. See some reader comments below the photo:

English Preservation Society (H/T trinovante)

“I’m lost for words, angry.cant think of what to say. This is more than enough, it’s all more than enough. Somethings going to give.”

“This is the 3rd time now, even one on video, but still no one has been nicked.”

“This lad is going to end up killed, or beaten into a coma. No arrests for any of the attacks against him, even though one was caught on camera. The hard fact is that the police want him beaten into submission which is why they have never arrested anyone…especially the c*** who they know attacked him on camera. He needs police protection, although what that would be worth is anyones guess. We can only send him our love.”

He makes a point of walking alone as it is his town. He’s ok just a bit bruised he’s more bothered that the cheeky fuckers ripped his Help for Heroes wrist band off.”

“We have a car load of pakis drive by laughing at the paper with Tommy’s story in it. Guess who had to stop at a streetlight about forty feet away from where we stood. 13 very fit lads went on up to the car and , well dragged their sorry asses out of the car, gave a bit of a kicking to em and sent the fuckers off with their teeth rattling about in their heads.”