Rampant Muslim inbreeding has caused one out of every three Somalis to be mentally ill

And thanks to Barack Obama’s Muslim Outreach, at least one out of every three Muslims being imported to this country, at U.S. taxpayer expense, are Somalis!

A Somali mental hospital director believes the rise in mental illness is caused by violence in Somalia. It must be the violence caused by the deranged offspring of first cousins marrying each other.


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  1. In some Muslim communities the victim is shut in a room with a hyena as this is apparently considered to be a cure.
    I have seen videos of this procedure, but not seen the actual act. (or experienced it!) 🙂

        • Shhh, don’t tell anyone. I am old. I am from Texas.. However, when I was younger, I had my first encounter with Muslim men.
          I was very noted in the nightclub business. I took a loser business and with skills, I could turn it into a successful business within 30 days. It was a one page contract. All it said: “I will have you nightclub in the black (profit) within 30 days; or you don’t have to pay me.” There was one stipulation. “You cannot buy new kitchen equipment, no new carpet or furniture until I leave.”
          The 30 days was up. I asked for my $$. They responded: “We don’t have to pay you because you are a woman.”
          I turned around face-to-face with them with a HUGE smile on my face as I said: “Are you sure you want to cheat me?” They showed me to the door.
          I went home and called Texas Alcohol and Beverage Commission (TABC). I had a very long history with them. No one in the clubs I promoted and/or owned EVER received a DWI.

          In about an hour, they called me to ask me to come to the office (“TABC”). They handed me a huge bag of cash; AND they had kicked the Muslims out and bolted the doors.

    • I had read that Germany was in a bind with all the expenses incurred due to the muslim inbreeding. Not just mental illnesses but horrendous birth defects. Yet Merkel welcomes them with open arms. Something very odd about that.

  2. Keep your garbage where it is. We as a people do not have to fix what you create with bad habits and bad law. (sharia)

  3. SweetolBob – your correct,if the muzzie’s don’t want them – we don’t want the muzzie’s – then w.t.f.makes them think we want to help their Screwballs.!!!

  4. Take them all from America and send them to a nice, tolerant, muslim country like Iran or Saudi. I’m sure they would welcome fellow followers of the pedophile “profit”.

  5. Well, just the simple fact that they’re muslim is an indication of mental illness, the so-called “Mad (m)oe Syndrome.” Throw in several generations of inbreeding and you have the lawless dung heap that is modern day Somalia.

    On top of all this, we have an unlawful imposter in the White House who is driving the Somali Shortbus Express all the way to our shores. We need to revoke his CDL this November.



    Dear Politicians, It’s time for leadership.

    Stop the Moslem destruction of the earth and the destruction of their CHILDREN through COUSIN MARRIAGE.

    Islam creates TRAGEDY wherever it inbreeds.

    Cousin marriage will break up this inherently VIOLENT Death Cult.

  7. When I was in undergraduate school at U.T. SW Medical/Dallas, I met a young woman. I apologize for not knowing the proper label for those who are born under apx. 4 ft. tall (Dwarfs or Midgets); but she was Muslim. Her body was deformed. She had been, thank God, tossed out of her family home rather than killed. I didn’t ask at the time because I didn’t know much about Muslims then.
    Her little body …. trying to think of the words…contorted… one leg shorter than the other; her face wasn’t shaped right.
    She was very shy…. AND ALL DUE TO inbreeding.
    She wasn’t registered to go to school there. She came up to meet a fellow student; and he is another story.
    My intentions of describing her? Her life will always be physically painful and tortured emotionally, mentally and spiritually unless she finds a new religion to take as her own. She was an outcast.

  8. There is NOTHING good about it … been there … shot that … got the bullet riddeled t-shirt … in bred, violent, vile, backwards worhtless creatures. Baboons have better social structures than somalia!!

  9. One in three Somalis are nuts? Wow! Makes you wonder about the whole Islamic world!

    Of course, you don’t have to wonder too much, with the daily suicide bombings, shootings, and murders in the name of MuhamMAD and Allah. Of course Muslims are nuts!!

    • Steve S : that means mathematically ,there are bazillions of the crazy wankers actually in 2010 there were 1.6 BILLION muslims divided by 3 or 1/3 the population thats 53333333.33 million of them

  10. Stop all somailian and all muslim immigration now or we will lose our country to the illegals to will bred us out of existence as a country.

      • We dont marry our family members. The mental illness is not due to inbreeding it is because of civil war and witnessing civil war.
        Islam is not about inbreeding the fuck is wrong with you guys stereotyping shitt

        • Inbreeding is very very common with muslims. It s in the quran you can marry your cousins and they do. That is inbreeding. Inbreeding messes up the dna gene pool and creates mental illness,causes children to be born deformed in many cases and creates other disorders.